NPI Conference Allegedly Excludes Homophobes

By Hunter Wallace

Update: Richard Spencer has addressed the matter at Radix Journal.

The SPLC has a story on this.

I’m not in the least bit surprised. I’ve heard a lot of chatter about this on Facebook from close friends so there is definitely a kernel of truth to the story. Originally, Dr. Michael Hill had planned to address the NPI conference, but pulled out for unstated reasons.

I’ve said in the comments here on countless occasions that the only homosexuals that I have encountered in my travels on the “Far Right” have been at White Nationalist events like Amren conferences. There is clearly a divide in the pro-White movement over the inclusion of homosexuals and whether they should be tolerated or accepted in prominent leadership roles and as speakers at events.

As for Richard Spencer excluding Matt Heimbach, I can’t be sure if it was due to his views on homosexuality or whether it was due to a preexisting rivalry and animosity. I’m guessing those two have different views on the subject, but I seem to recall Heimbach squaring off with Thom Robb over race and homosexuality in the past.

We have lots of White Nationalists here. What do you think?

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  1. Doug – bingo. I used to think homosexuals were “ok” as long as they weren’t too flamboyant/freaky/kept their hands off the kiddies – but no. Not anymore. They are mentally ill defectives. They need to be sent packing.

  2. Dear Miss Denise : with your ever expanding list of ‘those who need to be sent packin’ – it’s a good thing you are not president, otherwise we might run out of blood donors & ammo…

    • Oh come now, Denise. Even you must sit back and chuckle, during your time off of course, hmmmm, what is it that comes to mind. Ah yes, the SA!

  3. There is still the old debate as to whether homosexuality is caused by environment or heredity. Gay activists support the heredity hypothesis. But if that be the case can it be that someday the Gay gene can be found and eliminated from the gene pool possibly in a nation that does not have a superstitious dread of genetic research and engineering? Let us not kid ourselves that in many small towns homophobia is not a reality. There is a rural mindset that if you are not married by a certain age you must be Gay. Most of these people who believe this are at least nominal Christians and yet by their standard they would have to doubt the heterosexuality of Christ since he was 33 and never married and hung out constantly with 12 other guys. Some people accused Hitler of being Gay during his rise to power and claim that was the true reason why Hitler had the SA leader executed because he knew the truth. By the way if there is such a thing as homophobia does Hetero-phobia, or hetero-hatred, exist among Gays?

  4. Feric Jagger // November 6, 2015 at 3:08 am //

    “There is still the old debate as to whether homosexuality is caused by environment or heredity.”

    I’ve come to the opinion its caused by chemicals we release into the environment, as they’ve gone from practically non-existent to seemingly being everywhere.

    Have you seen the freaky things artificial hormones do to frogs? IMO its the same with these transgenders and homosexuals.

  5. While gayness isn’t the primary issue behind WN, it is impossible today for an organization to simply avoid the issue. We have no choice but to take one side or the other, and I take the side that gayness is NOT wholesome but defective, and that they canNOT legitimately marry someone of their own sex. I would have a hard time supporting a WN group that takes the “gay is cool” stance. That doesn’t mean we should spend our activism against them, but that our official stance should be “sorry, but gay is not cool with us.” In fact I could not take seriously a WN/secessionist group that does not agree with these statements:

    –We should have a whites only ethnostate and that immigration be strictly limited constitutionally rather than being left up to congress. Jews are not white.
    –Gayness is not wholesome and no legal privileges should be granted. It should go into our constitution.
    –We should prefer that our state be majority Christian, but that in order to be freely (Biblically) Christian, people should have some reasonable alternative (such as Deism, Agnosticism). We should guard against becoming a haven for every crackpot religion under the sun, so we shouldn’t offer complete freedom of religion. Islam of course should be constitutionally banned.
    –Patriarchy is the natural, evolutionary order for homo sapiens, regardless of religion. I think our new constitution should explicitly deny women the vote.
    –18 is too young to vote. Science tells us that our brains aren’t even done maturing until 25, so that should be an absolute minimum, but why not go a few more years for good measure? Who will deny that the typical man grows wiser with age? I think a good minimum age would be 30, but whatever it is it should go into the constitution so that 18 year olds can’t be given the vote again like they have now.
    –Anyone seeking or receiving government assistance comparable to present day welfare/food stamps/ebt should be either sterilized (men or women) or on a long term birth control method such as implant or IUD. The Pill is not reliable enough. This should go into the constitution.

