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  1. Watching the Beeb I noticed that the Booker/Mann prize winner was interviewed joyously by a reporter called Gompertz. His cousins no doubt were on the selection committee.

  2. I can’t get passed the sybolism of the debate.

    A harridan traitor and a snarling smarmy Jew shake hands as three white candidates are sidelined to oblivion by a fag presenter.

    Could the amorphous conspiracy be any more blatant?

    • Quite a good comment. Very funny. And I love the word harridan! At least I hope you’re trying to be funny.

      Rather than being concerned about some Jewish guy who probably hasn’t attended a service in decades, focus on what he said. I don’t agree with most of his Socialist crap, butt I agree income inequality is an enormous problem.

      Btw, I’m not sure his defense of legal gun ownership was a “Jewish” position. I do not at all like Sanders decision to hold back on Hillary. It shows he’s just another establishment pig. And I could care less about with who the moderator has sex. I’m more concerned about lamebrained, softball questions.

      Issues guys, issues! And knock off the pejoratives. Use your brain and take personal responsibility when appropriate. Avoid the hollow earth kook theories. Tell it to your psychiatrists.

  3. funny that you called Denise out as a put up job.

    I’ve thought the same thing about her.

    But Goldberg was chucked in jail wasn’t he?

  4. John – thanks for your analysis of the Jew’s methodology. I basically just skate over most of it’s posts, as [they] are precisely as you describe them – pro forma Alinsky SKR, albeit 101.

    It’s not very sophisticated or amusing stuff. If you want to get truly sophisticated KR – you must hie thee to the UK sites. The Tribe is very advanced and polished there-in, regarding KikeDuggery Rhetoric.

    This is Froshie stuff.

    Never-the=-less, should the Jew succeed in getting me purged – it would hone in on another target. One after the other until Hunter’s highly esteemed blog is dead dead dead.

    As per historical jewsual. Alas. They never learn.

    • Vile. I’m sure Christ would be very proud of such a being. Listening to Celtic Frost while watching b&w newsreels of concentration camp liberations.

      I sometimes forget the inevitable rejection of Christ by such types in favor of paganism or animism. You doubt? What religion could one follow and be cheered on to spew such filth? Even if she (?) does so largely for sport.

      Notice the change in writing style and sudden increased knowledge? You might be getting played. Not by any means sure, so make our own analysis & decision.

  5. The socialism doesn’t concern me much. The Multiracial Multicultural blackmail is the problem.

    Bernie is for nationalism in Israel that Likud would be proud of, but here in the US Bernie wants to obliterate the white working class population (more or less, maybe just enslave) on behalf of the blacks, browns and tribe.

    It’s not a socialism I’m familiar with. Webb and Trump appear to be very close ideologically and what they want is socialistic in a sense.

    Yeah nationalist and socialist.

    Bernie’s bro is or was a council member in Oxford UK btw he is very much in favor of the paki rape gangs and general monkey shines we see there. Check him out. Again, another hardcore Zionist hypocrisy.

    • I’m confused about your post. Who is for “Paki gang rapes” and why? What evidence is there of this? What is a “monkey shrine”, and how does one favor it? What is this “hardcore Zionist hypocrisy”?

      I fail to understand why you would make an excellent point about the hypocrisy of liberal Jews who are all big-time defense Hawks re Israel, but in their own country bend over, and follow it up with nonsense. By no means does the hypocrisy focus on Zionism. You are using the language of uneducated street Muslims who believe what they read in state run media. “Zionism” in the sense you seem to mean it has little to do with most Jews support and/or hypocrisy re Israel/US domestic policies. And I mean “little” literally. It does account for a small amount, but for most US Jews it is a post-Zionist age regarding the type of Zionism to which you refer.

  6. If you are going to quite me you halfwit at least spell ”
    “Monkeyshine” instead of shrine.

    Bernie’s brother was/is a well known local politician in the UK.
    He represented and defended the presence of Pakis (Muslim teens) in Oxford as a Multiculti Svengali. See his record on speaking up for vulnerable English teens in his constituency.

    What country does Bernie belong in? What country does his brother belong in?

    • So sorry, sir. I’ll try to QUITE you correctly next time.

      “Monkeyshine”? What does that mean?

