Trump and MARS

By Hunter Wallace

In The Atlantic, a story about how Middle American Radicals are Trump’s base:

1976, Don­ald War­ren—a so­ci­olo­gist from Oak­land Uni­versity in Michigan who would die two dec­ades later without ever at­tain­ing the rank of full pro­fess­or—pub­lished a book called The Rad­ic­al Cen­ter: Middle Amer­ic­ans and the Polit­ics of Ali­en­a­tion. Few people have read or heard of it—I learned of it about 30 years ago from the late, very ec­cent­ric pa­leo­con­ser­vat­ive Samuel Fran­cis—but it is, in my opin­ion, one of the three or four books that best ex­plain Amer­ic­an polit­ics over the past half-cen­tury. …”


Check out this Pew poll which came out before Trump released his tax plan:

“Trump also garners more support among the nearly one-third of possible GOP primary voters who would be more inclined to support a candidate in favor of raising taxes on wealthy Americans. In the survey, conducted before Trump announced his tax plan on Sept. 28, 35% of those who are more likely to support a candidate who wants to increase taxes on the wealthy name Trump as their first choice; by comparison, 16% of those who would be less likely to support a candidate who backed increasing taxes on the wealthy named Trump as their preferred candidate.”

When it comes to tax policy, Trump is drawing his supporters from MARS voters who want to raise taxes on the wealthy.

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  1. Good find, but it is not [I]The Atlantic [/i]. That magazine has really become a cesspool of Black and Jewish agitation.

  2. Good find, but it is not [I]The Atlantic [/i]. That magazine has really become a cesspool of Black and Jewish agitation.”

    I agree the daily blog is pretty much that way just anti White cultural Marxism. But there are on occasion good articles from a very intelligent, fair secular perspective that honestly discuss the 1965 immigration act, what ISiS Really Wants etc.

  3. The Atlantic allows Open Comments, and the Right Stuff Raiders own the Comments section. NRO is just completely Jewchotic. All HYSTERICAL Hissing and Spitting and Kvelling about the Trumpenkrieg.

  4. I will say this we are in the final countdown toward absolute animal house complete anarchy. When and where it happens and what shape it takes is anyones guess. Bring on the chaos

  5. Let’s not have the perfect become the enemy of the good. The tax plan isn’t ideal, but given that Trump is (a) speaking of deporting illegal aliens, and (b) condemning neocon Mideast adventuring, acknowledging that Libya and Iraq were mistakes, and accepting Putin’s Syria strategy, Trump is fantastic. That’s so much more than we ever could have hoped for in any candidate, that I’ll east a less-populist-than-ideal budget and consider it a small price to pay for all that other good stuff, stuff you’d never otherwise even have a chance of even being discussed, let alone possibly coming to pass.

  6. So, White Middle American Male Voters are from MARS, and Leftist Female American Voters are from…. Venus? I’m confused. LOL

  7. Why is Sam Francis “very eccentric”? I knew him well and he was a normal man. Sam did not believe in aliens or various conspiracies. I guess disagreeing with someone is now grounds for calling them eccentric.

  8. Thaddeus,

    If he had a populist tax plan, Trump could win. Then he could actually implement his immigration and foreign policy platforms.

    If he runs as a fail-eo-conservative with a Reaganomics tax plan, he will lose, and we will be stuck with President Sander’s amnesty, open borders and more AIPAC wars.

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