The False Narrative: Air Force Veteran Beaten By “Anarchists” For Displaying Confederate Flag

By Hunter Wallace

This shouldn’t come as a surprise.

We saw a quite a few of these incidents, particularly in the Northern states, over the summer. As always, the self anointed “Hatewatchers” are mysteriously blind to crimes which don’t fit their narrative. When a Confederate monument is vandalized, it is no big deal, but when a swastika is painted on a synagogue, it is a “hate crime.” They had nothing to say about the jihadist Muhammad Abdulazeez or Vester Flanagan’s race war. They made excuses for the violence of the Tinley Park 5. They celebrated the hate, vulgarity, violence, and vandalism of the mob in Washington, DC. They support the #BlackLivesMatter movement when it burns downs cities and assassinates police officers.

“An Air Force pilot was assaulted with a bat in Washington state Saturday by masked “anarchists” after they noticed he was displaying two Confederate flags on his motorcycle, police said.

The incident occurred in Olympia, Wash., a few miles west of where the man is stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. The pilot was stopped because protesters were marching in the street. Then they surrounded him as they attempted to knock his motorcycle over, according to a police report. …”

As their actions show, these people are not opposed to “hate” or “violence” per se. They are opposed to White people, the South, and Christianity which they consider legitimate targets. But again, if you are reading this website, you probably know this by now.

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  1. If you know any anti-white open borders lefties, that are jew wise and anti-Israel, try calling them Zionist and watch them squirm.

    Making whites minorities in all of our countries, is exactly the same as what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians. So tell that anti-white open borders leftist, they are just as Zionist as their Israel first Republican voting Father whose views they despise.

    There is no left or right in mainstream politics, since the Zionists write the talking points for both sides.

  2. Something that bothers protected minorities= hate crime. Even if it didn’t really happen.

    Assaults on whites or their property and symbols by protected minorities and their allies= social justice, righteous indignation or random event.

  3. William H McCarty
    ‘Assaults on whites or their property and symbols by protected minorities and their allies= social justice, righteous indignation or random event.’

    Some antis claim assaults against Whites = karma .

  4. Social Justice Jerks rarely if ever attack one on one. It’s always multiple attackers with weapons. Most surely these brave people are our moral superiors.

  5. The ANTIFA’s here in the USA are every bit as bad as ANTIFA in Europe and all of them are funded by the Jews. These idiots were of course fight behind the idea that all men are Equal and quote it often. Unfortunately as many Nationalists and Conservatives have not completely discarded the foolishness of the Enlightenment and the Declaration of Independence, most miss the point. They attempt to excuse the evil Declaration.

    Southern Nationalists of today often tend to be Constitutionalists and want to couch everything in the vein of Lincoln the Unconstitutional Dictator when in fact if you examine it closer, Lincoln was the embodiment of John Locke and Jefferson’s idea of the equality of poor white farmers with the aristocrat. Here is Locke “The state of nature has a law of nature to govern it, which obliges every one: and reason, which is that law, teaches all mankind, who will but consult it, that being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty, or possessions.”

    If you take Locke literally slavery is absolutely illegal and Jefferson and our founders by REJECTING traditionalism and basing our society and its laws upon pluralism, which means ANY RELIGION IS OKAY, men have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PRESS EXPRESSION, ETC sewed the South’s doom. Although under the 10th Amendment, the Federal Constitution had no direct power over our States. In the end as equality freedom and pluralism are unsustainable ideas, it will lead to demagogues and tyrants foisting them upon us with oppressive laws covered up with the label and flag of freedom. Lincoln began the process and today we live with the results.

  6. The true understanding of Southern Society and the way of life of Old Dixie can only truly be understood in the vein of classical civilization. In the classical model, we understand that equality is a lie and that every man and woman has a purpose assigned to them by nature and society. Calhoun understood this during his later years, as his Oregon Speech declared.

    George Fitzhugh stated the best case for this model. Patricians were made to rule, plebes were made to be free laborers for pay and slaves are children who need the control of a loving yet firm master. This model which every civilization dating back to Babylon was built upon is the only sustainable civilization. He showed that the entire reason for Poverty is Freedom, that when the peasantry of Europe was emancipated, suddenly hordes of poor people descended upon the cities and they were used by demagogues to overthrow the social order under ideas such as 1 man 1 vote.