      Tease Denise? I have no interest in doing such. Cannot one express a hypothesis? I am glad you gave props to Judah Benjamin. Certainly the most capable member of the CSA cabinet, along with Mallory. Good call, Captain.

  7. I’m glad you were pleased with SKR, Sam. Think of it as my one little brick, paving the path to Holocaust II. (“This time, it’s real.”)

  8. I note a commer in that link on policy. A question that Sanders might be asked on a concrete issue…

    The 1951 Geneva convention relating to the status of refugees, as amended by the 1967 protocol to the convention, states that a refugee must apply for asylum in the first safe country visited. Why then, is the UK (you could insert US here too) saddled with so many people who are costing the economy dear? …

    I’d cruelly add: Is it your dead family in Poland that compels you to side with the scum of humanity?

    And then sadistically ask this question…

    Warspite, how many of your family did Himmler liquidate?

  9. One after the other until Hunter’s highly esteemed blog is dead dead dead

    Don’t sell yourself short, Denise. Jewmania in its Gentile form is responsible for more dead and bloated blogs and websites than any Jew could ever dream of inflicting on the pro-White world. Believe me when I tell you that you don’t need an actual Jew pulling the strings and making decisions to really make an ass of yourself and deflate and stagnate anyone or anything you are associated with.

  10. Perhaps Warspite ought to be commenting over at Occidental Observer anyway. It’s basically true that Judaism was compatable with the CSA Dixie (slaving, textile raw commodity) as seen with Judah Benjamin. if you want to tangle with a professional anti-Semite Warspite, go chat with Kevin MacDonald. You will have more fun there than with teasing Denise here.

    She’s just gadfly.

  11. Captain John,

    I am totally un-shocked by the patronage of the Jew Sander’s Jew bother, Jewing the UK via promoting White Genocide, via Race Replacement. The Tribe is doing this in every formerly White country. The Jews of England are particularly dedicated to exterminating the English. They gloat and brag about it.

    I thought everything would change after the Rotherham horror; but they just doubled down on defending the Paki Rape Monkeys, as well the Negro beasts, and persecuting any Whites that objected to having their little White children raped, pimped, beaten, and murdered. The Political Elite of The Jew-K consist of vile Khazar child rapists, and their depraved Goyim Golem.

    The tragic case of England is particularly instructive. The English have served as the faithful water carriers for the Tribe for 400 years, and murdered their own kin for the benefit of the Children of the Devil – and the Self Chosen can’t obliterate them fast enough, and do it with heaps of humiliation and torment. Oh well. You get what you settle for,

  12. Captain John – the SpitefulJew would not ever make war on the Observer. I think Prof MacDonald would ban the Subverter – but Jews don’t like serious opposition. They’re just like Negroes,

  13. I will say this. There should be no place for Denise’s last comment in any civilized exchange of intelligent ideas. There are certainly places for such anti-Christian garbage, but my impression is this particular blog aspired to weed out the antisocial, disturbed kooks.

    My comment/question is posed with sincerity. Does such a posting belong on this site? Not that it does not have a place within one of the rings of Hell, but does it belong on OD? What do the people think?

  14. Admit it you are obvious keen on her. A man doesn’t neg a chick unless he’s playing.

    It’s transparent.

  15. Did you have fantasies about Ilsa Shewolf of the SS when you were a teenage street Yahudi? It’s a common enough fantasy among the tribe. Let it all out…your sexual repression isn’t healthy.

    Your sexual neurosis has forced you to argue with “put up jobs” like Denise, in order to cleanse a racially aware site of a Jewser. Let it out man! Stop being a Cis-Yid and make with a Helga Obersturmfuhrer.

    • How about you tough guys start imposing a rule. Don’t write anything you would not say to my face. This will result in more productive exchanges.

      But if you’re going to say it, be prepared to back it up.

  16. “Don’t write anything you would not say to my face.”

    I wouldn’t say anything to your face, Warspite. I avoid Jewish faces.

  17. Have you gotten any oven mitts, recently? I did. I can’t wait to use them…………

    And the spiraling descent into VNN irrelevancy continues unabated. Denise seems to be vying for the coveted Frazier Glenn Miller award that is so cherished among the functional retards of the pro-White world.

  18. I wouldn’t say anything to your face, Warspite. I avoid Jewish faces.

    So is that an admission that you generally say things on the Internet that you wouldn’t say to someone in person? Jewish or not, that’s not a very manly or Aryan characteristic.

