Cuckservatives: Trump Is Wrong For The GOP

By Hunter Wallace

In the latest issue of National Review, Rich Lowry and Ramesh Ponnuru are worried that Trump’s gauche comments will diecredit the worthy causes of immigration restriction and fighting political correctness:

“Which brings us to another reason Trump would be a disastrous champion for conservatives: He taints and discredits the important cause of controlling immigration, and would do the same to conservatism generally in the unlikely event that he became the nominee. Deterring illegal immigration and reducing legal immigration would serve the rule of law, promote national cohesion, and help both native-born and immigrant low-wage workers. This agenda is routinely dismissed, however, as an expression of nostalgia for a whiter country — or worse. Every time Trump suggests that people who have come here from Mexico are mostly drug runners and murderers, he makes it easier to think that legitimate conservative concerns about immigration are tantamount to racism. …

Trump responds to this kind of criticism by casting himself as a brave dissenter from political correctness. Here, too, he discredits a worthy cause. Conservatives and some honorable liberals have stood up against the oversensitivity and censorship of legitimate political viewpoints that has spread from college campuses over the last three decades. Trump appears to confuse simple decency with PC. Republicans should not embrace this confusion by cheering him on …”

I hated the tax plan.

Pat Buchanan panned it as supply-side economics on amphetamines. I think it hurt Trump with his own supporters, but won him little support among establishment voters who support Bush, Rubio, and Fiorina. As long as National Review is attacking him for catering to “nostalgia for a whiter country – or worse,” he will still be holding the winning hand. More than anything else, lots of Trump supporters are driven by sheer hatred of effete bow-tied cuckservatives like Rich Lowry, and see his candidacy as their instrument to punish his ilk.

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  1. How nakedly Orwellian. So Trump supposedly discredits these “important” causes . . . by fighting for them?

    The corollary being, the only way *not* to discredit these causes is by . . . not fighting for them.


    “Only if we do not attempt to restrict immigration will immigration restriction be a viable standpoint.”

    “Only if we do not defy political correctness but rather submit to political correctness can we beat political correctness.”

    Madness. Absolute madness — not least because some people will actually be duped by these Judeocon weasel words.

  2. How can Trump ruin the credibility of something that either doesn’t exist, or is a joke? Immigration policy? There is no immigration policy, and anyone who says there is, is a liar. Nothing has had as pervasive a day to day effect on Americans than the combination of political correctness and wave after wave of unchecked immigration from South of the Rio Grande. There’s no going back because Latins are now too large a voting bloc to alienate.

    If only it had been France, England or the Netherlands that conquered Mexico in the early 16th century!

  3. After Trump revealed his tax plan, I noticed that the level of hatred had calmed down some. However, his stance on Putin caused them to rise up and hate him again. He is too unpredictable for them. They like the predictable weakness of Jeb.

  4. Lulz! The NRO ConservaCuck Pool Boys Ritchie and Rammy are desperately attempting to re-inforce the Talmudic False Religion of “tolerance” for Whites and Whites alone, aren’t they? Well…keeping the Faithful on the White Tax Slave Plantation is what they are paid to do, n’est ce pas?

    They are correct. Trump is bad news for the GOP. Bummer! The Geriatric Old Panderers are DISASTROUS for Whites. The GOP must GO.

    As far as “alienating the Mestizo Voting Bloc” – good! They ARE Aliens. They don’t vote GOP. They must be alienated right back over the Rio Grande. FYI – The Donald is polling well with Blacks and Browns – so the NeoCohens are wrong, as per jusual.

    I hope they keep their tripe up, though. They are killing themselves with every word they write. Good riddance!

  5. It sounds like what they are really afraid of is that immigration restriction and opposition to political correctness will become litmus tests for Republican candidates and that whomever is elected will actually do something about it.

  6. Because no one has fought harder against PC than Rich Lowry.

    Is this a direct quote by Jason Richwine or John Derbyshire?

  7. Hunter Wallace
    ‘Because no one has fought harder against PC than Rich Lowry.’


    Why is Rich so worried about Trump?

    He’s been neutered.