    Again, I think these things should go directly into our constitution rather than letting future generations make the same mistakes passed generations have made. Other than that, I’m happy to use the US Constitution as a template.

    • This is pretty funny. “Other than gutting the Constitution, we are fine with it”. People without any concept of what those who wrote the Constitution believed in might do well to keep their ideological paws off of it! I do not know what the Founding Fathers would think about being gay, Islam, etc. However, some of the great thinkers here would likely be disturbed to learn what people like Washington thought about Jews & the practice of the Jewish faith. (Gadzooks! Judeophiles, you say?!?)

      Rather than decide “Jews aren’t White”, could you define “White”? The attempts I’ve seen so far are goofy and lame-brained. If you’re going to use terms, define them. And be prepared to answer questions like, if that nice Presbyterian family of Scottish ancestry decides to embrace Judaism & convert, are they still “White”?

  6. Re Warspite:

    Please practice your reading comprehension skills.

    First, I used the first person singular pronoun “I” since I am not speaking for others on this blog or any other blog or organization. It’s important to notice the difference and I am calling you out for misrepresenting what I wrote when you pretend I said or implied “we.”

    Second, I wrote “In fact I could not take seriously a WN/secessionist group that does not agree with these statements…” which means that I am not decreeing these things as Divine commands or laws of Nature that others must accept. I was just saying that I don’t take very seriously any WN/secessionist movement that does not agree with those statements. For example, I would not take seriously a WN movement that had “gay is cool” stance, or a “feminism is cool” stance, or a “we are pagans” stance. You are free to join one of those groups if you like, but I’m not going along with you. In retrospect, I was a little absolutist in that statement when I said I “could not take seriously.” I should have said something more like “I would have serious reservations about signing on with any group that disagrees with any of these statements…”

    Third, I do not consider the founders to be infallible. I do not believe that a new, sovereign republic/confederation would be morally bound to adopt the US Constitution as some sacred text that must not be tampered with. I believe that more than 200 years of liberalism has exposed chinks in the armor that we might as well fix as we move forward. I do believe that the original draft, including the Bill of Rights was one of the greatest of human achievements. I do not consider the six changes that I have listed as “gutting” the Constitution as they are probably consistent with how it was originally intended by most of its contributors. Even if that is not what the founders would have intended, I would still recommend those changes, so it is pointless for us to argue about what a certain founder(s) thought about Jews, or the Divinity of Jesus, or whether Muslims would make good neighbors, or whether gay men made good babysitters. I am talking about where we whites go from here. If you want to pursue the thoughts of Jefferson/Washington/Franklin/etc for their own sake, be my guest but I’m not all that worried about it because they are dead and I do not hold them to be prophets or deities.

    Fourth, according to the US census, I think Jews are considered Caucasian, but I don’t think very many people (white or Jew) consider them white. Jews have always self identified as a separate people in Europe and DNA studies confirm that indeed they are. I am not denying that there was never any admixture but I do assert that they are a distinct race, apart from Western Europeans. I included “Jews are not white.” to clarify my position on the ever so contentious “Jewish Question,” not to decree it so by any executive authority. You can argue if you like, but it wouldn’t help you to look any smarter. Just sayin.

    Please notice that I did not include Judaism as one of the proposed constitutionally protected alternatives to Christianity. So even though the Scottish family you mention may still be white, they might no longer be one of the protected worldviews, and may well be more comfortable in some other country. Like Israel, for example. That is if Israel allows Scottish-Jewish immigrants. They certainly don’t seem too crazy about black Jews.

    “White” is a short and sweet but vague term. I would take more seriously groups that prefer a Northwest European (such as British) stock over a “panEuropean” stock. I do not think of Mediterraneans or Russians as white, though they may be so classified officially. In America when we speak of “whites” most of us take for granted that we are talking about Northwest European ancestry. I do not think it is a huge problem if someone is half German, 1/4 French, or 1/32 Indian or whatever, but somewhere along the way we would have to set objective standards for what is “white enough.” No doubt DNA testing will prove useful, but I suppose that discussion can be tabled for now.

