Cuckservatives: Trumpkins a Stain on America

By Hunter Wallace

Here’s the latest salvo from cuckservative George Will:

“Trump, however, has made something novel discussible: He proposes turning America into a police state in order to facilitate ethnic cleansing …

To meet a two-year deadline, his “management” wizardry will have to quickly produce a network of informers to assist at least 100,000 new law enforcement officers equipped with battering rams and bloodhounds …

It is, however, unclear that Trumpkins will all migrate to one candidate when their hero departs, strutting while slouching. And although deferring delights can be virtuous, nothing is now more virtuous than scrubbing, as soon as possible, the Trump stain from public life.”

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  1. Alas, the Donald will not do the thing the Will-less shudders over; if only.

    I don’t think the Trump will go ANYWHERE. God bless him for ever, for doing what he’s done. The coalition of the Craven Cucks is fragile indeed. They are still capable of immense evil, though. The USA is getting thousands of Jihadi invaders seeded everywhere. Fortunately, we still have loads of weapons, and we can make our own, too.

    On a positive note, the attack on the Confederate Battle Flag has produced the opposite result. Flags are springing up everywhere.

    The lines are being drawn. The real battles are about to begin.

    And Hunter – thank you. Most heartily.

  2. It wouldn’t need a Police State.

    Most Red Blooded Americans will be keen to comb out the Wetbacks and Browns.

    The STASI was coersive. The Gestapo not so much…lol

  3. Sending home foreigners who are here illegally equals evil Nazi-like ethnic cleansing?? Everybody in the world has a human right to squat here and live off us? I can’t wait for the Cuck-Old Party and the cuckservative “brains of the right” to be assigned to the ash heap of history. I vote for Trump or not at all. If they piss me off too much I might vote Dem to get rid of my Cuck representative.

  4. Btw the US is arguably already a police state, with surveillance capabilities far beyond those of the rather primitive Stasi.

  5. Well – seek and ye shall find. I wanted to know why Jews HATE The Donald so very much – and The Jerusalem Post “answered”.

    They don’t own him lock stock and barrel.

    The article itself is astonishing. The contents basically back up those of us that contend “It’s the JEWS”.

    My favorite section:

    “The tone of what they’re saying, we get painted as a party of intolerance,” said Zeidman, who practices law in the Houston area and backs Bush’s candidacy.”

    The article cites the 100 MILLION the Tribe has raised for Jeb!

    “The anti-immigrant rhetoric especially infuriates Zeidman, a past chairman of the US Holocaust Memorial Council, who was driving near his home during his phone interview with JTA.

    “I think half the people I’m looking at doing roadwork in 100-degree heat are not legal — and they are working their tuchus off,” he said.”

    He KNOWS they are here illegally. How do Israelis deal with illegals…hmmmm….

    “Mandel said online that white supremacist backing for Trump — who has suggested immigrants from Mexico are predominantly criminals — has been unsettling. “That will always make Jews uncomfortable, that’s why there’s so much pushback” among some Jewish conservatives against the Trump candidacy.”

    Whites who are dismayed by the invasion of low-IQ racial aliens, and the consistent criminal behavior that occurs in their wake, and who want to have control over our countries, is what is bothersome to Jews. Jews, in countries created BY White people are “unsettling Jews”. White “Supremacists” are skeery and must be STOPPED because we want control over our societies.

    Uh huh.

    I’d like all those Jews to un-settle in America, and bugger off to Israel.

  6. They know the federal courts are their ace in the hole in a worst case scenario where Trump somehow defies the odds and gets the job. The solution is executive orders and threats to pack the federal courts. It worked for FDR.

    Will and these cucks are so mendacious. They talk about a police state when they know damn well the NSA is already spying on everyone.

  7. Lew – it won’t work though. The typical tactics aren’t working. The Racism tactic is especially pleasing. It’s like an actual inoculation, vis a vis the Trumpenkreig. We are attined to the raison d’etre of shrieking “Waaaycism!” at Whites – but the Normies I know, who support Trump – it’s just pissing them off.

