The Daily Beast: White Supremacists Celebrate Boehner’s Demise

By Hunter Wallace

Richard Spencer is quoted and sums up our attitude on the demise of House Speaker John Boehner:

“Spencer is equally disillusioned with those rumored to be the next Speaker—like Reps. Kevin McCarthy or Paul Ryan. But he says he sees a bright future for sect of white separatists like him that he believes to be burgeoning within the GOP.

“I’m not particularly impressed with the putatively more ‘conservative’ Republicans who are in position to take Boehner’s place. Indeed, they seem just as much products of the past as the current Speaker,” said Spencer. “In the end, politics is a lagging indicator of social change. And the Right of the future is just now taking shape.”

It is great that Boehner is finally gone, that his own caucus couldn’t stand the stench any longer, but is only a small victory. Boehner’s resignation is the equivalent of Obama resigning and Joe Biden becoming president. If Boehner is replaced by another donor class puppet like Kevin McCarthy, it will be business as usual.

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  1. He’ll get ~40 Republicans to join all the Dems (the Hastert rule was already killed by Boehner) and pass amnesty as a big “F*** you” before his departure. What does he have to lose?

  2. Another aspect of the Trump effect: the MSM writing articles about what WN’s think about political hapennings? I know that their goal is to demonize Trump by linking him to us, but it can only be good in the long run for more pro-white voices to be heard.

  3. The political death of John Boehner is the death of the AMERICAN narrative. Now politics will be entirely racialized. This is good for us. In the anarchy a new normal will arise. Hopefully its our dream if not it will be a nightmare

  4. Boner was the typical Chamber of Commerce politician; not that his replacement will definitely be any better, but boat-rocking is probably good in any form.

  5. I bet he resigned bc he is afraid of Trump. If he resigns now Trump will never say anything to bash him, but if he were speaker of House while Trump was prez…Cuck’s worst nighmare!

  6. Mr. Wallace’s comments are a testament to our Kentucky saying about even a broken clock being right twice a day. Regardless of their original intent too many pols going to Washington quickly become seduced by the allure of money and power. The soon to be departed gentleman from Ohio is a classic example. Though of a modest, hardworking background he ended up totally out of touch with his constituents.

    On the subject of the Bluegrass State, about 40%-45% of those from Ky. serving in the Civil War were under the Confederate Flag. Consider that my family had members of the Orphan Brigade under Breckinridge. Is it possible Wallace’s forbears were East Tenn. Union sympathisers who fled to Canada?!? Maybe to Quebec, where right now they speak bad French!

    Just a guess, old chap. From your perspective at least Breckinridge comes off as an antisemite. Certainly seemed that way in his dealings with Judah Benjamin. Uh, you do know what I’m speaking about, right? You’ve at least read Shelby Foote’s three volumes on the American Civil War. Or is it too “pro-South” for you? Or, are you more the “Internet as history” type?

  7. Indeed, whoever replaces him, “it will be business as usual.” There’s a million more Boehners’ to take his place and a million times worse. This is why they dumped him. Am not celebrating anything yet but I’d like to.

  8. Now, if he can just take the others down with him and allow us to elect a whole new congress, but that’s asking…..

  9. “Boehner’s resignation is the equivalent of Obama resigning and Joe Biden becoming president.”

    Those are some lovely sentiments. At least the first. And a repeal of ex-presidents being guarded by Secret Service, would be the icing on the cake. “Arise o Lord, and smite thine Enemies.” Ps.3:7

  10. That article was a God awful display of lefty rhetoric if any of you were impressed by it I feel sorry for you. The effective response to the use of the term “White Supremacist” is to mock it severely, try “White Soooooooopremicis.”

  11. Too bad Breckinridge didn’t gut that lying, deceitful, treacherous Kikenvermin devil Benjamin. Everything would have been better if he had. Benjamin was the embodiment of der ewige Jude. That was a total failure, on the part of every White men, to refrain from purging the Jew Devil.

  12. Hunter may I say that I have fantasies of Preston Brooks coming back from the grave and having a discussion with John Boehner? As for Warpsite exactly what comments are you referring to? I completely missed that.

  13. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision will continue to make every problem in politics worse. There is so much money orbiting around politics we are getting close to the day people go into politics for the money. But what is an actual solution? It seems like everyone who goes to DC ends up being corrupted.

  14. Here we go!

    Boehner’s Successor Will Be Pro-Israel. Here’s Why Netanyahu Should Worry Anyway.