  7. OUT magazine just named Barry Soteoro as Homo…errr… “Ally of the Year. I wonder how soon it will be before Barry introduces his boyfriend(s) to the world.

  8. Reading across the Alt Right sites blogs threads and podcasts there is a definite push to normie it even as they repeat certain homosexual themed joke memes. Its is these that act insidiously to push for acceptance EG at first TRS were soundingly anti and now its modified and less do we hear but there goes Mr Enoch the atheist looking forward to talking to Jack Donovan at NPI….

    PS That picture of NPI is that a board of jews residing ?

  9. Perhaps a better term for whiteness would be Northerkind, a term popularized by author Richard Mucolloch in his book the Ideal & Destiny (Highly recommended!!!) and dare I even suggest Aryana as the name of our future nation as in the Republic or Aryana? That is not as strange as it sounds when we realize there is already an American state named after Indians (Indiana) although I am sure its Native American population is negligible. Jeff Davis I like your constitutional ideas!

    • Re Feric,

      “Perhaps a better term for whiteness would be Northerkind, a term popularized by author Richard Mucolloch in his book the Ideal & Destiny (Highly recommended!!!) and dare I even suggest Aryana as the name of our future nation as in the Republic or Aryana? That is not as strange as it sounds when we realize there is already an American state named after Indians (Indiana) although I am sure its Native American population is negligible. Jeff Davis I like your constitutional ideas!”

      My response:
      I think Aryana could work except that it’s so much associated w Nazism and Germans. Somehow when I hear the word Aryan it conjures up images of guys in prison with tattooed faces and pierced nipples. Also, technically I think Aryan includes ethnicities we might not want to let in.

      I also think that “Dixie” is a warmer, fuzzier word to most Southerners. I also think we would do well to start self identifying as Dixians in addition to only identifying as Southerners. I’ve written an essay on it but never published it. I’d like to submit it as an OD post if Hunter is interested:

      • Would the northern third of Alaska be ok? You could call it Snowland.

        Where do you think this land of Aryana might be located? Seriously. If you say anywhere in the South what do you intend to do with the Black people and anyone else you decide is not “white”? Ethnic cleanse them? Is that really fair considering the role of greedy antebellum whites in bringing Blacks to the American South?

        There aren’t that many people in, e.g., Wyoming or Montana. Would half of Montana suffice? And what exactly will be the law of “Whiteness”. 100% for 3 generations? Four? Five? Are Italians White? Greeks? Circassians? Laplanders? We know you’ve turned down Jews, so the South African and Rhodesian standards are out. But how about one grandparent Jewish? Maybe a Norwegian Jew, at that!

        There is a body of law out of Europe from the mid 1930’s that could be adopted.

    • Denise,

      It doesn’t matter what Aryan “really means” but how it is perceived by the low information types. Personally I’m OK with Aryan bc it doesn’t really matter that much compared to who makes up the nation and what the system of governance is. The problem is that the names Dixian and Southerner are a lot more likely to gain popular appeal among the people of the South today. Whatever we come up with it is extremely important that we can appeal to the masses that don’t really think that hard.

      Aryan may be more popular in other parts of the country among the German descended population since it’s been so commonly associated with “German” since WWII. I can’t say.

  10. Hunter,

    Can we hold a vote on whether to ban Warspite from OD? If we vote to ban him/her would you honor the vote? He/she’s really detracting from constructive conversation among those of us who actually have a stake in this vision.

    • Vote? You’re kidding, yes? Since when are you people democrats? Oh, that’s right. Democratic when you know the outcome.

      Hunter doesn’t need your vote. He has plenary authority to do whatever he likes.

      Jeff, you seem like a Stones fan. What’s that song from the Let it Bleed era, “You Got the Silver, You Got the Gold”.
      Or was it on Beggars Banquet? I think “Let it Bleed”-?

      • Great idea, Hunter. The old 98.5% referendum has plenty of good historical precedent. Nothing would better make my point by allowing the lemmings’ true stripes to show!

