Cuckservatives: “I Only Cry When Democrats Hold Me”

By Hunter Wallace

In what has become a morning ritual since August, I woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee, and began scanning through the top mainstream cuckservative websites – National Review, The Week, Redstate, The Federalist – in order to see what the cucks are saying about the Donald Trump presidential campaign.

My first stop is always National Review and the first thing that caught my eye there was this blog post by David French in The Corner blog:

“But those who waste time following Twitter wars (I’m occasionally guilty — when I’m bored and stuck in traffic) can spot what else is going on here. In condemning pandering, Coulter is using language that appeals to a microscopic slice of the Twitterverse that is obsessed with the notion that the GOP is full of so-called “cuckservatives” (short for “cuckolded conservative”). Who is a cuckservative? Someone like this …

“Race-cucking their own families.” That’s next-level strange.”

Okay, whatever … just a blog post, not interesting enough to write about. Then I logged onto Twitter where the gang had found something that piqued my interest:

As it happens, we were right … the GOP really is full of both figurative and LITERAL cuckservatives like David French:

“What is that, dear reader? You don’t understand how my family traveling to a poverty stricken African tribal area to take a starving, abandoned girl into our American family and loving her as fiercely and deeply as we love our biological children could be considered a bad thing? Well, see, you don’t realize that my family is…. how can I put this politely…. Republican. We are white conservatives, and the little girl we got from Africa is black. While most won’t come out and say they wish we’d left her in Africa to starve rather than be exposed to conservatism, I’m not sure what other conclusion to draw.”

And here:

“Are my husband and I Republicans? Yes. And we also love our little black child. I’m learning, for example, how to braid hair with colorful beads, I’m learning which colors look good against her chocolate colored skin tone, and I’ll teach her about her country of origin right after she learns her ABCs.

Wow, but it gets better:

Nancy French was complaining in that article about a nasty video that was posted on the Huffington Post website. It turns out that her husband won the Ronald Reagan award at the 2012 CPAC and Nancy was there with her adopted black daughter in tow wearing an “I Only Cry When Democrats Hold Me” shirt.”

The cuckservative virtue signaling here is so over the top that it can only be compared to Bruno’s introduction of Baby O.J.:

Note: The actor Nick Searcy from “Justified,” who frequently appears on The Greg Gutfeld Show on FOX News, is another example.

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  1. Well it would make sense that since conservatives do literally everything better than progressives, they would make better SWJs.
    SWJ + Cuckservative = SuckJewvative.

  2. The Bruno video is very funny – yeah, I know the directer, actor behind this is a really vicious Brit Yid.

    This is a good issue for us – rich Liberals, cuckservatives stealing Black babies to keep them as sort of pets to show how progressive and non racist they are.

    Regular Blacks hate this and justifiably so.

    Bruno purchased this Black African child swamping an iPod for the boy.


  3. And people used to question my burning hatred for Republican Inc. and the limp-wristed, pussy America that they represent. They are perpetually pandering sycophants and psychopaths. There’s nothing masculine or genuine about most GOP mouthpieces. Personally, I think they’re all faggots who just can’t bring themselves to come out of the closet and openly vote for Democrats.

    What’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans? (*hint: it’s a trick question)

    I’m a Nationalist.
    I’m a Racialist.
    For the sake of brevity, call me a Racist if that’s what you prefer.
    Fuck every single motherfucker who pushes for the destruction of my people—White People. No quarter to my oppressors and the architects of our displacement and destruction. Democrat or Republican, makes no difference to me.

  4. I guess everyone is into the fashion accessories these days.

    Matt Bevin, who was the conservative challenger to Mitch McConnell last year in Kentucky, and his wife, adopted several African kids.

  5. While most won’t come out and say they wish we’d left her in Africa to starve rather than be exposed to conservatism, I’m not sure what other conclusion to draw.

    Why not stay in Africa and expose all those starving Africans to conservatism where they are? I’m sure in no time, black Africa would become an economic powerhouse, a superpower, and conservatives will win every election there.

