FBI Director: ‘Something Deeply Disturbing Is Happening All Across America’

By Hunter Wallace

Before we get to the 2016 presidential election, the Black Undertow will have roared to the top of the Republican agenda. We saw a preview of it last night when Chris Christie seized on the issue:

“Part of being clear-eyed about reality requires all of us to stare—and stare hard—at what is happening in this country this year. And to ask ourselves what’s going on.

Because something deeply disturbing is happening all across America. I have spoken of 2014 in this speech because something has changed in 2015. Far more people are being killed in America’s cities this year than in many years. And let’s be clear: far more people of color are being killed in America’s cities this year. And it’s not the cops doing the killing.

We are right to focus on violent encounters between law enforcement and civilians. Those incidents can teach all of us to be better. But something much bigger is happening. Most of America’s 50 largest cities have seen an increase in homicides and shootings this year, and many of them have seen a huge increase. These are cities with little in common except being American cities—places like Chicago, Tampa, Minneapolis, Sacramento, Orlando, Cleveland, and Dallas. …”

There will be another Ferguson or Baltimore when it warms up again. Maybe even during the fall or the winter. It will be interesting to see how it plays out in an election year.

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  1. Nothing. We don’t do diddly. We allow the BRA Mouse Universe to continue to fold inward upon itself and hopefully, black-on-black killing will just answer our “problem” for us: We don’t need them, never did and never will.

  2. I think the media may have realised their incitement to anti-white violence which has worked so well in the past may have back fired cos internet.

    If that is correct and they stop inciting them then this peak of black violence may peak and drop. On the other hand maybe they lit a fuse…

  3. The media’s race war worked successfully since the “Civil War” and “Reconstruction.” So why should they stop now.

  4. On a related note.

    A study published in Nature concluded that chimpanzee violence was natural and not caused by humans.

    The slave trade and our current suicidal immigration policies have brought much more naturally violent subspecies of human in our midst.

    There’s no fixing this genetically derived problem. All we can do is work to get as much separation from them as possible and greatly reduce non-White immigration.

  5. BLM doing more to splinter the ‘Murkan empire than all the libertard essays ever written. And they are introducing race back into the conversation because blacks are the most “racist” people on Earth, what great enemies.

  6. Our cucks and libs wring their hands over black violence but their solution is always the same: greater empowerment of BRA. Meanwhile, more and more White folks on the ground see the reality and are calling BS on our hostile overlords.

  7. “All we can do is work to get as much separation from them as possible and greatly reduce non-White immigration.”

    Is sending all negroes back to Africa (whether they want to go or not is immaterial) ‘as much separation from them as possible”? I would think so.

    “greatly reduce non-White immigration.”

    BUILD THE WALL… and they WON’T COME.

    Trump, 2016.

  8. The Nogs will have a final Bongo party to see off HNIC Obama.

    Count on it.

    Obama is the troll of trolls.

  9. You’ll see a major chimp out when Obama gets shot. I imagine the israelis are very unhappy about Iran. I’m surprised they haven’t done it already. The domestic jews and the Palestine jews are apparently fallen out for some reason. Maybe they just need a new Hollowcost Story and Palestinian Real Estate is just not attractive anymore?

  10. The slave trade and our current suicidal immigration policies have brought much more naturally violent subspecies of human in our midst.

    That’s unfair. Liberalism brought us emancipation, which is the actual disaster. Would’ve been fine if the gov’t had paid to send them back to Africa and emancipated them on landfall.

    The South fought a war to prevent this disaster, and Joe Six Pack and even White Nationalist Yankees mindlessly blame the whole thing on “slavery,” “the south,” etc.

    Slavery, the South, etc., didn’t invade and burn Dixie, then turn blacks loose on America. The Union did.

    America’s Greatest Mistake, Her Misfortune, is on the Yankees.

  11. Afterthought
    ‘We have a very clear road map: Trump 2016 or pedal to the metal crash the system 2017.’

    Virgil Goode who was a favorite with many here during the last presidential election is on board. Trump express not slowing down.



  12. “We have a very clear road map: Trump 2016 or pedal to the metal crash the system 2017.”

    Agreed. Civil war time.

  13. The Ferguson Effect in Missouri has captured the attention of Trump.


    Donald Trump called protests at the University of Missouri “disgraceful” and “disgusting” on Thursday, suggesting in an interview on FOX Business Network that the two university administrators who resigned in the wake of racially-charged incidents at the school should not have stepped down.

    “I think the two people that resigned are weak, ineffective people,” Trump said of University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe and chancellor R. Bowen Loftin, who both announced on Monday that they would step aside under pressure. “I think that when they resigned, they set something in motion that’s gonna be a disaster for the next long period of time.”

    “Trump should have been the chancellor of that university,” added the business mogul. “There would be no resignation.”

    The university has been rocked by charges that school administrators have failed to address simmering racial tensions on campus. Those complaints prompted a nationally-publicized boycott by players on the school’s football team, who demanded that Wolfe step down.

    Trump said that protesters have made unreasonable demands in the wake of the resignations. Leaders of the protest movement say the school must implement a “racial awareness and inclusion curriculum” and increase the share of black faculty on campus.

    “Their demands are, like, crazy!” Trump said.

  14. Why is is so hard for him to condemn the protesters and their bogus complaints?

    On what it was that got the president fired, Yeb Bush had this to say:

    “As I understand it he didn’t respond to the legitimate concerns of these acts of racism on the campus and may have missed an opportunity to try to heal the wounds and get people the sense that the university had no tolerance for that,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said while on the campaign trail in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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