    Lowry boasted on Megyn Kelley’s show that FioRino cut his testicles off?

  8. Freedom from PC now there is a concept. But the American Right is as usual lost in the details of trying to make a lunatic asylum work like a Swiss watch factory.

  9. Hunter the more I read this garbage the more I am convinced it is time for things to go to the next level. Mr. Giles says we do too much talking and maybe he is right BUT here is the thing, until we have a concerted workable plan to get to the next level, it’s bound to crash.

    I am so sick of these people, I want out. We all do!

  10. Denise – Uncuck the Right is supremely talented. I have been humming This is Dildoween to myself all day. It’s a really low time for us all but his vids keeps me out of depression and takes away a lot of the hopelessness.

  11. @Lew

    Erick is just transitioning from Red State to talk radio, where he will keep GOPers on the cuck train and channel their frustrations to a dead end while raking in the cash.

  12. Great post Denise. People who love Trump don’t care about his tax plan as much as his tearing down the same people they hate. The love affair is in full swing mide we aren’t even to afterglow. May there be one. Haven’t been this amused in years

  13. Trump makes mistakes, but his instincts are GREAT. He corrects almost immediately. And if any-one cares – he writes his own Tweets, and reads his Twitter feed.

  14. “Ramesh Ponnuru”

    You forgot to mention that any rag that has a person of that name on it, ISN’T serving ‘Anglo-Saxon’ interests, AT ALL.

    But you are utterly correct in assuming that …”As long as National Review is attacking him for catering to “nostalgia for a whiter country – or worse,” he will still be holding the winning hand.”

    That they say ‘…or worse’in that quote, is clearly the final clue that National CUCKview is utterly our enemy, even if they are ostensibly ‘White.’ ORION. Has a nice ring to it. One of my favorite constellations.

    “For US, and OUR Posterity.” Yeah, that’s the ticket….

  15. Richard – my Header had a picture of the Daily Shoah oven mitts. I was tweeting all over the place, during the debates. I’ve never been blocked.

  16. Interesting article

    Leading Republican US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has likely finally ended whatever little support he had among the American “right wing” Jewish lobby with his latest comments about Iraq and Syria, despite his vociferous—and now highly contradictory—pro-Israel stance.

    Until now, Trump has been solidly in the necon camp, as evidenced by his support for the Republican Jewish “end the Iran deal” movement. His latest comments on the Middle East are, however, in direct contradiction to this earlier position.
    Speaking during last weekend’s This Week, aired on ABC, Trump shocked the Jewish lobby by admitting that the United States has “screwed up the Middle East so badly,” and that by “breaking up Iraq, we have so destabilized the Middle East.”

    During a separate interview aired the same day on NBC’s Meet the Press, Trump said that he thought things would be better for the Middle East if Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad were stronger. He also added that he believed the situation in the region would also be much improved if Moamer Kadhafi were still in power in Libya and Saddam Hussein in Iraq—ignoring the fact that both these leaders were only taken out because of their opposition to the Zionist state.

    “Of course it would be” better, he told the show, adding: “Libya is not even a country anymore. It’s not even a contest…Iraq is a disaster,” Trump said.

    Trump has mostly managed to frighten the Jewish Americans whose votes he covets. US Jews traditionally vote Democrat: In the past two presidential elections roughly 75 percent of them ended up on Barack Obama’s side.

    The Y-Net article went on to state that “Jewish stomachs turned” when Trump called Mexican immigrants “drug dealers and rapists” and that this was the primary reason why they would not support him.

    Of course, Israel—which the US Jewish community fanatically supports—calls Third World illegal immigrants “invaders,” locks them up, and deports them without trial.

    These are the exact same policies that Trump has proposed, but the Jewish lobby, for their own hypocritical reasons, reserves its hatred and venom only for Europeans who want to preserve their identity—and is silent over the Jewish state’s immigration policies.

    Trump’s latest comments on Iraq and Syria will therefore most likely have sealed the deal as regards the demise of the last remaining “right wing” Jewish lobby support for his campaign. (snip)

    • Your hope for some sort of monolithic “Jewish Opinion” is based on mythology. You evidently have little exposure to Jews if you think we agree on much of anything. There are a veritable legion of jokes based on the “100 Jews, 5 synagogues” reality. Even amongst American Jews and Israelis there are wide areas of disagreement. It’s just a case of Jews being like other people, only more so.

