Cuckservatives: Trump’s White Nationalist Fans Discredit His Candidacy

By Hunter Wallace

Now leading over at National Review.

Do you think we are getting under their skin yet?

“Those unfortunate enough to follow the right-wing Twittersphere will likely have a passing familiarity with the label “cuckservative,” coined in the Web’s feverish backwaters, but brought into vogue this summer with the ascendance of Donald Trump. The term is not a compliment. A portmanteau of “cuckold” and “conservative,” it has its origins in the white-nationalist movement, as Richard Spencer, president of the white-nationalist National Policy Institute, told the Washington Post’s Dave Weigel …

But the disruptor who has emerged is proving less disruptive than dangerous. Demolition can be a political strategy — if you know what you’re doing well enough to avoid massive collateral damage. Trump doesn’t. He’s not merely an overgrown rich kid, a loutish but ultimately amusing clown; he is a particularly revolting species of id — vulgar, unprincipled, and increasingly poisonous. Perhaps he really does want to blow up certain parts of the current political consensus. But in the process he is also managing to blow up the boundaries of respectable public discourse, and to create space for the most unsavory ideological elements. …”

I would call that a strong endorsement.

Indeed, the above article explains the sudden and abrupt shift to covering mainstream politics here, which I had utterly no interest in until Trump entered the race and these cucks started howling like they had spotted a fox in the hen house. They fear that Trump will blow up their phony dog-and-pony show of “respectable” and “mainstream” conservatism … and that is exactly what is so electrifying about it all.

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  1. The cucks really are doing us a favor by beating the identity politics drum as relentlessly as they are. And I hope the cuck’s leftist masters crack the whip on them to force them to keep on keeping on with their attacks on the “racists.”

  2. I’ve been convinced for many years that these are the people we have to beat. Characters like Hanity, Limbaugh, and Beck, along with the Fox News crowd, are nothing more than controlled opposition and we need to destroy their credibility among our people first before we can move forward, or even just stop retreating.

  3. “loutish,” “clown,” “poisonous,” “vulgar.”

    More of the “careful arguments” of the “brains of the conservative movement,” I guess.

    Every election the cucks term “the most important” in a generation. “You have to stop [the Democrat] and you have no place else to go.” Keep it up. I’m starting to think it’s more important to stop you cucks.

  4. It’s funny how Hispanic nationalist groups (La Raza, MEChA), black nationalists (BLM, Wright, Farrakhan, NAACP) and others don’t discredit the Dems that they support.

  5. The Jews will do anything to stop us from becoming organized. Anything and everything. Deo Vindice and 88 forever here.

  6. These lamer cons and cucks don’t know whether to sh!t a brick or wind their watches when dealing with Trump. They constantly go back and forth between “Trump is too right wing” and “Trump isn’t a real conservative,” shifting the narrative on almost a daily basis.

  7. I think that they’re shifting toward attacking Trump’s personality, rather than his stances on the issues that he has identified as the most important. He’s against amnesty for illegals; the cuckservatives are for it. He attacks PC; they’re in it. He attacks the donor and consulting classes as puppet masters and leeches; they’re invested in the system. He questions the trade deals that they push. Trump’s message resonates with a large segment of the GOP voters; their candidates are struggling. Time to start character assassination since “careful arguments” for unpopular positions aren’t working on those brainless yokels. “Racist! Nativist! Vulgar!”

  8. “Bring out the gimp!”

    That is what I think of when they trot out these #cuckservatives. They seem to all be lacking in the manliness department. That turns off healthy men and women alike. Who wants to be lectured by a boyish “wonk” with an expensive haircut and tight-cut suit about the threat to the GOP posed by the influence of healthy, normal White men?

  9. My comment on NR:

    All the #cuckservative “wonks” attacking Trump appear to have Low-T, just as ¡Jeb! Is low energy. Some of the lesbians on MSNBC are more manly than these “brains of the Right”!

  10. Trump doesn’t have the ideal personality for a president, but lots of countries have egotistical presidents (including ours). Trump however is the best on the most important issue – immigration. Also, whereas in other elections you might look for a different personality, in this election he’s going up against Hillary how is literally being investigated at this moment. We want someone who is going to attack, and attack, then attack some more. When he’s done with that we want him to attack. Hillary’s very vulnerable, but only if we attack. Nobody is going to attack harder or more often then Trump.

  11. Hunter, how about a 14-year 9/11 anniversary special? Where were you when the planes hit? My immediate reaction at the time was, “It’s the f**king Saudis!” and I have seen nothing since to convince me that I was wrong. And now they’re offering to build 200 mosques in Germany! For Syrian refugees!

