NY Times Investigates The Donor Class

By Hunter Wallace

The New York Times has a big new article on the donor class:

“They are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male, in a nation that is being remade by the young, by women, and by black and brown voters. Across a sprawling country, they reside in an archipelago of wealth, exclusive neighborhoods dotting a handful of cities and towns. And in an economy that has minted billionaires in a dizzying array of industries, most made their fortunes in just two: finance and energy.

Now they are deploying their vast wealth in the political arena, providing almost half of all the seed money raised to support Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. Just 158 families, along with companies they own or control, contributed $176 million in the first phase of the campaign, according to a New York Times investigation. Not since before Watergate have so few people and businesses provided so much early money in a campaign, most of it through channels legalized by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision five years ago. …

But regardless of industry, the families investing the most in presidential politics overwhelmingly lean right, contributing tens of millions of dollars to support Republican candidates who have pledged to pare regulations; cut taxes on income, capital gains and inheritances; and shrink entitlements. While such measures would help protect their own wealth, the donors describe their embrace of them more broadly, as the surest means of promoting economic growth and preserving a system that would allow others to prosper, too….”

Here’s the whole list of 158 families arranged by the size of their donations so far in the 2016 election cycle. Please keep in mind that lots of megadonors are afraid of getting burned and have yet to pick their candidate. This is likely to change as the weaker candidates are weeded out and the likely winners emerge.

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  1. Typical Jew York Times. There was a lot of good information in that report, but they couldn’t resist emphasizing the fact that most of these people are white, as if that’s relevant in this context. NYT is clearly putting forth an implied false logic suggesting these uber-whites’ wealth somehow extends to all whites. Which is preposterous. There is also the matter of how many of these white donors are actually Jews. Finally, in all that talk about how these white donors mostly support Republicans, there is no mention Obama has been the US president for the last 7 years and that that the super-rich have gotten that way under his administration.

  2. Some facts from a leftist group I follow:

    From 2002 to 2008, the five biggest U.S. banks — Bank of America, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan and Morgan Stanley — collectively raked in profits at an average rate of over $25 billion a year.

    But then they nearly destroyed the global economy …

    … [So] you may be just the slightest bit surprised and/or irked by this:

    From 2009 to 2014, the collective profits of those same Wall Street titans averaged almost $42 billion a year — 66% more than before the crash they caused

  3. It fits with the white privilege meme they like to push, but it does not surprise me about wealthy baby boomer whites. They are a selfish group that need a kick in the rear.

    Nothing in the article explains why Republicans cuck so much for Israel. Jews do not vote Republican, so their money could be the only reason, unless Evangelicals are the driving force.

    I also find the amount of money they are discussing very low. I remember reading about Bush alone, lining up 800 million dollars for his campaign.

  4. “[A] nation that is being remade by the young, by women, and by black and brown voters” into a 3rd World hellhole.

  5. Could the NYT do this same examination inward?

    Maybe one of the very richest people on Earth owns a big share of one of the most important newspapers on Earth, one that happens to be the choke point of the American media establishment?

  6. It probably surprises all of you that these Uberrich jews would pour money into Browning America. You see the obvious decline and can’t imagine how these stupid suckers will continue to enjoy the Good Life without you. You have to realize that the jew being superintelligent is just another Big Lie. You see they actually hate Technology. These jews are really bad at understanding machines. They have technophobia. Haven’t any of you noticed the recurrent theme throughout TV and Movies of Killer Robots and Deadly AIs? They are AFRAID OF MACHINES. They don’t understand them at all. They want a simpler world with Brown slaves that are dumber then they are doing the work. Because they are too stupid to realize they are going to end up in the cannibal’s pot.

  7. Hmm….I wonder why the article doesn’t mention religion or ethnicity…must be because of that one group we can’t talk about.

    • Shawn makes a valid point. If the identification of “White” or “Not African American” has significance, why stop there? Perhaps afraid many of the donors will be identified as Papists? Tools of the Vatican intent on reversing both the Reformation and Enlightenment?

      In fact, why isn’t there more attention to the rapidly changing composition of Christians that comes along with illegal immigration? Nearly 100% of immigration from south of the border is Catholic. Only about 10% of those immigrants will eventually escape the Vatican’s grip. And there are people here obsessed with Jews??

      Check the numbers amigos, then open sus ojos!

