Bernie Sanders Socialism… It Worked in Burlington VT

The Atlantic magazine has an excellent article about Bernie Sanders, an open socialist who was elected and re-elected mayor in Burlington, Vermont. Outside of a few predictable Marxist foreign policy causes like the Sandinistas in Nicaragua, Sanders comes off as a competent, pragmatic guy, who generally liked the mostly White working class people of Burlington.

Bernie Sanders describes his city:

“I used to say there are three parties in this city, the Republicans, the French and the Irish. They alternated holding power. Primarily, the French and Irish were Democrats—the Irish Democrats were more liberal, the French more conservative.”

I take the position that these are the type of demographics where various forms of European style socialism can work and does work – Places where people have a strong sense of community, shared values. European style socialism works best in communities of Europeans or European Americans. The Amish are arguably the most successful socialist community in the history of the United States – the Amish way is not dog eat dog individualism or anything goes capitalism. Home owning grandmothers in the somewhat rough areas of Burlington do not turn out their poor grandchildren to charge high dollar rents to 20 Salvadoran undocumented a room. This is because our people tend not to become terrible slum lords, like the worst Jewish slum lords in Bernie Sanders’s hometown of Brooklyn.

The story includes an exchange between a Burlington grandmother and her son – the grandmother is a strong supporter of Sanders, the son says:

“He’s a communist.”

The grandmother replies in words to the effect:

“He’s a Socialist not a Communist and if you have to ask the difference, you just don’t know the difference.”

I would agree with this grandmother. But, I would just add that since ~ 1965 a Communist in the United States is someone who loathes, hates, despises the European American, White working class – the poor. Read arch cultural marxist Jew Tim Wise as he spreads his venom longing for the day where poor and working class Southern Whites will die out in nursing homes:

“In forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won’t be any more white people around who actually remember that Leave it to Beaver, Father Knows Best, Opie-Taylor-Down-at-the-Fishing Hole corn pone bullshit that you hold so near and dear to your heart.”

Though Bernie Sanders is himself an atheist, Socialist Jew from Brooklyn – Bernie just doesn’t share Tim Wise’s hatred of poor and working class Whites. Bernie has been a solid guy and by all accounts a pragmatic, well liked mayor of Burlington, and the at-large Independent Congressman and then U.S. Senator representing Vermont.

Is he, or someone like this going to be an effective President of the United States – a violent, chaotic, dis-united nation of 300 million plus squabbling tribes and special interest groups?

In a word no.

But, today we at OD honor a decent, honest, successful mayor of Burlington – Bernie showed great kindness to our kind.


  1. Jeff // October 6, 2015 at 9:59 pm //

    ‘I would not describe the Amish as socialist. They are a mutual aid society but there is no collective ownership of businesses or property. Their system works very well as there communities are very small (100-300 people) and they are 100% homogeneous (race, ethnicity, language, religion, culture, etc.)’

    I would agree with that paragraph and the rest of your post is on the money too.

    Jack Ryan: ‘White Europeans are doing a lot better in former Socialist Eastern European countries like Hungary and Poland than they are in the anything goes free market states of Western Europe. See the movie Goodbye Lenin and note how the locals were very nostalgic for Socialist East Germany the “ossies” where everyone worked to get along, help their neighbor – Socialist Easter Germany was a 98% White European society.)’

    Ah yes, the good old days in East Germany.

    Have you flipped your lid, son?

    Jesus wept! I am weeping!

  2. Wow. Jackie isnot calling for comments to be disabled, etc. Shades of East Germany 1955.

    Jackie – is Babelspite slipping you some bad Slivowitz, or something?

    NO ONE is flaming ANY-ONE. NO one is engaging in “VNN lunacy”.

    What is happening to you?

  3. ?In my opinion, for what it might be worth, for socialism to work it must be strictly limited in scope, in depth, and in its bite from the assets of each individual citizen — and, yes, I see necessity (scope) for limiting access to benefits rigorously and exclusively to citizens though equally rigorously irrespective to ethnic ancestry or skin-color of those citizens: An austere State-owned social-insurance welfare state. Too, once again for what it is worth, in my opinion, for that socialism of limited scope and depth and bite to succeed, it depends on social character unbalanced toward the Apollinian end of the Apollo-Dionysus continuum. Too, the optimal character is mostly self-reliant and self-responsible, taking quiet pride both in productiveness and in contributority — contributory because of a recognition that misfortune can strike and we are all in this together.