  12. Wailing you have not seen wailing as you will see it now, “The Lobby” just got rolled by the New Better American coalition of the splendid wonderful people of color.

    What are the cucks going to do about it, whip the white voting base even harder and deny them an identity while at the same time demanding they literally serve till death the one group that personifies human identity politics, freaking brilliant.

    The cucks must be exhorted via any means necessary to continue with their brilliant strategy.

  13. They still use the term racist like it has the same effect it had 25 years ago – it doesn’t. The cucks are living in the past and times are changing. Trump shrugs off the racist card easily and without breaking a sweat. He is completely indifferent to the label.

  14. Where will the cucks go? It is a 2 party system? Will they go to the Dems? Or will they create a new cuckservative party? They could call it the Moderate Party (like the one in Sweden) or the Beltway-Wall Street Party. Whether they join the Dems or go 3rd party it will be good for us. Most likely they will just whine for a while and then adjust to the new normal

  15. Hunter,

    I have 9/11 post in draft mode. I think it is OK, nothing really controversial, just my position. I would like to post this now on this holy day 9-11-01.

    Maybe a couple of typos, usually are – can you look, or else I’ll just post in an hour or so.


  16. More:

    The takeaway is that they’re complaining about Trump moving the party away from libertarianism and toward populism.

    Well, duh, because he wants to win.

    The other recurring complaint in this is that Trump doesn’t use words like “freedom,” “liberty,” “free market.” Again, because he wants to win. I’ve never known of people turning out in mass to vote for someone because of “freedom,” “liberty” or the “free market.” Besides, those things are way more talked about and written about than done. The more freedom we vote for, the less freedom we get.

  17. They’re in full-on damage control mode in the comments section. We must keep up the pressure, people are starting to wake up. Expose the cucks for what they are.


    “It would be ironic if it wasn’t like every single person in the political wing who can stare more than five seconds into the future wasn’t mortified or petrified at the prospect of Trump being the nominee,” said Florida-based GOP strategist Rick Wilson who called a Trump nomination “an existential threat” to the party.

  19. Ooh boy Trump is really scared now, Romney is out to get him.

    That’s the same Romney who barely eked out primary wins in 2012 over Rick Santorum in Ohio and Michigan, Santorum even then hardly had any money, and now, the Santorum of 2016 is at 1-2% in the polls.

  20. Boer // September 11, 2015 at 6:27 pm //

    “They’re in full-on damage control mode in the comments section. We must keep up the pressure, people are starting to wake up. Expose the cucks for what they are.”

    They are hell banning and deleting all opposing comments now. The cucks fled the battlefield, with fingers in ears, declaring victory.

  21. Let Trump’s wife and Jeb’s midget meet on TV, and see which one registers ‘favorably’ with the Male viewing audiences! You want WWE, ‘low class barbarian’? The Leftist Loonies are absolutely apoplectic that they can’t win on pseudo-intellectualism, and they are the one descending to the street/gutter level. LET”S give them what THEY want- a visible confirmation of which one of the Republican Candidates is a REAL MAN…

    Then let Mrs. Trump have a bathing suit contest with Hillary. LMAO.


  22. I’ll tell you what the Jew neo-conz will do (and this despite his solid pro-Zionist record) if Trump gets the nomination: revert back to their Trotskyite communist roots and support Bernie Sanders. As for the White cucks…they’ll just keep on sodomizing each other

  23. From Rolling Stone,”I’m owned by the people!” Trump says. “I mean, I’m telling you, I’m no angel, but I’m gonna do right by them!”

    You know if he doesn’t do the right thing the Whites in this country will be crushed. Completely crushed. They will lose all hope and get mean, really mean. So if he wins and helps us we win and if he doesn’t help us we’ll get mean enough to help ourselves.

  24. “The column culminates in what sounds like a taunt or a threat: Either the “Trumpen Proletariat” comes to its collective senses and dumps the unconservative object of its infatuation, or Goldberg and other principled conservatives will bolt the movement in search of higher, purer ground.” – well, what policies does he object to?

  25. There’s another thing at work here. It’s the years of below-the-radar political activism by websites like this one and many more. The activism has created a nationalist movement which is breaking into the American mainstream. The movement is largely virtual, but it can go viral and it can take it to the streets…and the polling places. The manic reaction of Conservatism, Inc., indicates how brittle the System really is, and how easily it can be challenged by a nationalist movement.

    There are many lessons to learned from out white brothers and sisters in Europe, who are organizing movements in many countries. We need a global alliance of white nationalists. Then on to victory!

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