      American and Jewish political opinion would prefer Assad in Syria. There is not even a question on this point, and there are many reasons. The only advantage of not having Assad might be the short term disorganization, and even that is questionable. Israel does not benefit from neighboring countries with weak central governments. I do not see how any thinking person familiar with the M.E. could not understand this.

      Libya is not really a big priority for Israel, and I do not think many American Jews have strong feelings. The country is backward & has a small population. The main problem with Libya was the former leader used oil money to create problems with the West, Israel, and wherever else he wanted. Given the small population, too bad the West doesn’t have the will to simply take over part of it, kick people out, and bring in foreign workers. But I guess that sort of over the top Imperialistic.

      Iraq’s different because our involvement has skewed our memories. It’s true that present Iraq offers no threat to Israel. But don’t forget that Iraq was focusing on conflicts with other Muslims more than Israel. It has a lot of oil, but it’s population is not huge. If it broke into 3 countries, as it should, and each country became stable, that would be interesting. The loss of Neoconservative prestige may effect some individual Jews who think along those lines, but not Jews as a whole. It was great to see the WASP world of the State Department upset, but the days of State as a restricted country club are past.

      One must be careful to separate rhetoric from reality. Writing History now we know all the, “we must drive Israel into the Sea” of the 1960-1967 Arab world was just irresponsible talk. But no one, incl. Israel knew it in mid-1967. People may say one thing, but they pursue interests in a different direction. One thing interesting about ISUL is their attitude towards Israel. They think, “Small country, small number of Jews, move it down the list.” When you want everything from Tours south, Vienna South, from West Africa to the Indus, you can put Israel in perspective.

      Thus, no matter the rhetoric it is in the interests of Israel and Saudia Arabia to work together, so they do.

      Btw, I guess the people here who think 9/11 was a Jewish thing are not troubled by the Saudi involvement, redacted pages of 9/11 report, etc.? I never checked, was WTC #7 also a Jewish thing? (I must say, some of the crap out there re 9/11 conspiracy theories!)

  17. “Even amongst American Jews and Israelis there are wide areas of disagreement. It’s just a case of Jews being like other people, only more so.”

    I respond. That’s one of my favorite quotes. “Jews are like other people, only more so. ”

    The same factors that tend to make other people go in good or bad directions tend to make Jews really go in these directions. Thus, long time exposure to elitist, anti Southern, anti White working class places like Harvard Law, Hollywood tend to make most people go these bad ways, they just tend to make a much higher percentage of jews go these bad anti White, cultural marxist ways as lots more Jews go to Ivy League PC Left colleges than say, the children of coal miners from West Virginia as there are few or none of these in the Ivy League or in Hollywood high places.

    And like other ethnic groups (I go with the idea that Jews are a related ethnic group) Jews tend to be good and bad in certain specific areas – good students, high IQ, bad at ice hockey and extremely bad in politics especially immigration politics. If I was a patriotic immigration activist and Jewish, I would never vote for a Jewish Congressman or Jewish US Senator – they all suck on immigration.

  18. The only people I care about in the Middle East are the Christians of Syria, Iraq and Egypt. (I myself have no religion but I highly respect the culture of Christianity.) These are the people most in danger. Only Russia among the greater powers even mentions their plight.* Whatever their shortcomings Assad and Hussein protected their Christian populations. In Syria Assad issued Christmas greetings and Christians enjoyed a rather high status. Now that Russia has probably silenced the “Assad must go” chorus things might improve. General Sisi in Egypt has also been good in this regard, especially after the disastrous Muslim Brotherhood period.

    It is not for nothing that the US is sometimes called the Empire of Chaos by Russians. Iraq, Libya, Syria. No more stupid neocon wars. No more aid to any of these squabbling desert cousins.