  8. What this fight REALLY is about:

    “The utopians always regard traditional Christian views of God, marriage, and private property as evils that must be eradicated. And the eradicators are the elect, a small cabal of thinking men who dictate, for the good of the people, what must be done so that utopia can flourish. White people are always found to be, by the elect, too moribund, too attached to the old ways, so the men of intellect look to the heathens of color to fill up the utopian ranks. Every single European government is committed to the implementation of Utopia, which, from a Christian perspective, is the implementation of the kingdom of hell on earth. All the propaganda apparatuses of the western world, which are considerable, have been developed to obscure the one utopian fact of life from the European people – In order for utopia to thrive, the Europeans must die. They can watch sporting events and porno as they go to their deaths, but they must die, because of the sins of their fathers, who eschewed utopia for the reality of Christ crucified, Christ risen. Ah, there’s the rub. The utopians do not believe in Christ risen, so they seek to raise generic mankind, minus the white race, from the chains of Christianity.”


  9. I believe it is now possible for someone to calculate the date these bankers will be able to grasp the last dollar.

  10. I see on Breitbart that one of their favorite puppets, Rubio, wants attacks on Russian planes to punish them for going after al Qaeda and other jihadist scum, America’s “strategic assets” in Syria. The other creep, ¡Jeb!, wants retaliation against Russia, too. These cuckservatives are a dangerous bunch.

  11. Dr. Doom is only partially right. The Jews have made a temporary pact with the Orientals to build and run the technology, this is why the Jews are investing in China. Once the technology is up and running, they plan to wipe out the entire planet. As for tech, Jews make up a sizeable number of computer programmers especially in Israel so they are not afraid of technology. THE JEWS THREE PART PLAN IS THIS. PART ONE WHITE GENOCIDE. PART TWO MASS CULLING OF HUMANITY which will take many forms. Without Whites, the entire planet will go cannibalistic but the Jews having Nukes in Israel and residing safe in their underground cities will be fine. PART THREE is Brave New World. On Brave New World they will have all the nanotechnology, life extension technology to live for 200 years plus, and they will specially breed humans in artificial wombs for slaves.

    If you do not believe me, read some of Ray Kurizweil stuff and Issac Asimov. The Jews plan has been all along to kill everyone. A Rabbi said once during WWII that the Jews would not be satisfied until they had the Earth entirely to themselves. I believe it.

  12. They naturally fail to mention that nearly all of this donor class are Democrats. The real big money, billionaires like Gates and Soros, are all progressives.

  13. The media puppeteers want to emphasis the points that “They are overwhelmingly white, rich, older and male,” and “Mostly Backing Republicans” in order to shape a false narrative that those in the donor class are using their money and influence in a way that benefits White Americans. They want you to believe that this is all being done in a way that allows “whites” to prey on poor, oppressed minorities. Of course they never want to explore that angle to any great degree, because that part of the spin just isn’t supported with hard facts or even a casual observation of the world we live in. That’s why they will go into great detail with where the money comes from, where it goes from a party and corporate/industry standpoint, and the racial composition of those in the donor class; but they resort to complete generalizations, innuendoes, insinuations, and giant leaps of faith and logic when trying to establish how exactly that money is used to benefit White America in any measurable degree.

    Okay, so what are the positive effects from the donor class to average White working-class Americans?

    You would think that all of that “white, rich older and male Republican” money being used to prop up an exclusive racial singularity would be creating larger and larger swaths of White wealth in the areas and territories they are trying to influence. Non-White populations would be shrinking in that scenario or at least outpaced by Whites, and certainly shrinking in the industries where the donor class has wielded its clout. That would be a really odd position to take when there’s no denying that the White Western world is being forced to slowly brown itself out of existence by many of the very same people who are part of this donor class.

    All we know for sure is that the Super Rich act in ways that support the Super Rich, and they insulate themselves from many of the byproducts of policies and laws that they wish to impose on average Americans. And we also know for sure that the Super Rich DO NOT support Whites as Whites in any capacity. You can find many in the Vampire Class that prop up minorities and always talk about furthering diversity. But you will not find one that speaks or acts to prop up and promote White interests. Not a single one! That’s the real story here. Not this shallow pool of useless information that The New York Times is trying to bait people with.

  14. The architect of the TPP is a lawyer named Michael Froman. Jew.

    The managing editor of the Jew York times is a High Yeller named Dean Baquet.