    This is not the current state of socialist advocacy or character. Half (or more?) of the current problem with socialism, is socialists

    Limited to a strong but exclusive safety-net of social insurance for characters experiencing a feeling of honor-boundness not to abuse the system, fine. Wide open to every freeloader on this side of the planet?

  4. In many ways, Jack is very wrong when gauging public sentiment and predicting the ebb and flow of natural racialization vs forced deracialization. In some ways, Jack can be very right. I’m too annoyed with the stale mediocrity of most racialists to go any further than that right now.

    All I will say right now is….. will someone who isn’t content with incessantly bitching and moaning about Jews or ingratiating themselves to sheeple, vampires and vultures by berating “conspiracy theorists” please stand up and put some practical applications in motion!? Stand up and be counted so others will know where to find you.

  5. “White Europeans are doing a lot better in former Socialist Eastern European countries”

    After enduring the bloody reign of terror imposed by Trotsky, Kaganovich, Bela Kun, Matyos Rakosi etc., of *course* Hungarians and Russians etc. are immune to left-wing bullshit, especially Jewish left-wing bullshit.

  6. Asked about the type of people who would make up his cabinet, Sanders ticked off the names of three liberal economists: New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz and former Bill Clinton labor secretary Robert Reich.

    Another all Kosher affair. Not really a surprise, is it?

    Remember Robert Reich? Wanted to make sure economic stimulus plan excluded White males. Wanted to set criteria so that the money goes to others. Yeah, we need him in Bernie’s cabinet, for sure.

    Screw Trump!


  7. White Unite – yup.

    Celestial – Whites are, alas, the “Show Me Race”. Germany is the premier example. Germans had to be OVER RUN with Third World Orc TRASH, in their streets, and homes, raping, robbing and defiling, until they’ve begun to snap out of it.

    Here ya go. Pour vous:

    From Express:

    Oliver Masucci, the actor who plays Hitler in the satirical film ‘He’s Back’ has revealed racist tensions within Germany despite the country portraying the image migrants are welcome.

    He travelled around the country for a month speaking with “ordinary people” while dressed as the long-dead Fuehrer. Two cameras rolled to capture their sometimes shocking views.

    He said rather than being shocked about Hitler’s policies, the war and the Holocaust, men greeted him and seemed “happy to see me!”

    He said: “They forgot relatively quickly that the two cameras were running and began to pour their hearts out to this man, to say what was really on their minds.”

    It’s going to have to go ALL the way down, here, before Whites ACT. NOTHING we will do, whether it’s being “respectable” or a “VNN lunatic” will work, until things gat as bad as they can get. It’s not far off, either. Just a few more years oughtta do it.

  8. I read the novel by Timur Vermes on which the movie is based (Er ist wieder da/Look Who’s Back) and it is very wickedly funny.

    Sam, tell me that was a slip-up. You meant “Screw Sanders!” not “Screw Trump!,” right?

  9. William M.

    Goodbye Lenin is a beautiful movie – sort of a White East European Socialist version of

    Gone with the Wind

    Here’s the Trailer:

    I loved this movie. It’s 100% White

  10. William H McCarty

    ‘Sam, tell me that was a slip-up. You meant “Screw Sanders!” not “Screw Trump!,” right?’

    William, I was being sarcastic.

  11. “Remember when Bond spent the whole Cold War fighting Evil Capitalists trying to take over the world? Sometimes he even had Soviet agents helping him save the world from Capitalism.”

    Excellent, Doctor.

  12. JOHN TALBERT WROTE: Jack everything that Bernie says and does has been done better by a man vilified for supposedly lamp-shading 6 million of the “Chosen”. Essentially we don’t have to look to the foreign long nosed others, we have our own Folk to look to and learn from, we have; Mein Kampf, Patriarcha, Cannibals All!, Sociology for the South, For my Legionaries, Politics, and so many more. To claim a need to go out and get more material especially rotten weak material from a Jew, is short sighted, we have all the foundations and more that we need to build our Stadt without the Jew.

    Bloody Brilliant. I couldn’t have said it better.

  13. Bernie favors Negroes. He let two negro women take over his rally. The blacks would burn a lot of stuff with Bernie in charge.