    Fitzhugh also stated that Freedom of the Press, Expression, Speech, are the first steps toward barbarism. We see this today. If you look at the 19th Century how many idiotic religious cults began then? All of these cult leaders hid behind MUH FREEDOM. Abolitionists, anarchists, communists, homosexuals, and all manner of degenerates use the excuse of MUH FREEDOM and still do.

    Fast forward to 2015. Today we have to accept everything under MUH FREEDOM and society is miserable.

    Every single time I hear some Constitutionalist yell, WE WANT OUR RIGHTS when in fact the entire idea of maintaining equality actually means the Patricians giving up their rights I want to scream, UNIVERSAL FREEDOM IS THE PROBLEM YOU IDIOT! We went from a Classical Civilization, a relatively sustainable model, to a Republic built upon false ideas, to a Democracy, ie Cannibals all. Now we teeter on the edge of destruction.

  7. Wage war on a people’s cultural emblems & U commit an act of genocide against them…..#whitegenocide, #waronwhites

  8. We need to do some social media investigation find out who these Antifa anarchist in and around Olympia Washington are. They ve crossed the line when they wear masks form mobs, beat White service members with baseball bats for just displaying Confederate symbols.

  9. Question: what will happen when an “anarchist” attacks an armed citizen displaying a Confederate flag?

    I use “anarchists” in quotes because for all the blather about “revolution,” they are doing the System’s dirty work for it. Civil rights, equality, open borders…these are either de jure or de facto law of the Homeland. But “anarchists” hallucinate that by “fighting racism” they are taking on the establishment.

    Of course, it’s all street theater, anyway. A lot of disaffected young people who take the easy path, dress up in black outfits, march, wave flags, beat down some hapless motorist. Then back to your deadend job, first thing Monday morning. You can “fight racism” with no social cost. Hey, you might even get a Soros grant, comrade!

    (And yes, I have known anarchists and too many of them do fit this profile.)

    As for attacking the Confederate flag? You’d think that this would also imply support for the massive expansion of the federal government, an aggressive Northern War against the South, and the denial of the principle of self-determination. And you’d be right. This is what “anarchy” has come to in the 21st century. Just another front for the System.

  10. Our side used to argue it was bad for us to play the victim. I never agreed with that. I believe morality matters deeply to whites, so if we are being “wronged”, whites will more readily take stands to stop it.

    The counter argument goes something like how whites are conquerors, not weak, and require their conquering, superior pride to triumph. I’ve just never liked that segment of the movement. I’m no conqueror. I’m a Southerner. And just as I value the South; I value other nations. It’s just a totally different view, though we’re all lumped together as nationalists.

    • Weaver remember, the very definition of a SLUR is a word applied to a particular group. Well as RACIST is only applied to Whites, that makes it an Anti-White Slur. Anti Racist simply means ANTI WHITE. Diversity is nothing but the Jewish Cover for exterminating the Human Race, Whites first, this has been their goal for 2000 years as Satan their King has led them in this endeavor. We must never forget

          • I’m wanting to be sure a particular argument gets through though.

            Dr. MacDonald’s recent article about Eric Kaufmann’s “The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America” deals with the Jews vs. Anglo blame issue.

            I tend to blame both and not only those who’ve worked with Jews. We also made well-intended mistakes.

            In my limited experience, several Marxists became that way in reaction to white supremacism. Europeans wanted to dominate the world, and many reacted against this. I’m hoping we can today create a reaction against the current dominant anti-white cosmopolitan global culture.

            An appropriate strategy for us today, I think, is to pursue identity and survival. We don’t want “progress” but rather preservation of what we care for. Progress is relative. We want progress as serves what we care for and as defined by our faith and traditions.

            Part of the problem also is explained with a favourite quote of mine by Alexander Solzhenitsyn: “Even biology knows that habitual, extreme safety and well-being are not advantageous for a living organism.”

  11. I would add one thing Hunter to Vester Flanigan he was not only racially driven, he was also a radical homosexual who said that White women and Black men abused him, Negro activists are bad enough, Homosexual Negro Activists are worse. BLACK LIVES MATTER was founded by Lesbians, somehow this point is always forgotten in the MSM and Talk Radio even Fox Jews forgets it.

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