The Trans-Pacific Partnership Doesn’t Hurt China

By Hunter Wallace

The TPP is being sold by Obama and the media as a geopolitical counterweight to China. Yeah right:

“Beijing already has free trade agreements with more than half of the TPP countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Peru, Singapore, Brunei and Vietnam, and it can exploit those arrangements to minimize or avoid import duties that would normally apply to made-in-China products.

Felipe Caro and Christopher Tang of UCLA’s Anderson School of Management explained in Fortune magazine this week how that could work.

“To satisfy certain country­-of-­origin conditions stipulated in TPP, China can manage the supply chain operations of cotton shirts by importing cotton from Pakistan (via its existing free trade agreement with China) and conduct ‘upstream’ operations, such as fabric design, knitting and dyeing at home.

“Then China can ship the fabric to Vietnam (via an existing free trade agreement with China). At the same time, Japan can ship the buttons to Vietnam (via the TPP). Vietnam can perform ‘downstream’ operations (sewing) and then ship the finished shirts via TPP agreement to Australia, Japan and the United States, cutting off the 5%, 10.9% and 16.5% import duties that would have applied if China had dealt directly with these countries….”

I’m looking forward to seeing what Trump has to say about China in his upcoming book and policy paper. Washington has systematically built up China by exporting America’s industrial base. We export scrap metal to China. They export computers and smartphones to us.

Is it really so hard to figure out?

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  1. I remember 10 years ago when I used to listen to Michael Savage. He would be sitting there on the San Francisco bay talking about watching barge after barge of scrap metal leaving for China.

    The county I live in has not grown in the 21 years I have been living here. I can go back to 1994 and my county looks the same. The only “industry” that has grown is the state prison and the Black college. Everything else is either the same or boarded up.

    Other than very expensive very limited satellite and wireless, 70% of my county has no affordable broadband. The only reason they ran fiber to our area was for the prison and the Black college but the rest of the county has no access to it.

    Old antiquated infrastructure from the 40’s and 50’s. Section 8 housing everywhere. Dollar store economy everywhere. Lot of family dollars and dollar generals selling the garbage coming in from China. A McDonald’s and other two bit small businesses. It is a fucking disaster that many of us have had to watch unfold for years. Local Republicans just blame everything on the Democrats.

    These assholes have decimated America’s main street economy while building up China and every other country. I loathe and detest these pricks and I wish hell on Earth for them.

  2. Sounds familiar.

    I recently ordered two pairs of gym shorts online. Just out of curiosity, I checked where they came from when they got here. Both pairs are “Made in Thailand.” My old ones are made in Mexico, China, Indonesia and Thailand.

  3. I remember how they sold it back in the 1980s and watching the industries die in the 1990s. Textiles was one of the first to go. They tried to survive using imported non-white labor and exploiting them like dogs. But even that wasn’t enough for the industry to survive. They were competing with 3rd worlders, who were paying people 5 and 10 cents an hour. “Good for the economy” was how they sold it. Just another meme to con people with.

  4. Thinking back on it the Globalism fanatics remind me of Libertarian loons. They didn’t care if the deals they made were bad for the country, they only cared the deals fit the purity of their ideals.

    What works here must work everywhere and if it does not work, keep trying to jam a square peg into a round hole, until everything falls apart.

  5. Blue Collar workers want the jobs that were outsourced to China

    SHOCK POLL: Trump Blue Collar Support highest since FDR in 1930s

    It may come as a surprise to many that Donald J Trump’s support from Blue Collar Americans (those involved in trades, manufacturing, industry, and labor) is the highest since any candidate since FDR in 1936 since Gallup began polling.

    Trump has consistently shown his appeal to the blue collar sector of the economy, pulling ahead of even Clinton and Sanders in “rust belt” states like Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Pennslyvania.

    These states have the highest share of “Blue Collar” voters in the nation, and many of them have not voted Republican in over 20 years.

    Trump’s appeal to blue collar workers is in the 60% range, higher than any candidate since Franklin Roosevelt won a massive landslide in 1936 on the support of the Blue Collar voter.

    Many factors are included, and analysts believe that Trump’s appeal to the working man comes from his promise to bring factory jobs back to the US, and his record as a successful businessman has been showcased on television on “The Apprentice.”

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