  14. Sam – NAH. It’s not the Jews! Those are just individuals! You can’t lump them all in a group(or many many many well funded groups)! That’s VNN LUNACY!

    Don’t be a kooky racist, Sam.

  15. Denise, the kook and loon stigmas aren’t borne from being factually and statistically right or speaking in various degrees of truth. Those labels come from an unhealthy attachment to repetitive memes that are circular and produce no real benefits to you, and especially no lasting benefits to those that you believe you are targeting for “education.” What are you educating them for, and where are you sending them? A daily life of connect-the-jew-dots, incessant finger-pointing and, at best, an existence of mediocrity even on the Internet? Wake up today so you can do the exact same counterproductive thing you did yesterday, just like the day before that, and the day before that, and so on and so on and so on?

    If a Jewcentric strategy was supposed to be so enlightening, so freeing, so strategically important to White survival, then someone like David Duke would be at the epicenter of an enormous great awakening with millions and millions of street warriors, producing billions and billions of dollars annually to help Whites. The guy has had DECADES of doing the exact same things, and the only thing he’s really managed to do is promote himself and his book. He doesn’t actually do a damn thing for White people or White families.

    With all of this energy spent and blinding rage that you have focused on Jews, can you not comprehend how you actually make people like Jack Ryan somewhat right? Just because there’s a chance that many of the things you say about Jews are correct, that doesn’t magically make you immune to the accusations that you might be a little unhinged and suffering from an unhealthy obsession with finding Jews when and where it’s convenient.

  16. Denise, I already had two comments partially deleted because the honorable Mr. Ryan, who I have the utmost respect for as I do Hunter, decided they were too controversial or conspiratorial. Look people may say I find a Jew under every rock I turn up but I honestly DO FIND A JEW UNDER EVERY ROCK. After you turned up enough rocks and keep finding Jews, there is a pattern.

    When I began researching Jewish infiltration and subversion, I knew it went back to the 1870s with the Jewish occupation of the American Press and Theatre. Then I researched more, found that the Jews played both sides of our War for Southern Independence and likely stole the remains of the Confederate Treasury, played Britain and France against us from the Revolution through Waterloo including 1812 War and got the British to outlaw Colonial Currency with the Currency Acts of 1751 and 1764 which was the real cause of the American Revolution.

  17. The result of forcing us to trade only in British Currency was deflation. The British money was concentrated in the hands of Southern Planters and New England Shippers and Joe the Butcher and Sam the Blacksmith were reduced to barter. In other words it KILLED SMALL BUSINESS and made thousands go into debtors prisons.

    Going further down the old memory hole of Jewish infiltration, we come to the Spanish Expulsion in 1492 which wasnt an expulsion at all but a relocation. The Spanish Jews were allowed to live in the Spanish Low Countries which are Holland and Belgium and were not restricted there. These Spanish ie Sephardic Jews then took over Northern Europes businesses, funded their tribesmen like John COHEN Calvin who invented the theological idea of Calvinism that utterly destroyed the Reformation.

    Calvin’s ideas creep into Catholic England, which although the Church of England was independent of Rome, its practices and traditions were Catholic. The followers of Calvin end up overthrowing the government in 1649 and executing Charles I. Their leader Cromwell then refuses to recognize the Royal Jewish Expulsion Edict of 1290 and opens the borders to Spanish Jews who stream in like rats.

    When Crowmwell’s revolution is finally overthrown in 1660 and Charles II comes to England, the Jews already control most of Englands finances and he doesnt touch then. Then James his brother comes to the throne and James decided to normalize England’s relationship with the Pope. Had this happened, the Pope would have demanded Jewish Expulsion and Ghettoization as ALL CATHOLIC NATIONS WERE COMMANDED UNDER PAPAL LAW TO RESTRICT AND IMPRISON JEWS IN GHETTOS.

    The disgraced Calvinists join forces with Church of England Bishops who disliked the requirement of Celibacy which they hadnt had to follow since 1549 and help invite William and Mary from Holland to overthrow James in the Glorious Revolution. After this happens, William and Mary agree to submit to Parliament on certain issues and to allow the Jews total financial control.

    Add it all up and what does that tell you?

  18. Celestial – how DARE you? What’s wrong with you? The destruction of Western Civ has been CENTURIES, literally hundreds of years, in the making. Your comments are insulting, childish, peevish, and very very blinkered – and YOU aren’t usually LIKE that.