  19. Just print your address.

    Denise will come by in her jackboots, leatherjacket and foraging cap, complete with a Swastika insignia. Then you can Nazi Partei like it’s 1938!

  20. Celestial, do you actually think Denise is anything but a sockpuppet? I’m betting on Josh Goldberg.

  21. John – I won’t come by at all. I don’t want anything to do with Zhids! They repel me. How dare you?!

    I save that the lovely, Hugo Boss Pater designed gear for worthy acolytes.

  22. Not Celestial but Utterly DEGRADED – Abbie’s Irish Rose purged my by long reply from his post – but I’ll ask, AGAIN –

    What are YOU doing to improve prospects for the White Race? Personally? What are YOU doing?

    Your sneering and carping and seething resentment is unworthy of a developmentally-challenged teenaged meth-head. The men you slated have done far more to account for their time on Earth than you apparently have. What are YOUR ideas? Do you do anything besides whine, and grumble, and seethe? The only irrelevant one is YOU. Put up or shut up and SHOVE it.

  23. Celestial,

    Warspite sorta reminds me of a high IQ version of Chris313. if anyone is going to go Glenn Miller and shoot three Christians I suspect it’s actually Warspite. He’s repeatedly attempted to make personal challenges and bait violent responses. “Would you say it to my face” is edging toward personal threat IMHO.

  24. What are YOU doing to improve prospects for the White Race? Personally? What are YOU doing?

    What’s the correct answer to give someone with debilitating Jewmania, Denise? Your entire world revolves around Jews. You don’t seem to be able to focus on anything else, and you certainly don’t seem interested in any kind of talk about practical applications in the real world. Whenever a topic starts to get a little more serious and less driven by Jewmania, you seem to revert back to regurgitated mantras that are the central theme at places like VNN and Stormfront. You’re not alone in that regard here, but you are definitely one of the ones that keeps playing these little juvenile games and pretending to be some great warrior. Everything seems very scripted when you go on your rants. Not even the slightest hint of original material.

    My world does not revolve around Jews. I’m not a politician. I don’t write books. I could put together websites that run circles around what the pro-White world currently has, but I don’t have time to properly manage and edit another website. I could tell you where my money goes, but that’s not going to help me—none of your business, really. All I can say is that I raise a pro-White family. I make sure I help other White families and pro-White people whenever and wherever I can. I’ve supported various pro-White orgs and groups with plenty of $$$$$$$ over the years. But I quickly stopped once I saw how that money was being wasted. I’ve even offered to help fund various causes and programs, provided there would be some kind of accountability of exactly how, when, where and why that money was being used. In case you are unfamiliar with much of the pro-White world here in America, there are plenty of people that have their hands out and will take your money; but very few who will actually take that money and put it to use in practical applications out in the real world. All they will do is keep taking your money. Hell, I can do that for myself just fine.

    You’re fixated on Jews. I’m not nearly as infatuated with Jewry as you are, so I probably can’t give you the type of answer you seem to be fishing for.

  25. All your giving out is a lot of hot air, and bitter resentment, that reeks of failure.

    Give it up. You’re not interesting. Don’t read my comments. I’ll skate right past yours.

  26. He’s repeatedly attempted to make personal challenges and bait violent responses. “Would you say it to my face” is edging toward personal threat IMHO.

    He’s certainly been less baiting than people who incessantly inject The Jews into every single conversation and comment. His challenge was certainly no more baiting than someone who tries to be witty by talking about oven mitts.

  27. Denise, I did mention something about originality to you, right? Every damn thing you write is almost a carbon copy of something you could find somewhere else, or a reworded mishmash of something you’ve already written a thousand times before. I’m now 100% convinced that you don’t actually care about White people. This is all a game to you.

  28. Let’s get back to the debate.

    The Dems really have fucked up. They allowed the straight white man to be sidelined by a sniggering love in between Bernie and Hillary.

    This is Trump’s opportunity to say:

    “Those three other guys on stage. What is in it for them in their party affiliation?”

  29. Trump can really switch off the lights on the Bernie and Hillary Axis.

    Absolutely nothing that either of these two avatars of the Party Spirit have any leverage on white men anymore. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that a blacks have figured out the Party wants to replace them with compliant Indians from Chaipas. i.4cdn.org/pol/1444858794004.jpg
    Trump has them where he wants them.