    I’m just sayin’

  15. The racist declaration of “Jew”, will always muddle the minds of the intellectual weaklings amongst you.

    The “Citizens United” decision was not the product of an International Jewish Conspiracy. It was a lawsuit that worked its way up to the Su Ct. I thought the Su Ct decision absolutely idiotic. I could hardly believe 5 Justices voted with such ignorance of the world around them. Is this what happens when you limit yourself to the narrowest possible pool of candidates? Ideologues from Ivy League or equivalent schools, only. I’d have to double check but I’m not sure anyone but the Chief Justice came from the private sector.

    The full takeover of politics by big money is becoming the reality anyone with above-average intelligence could have predicted after Citizens United. This is an anti-democratic trend and destructive to a republican form of government. If anyone thinks this is “good” for Jews, they are wrong. You’d be hard pressed to find a minority more dependent on American Democracy than Jews. With the exception of Israel’s existence, the deterioration of this form of government puts Jews where they have been since the Diaspora, dependent on the whims of whatever leader(s) is in control.

    I admit far from every Jew has figured this out. Let me point out something typical about the NY Times Article.

    The Times is basically a “no matter what” Democratic Party paper. The article mentions the rather disturbing facts of America becoming “browner”. That’s a stupid comment on numerous levels, not least of which it fails to take into account how most Hispanics view themselves, and the dangers of focusing only on first or second generation immigrants. Perhaps eliminating the “Melting Pot” view emboldens the Times?

    Then the Times admits the immigration pattern favors the Democratic Party and liberal ideas. In a brilliant counterpoise the Times argues the wonders of Citizens United actually plays a role by being a bulwark against this shift. Thus, as long as the wealthy can contribute millions to the candidate of their choice, we can just open up the borders, nothing to fear. Plus “you Republicans” out there need not worry, you can count on the wealthy to protect you!

    Screw the NY Times. Enforce immigration laws, deport illegal immigrants, and overturn Citizens United. I don’t trust either the wealthy or the NY Times to protect my interests.

    • Thank you, Mr. McCarty. I have no idea of Celestial’s background, identity or even gender. However, the person is a very “strong” writer. The use of language, organization of thought, etc., is in a very powerful style. Far more so than the overly nuanced traps into which I often fall. The people on this blog are missing an opportunity by not utilizing the person.

      And Cel, did you see Vandy didn’t lose yesterday? Yeah, I know, they had a bye week. Incidentally, is the whole story about Steve McNair known?

  16. Backing Republicans is essentially the same as backing Democrats so this is a political article and liberals fall for it. There is no difference between the two parties which are satraps. In a system of oligarchs, at one moment some will be “in” and others will be “out” but both retain oligarchic control until they change places. Its Venetian oligarchy not much has changed since the 1400’s.

  17. “The racist declaration of ‘Jew’, will always muddle the minds of the intellectual weaklings amongst you.”

    “[Celestial Time] is a very ‘strong’ writer.”

    I’m sure we’re all glad Warspite is here, to let us know who’s weak and who’s strong (or “strong”).

    • Okey-dokey. Yep, we all know the mating cry of the tin-foil cuckoo, “it’s the Jews”. With that out of your systems, what about an incisive analysis of Citizens United and the effects on democracy of unrestrained financial contributions? Will this actually be a bridge too far for electoral politics? And, will people catch on?

      The NY Times could be doing an actual service by every day writing about Citizens United. As could every other liberal, conservative, whatever it’s stripes media. It is no exaggeration to state this is the most significant issue on America’s “plate” right now, today, when it comes to immediate threats to the Constitution.

  18. Assume you are calling the Jews that are bragging about it cuckoo. I agree your people are cuckoo.

    I would like to see financial contributions looked at, but its not going to happen any more than CEOs are going to get a pay cut.

  19. I wouldn’t give the Jew York Times the time of day let alone a hit to their website that in turn contributes to their rankings on search engines.

    Why bother even writing about them?

    The size of the paper, as Trump has correctly pointed out, has shrunken to a fraction of what it once was. It is truely a rag not even worthy of washing ones windows with.

    The commenters, and they (the two obvious self-re-enforcers) know who they are, are just wasting our time by further disecting a straw-man opinion, spouted by a Jew-rag, complicit in mass murder and genocide, in the furtherance of getting dogs to chase their own tails.

    Clean the board of the filthy Jews and conditions for health will return to the orgnism. It’s just that simple.

    • Yikes! Three anti-Jewish rants in five paragraphs! And one paragraph is only one sentence long!!

      Analyze the substance of the article and critique it. All you’re doing is showing yourself to be an uncultured Hottentot! Look at what the article asserts and attack those points on the merits. Can you imagine being in school and in response to a professor’s question assert an answer is unnecessary because she is descended from the Ancient Hebrews?!? It would sound idiotic.