    Firstly – things ARE better because of men like David Duke, and Kevin McDonald, and a handful of other White “canaries”. I wouldn’t know anything about REAL history, if I hadn’t discovered Stormfront AFTER 9/11/01. David Duke, McDonald. Ernst Zundel, Don Black, Sam Dickson, Jared Taylor, and others whose names we ought to know, are very bright, even brilliant, energetic, educated, very capable men, WHO DISN’T HAVE TO DO WHAT THEY’VE DONE.

    Any-one of them could have walked away from sounding the alarms, an lives very easy, plush lives, without ANY of the persecution and suffering, and condemnation they’ve endured – based on their own abilities, They could have been PayChex Careerists, like thousands of others. Bit they chose to act on their beliefs, and TELL THE TRUTH. Our country was GONE before THEY were born. Before WE were born. They are doing what they can, which is trying to get the word out. Thousands of White people, all around the world, have learned about REAL history because of THEM.

    Don’t TELL me that Jews are not in FULL control of the media, and have been, for almost a century, in America. They absolutely control the MONEY SUPPLY. Go ahead – tell me that don’t. Jews are in positions of power and control in EVERY sphere. They’ve CONTROLLED the flow of information for close to 100 years. People only KNOW what they’re taught. Yes, they have their Gentile golem doing their bidding – but all you have to do is LOOK at what’s right in front of your eyes, and SEE what’s there.

    I’m sorry you are so frustrated – but again – this impasse has been in the works for centuries, and it’s not going to be undone overnight. And what do you expect Duke, and Taylor, and people like myself to DO, anyways? Shall I ring up Duke,and make plans, this weekend, to invade and take over the Federal Reserve? Should we ram a car into the Pentagon?

    America is still a comfortable place to live, for most people. The Country is imploding, and events are accelerating. The works of ZOG, Ins, are NOT working, as they replace Whites with assorted Orcs, and their viciously selfish economic policies are being exposed for they sham and con job that they are.

    FYI -as far as my “fingerpointing” and “obsession” – HEY – SIMPLE REPETITION WORKS. It WORKS. Why do you hear about Hitler 24/7, doe almost 80 YEARS now – but never about Kaganavich, or Swerdlov, or Mao (he killed more people than ANY-ONE) or the Frankfurst Shul? REPETITION WORKS.

    People like YOU are the real problem. White People. You are frustrated, and you are ready to take your marbles leave the game. the GAME is changing Zeitgeist. Hearts and Minds. White People MUST be re-RACINATED, and that is going to be along, hard slog. Jews play the Long Game. So do the Chinese. Whites give UP if their team doesn’t win immediately.

    FYI – what are YOU doing? I think you are the “unhinged one” Do you think I make ANYTHING up? FYI – Jewshave cucked and SCREWED accommodating Jews forever. Again and again. Is dealing with Jews as successful strategy?

    Finally – if Whites took MY approach to Jews – would we be having ANY problems with Jews?

  19. Billy Ray -I know. When you study REAL FACTS – a totally consistent patter of Jew infiltration, subversion, and total malice emerges wherever they go. That’s why so many learned, astute folks have taken the “Biological Jew” angle. I don’t make anything up. I have reached my attitudes because of what I’ve learned. Period.

    I do NOT understand why so many White Advocates, etc, think that “tolerating” Jews Among Us is a winning strategy FOR us, because the whole of history proves the exact opposite. WE don’t need ANY of them, and NEVER did, and we’d be immeasurably better off with OUT them. Some people seem to think that avoiding Jew ire will spare them. This is BLATANTLY WRONG.

    Germany and England are real live real world cases in point. Jews have thrived in Germany for a thousand years. Germany was the bug out place, where Jews could always hole up, when they were periodically booted from other countries. England has bene the water carrier of Jewry for 400 years.

    How’s this arrangement working out for England and Germany?

    FYI – NO ONE EVER GOT ANYWHERE by being “moderate” in political movements. Not ever. Not one time.

  20. Trump gave a speech in Vegas today. He spoke briefly about Bernie Sanders. I transcribed it.

    Trump: ‘I didn’t want to run against Bernie. It’s too easy right? Bernie…some people say communist … some people say socialist… I don’t know?

    I’ve always wanted to run against a socialist…slash… perhaps communist right?

    In this country I don’t think it plays … I don’t think so.’