        Of course, it’s a weakling’s move. You have plenary authority, use it as you see fit.

        • Hunter,

          Based on Warspites comment:
          “Great idea, Hunter. The old 98.5% referendum has plenty of good historical precedent. Nothing would better make my point by allowing the lemmings’ true stripes to show!

          Of course, it’s a weakling’s move. You have plenary authority, use it as you see fit.”

          I respond:
          It appears Warspite seeks to avoid the embarrassment of a vote and would rather you make the unilateral decision so he can blame you for being “authoritarian.” I proposed the vote. It was my idea not yours, so you would be relieved of any stigma attached to kicking someone off your blog. Yet Warspite calls it a weakling move. Why do you think he is baiting you to do it unilaterally rather than by vote?

          • “Ethnic Southerner”? What the heck is that!

            Here’s an idea. Strive to think within the realm of reality. Using terminology that has no logical or reasonable meaning is precisely what I mean by self-exile to the lunatic fringes. However, the point about being left alone to play regardless of any ultimate uselessness is well-taken. It may not be Hunter’s ball, but it’s his court (or field). He is free to exclude those he desires to bar from playing.

            I think it would be a real loss to your ability to learn and grow, but let the guy in charge act as he sees fit. Someone has to be in charge.

          • I read your essay, which I found to be of great interest. I believe I have seen many of these arguments before, though it has been several decades.

            I believe there is a problem of confusing the claim of “culture” with the idea of ethnicity. In addition, there is obviously a certain amount of “wish fulfillment”.

            While you will undoubtedly take this the wrong way, the best way for you to start making really effective arguments of this sort is through some post-graduate training. Other than the few who are truly gifted, the rest of us benefit enormously by work in the primary sources and criticism from others similarly or better skilled. Until you come up with what you think solid work and have it ripped apart you cannot advance beyond the college level. Peer review does not solve all problems, but it remains the gold standard for academic-oriented work.

            You are attempting to tackle some very unusual and largely dated problems. What you have written is polemics, basically a tract or pamphlet. The fact you are willing to try is the hardest part. Without having the skills that come from defending various ideas or conclusions from good, strong criticism, the only people you will convince is people who already believe your ideas and just need a few bread crumbs on the way to conclusions.

            Above all, to be good you need to take on a subject, reach conclusions and after being shredded come to realize you were wrong. This being wrong thing is not directed at your essay. But if you want to be “right” you need to step up intellectual rigor- if you think you have the potential.

          • By “ethnicity,” I am referring to an imagined community that shares a common ancestry, history, culture and religion. The White South certainly qualifies as an ethnicity. The blacks are another ethnic group who inhabit the same territory although their distribution is now national rather than regional.

      • Re Hunter:
        “So, vote him off the island like in Survivor?”

        My response:
        It’s your blog. I don’t know how Survivor works, but my .02 is that Warspite isn’t contributing anything of value, only criticizing everything the rest of us say. We then have the choice to waste our time and energy responding to him, or let him “win” by not responding to him. To me he seems to be a ball and chain to OD discussion, but that’s just my opinion.

        Perhaps non of my ideas will ever get anywhere and perhaps nothing I say will encourage anyone, but I am an ethnic Southerner with a decent IQ and a personal stake in the future of our peoplehood, and my sincere purpose for commenting is to either share an idea that may help, or to learn more about an idea that has been shared. Perhaps I will ask stupid questions or make stupid suggestions, but that’s a risk I take in my good faith attempt to help and be helped. It appears I know a lot less about History than some commenters on here, but I have a strong background in Biology, so perhaps at some point I may be able to make a contribution that others cannot.

        I really don’t have an ax to grind with the Jews except to say that they are not our people, but rather a distinct people and ought not be counted as white for the purpose of our ethnostate. I have also come to the conclusion that they really do stir up trouble in white countries, whether they are consciously conspiring against whites or not. For all I care, we might form future (mutually beneficial) alliances with Israel. The problem is that with Warspite on here, we are constantly either talking about Jews or defending our previous comments, which I can say I do not enjoy. I, and I think others also would rather, and I think it’s also the purpose of OD, to discus ideas relating to our people’s future (pro-white, pro-South, pro-independence) without having to follow up with a response to Warspite. He seems to be here for nothing but to cause trouble and might as well be Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews.

