Bobby Jindal’s Tax Plan

By Hunter Wallace

Bobby Jindal will never be president, but take a look at his parody of a Republican tax plan:

“And you get a tax cut! And you get a tax cut! And you, and you, and you!

Unless you’re poor. Then pay up.

So says Bobby Jindal, Louisiana governor, Rhodes scholar and celebrated policy wonk, who through his newly released hack-job of a tax plan has achieved the impossible: He has made Donald Trump look like a grown-up. …”

Read the whole thing.

Jindal’s tax plan drops the top income tax rate down to Trump’s 25 percent while assigning everyone else to either the 2 percent or 10 percent bracket. The plan eliminates the corporate income tax altogether while raising taxes on the poor by eliminating deductions. This will supposedly cause the economy to grow by 14 percent!

No wonder so many White people dismiss the Republicans as nothing more than tools of corporate lobbyists and wealthy donors.

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  1. The latest idea of the Republican party is to sell U.S. oil overseas. Guaranteed to raise U.S. gas prices and manufacturing costs. You can’t fix stupid and you can’t fix coward, and both of those words accurately describe yer average brain-dead, yellow-bellied Freeper.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. While I think Jindal seems like a good man, he isn’t one of us and never will be. He is merely an Indian opportunist who has made good. Kindred peoples should never be governed by anyone who is not of the bloodline. PERIOD END OF

  3. Tax reform is a side issue. The issue neither party wants to face is the survival of our race, something they are completely indifferent about or hostile to.

    If America becomes a 3rd world country no one is going to care about tax reform.

  4. It’s a side issue to us.

    The vast majority of Republicans are not thinking in terms of racial or cultural identity though. For the Republican establishment, the money issues are the most important ones – taxes, wages, trade, immigration.

    It’s all about money for them. They want to pay the lowest taxes. They want the freest trade, the cheapest labor, and open borders. That’s a class agenda. If they turn the country into Mexico or Brazil, they don’t care so long as they can enjoy the lifestyle of a Third World elite.

  5. How did this racial alien get his position in the first place? In Louisiana of all places! I blame liberal Christianity. He belongs in India.

  6. Out of all the non-Whites groups Indians are the most like whites in terms of personality, etc. But still, this is not their home. It’s long been time for them to go home. Nationalism for all.

  7. Hunter – I know. I just got into a heated debate in 3D world, with a Tea Partier guy. This fellow is very well to do, and is generally pretty solid on various issues. EVERYTHING boil down to money. We touched on the Orc invasion of Europe, and I was trying to communicate that it’s about conquest – and he kept stating that “They want the money”. I kept trying ot communicate that yes, they want the Gibs Me Dat – but it is about more than money. It’s racial conquest. He absolutely REFUSED to concede this AT ALL. “It’s the MONEY”.

    What do you do with that?

  8. “It’s the MONEY”.

    Yeah that is how the wealthy white baby boomers I know think. The only thing they care about is their money being taken from them. If they are for open borders because non-whites do the jobs their own kids won’t do, call them cuckservative. It embarrasses them. That’s the only way I know of to needle them.

  9. Most of the White people really don’t believe this shit. There have been high profile Media Circuses about White people like Hulk Hogan and that Southern Gal, who “lost everything” cause they said nigger. Whooptie do. Those White “conservatives” are doing what they have always done. Go along to get along. They think they have something to lose if they don’t applaud some brown turd mouthing cliches and platitudes that make no sense. These clowns like Jindal and Haley might as well be monkeys riding bicycles at the circus. In India they would be bathing in the filthy polluted Ganges River, and drinking out of it too. Its hilarious they believe they’re actually fooling anyone by being a System Stooge.
    When does it stop? Old Bob at BUGS has the answer. White Genocide. When White people finally realize this is nothing but killing them without a fight, all of it will change overnight. Everyday more Whites are seeing it. Whether its the erasure of comic book heroes by making them non-White or more obvious BS like that SNL schtick about White peoples’ day is over, its all over now. They can’t win you know. Without us, they die. The only thing Africa got at the end of Colonialism was disease, hunger and slavery.

  10. “What do you do with that?” – Just disagree, and leave it at that. Humans simply aren’t rational economic creatures, so he should eventually pick up on that at some point in his life.

  11. Thanks for the comments guys. The gent in question is not going to change. He’s a character. He knows a lot about investments, and weapons, and all kinds of things – but his “Woodstock days”, and decades old love of “herbal refreshments” shall we say has sort of solidified his concepts of reality. Catch my drift? It’s weird – ice-cold hard-headed realism and practical knowledge, on one hand, and wifty “We are the World” gobble-de-gook, on the other.

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