    Big time.

    Should the Cucketariat try to pull something on the Donald – a rebellion is brewing….a real one………..

  8. Interesting. Massive invasion to displace Whites is not ethnic cleansing but sending non-white invaders back is ethnic cleansing. As for a police state, didn’t Will support the Patriot Act? I guess a police state is ok as long as the targets are Americans.

  9. Uh, oh!

    The Shmita super blood moon is upon us. Some Haredi Rabbis are are expecting Moshiach to appear this week.

    We could be on the brink of WW111 according to Christian’s on the internet.

    Russkies are in Syria.

    Stocks are poised for a yuge dip.

    Trump just announced he will raise (redistribute) taxes on the super rich.

    All hell may break out!

    I’m going to hide under the covers tonight, just in case.

  10. Après moi, le déluge-Attributed to Louis XV by his mistress Madame Pompadour. Repeated by Barack Hussein Obama on January 20th 2017 as he leaves an absolutely destroyed world to his successor. BRING ON THE COLLAPSE.

  11. Sam – re: the Hebe-y Blood Moon? Spook-key! In preparation, I enjoyed a wonderful dinner and dessert. All the dishes are done, and put away. I am watching “The Swan” – a beautiful comedy romance, from the 1950’s. The cast is headed by Grace Kelly, Louis Jourdan, and Alec Guinness. All the actors are White, and gorgeous. My hard working hubby is dozing next to me. I am going to get us some drinks, in a moment, and enjoy some delicious fruit – pears, and the last succulent peaches of the year. It’s a beautiful early Autumn night! Lugh loves us all!


  12. Sam – think of the beautiful Moon as Lugh, our Golden Hero, seeing himself in reflection, trying on his burnished orange robe, in preparation for his long Winter’s sleep. Thank him for the wonderful gifts He has bestowed on His Children, this past year.

  13. George Will, step down, before someone does it for you. Threat? Hardly. I can, however, call down God’s righteous judgment on you as a false prophet and a follower of the Baal, the demon god that resides among all goyim who are not the Lord’s Annointed.

    We’ve had pagen rulers in Christendom who have done the Lord’s Will. I’m not so enamoured of the Donald, to think him the Messiah, red moon, or no. But I do believe HE IS DOING THE WORK OF GOD FOR THE WHITES OF AMERICA.

    You, on the other hand, are the tool of the devil.

  14. Excellent points.

    The US can and does spy on absolutely everyone and everything. And Will is suddenly worried?

  15. What is the exact mechanism that butters Will’s bread on this point about Mexicans?

    It would be instructive to see precisely how his pockets get filled as a result of these policies.

    He’s worth a few million right? what’s his cut?

  16. The banking mafia and their minions – like George Will – have been engaged in the stealth ethnic cleansing of the white population of the US for over 50 years.

    There should be a Nuremberg-like trial for the lot of them where after due process they pay the price for attempted genocide.

  17. Hey, George Will! Was the removal of Palestinians from their homes an ethnic cleansing? Should Israel then be considered a stain? Or was it “good” ethnic cleansing like the removal of Serbs from Krajina and Kosovo?

  18. I just talked to a native new yorker who said that Trump was doing all of this because it was good for business. We shall see. Meanwhile I agree with the tenor and tone of comments above. Macbeth: Act 3 Scene 3, Banquo: “I think there will be rain tonight.” Murderer: LET IT COME DOWN.