    Chemi Shalev (Haaretz)September 27, 2015

    “Here’s a sure bet: the next Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will be just as supportive of Israel, in general, and of Benjamin Netanyahu, in particular, as John Boehner ever was during his almost five years at the helm. In today’s Republican Party, unabashed backing for Israel and whatever policy it pursues is like an oath of allegiance, an ideological foundation no less than family values or resistance to tax hikes

    But the question of whether Boehner’s surprising resignation is good or bad for the Jews, at least those who currently manage Israel’s affairs, is far more complex

    Boehner, who spearheaded Netanyahu’s controversial invitation to address Congress on the Iran deal in March, said Friday that he had already decided to resign last year but postponed his decision after Virginia’s Jewish Majority Leader at the time, Eric Cantor, was defeated in the GOP primaries by his Tea Party opponent, David Brat. Cantor missed his chance to succeed Boehner and become the first Jewish Speaker of the House but went on to work for a Wall Street investment firm instead. Nonetheless, as Taegan Goddard of Political Wire tweeted on Friday “Somewhere on K Street, Eric Cantor is weeping” and many American Jewish leaders are probably weeping with him.”

  15. Nah. That’s just WILD Conspiracy stuff. The American Jews are NOT Israeli Firsters! They are deeply divided blah blah blah…it’s NOT all about What’s Good For Jews/Israel. It’s ’bout Murka Oy Gevelt.

  16. Oh – Kike Spite – since you are such an Uber Jew – tell me why Jews HATE Trump so much. 2 of his children married Jews. He’ll do whatever Jews want. But Jews HATE him. Why is that? Jews won’t answer this question. Thanks.

  17. Could you folks encourage Denise not to act out? I have read the standards of conduct for OD and language such as “kikes” does not belong on the blog. I’m sure she can try and express herself in a reasonably courteous manner.

  18. Keep “kikes” as acceptable nomenclature when referring to meddlesome Jews(that’s what Warspite is proving himself to be). Get rid of Warspite. That’s how I will cast my vote.

    If you have any doubt about the essence of his Jewishness, keep in mind that the forked-tongue interloper was previously trying to scold Denise for daring to say Negroes and Mestizos.

    Mestizo is perfectly acceptable nomenclature, and is NOT necessarily synonymous with Hispanic. You’re supposed to be a really smart Jew, so you should already know this.

    Negro, while not the accepted politically correct jargon, is still a classification of race, much like Caucasian. Do we get offended when we are referred to as Caucasians?

    Get over yourself, Warspite.

  19. “Kike” is the American name for Jews. The term first developed during the Not o Great Wave, when hordes of Jews invades America. The term derives from the Greek “kyklos” meaning “circle”. Illiterate Jews could not sign their names, and REFUSED to mark an “X” since is was too much like the LOATHED and DESPISED Christian Cross – so they used a circle. In order to avoid marking a Cross. This is how the honorific “Kike” cam into being.

    • Both of you are rude and disgusting women. Paul has every right to be concerned about the inability to ever establish a counterpoise to groups like La Raza, the ADL, United Council of Churches and a bevy of Black groups. You will never amount to anything more than a fringe group as long as morally repulsive individuals such as yourselves are permitted to assert yourselves as part of this movement. I really can’t imagine either of you being permitted to act as mothers.


  20. Actually, I’m a man. I know things probably get a little confusing for you while residing in Yentaville. Your ilk is known for playing a disproportionate role in the promotion of the gender bender gymnastics of the modern era, so I can’t really blame you for getting mixed up. Let me help you out:

    Men have a penis. Women have a vagina. No matter what side of the Jenner bed you wake up on and how you decided to label yourself today, if you have a penis, you are a man. If you have a vagina, you are a woman. I have a penis; therefore, I am a man. I would show it to you just to prove a point, but that’s a little out of my comfort zone. Buy me a drink first?

    Yes, yes, yes. Seeing “you will never amount to anything more than a fringe group” is part and parcel of dealing with vermin of the SPLC variety. If I had a nickel for every time I heard an anti-White say something along those lines, I’d………

    I forget, am I in the KKK or am I a neo-Nazi when I disagree with a Jew? I never really know until the chosen grace me with their presence and explain everything to me. You’ve given us the acceptable nomenclature to use in our writing, and you are even willing to lead us from the darkness with the light that illuminates from your sacred body. All you ask for in return is our unquestioning commitment to your wisdom and omnipotence. Here! In the flesh! Our very own Jewy Jesus!

    Wait a minute…. doesn’t that kind of make us all your apostles? It does! This just keeps getting better and better! This is F’ing truly Biblical and pure awesomeness! The day a Jew came to wash away my sins and save me from myself. This is going to be such a great story for the kids and grandkids.

    Normally I ‘m more reserved and much less inclined to participate in the Name the Jew and Blame the Jew games. But in your case, I can see why someone would take offense to your presence. You really do reek of the self-important attitudes and meddlesomeness that many others have accused Jewry of participating in.

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