    *Neocon toady Ted Cruz not long ago walked out on a meeting of ME Christians, telling them that they have “no better friend than Israel and the Jews.” When they expressed incredulity and shouted at him, he told them he would then turn his back on them for not pledging fealty to Israel. As if they owe Israel anything at all!

  19. Warspite
    ‘Your hope for some sort of monolithic “Jewish Opinion” is based on mythology.’

    I didn’t write the article. Fact is jews vote overwhelmingly lefty. In the above piece the figure of 75% is used.

    Jews the world over, secular and religious, are clamoring for open borders and more and more immigration for Euro countries.

    Oy! Remembah, ve vas strangers in da landh.

    Um, where are all the influential jew writers, politicians and holy men demanding open borders and massive immigration for Israel?

    Warspit: ‘You evidently have little exposure to Jews if you think we agree on much of anything.’

    I’ve had way too much exposure.

    Warspite: ‘There are a veritable legion of jokes based on the “100 Jews, 5 synagogues” reality.’

    Yeah, yeah, among yourselves 2 jews 3 opinions etc. On important key issues the hive mentality is all too evident.

    Warspite: ‘It’s just a case of Jews being like other people, only more so’

    Gimme a break. Should we post the many quotes from jewish Rabbis who totally contradict that statement.

    Warspite: ‘American and Jewish political opinion would prefer Assad in Syria.’

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who spit his coffee on the computer screen after reading that nonsense.

    Neocohen meddling screwed up the Middle East. We know it. Trump knows. The world knows.

    Reclaiming land that was part of ancient ‘Eretz Israel’ is a major part of the plan.

    Rabbi Avrom Shmulevic: “We shall have no peace as long as the whole territory of the Land of Israel will not return under Jewish control…. A stable peace will come only then, when Israel will return to itself all its historical lands, and will thus control both the Suez and the Ormudz channel…. We must remember that Iraqi oil fields too are located on the Jewish land.”

    Swaths of Syria, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Kuwait and Lebanon are in the yid cross-hairs and must be destabilized for annexation.

    • Quote as many fanatics as you like. Israel extends to Iraq? Israel did not even plan to get E. Jeruselum in 1967. Jordan refused to stay out of 6-day War because it believed the false reports being issued by Nasser.

      Jews occupied all or most of Palestine from around 1000BC through the 1st Century AD. The rise of Christianity as the state religion of Rome in 4th Century started a time of off again, on again difficulties for Jews in nations moved to. From the 11th Century on comes the clear record of mass violence. At least that’s the Europeanish view.

      Violence against Jews peaked in the organization of the Holocaust. The scale dwarfed the Russian Pogroms.

      Just before WWII there was a conference to try & address violence against Jews, in Evian. No country would agree to accept Jewish immigrants.

      A pretty good lesson from the Holocaust was that w/o a homeland where Jews could go to be safe they would always be weak & dependent on others. The Zionist movement had opted for Palestine as a homeland, which choice made a lot of sense. It had been the Jewish homeland before.

      The final decision in the simplified narrative above makes good sense. It was the best solution, which is not to say the only solution. There were problems, are problems & will be problems. But Israel is not going away so anyone who pursues any policy or idea for the ME that doesn’t include Israel is an idiot.

      I’m also always troubled by the selectiveness of those so concerned about the depredations of Israel. I know from traveling in Brittany you ignore those problems. Ditto Wales. Where are you people on regions in Spain or an Independent Corsica? Basically, I would take a plane from Cardiff, land somewhere in Brittany & start going East. Problem after problem, some with great violence. But its easy to ignore the dead in Aceh when you can bash Jews.

  20. Sam: “Um, where are all the influential jew writers, politicians and holy men demanding open borders and massive immigration for Israel?”

    Like Barbara Lerner Spectre? Anetta
    Kahane? My mistake. They wish to destroy Sweden and Germany.

    Warspite: “American and Jewish political opinion would prefer Assad in Syria.”

    Sam: “I’m sure I’m not the only one who spit his coffee on the computer screen after reading that nonsense.

    Neocohen meddling screwed up the Middle East. We know it. Trump knows. The world knows it.”

    I shook my head and rolled my eyes at that blatant falsehood. Are we supposed to ignore years of propaganda and war cries from Washington? And years of complaining from Tel Aviv.