  19. @ Capt. JCS: mostly Jewmedia controlled perks and privilages:

    house “conservative” editorial writer at Washington Post

    Foxtard neo-con news gig

    NY book-publishing contract w quick distribution

    reserved position on NYT (fake) “bestseller” list

    etc. Coulter with all the same and similar stuff, but she’ll lose most of it because of her recent spur-of-the-moment tweets dissing Israel, Jews. The Jews reward their MSM shabbatz goy cuckservatives very handsomely and, when they stray off the reservation, punish them quite severely. See also: Helen Thomas, Rick Sanchez. On the present issue, Jews are determined to drown the Whites in America and Europe in a rising tide of trans-border of trans-border ethnics – blacks, mestizos, asians, muslims. Coulter, even before her fatal tweets, was already bucking the Jews on this one, but ultra-cuck Will (who is married to a Jewess) remains a comfortable hireling

  20. It’s really comical how hysterical these cucks are getting over Trump. He’s weak sauce from a “white supremacist” or “racist” point of view. I think what scares them is that their Neocon brethren could be deposed and beltway “conservatives” made history.

  21. Same ole Washington minions posture racism in black face starting with Reagan he visited the waffen ss cemetery. Reagan gived out citizenship paper to millions of wetbacks and made MLK a national holiday. Feds zero interest rates keeping the economy from collapsing. Writing on the wall is 2020. Russia, China, and Japan gearing up militarily intervention,USA no more.

  22. You can’t take Trump seriously. The increase in his wealth his candidacy has brought is significant. His ego must be insatiable, but he has certainly written himself into the history books. Besides, he might end up the only person in the spotlight actually willing to go after HRC for specific incidents. The powderpuff, softball questioning of Hillary by the media is sickening.

    Anyone who makes life difficult for the Clintons and Bushes is ok by me. Both of the aforementioned families think they are American aristocracy, “entitled” to be president. I think both Jeb & the Hilldog represent threats to democracy.

  23. Anti-immigrant sentiment had been building for months, with the Israeli paper Haaretz running headlines such as “Unemployed African Refugees Turning Tel Aviv Beaches Into High Crime Spots.” Things came to a head in May, after police arrested four Eritreans and Sudanese who had raped a 19-year-old woman, and Interior Minister Eli Yishai said that African illegals should be rounded up and deported.

    Later that month, several members of the Israeli Knesset addressed demonstrators in Tel Aviv who demanded that the Africans be deported. “We must expel the infiltrators,” said Danny Danon of the Likud party. “We should not be afraid to say the words ‘expulsion now’.” Another Likud Knesset member, Miri Regev, called the immigrants a “cancer in our body.” Some of the demonstrators rioted, beating Africans and attacking their shops.

  24. Once the immigration laws are enforced the over-whelming majority will self-deport. No police state is necessary.

  25. One more point. George Will is talking about a “police state” as if it does not already exist, as if Trump will deliberately create one for the purposes of enforcing immigration law.

    He’s a day late and a dollar short.

    My point is that since we already have a police state, since the Presidency is turning into a unilateral dictatorship, we might as well put it to some good use by letting Trump be the dictator for awhile. Short of the Dark Enlightenment coming through.

  26. Deport all you want, but as long as white people are content to get fat watching ESPN, pootle around in entitled union berths, sit on welfare instead of working, hire foreigners over Americans, pass raft after raft of small business-unfriendly legislation…there will be a market for illegals. We need to address root causes. Some of the biggest gripers about illegals I know won’t hesitate to run down to Star Nursery to pick up Jose and Fernando at $50 cash apiece when their yard needs trimming. It’s this kind of stupid hypocrisy which must stop.

  27. Out of one side of their mouths they claim Trump is a Democrat liberal, out of the other they say he’s ultra-right. It’s funny.

  28. Maybe the most appealing thing about Trump is that he’s entertaining. Without him I wonder where the ratings of the Republican debates would stand? It seems like a lot of people watch to see what he says and does. Unless they are trying to use Trump as a foil, all the candidates are so boring.

    How about the DNC blocking debates? I guess they know darn well how Hillary comes off, and how open she is to challenges.

