Houston LGBT Ordinance Integrating Restrooms Goes Down In Flames

By Hunter Wallace

Speaking of the LGBT community, Big Fag suffered a crushing defeat last night in Houston:

“Houston would seem, at first glance, an unlikely the site for the gay-rights movement’s first major setback since the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

The nation’s fourth-largest city has elected a lesbian mayor three consecutive times without much controversy, and in 2014, its city council approved an ordinance protecting residents from discrimination based on sexual orientation, gender identity, and 13 other factors. But when that same proposal came before the electorate on Tuesday, it lost out to an opposition campaign armed with a startlingly simple message: “No men in women’s bathrooms.” Opponents led 61 to 39, with 66 percent of the precincts reporting on Tuesday night. …”

Unfortunately, the SJW’s war against Jim Crow in men and women’s segregated restrooms is likely to continue.

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  1. World War T suffers a setback. But only a temporary one.

    Remember, we’ve been here before, and by “before,” I mean very recently. Remember all those gay marriage ballot measures we voted in in 2004-2012? Missouri being the first. What happened to them? Well, as we found out later, the idea to do them to boost Republican turnout in 2004 came from Ken Mehlman, a Bush 43 White House hack who is both gay and an advocate of gay marriage. They’ll do the same thing here for a while, milk it for as long as they can for vote grifting.

    However, it won’t last forever, because of the other reason why this is only a slight setback for WWT — SCOTUS. Bet on Anthony Kennedy working on the legal rationale to invent a new “right” out of thin air, and/or John Roberts changing the centuries old commonly accepted definition of words, as you read this.

  2. Fascism is merely the shadow that follows Radicalism as it moves forward towards perdition. It remains behind it, but never retards it, and always advances near its leader.

  3. with western civilisation being threatened by Islam penetration, why worry about anal penetration in the privacy of the bedroom. You want two gay lawyers as neighbours or Islamic apostate gay burka wearers? You want drug dependant non employables as neighbours? You want to meet a couple of gay queens in the street at 2am or some “bruvs” from the ghetto?

  4. Shannon- NEITHER.

    Christophobes are Christophobes, whether they are godless ragheads or godless faggots.

    The Lord has them both in Derision. Ps. 2.

  5. Houston is racially diverse to the point of near craziness. This doesn’t have the effect that a typical SJW might expect, though.

    Our left wing rag (Houston Chronicle) had to constantly crop the photos of anti-HERO protesters to hide the fact that a huge number of them were black. NAM’s in Houston may vote Democrat, but that doesn’t mean they like transsexuals or homosexuality.

    There’s no racial majority in Houston. We manage to function by not stepping on each others’ toes. Most consider SJW’s troublemakers, despite the best efforts of our cancerous universities and newspaper.

    Our lesbian mayor was elected on a campaign promise not to drag her gay shit into city politics. She then not only blindsided the city with this legal nightmare of an ordinance, she tried to block the inevitable referendum petition to the point that the State Supreme Court had to get involved and force the city to put it on the ballot.

    It was a real pleasure to see Parker and her nasty pals smacked down so decisively.

  6. Conservatives are always “on the wrong side of history” and never done anything good for the human race. The most successful Conservative Christian in the last century would be none other thang Hitler.

    • excuse me, but Hitler as a ” conservative christian?”! He was a radical facist and hostile to Christianity. He worked with conservative groups and the churches for reasons of pragmatic “realpoltick “. The same as the USA working with evil Stalin’s soviet union.

  7. They’ll make another run at it again in a few years. The Left never gives up until it gets its way, and once it gets its way, “the issue is settled.”

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