  20. The dope that I am, I just had to contribute to the JY Times site hits and scan the list…, but I refuse to subject myself to the depravity of the article itself (or almost anything printed by that rag for that matter) and a few obvious things popped into my head;

    1) Besides the obvious Jewish German names on the list, and there are many, (most older Germans can distinguish fairly accurately between a German name and a Jewish-German name), many of the so called “whites” have names that smell like anglicized versions of Jewish-German names.
    For example, “Farmer”, translated to German is “Bauer”, Fireman, Freeman, Wexner, Sussmaan, and many others fall under suspicion. Moreover, since the Jewish penchant for “creating their own” names that are “different” from regular white names is prevalent in all other languages where Jews exist. Names like “Fernandez”, Navab, Ganzi, Fanjul, Erzatti, Rodriguez…, also fall into this catagory.

    2) NY is overwhelmingly Jewish controlled and, according to the map, has by far the greatest number of doners yet Texas seems to be repeatedly mentioned in the article… One has to wonder if the Jews are somehow deflecting attention from themselves to the bulkwark against the Mexican invasion which is arguably in the Texas heartland.

    3) Private holdings do not show up on the Forbes list because they are not subject to disclosure laws which makes the Forbes List, the pretext upon which the entire article is based, of dubious repute. The Rothschilds, who overwhelmingly control the FED, have proxy controlling stakes in many commercial banks, Jew-stream media outlets, resource conglomerates and countless other infrastructural nodal points are not even mentioned on the list! However, given the top down organizational strategy of the Jews, the masses still have not pinpointed the one family that was overwhelming behind the purchase and creation of the Outlaw Nation, Israel…; the Rothschild’s.
    Trump has followed the Rothschild example to a large degree in that only now, after throwing his hat into the presidential ring, was he forced to disclose his assets. So if a WASP like Trump can figure out that imitating a successful strategy of how to avoid the litigation frenzy of self-destruction, by keeping wealth within his bloodlines and maintaining a tight knit family, how many Jews out there are doing the same?

  21. Can YOU imagine being of an ethnicity where debating WW2 history is punishable with sometimes over 5 years of prison time?…, all because the “establishment” version of history is enshrined in law and has been deemed to be a “Self-evident Fact”?

    I don’t need to argue the laughingly called “merits” of the article, because the “prepetratorial characteristics” of the Race of Criminals has already been well documented and peer reviewed.
    Only a mental case or a Jew (excuse the redundancy there) would even suggest that Jews are not the driving perverse force behing almost all delinquent phenomemnon on the planet.

    • Unbelievable. Maybe Eugenics will make a comeback, and you can ascribe a touch of witch doctor genetics to the “reasoning” behind your, uh, positions?

      Do you think there are differences between these “German” Jewish backgrounds and those of Romanian-Jewish or Yemeni-Jewish? You could likely whip up some statistics to support your opinions, I bet.

      Based on your inability to analyze the NYT article, but quick trigger finger on the Jewish card, I’m thinking you’re of Honduran Christian (i.e., Catholic) background. Maybe El Salvadoran?

    • Yes, it’s “wonderful” to see that 80% of those choosing to blog post so easily fall into classic neo-Nazism. Eugenics, rabid racism & antisemitism, it’s all very convenient for providing answers. All very convenient in lieu of actual thought and analysis.

      Any fool can cherry pick historical or theological facts and spin them into stupidity. If this was India, you would be doing it about Muslims. In Pakistan you would be going after Hindus. It’s trite, useless and engaged in instead of dealing with reality. Even amongst the Nazi leadership pretty much every leader had “their Jews” who were protected. The Jews they knew who didn’t fit into some distorted world view. At the pinnacle even Hitler, e.g., arranged safe exit for the Jewish doctor/family who treated his mother.

      In fact, a very good argument can be made that throughout History it is those countries who treat Jews well that are blessed. Look at the U.S. A nation where all people are free to practice (or not practice) the religion/faith of their choice. Because of that the U.S. was clearly favored by the Lord above all other nations. The attempts by neo-Nazi types to devolve America into paganism, the inevitable result of virulent antisemitism unless guided by a significant intellect (e.g., Marcion of Sinope), is obvious.