  6. Okay, SFB, let’s throw in the logic, shall we? Your “kid” will do fine until about age 12, and then flatline in the IQ points. Peak, about 62-70, right up there with a toaster oven. Okay, the oven’s more useful, I must admit.

    The rest we can deduce, 100 extra pounds, enough cellulite to make Richard Simmons gag, two weaves and 27 kids by 4700 men. Got it? Making sense now?

    We now return you to reality still in progress….

  7. I can remember first seeing transracial adoptions in the 1980’s. Back then it was only done by Christian types, who felt that the Negroes could be civilized with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I personally knew of a couple families in this situation. Back then I thought it was an oddity, now I think its ridiculous!

  8. countenance said,”Why not stay in Africa and expose all those starving Africans to conservatism where they are? I’m sure in no time, black Africa would become an economic powerhouse, a superpower, and conservatives will win every election there.”

    That was good. You post some witty comments.

  9. If I were king for a day, I’d outlaw any form of interracial charity, not to mention interracial adoptions!
    Needless to say, said day would be a very difficult one for coalburners, oildrillers and their spawns.
    Fuck, we need a White, racist monarch!

  10. Status whoring in a negro-worshiping country. Or, inoculation against charges of racism? “Look, we have a little African princess in our home. We are so good, so hip, so diversified.”


    ‘While this small white-nationalist crowd has latched onto Donald Trump, I don’t think Trump panders to them (his rhetoric departs from theirs significantly on abortion and Israel), I don’t think he cares for them, and I think it’s unfair to hold him responsible for their support. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I feel differently about Coulter. Her shtick has always involved cultivating an extreme online persona, and lately that seems to mean deliberately stoking the cuckservative-obsessed crowd, only to distance herself ever-so-slightly when the Twitter fur flies.’

    Ha ha.

    The poster boy for cuckism has no clue how normal men perceive him and his fellow castrati.

    His words falls on deaf ears.

    Seriously? A gelding lecturing stallions?

    It’s laughable!

    Take a hike, Davey girl.

  12. My Comment, on the article, which will be removed ASAP, as soon as the Mods log in for work:

    DenisetheCelt • a day ago

    “Yes. We agree. Cuckservatives MUST go!!!!
    How many I-pads did you need, to swap for your Status Signalling Pet Darky? A real genuine Darky from actual Africa, too!”

  13. and I’ll teach her about her country of origin right after she learns her ABCs.

    Firstly, you shouldn’t have stolen her away from her people and deprived her of a racial identity and sense of racial belonging in the first place. Secondly, don’t worry about teaching her about her country of origin; there is no shortage of schools prepared to teach her about that – and to hate white people to boot.

    What an atrocious example your brainless status-signalling sets for other people.

  14. generally, adopting just one niglet will not get/keep the White cuck in the good graces of his/her Jew paymaster. Two or three is a better idea. Just ask Sandra Bullock. Post-Jesse James (“raayyycissss”!), one niglet, and still no roles

  15. Silver, you nailed it. I just don’t understand the neurological disorder that afflicts the self-hating Whites. The statements I’ve seen written by those loons just goes to show that they really are detached from normal society and are oblivious to what the average White American(or any other American, really) has to experience on a daily basis. Their phony benevolence is just a front to make them feel better about themselves and to write themselves into a script as the protagonists in their own version of a multicultural/multiracial utopian docudrama. It’s like a woman flashing her boobs to get attention when she really has nothing else to offer. What do you do when you don’t really have any practical solutions to make the world a better place? Hmmmmm…. I know! Let’s get a black kid for some instant media exposure and an opportunity for some great photo ops that we can use as props and a backdrop for future elections. They won’t be able to call us racists then. Cuckservative, sure, but not a racist.

    If her “country of origin” is such an important part of her identity(we know it’s a racial identity at the crux of it all), then why remove her from those who are actually part of that identity? If nothing else, if they are so concerned with African children and want to help them, then why not spend their money to put her into the home of a stable black(African-American) family in the USA who might really want a child, but just can’t afford the adoption process? Could it be that this White family knows that many black families in the US are almost as dysfunctional as those in Africa? Did the world run out of White children that need to be adopted?