        Based on the way he acts here, would you tolerate Warspite showing up at all the regional meetings you propose? If he kept showing up for several meetings, might you seek to exclude him?

        I do appreciate the work you are doing and proposed a vote to keep you from being stuck with the “authoritarian” role of making the decision yourself.

        • I can see your point.

          I finally lost my patience with Mosin Nagant’s trolling and turning every discussion, no matter how unrelated, into a launching pad for a flame war about Talmudism. Likewise, Pastor Lindstedt’s gleeful anticipation of the impending apocalypse and Holocaust was too much to tolerate after Charleston.

    • You know Denise, I hate to let another cat out of the bag (though no one seems to notice) but I really admire you folks using such an obvious Jewish tip-off. Why not just toss out Judith or Deborah! Who says you folks don’t have a sense of humor.

  11. Warspite: Having watched this nest of haters for some months now, I can predict you’re about to go. The fact that they have zero possibility of attaining their goals escapes them so what they can do is ban you.


      • I do not know the gentleman, but I can already tell Don is an individual of the highest intellect. Maybe he has a Hebrew grandparent!

        If I have a friend from Mississippi, whose family went way back, attended Ole Miss, blonde & blue eyes, but has one Jewish grandparent, is she an Ethnic Southerner? How about two Jewish grandparents? Did I mention her family traces from slave-owners, including on the Jewish side?

        From what I gather, I’m guessing she must be Ethnic South. If she is not, it must be based on some genetic theory, and genetic/ethnic are distinctly different conditions. Unless you can be genetic southern, which also doesn’t work since it would be silly to be genetic southern from Jersey City.

        • Warspite,

          I think a “one drop rule” for Jewish ancestry would be a bit extreme. Even the Nuremberg laws didn’t go that far, but in light of our history with the blacks it wouldn’t be unprecedented.

  12. Hunter Wallace
    ‘So, vote him off the island like in Survivor?’

    No, no, no. Much too benign for Rabbi Fagele. He deserves punishment.

    Appropriate options:

    1) Throw the jew down a well.

    2) Reduce to a bar of soap.

    3) Send to lampshade factory.

    4) Force Warkike to do any type of manual labor. A fate worse than death.

    • re Sam:

      ‘So, vote him off the island like in Survivor?’

      No, no, no. Much too benign for Rabbi Fagele. He deserves punishment.

      My response:

      I would just be happy to have him out of our way by being kicked off OD. He is obviously here only to detract and hopefully stir up dissension. If I were Hunter, I wouldn’t put up with it. I offered the proposal to let us vote on whether to kick him off so that Hunter could avoid “being a dictator” even though he has every right to make the unilateral decision. I think we all know what the outcome of the vote would be.

      I would much rather that our discussion were without the distraction. If we ignore him his accusations stand unrefuted and if we take the time to respond, we are wasting time and energy that could better be spent talking about our future as a people. If we get fed up enough to start dishing his own medicine back to him, then we are “spreading hate.” If it were up to me I would just block him and move on.

      The only good thing I can think of for having him around is that all his comments (user generated content) are probably good for seo (search engine optimization) so that OD will, over time get found by more and more Internet searches. It’s hard for me to believe it’s worth it, but I suppose in that way he is actually helping OD.

  13. Warspite: I’m sure that HW and his hate crew would be incensed at my ancestry. It’s all they can do. The rest is all just empty talk.

  14. That is a really interesting article. It seems there are some very difficult choices ahead for the WN movement.

    Trying to purge antisemites will not grant instant gratification in terms of increased membership. Change would be slow. Dumping the anti-gay agenda, however, does seem to lead to interesting results. An obvious uptick in numbers, and the new people are on the young side. What does it mean?

    One problem is that 20 yr old gay males turn into 40 yr old gay males in leadership positions. The history of extremist movements on the right support the contention there is an attraction to gays. Why wouldn’t there be? If you lift the anti-gay agenda there are plenty of white males attracted to WN who are gay. This should be no surprise. It also seems to be the case the WN movement is overwhelmingly (not all!) male. Toss all these factors together and there is fertile ground for substantial growth in the gay community.