      Ultimately there is no room in post-Enlightenment Christianity for the virulent antisemitism some here toss around. You will almost always end up in paganism, or these days, Islam. (And I refer to virulent hate of Jews, not frequent opposition to Israeli policies)

  22. Btw, on the actual subject, has any reliable group sought to identify any actual pattern amongst the Donor Class? For example, if you want to look at religion you need to identify the donor’s religion. And not by some goofy “race theory”. If the family’s name is Goldsmith but they have been devout Episcopalians for 3 generations, they are NOT Jewish. On the other hand, if the Johnson family converted to Judaism, toss them in the “Jewish” category.

    My bet is you will find over 50% of the $$ contributed from the Donor Class was by virtue of Jewish families. Not nearly as much for Republicans, but likely more than I expect. Regardless, it will be way out of kilter with the percentage of Jews in the U.S.

    What does that mean? To me it all goes to the Citizens United decision. This all should not be happening. But what might it mean from the Jewish perspective?

    At least one real reason behind Jews contributing $$ may go to cultural & historical fears. The ingrained fear of insecurity, even if fairly irrational in the US, makes it more likely some Jews feel that by contributing big $$ they are somehow making their position more “secure”. Pretty irrational, though I can still remember from when I was 9 or 10 yrs old communities that were (or tried to be) “restricted”. And in Atlanta I certainly recall the difficulty of Jews being denied access to certain “halls of power”, e.g., the country clubs where the elite WASP’s hung out. If I recall these incidents & have a ton of money I might think maybe I should give a whole bunch of $$ in order to make sure I’m “OK” with the elite.

    The above collides with another ingrained Jewish cultural trait, being taught to give to charities, in a rather perverse manner. Despite being of 3rd or 4th generation secular, Mitteleuropean Jewish descent, I still give to charities when I ought to save the $$. Right now I’m particularly engaged in the fate of Christians in the Near East. Not that the American media cares. (It’s a sad situation when Russia is the groups best hope, though there are historical patterns on that).

    If I had an extra million or two to burn would I put it into the political system? I likely would use half of it that way. That is not really logical and while an interest in politics/current events is part of the reason, certain other cultural and religious patterns are likely in play.

  23. @ Denise –

    Thanks. Words of encouragement from lovely White women warm my heart and provide inspiration and hope.

  24. Royalalbrecht – thank you, and it’s a delight and an honor to know that valiant, courageous, genuine White men like you still exist in this world! All the best to you and yours!

  25. Gee-whiz, you are too kind! Flattery will get you everywhere!! LOL Now you have me hooked!! 🙂
    I wish you were in Iceland…, I would try to look you up!!
    Thanks again, but I am not half the man you described above…, but I am working on it!

  26. @ Denise –

    Well if you ever find yourself In Iceland on a stop over from America to Europe or back again, drop me an email before arriving at the airport or the ferry terminal on your way from Denmark and I will take good care of you while you are here.

  27. Wikipedia…. Israel lobby
    “In 2006, 60% of the Democratic Party’s fundraising and 25% of that for the Republican Party’s fundraising came from Jewish-funded Political Action Committees. Democratic presidential candidates depend on Jewish sources for 60% of money from private sources.[49]”

    Also Mearsheimer and Walt, Israel Lobby, p.163
    “Despite their small numbers in the population(less than 3 per cent), American Jews make large campaign donations to candidates from both parties”
    footnote 55 “In 1976, over 60% of the large donors to the Democratic Party were Jewish; over 60% of the monies raised by Nixon in 1972 were Jewish…..”

    • Reply? Seems like a waste of money to me. But in the US people can choose where to spend their money. Funding crooked pols wouldn’t be at the top of my list.

  28. Tom Stemberg, donor class jew was instrumental in creating Obamacare.

    Liar, puppet, Romney fesses up.

    Any wonder why the GOP rank and file feel betrayed by their leadership.


    Former Massachusetts Governor and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney admits that Romneycare, passed while he was governor, was the precursor to Obamacare.

    Romney spoke while discussing the death of his business friend and political backer Thomas Stemberg, the founder of Staples.

    In an interview with the Boston Globe, Romney praised Stemberg for encouraging him to create Romneycare in Massachusetts.

    “Without Tom pushing it, I don’t think we would have had Romneycare,” Romney said. “Without Romneycare, I don’t think we would have Obamacare. So, without Tom a lot of people wouldn’t have health insurance.”

    That’s a stark turnaround from Romney’s rhetoric on the campaign trail in 2012, as he repeatedly condemned Obamacare as a job killer and a threat to quality health insurance for Americans.

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