    What segment of America isn’t already infatuated with incessantly promoting black identity and pandering to their “special needs” at the expense of White people? I can’t fathom what a sheltered White woman thinks she will be able to teach her trophy child. Hell, that faux White family probably can’t even properly teach their own children about their identities and the realities of being White in the world today. But somehow they are going to teach the black kid about her country of origin and what it means to be black. That’s truly a mind of arrogance and self-importance.

  16. Anyone who can’t understand why the world needs to be depopulated to a manageable and healthy level just isn’t looking at the world in the proper light. When you look at people just like you would any other kind of cell or bacteria, it makes it much easier to see what is going on and what needs to happen. Some cells and bacteria are good. Some are bad and unhealthy and destructive. When those bad and unhealthy cells begin to metastasize and reproduce at faster rates than the healthy and good cells, what needs to happen? You quickly quarantine and eradicate the bad cells. You generally don’t try to compete with their growth in a tit-for-tat exchange. You will lose in the end.

    Fast growth is generally bad for a healthy organism, because it’s easier for unhealthy cells to masquerade as healthy cells in an environment where there is an overabundance of variables and complexity. It’s just easier for unhealthy cells to grow than it is for healthy, stable cells. The healthy and stable are guided by rules and certain restrictions on how they can grow and still remain healthy. The unhealthy do not have boundaries and restrictions on their growth. They just grow, and they grow in different directions and degrees. The adage that there are innumerable ways to do something wrong or mess it up, but maybe only one way to do it right applies here.

    The negative aspects of this ‘Fast Growth’ philosophy translates to populations of people, logistics, governments and businesses. Even the success of things like legal documents and creative writing are dictated by how carefully you place words and ideas into your writing, not by how fast it happens. Bad ideas happen quickly and without much thought. Good ideas usually take some time and careful consideration.

    Multiculturalism and Multiracial societies – very bad idea that was hastily forced upon the White Western world. A story about some coddled White woman and her “privileged” family who think they are changing the world by adopting a black kid doesn’t magically make what they represent any less unhealthy and destructive to what we all know to be a stable and healthy world. The less of those kind of people we have to deal with the better.

  17. They could have volunteered at the local puppy and kitty shelter and got the same brain rush

    But I imagine those two if they read some of the brain dead bigotry on this thread will no doubt be secure in their near godliness

  18. “Cuckservative must go”

    That’s the beautiful thing about the word. Like I’ve been saying, we needed the meme in order to provide ourselves inward messaging that they’re not us and we need to separate ourselves from them and create our own space. NRO can scream all it wants about how the “cuckservative slur must stop,” but that’s all it can do is talk and scream. (That’s all it ever does on anything, really.) Because they have no authority over the word, they have no credibility with the people that coined and use the word. For maybe the first time, the nationalist right is acting like a truly independent political force.

    Also, I continue to be amazed that cucks hate being called cuckservative. One would think they would love it that we “evil white supremacists” are calling them bad names and insulting them. They might think that this is what it will take for the liberals to quit calling them “racist.”

  19. “I continue to be amazed that cucks hate being called cuckservative.”

    Deep down they must know they are simply being used as window dressing.

    They must know there’s a glass ceiling for them and that when the private meetings happen they’re not invited.

    They can earn a good living working for the Jews but if they’ve got any pride at all it must chafe.

  20. “Also, I continue to be amazed that cucks hate being called cuckservative.”

    I’m sure the anti-whites must have been incredulous at the power of racist. How you could call whites a silly word and they would fold like a cheap suit.

  21. Laura Ingraham has a little Afeican kid. She calls her adopted children hers but has a nanny who actually raises them. And this is what the majority of conservatives consider conservative.

  22. Once you realize that David French is a cuck, and his wife is a crazy cat lady collecting Dindus then it makes sense. The only defense for pathological altruism is ethnomasochism. You invariably attack your own people to defend your deracinated delusions. That’s why Rick Wilson’s attack on Whites should also come as no surprise. He’s now a grandpa cuckold.

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