Music Break – Halloween CDB Legend of Wooley Swamp

Here’s a much deserved Halloween music break. Charley Daniels – The Legend of Wooley Swamp.

Legend of Wooley Swamp

I got back from a 3 day trip to Nashville TN, barely survived 55 year old college guys trying to act like 19 year olds and doing a damn good job of it.

Charlie Daniels was one of the leading, authentic C&W performers when I was at Vanderbilt in the mid 1980s – always liked the music and he had/has good politics, maybe a little to “rah, rah Amurikuh is so great”, but I never thought he went overboard like Ted Nugent and did lying Neo Con war propaganda.

Charlie Daniels was one of the folks who broke the MSM censorship of the Knoxville horror.

Stay strong all the fans of the CDB and remember….

“Be proud you’re a Rebel cause the Souths gonna do it again”


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