  29. George Will is a corrupt douchebag who has taken money under the table from Zionists for years. He belongs in prison for his part in promoting the Iraq War. What a disgusting excuse for a man. By the way, they found one o fhis bow ties up Netanyahu´s butthole the other day.

  30. Warspite
    ‘Maybe the most appealing thing about Trump is that he’s entertaining.’
    ‘You can’t take Trump seriously’
    ‘His ego must be insatiable, but he has certainly written himself into the history books.’
    ‘Who are the three Jewish leftists on the Supreme Court?’
    ‘Isn’t the Daily Stormer a neo-Nazi type of publication?’

    Meh, I’m starting to think Warspit is just a common cuckservative troll masquerading as a yid.

    A garden variety cuck might not know of the 3 jews on the Supreme Court but certainly a politically astute jew would.

    Also, he describes Trump using standard Cuckservative jargon.

  31. Denise they cannot stamp out our will to live. We will remain a shining light in the darkness to come as we battle our way to our freedom. The most innate and instinctive behaviour is that of one’s own survival.

  32. “Trumpkins” (the real Americans) are stains that need to be scrubbed – who is talking ethnic cleansing here?

  33. [Trump] proposes turning America into a police state in order to facilitate ethnic cleansing.

    You can bet that Will would rather die than call what has been done to whites over the last 60 years, both in the cities and through immigration, ethnic cleansing. This is the very definition of cuckservative.

  34. You’ll have to forgive Georgy Porgy, he’s still living in the past. I love it when White guys use the Race Card(tm) its cute. These cuckolds just can’t resist calling us Nazis can they? Hey, George, we’re all Nazis now. Hitler was right and now everyone knows, but thanks for being there to show the nose behind the news all these years you tired sorry old man. That whole Zardoz thing you guys got going there doesn’t work anymore. The barbarians are past the gate, and if not Trump, some other Real Strongman with attitude will straighten the whole thing out. Its funny you think Whites are willing to die to not be called names. But to a coward like you, courage may as well be an undiscovered country. Why not go there now? You had a good run, but your day is over Methuselah.

  35. Dr. Doom – the real problem is that tons of people don’t know that Hitler Was RIGHT (and the Holohoax is a total scam, and Jews did 9/11) – but more are learning every day.

  36. Hi, Denise love your site. Have you seen how high Mein Kampf is on Amazon’s bestseller’s list? Word is out. There is also a great vid called Hitler the greatest story never told. Hitler was the ONLY MAN in the 20th Century who opposed the jewish banking scam. He will always be remembered as a great hero in the future. Even JFK the big leftist star President said Hitler would eventually be seen as a hero when the real story got out. Its getting out right now. Whites are realizing this whole Anti-White scam is White Genocide. Kudos to Bob and his bugsters for getting the word out. Trump is gonna be crushed by the elitist insiders, but he’s just the guy who will start of this show. The Main Event will come after he is cheated by the Stupid Party. I hope they nominate Bush or Carson. That damn Lincoln Party needs to die and go to the Elephant Graveyard.

  37. Most Whites are on a VERY high learning curve about Der ewige Jude. Even loads of alleged “Pro Whites”. They still think they can make alliances with the Vampyre Tribe.

    I know that the truth is getting out there, re: the heroism and decency and honor and GREATNESS of Herr Hitler, and the mind-boggling scam of the Holy Hoax – but it’s still gonna be a long hard slog.

    Trump will not go down quietly. The Tribe and their Shabby Goyim are doing everything to try to discredit and smear him. If he does go down, it will trigger a really interesting reaction. The façade of “fairness” will crumble to dust.

    We’re up against the wall now. There are very few options left.

    On a positive note – HEIL PUTIN!!!!! He’s made his move. The Hebes are frantic. Their Mulatto Pool Boy Barry….isn’t….doing….anything…

  38. Dr.Doom – thanks for your support. BUGS is doing an awesome job. And that Hitler Truth film – one day, when our Universities are restored, that film will be the kernel of mandatory Truth Studies.

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