    I’m with Trump 100%

    Pointy headed professors and jewed toadies like to make distinctions but most people realize they are systems cut from the same cloth.

    You can’t put lipstick on a pig and pretend it is now something radically different and beautiful.

    You can splash perfume on historical communist East Germany and call it socialism or whatever you choose. Meh.

    The system was for shit! It reeked! Same foul stench in all the formerly Iron-Curtain countries.

    The ‘Berlin Wall’ was not built to keep immigrants out. It was built to keep the imprisoned populace in!

  21. Marxist/Communist/Socialist societies are coarse and stultifying. Always poor. They make people apathetic, lazy, dishonest and crooked. An atomized society without a genuine sense of community. A huge disconnect between bombastic public pronouncements of common purpose and the bleak realities of individual, private lives. No hope. Let’s get drunk…

  22. Also, all decisions are made for political and ideological reasons, not for rational economic purposes or other practical reasons.

    Sound familiar?

  23. This will probably be deleted, this site is obviously controlled opposition. However, I’ll reach some of you so here. Being the friends of jews is worse than being their enemies. Muslims are not be lambasted by the media are they? The problem is that these are backstabbers you are dealing with. Who are they going after? White Evangelicals are their Best Friends and they are enemy number one of the jewsmedia. Any Christians who say good things about jews are the first to be blasted by them. Germany and England have bent over backwards to be nice and now they are being annihilated. When Hitler kicked them out, all the unemployment disappeared. While Americans were standing in lines at Soup Kitchens, because they couldn’t find work, Germans had ZERO UNEMPLOYMENT. Its the usurous Central Bank that issues debt instead of money that causes these unemployment and economic problems. When the NSDAP got rid of the Central Bank, the Depression in Germany WAS OVER COMPLETELY. That’s why they declared War on Hitler. It was 1933.

  24. When I look at the Stainless Banner I smile and stand straighter and a little taller. At the swastika, not so much…

  25. Celestial – when I wrote that reply to you I was being constantly interrupted. I RARELY have time to sit down without distractions and interruptions. There are so many typos….

    Here’s the chief correction:

    “FYI – Jews have cucked and SCREWED accommodating Southerners forever. Again and again. Is dealing politely with Jews a proven successful strategy?”

    I’m going to start typing replies in Notepad, before I post.

  26. Celestial Time
    ‘The guy has had DECADES of doing the exact same things, and the only thing he’s really managed to do is promote himself and his book. He doesn’t actually do a damn thing for White people or White families.’

    Duke’s videos and books are fantastic.

    I wish this video in particular could be shown in every home across America.

    Only a certified cuck would not be incensed by the statements of jew creeps like Rab Ovadia and his ilk.

    Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Supremacism!

  27. the issue with sanders as i see it, is that his ‘class struggle’ is really populism. He ignores the role of the US as an enforcer of imperialism and instead focuses on the middle class of America.

    That said, he’s not a radical war monger.

    To Bernie the issue is the shrinking middle class in America, but even the middle class in America exploits others. A lot of people who fought in the Iraq war were middle class. A true marxist-leninist understands this, this is why Bernie is not a Marxist.

  28. Bernie Sanders is giving interviews to the cursed Washington Post that his Socialist Leftist politics is very much tied up in his lower middle class, New York Jewish upbringing in the 40s and 50s. Though he isn’t “religious” in strictly Jewish religious sense, he identifies his Jewishness in commitment to SJW Leftist politics.

    So yes, Bernie Sanders is a rather standard atheist, Lib Leftist Jew from New York with all that that entails, which is pretty much the same background, politics of Lev Bronstein, Leon Trotsky.

  29. I’m not a big supporter of the Right Wing talk show host Michael Savage – what was his original birth name.?

    Michael Alan Weiner (born March 31, 1942)/

    Some how I doubt he would be a big right wing star using his birth name “the Weiner Nation”.

    But, I concede Michael Savage does often tell it like it is – this time stating the unpleasant truths about the latest Liberation theology, anti White Catholic Pope and Jewish atheist socialist US Senator, now presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

    In such cases, it is best to let solid Americans of a Jewish heritage expose the likes of Bernie Sanders.

    It takes one to know one.

    Michael Savage definitely knows these ones.

  30. Good piece. One of the main tasks of the Alt-Right in my opinion is to destroy the idea that “dog eat dog individualism or anything goes capitalism” is the core conservative “value”.

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