  30. Captain John – Trump won’t state things that baldly. His very presence signals that message though.

    I know TONS of White men and women who are apolitical or anti-political. And they like Trump. His very presence signals what you’ve suggested. His very being is pure White Alpha male.

    The GOP establishment is the same as Hillary Sanders. That’s why the Machers loathe Trump. That’s why I want him on stage, in public, in front of millions and millions of viewers. All kinds of people will SEE.

    • Clearly, Denise is a hybrid troll, and I doubt just about everything one might presume from just looking at, “Denise”. I’m not entirely convinced on gender or even whether it’s a single individual. For the sake of argument I’ll say it’s one person, but the range of knowledge is too substantial for the postings to be entirely sincere. Maybe they are the thoughts of someone, thoughts only expressed in writing and never articulated elsewhere. I’ve been around the block and can’t say I never met anyone like Denise, but the meetings have been rare. When it is a woman my experience has been an initial positive relationship, followed by deterioration as the relationship differs.

      But I could be wrong. Read and judge for yourself.

      What is needed is a podcast. Me, Jack & Celestial. The 20% points of agreement between me and the two gentlemen, and the 80% points of agreement between Jack and Cel would be interesting. As I’ve admitted, Jack and Cel have some interesting ideas and deserve to have them heard w/o being labeled “racist” “Nazi”, etc., etc. Some of the ideas are provocative but def misunderstood by a lib or conservative who shuts their ears after 2 minutes. Their ideas should not be weighed down by kooks.

  31. Jewspite, your day is over. Your kind have had their fun, but now its over for you all. You and your Satanic Scum have reached the end of the road. The economy has collapsed and your funny counterfeit money has reached its last act. You can try all you want to prevent it. Even close the Web, but now that the open secret of jew hatred of Whites is well known, your kind have no allies anymore. You can’t run this time. There is no safe haven for you and yours. This is your last battlefield rat. You have stabbed your last friend in the back!

  32. There is a tribe that is like a human form of Troll. Indeed, what were the Scandinavians describing when they used the metaphor of Troll?

    The Zombie is a metaphor for blacks. The Dwarf in the hands of Tolkien had a Semitic character…the Troll is a rather interesting one. I’ve heard they occasionally found live stranded Inuit in canoes at the tip of Scandinavia and called them Troll. The Selkie in Ireland wore the skin of Seals (like an Inuit) peeling them off to become human.

    The Troll might be an Inuit but I’m beginning to favor the idea that it’s an oafish semite now. Mugging cattle as they cross from meadow to meadow.

  33. For Warspite,

    How many Trolls can dance on a pinhead?


    The visual of the troll reminds me of Julius Streicher’s Der Sturmer cartoon depiction of the Jews. Careful how you invoke Norse mythology and bowdlerized versions of this word in modern useage.

    The mega troll of recent vintage is Joshua Goldberg and photos of him look typically Trollish.

    • Freud would have had a field day with you. Regardless, when I read your musings I am grateful for the development of drugs such as Risperdal. At least those pharmaceuticals keep you from acting out. Hopefully.

  34. Ann Coulter
    ‘To cheers from the Democratic audience, Hillary denounced Sanders for his vote against imposing unprecedented liability on gun makers, saying, “It’s time the entire country stood up against the NRA.”

    Sanders bowed and scraped, finally saying he’d “take another look” at the gun bill.

    Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley bragged about passing the strictest gun-control laws in the country (which explains why Baltimore is such a safe city). Asked which “enemy” he was proudest of, O’Malley said: “The NRA.” (Loud applause — especially from the radical Muslims in the audience!)

    I gather Democrats have written off the gun vote.’

  35. “What is needed is a podcast. Me, Jack & Celestial.”

    I’m sure both of you agree, right, Jack? Right, Celestial? That’s what’s “needed”–a podcast with Warspite and you.

    Why do you think Warspite is here? He’s here because Mr. Wallace, our host–and thus this website itself–got a little bit of attention a few months ago, when the Trump thing broke big. Remember how happy Mr. W. was, so pleased to be getting some attention from the mainstream press? Remember how some of us here tried to explain to him that the whole thing is nonsense? You avoid the mainstreamers. You have nothing to do with them.