  21. If Washington– both the Obama regime and the Republicans– “would prefer Assad,” why did they give money, training and arms to so-called “moderate Syrian rebels?” Why are they complaining that Russia is blasting these scumbags on behalf of Assad?

  22. Another jew against Trump

    Barry Diller Says He’ll Leave the Country If Donald Trump Wins the White House

    (We should be so lucky.)

    Barry Diller, the founder and chairman of IAC Interactive, knows show biz and New York real estate—and he is not impressed with the New York real estate mogul and superlative showman currently topping national politics polls.
    “All he is is a huckster,” Diller said of Donald Trump. “Somebody who learned long ago in real estate that if you can make a big name for yourself, it can get you an extra dollar.” In addition to questioning the Republican front-runner’s motivation for running, Diller attacked Trump for appealing to the nation’s worser angels. “He’s a self-promoting huckster who found a vein,” Diller continued. “A vein of meanness and nastiness.”
    Speaking with Erik Schatzker at the Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit, Diller vowed to pick up stakes if Trump becomes President Barack Obama’s successor. “If Donald Trump doesn’t fall, I’ll either move out of the country or join the resistance,” he said. But Diller expressed his certainty that a Trump presidency will never happen. He said he’d put his money on it.
    “He has no communication strategy—except to be what he has always been, a nasty mean person.”

  23. Billy Ray Jenkins
    ‘Please Donald, please stay in the race and unleash total chaos. Please do this.’

    So far, so good.

    Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump 9h9 hours ago Manhattan, NY
    .@CBSNews Poll – WOW! New Hampshire TRUMP 38% CARSON 12% BUSH 8% South Carolina TRUMP 40% CARSON 23% CRUZ 8% Iowa TRUMP 27% CARSON 27%

    • You’ve got to love it when someone with such longstanding & close ties to the Jewish community is willing to step up and try to pull America out of the gutter.

      Unfortunately, Trump has not yet had to deal with the single vote social conservatives. AKA, the anti-abortion crowd.

  24. Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” veteran talk show host Phil Donahue said the crowds Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is attracting are “white, scared,” and “very angry.”

    When asked about Donald Trump’s appeal, Donahue said, “This is this is fascinating phenomenon in American politics. What I find most interesting is the crowds he draws, they’re all white… almost exclusively. It’s a big country and we have lots of ethnicity more than any other nation on earth but it’s a white crowd. They’re South, they’re Rocky Mountain West and they’re scared. They’re very angry. finally, they’ve got somebody speaking for them. He’s up against all these gray figures in the same kind of clothes and the same boring ties and black, dark suits. he’s like a guy with a top hat and cane jumping out of a cake. He’s riveting. He owns media. you guys can’t — the reliable sources can’t wait to put them on the front page of their newspaper.”

  25. Couldn’t locate the L.Graham thread. This one is adequate.


    Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Republican presidential candidate Sen. Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)45%
    said his rival Donald Trump will “get slaughtered” in a general election because of the disapproval among Hispanics of his immigration position.

    Graham said, “Donald Trump will get killed in a general election … Hillary Clinton will mop up the floor with this guy … To Republicans if you want to win the race, we have two problems, Hispanics and young woman. Donald Trump’s position on immigration is hateful and illogical, there’s a reason 75 percent of Hispanics disapprove of this guy. We will get slaughtered if he is the nominee. So if you give a darn about winning, pick someone who doesn’t dig the hole deeper with Hispanics.

  26. They are getting desperate.


    On Tuesday evening, establishment Republican consultant Rick Wilson said the GOP establishment donor class must find a way to “put a bullet” in GOP frontrunner Donald Trump.

    In an interview with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes, Wilson conceded that “Trump is still a very powerful force right now” because he appeals to part of the of the conservative base that Wilson said was activated by his “nativist” message. Wilson insisted that the donor class “can’t just sit back on the sidelines and say, ‘oh well, don’t worry, this will all work itself out.’”

    “They’re still going to have to go out and put a bullet in Donald Trump,” Wilson said. “And that’s a fact.” (snip)

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