    Warspite saw an opening and is gracing us with his presence. It’s his little contribution, to the effort of the Tribe. With a little luck–meaning a little bit of cooperation from you dunderheads–he’ll turn this website into another National Review.

    The rule is simple, and I’m not the one who stated it. If you let a Jew engage you, you lose. Nothing a Jew says is said in good faith. Anything he says is said merely to draw you into conversation with him. If he draws you in–i.e., if you respond–he wins. All that remains to be seen is how much of your energy is going to be squandered in endless back-and-forth. “The Jews started it.” “No, you started it.” “The Palestinians were there first.” “No, the Jews were always there.” “The Jews are bloodsucking moneylenders.” “No, the Jews were forced into moneylending.” Meanwhile, your daughters and granddaughters are copulating with the Negroes whom the Jews celebrate, via the money you pay them each month for the internet access that allows you to do nothing but go back and forth with them.

    To say it again:

    If the Jew engages you, you lose.

    • Don’t you think that’s just a little weird, paranoid & conspiratorial? I’ll leave out the delusions of grandeur element, because I don’t want to write something the Administrators could infer as insulting.

      While I think it’s good if Hunter & Jack got some positive attention a few months ago, I was not aware of that fact. I do try to keep up with politics, but am really more oriented towards academics, along with foreign policy. I do have an interest in Conspiracy Theories from an academic viewpoint. There was an interesting conference on the subject at U of Miami back in February.

      I have already been around on how I alighted here about 2 ½ weeks ago. It would have been a brief stay but for “running into” Jack. He referred me to some articles & reading. Some I thought interesting, some not. Let me toss in Cel real quick. Our initial comments to one another were unpleasant, but I could not help but to be impressed with his writing. Ultimately we have got on, agreed to disagree on some stuff. I’m afraid I really don’t know Hunter.

      Despite the horror and disbelief of my wife and a few others, I find the ideas expressed by Jack and Celestial very interesting and not the “neo nazi” badge I’m sure the usual suspects toss out.

      I can only tell you how I read them. I think those two gentlemen are offering a post-antisemitic, post-racist idea of White Rights premised on freedom of association. They are reasonable, intelligent guys and I prefer to look at our points of agreement than areas of disagreement.

      By post- antisemitic, etc., I am not suggesting either is on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Rosh Hashanah card list. But they know a kook and nutball idea when they see it. Rather than getting bogged down on working up idiotic world views that explain how everyone from Stalin to Truman to various high ranking Nazis all got together to carefully devise the myth of the Holocaust, they act like normal educated human beings- “Yes, of course over 5 ½,million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, but does that mean in 2015 I can’t raise legitimate questions about certain aspects of American policy to Israel?”. Don’t you think that’s just a bit more effective than, “The Holocaust is a hoax made up by Jews to justify their seizure of land, and subsequent genocide of native Arabs. The only Holocaust is that of the Jews killing every Arab & stealing their land. Plus, they aren’t even the real Jews. They’re descendants of a semi-asiatic hoard scheming to perpetuate evil throughout the world, since they control all international banking”.

      Which of the above has a chance of effecting real change and bringing legitimacy to a White Rights movement?

  36. Wednesday night in Virginia, Republican presidential front-runner Donald


    Trump called Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16%
    a “maniac” and a “communist.”

    Discussing the Democratic debate Trump said, “I watched last night as Hillary and Bernie Sanders they just couldn’t give things away fast enough. And they are giving them to illegal immigrants. They are want health care for illegal immigrant. They want driver licensee for illegal immigrants. I watched Hillary last night with, ‘we’re gonna give this, we’re gonna give that, we’re going to give that.’ The poor woman, she’s gotta give everything away because this maniac that was standing on her right was giving everything away, so she’s following. That’s what’s happening. This socialist-slash-communist, okay? Nobody wants to say it. She is standing there listing to this guy. He’s gonna tax you people at 90 percent, he’s gonna take everything! And nobody’s heard the term communist. But you know what I call him a socialist-slash-communist because that’s what he is.”

  37. “Which of the above has a chance of effecting real change and bringing legitimacy to a White Rights movement?”

    Go ahead, Jack. Go ahead, Celestial. Answer the question. The Jew’s put a question to you.

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