    I think this an issue that will create many problems/opportunities for the WN movement. In addition to the above, I maintain my opinion on WN’s slide away from Christianity. Especially those parts rooted in the Old Testament. I can genuinely see a possibility that not too far in the future there may even grow to be an association in the popular mind between WN and gays. But that depends on the decisions of its leadership.

  15. So, Sam. Be on the level. Would the prospect of WN being perhaps 40% gay in members/supporters disturb you, or are you already pretty comfortable with homoerotic imagery? The fact certain WN leaders are more or less recruiting gays ought to be genuinely thought provoking.

    And if you think it is not possible, Sambo, remember not to fall into a, “It can’t happen here” mindset.

    • Don,

      “Heck, it doesn’t take much digging to find a connection between this website, tenuous though it might be, and the Charleston terrorist, Roof.”

      I respond:
      I suppose you could find an equally tenuous connection between the sugar cane industry and Dylan Roof, since Lots of sugar goes into Skittles and Roof has most likely consumed Skittles at some point in his life. For all we know he might have eaten Skittles or some other sugary snack on the very day of the shooting!

    • If there is a connection between this website and Dylann Roof, how come no one from law enforcement ever connected me about it, or even the CofCC which was mentioned in his little manifesto?

      No one in the entire WN movement had ever met or heard of Dylann Roof before Charleston. He was not a member of the CofCC. He had never met anyone involved with the CofCC. There’s no proof that Roof had ties to really anyone in the WN movement, much less that he was “inspired” by anything other than his own madness, because if law enforcement believed that it would have come out by now. He’s still alive.

      I have the same connection with Dylann Roof that I do with Sean Hannity or Heidi Beirich. I might watch their television show or read their website, but otherwise, I have never met either of them.

    • All the deaths that can be laid at the door of the “movement” don’t even come close to the number of deaths that can be attributed to Islam during the 9/11 attacks.

      I’ve covered ALL of the spree killers since Charleston. For every Roof there are many more like Muhammad Abdulazeez, a Vester Flanagan, or a Chris Harper-Mercer. A Muslim went on a rampage at UC Merced just the other day and it was in the news for a few days.

  16. The Kikenvermin are trying to set up and exterminate ALL Whites.

    Please explain that 3 million shekel pay off to the Negro “survivors” of the “Charleston Holohoax”, in a decommissioned, termite ridden abandoned church, Donsky. Thanks ever so much.

  17. The Blood Drinkers are moving in for the kill now. Of course – Putin is vowing revenge for that downed plane. He’s talking getting ISIS.

    That means YOU, ZOG. That means YOU. You go send in PFC Sheffey to fight the Russkies ,ZOG.

  18. Warspite: I’ll let HW explain the connection for himself; he’s gone on at length about it here before. Think of the “connection” as more familial in nature. His Skittles argument is just so much racist dogwhistling – empty thought calories, really.

    HW: I’m sure you’re aware, to your delight, that your website is the subject of scrutiny. But what do you get from that, I wonder? Your goals are so unacheivable as to be risible.

    If you don’t mind, HW, I’m going to get back to watching. There’s nothing to learn in an exchange with you other than that the neo-Confederate ideal, at least as represented by your generation, will be dead for at least that long, if not forever.

    Better yet, vote me off the island; that’d be an honor.

    • It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

      Let them scrutinize this website. Obviously, law enforcement also believes I have no connection whatsoever to Roof, which is why I have never been contacted about it. Roof is still alive and has had ample opportunity to explain his actions to law enforcement.

      I don’t know Dylann Roof, OR the half dozen psychos who have self-detonated all over America since Charleston.

      • Dylann Roof would have had to attack Charleston at least 14 times to match just the death toll in Paris, not including the non-fatal casualties. There were also two domestic terrorist attacks this year by Muslim jihadists in Garland, TX and Chattanooga, TN.

      • From what I’ve seen & read I’m inclined against this Roof guy being all that influenced by OD. The guy might have latched onto a bunch of these sites, plus the written doc attributed to Roof didn’t seem credible for such a lame brain.

        I tend to come down on the Jeff Davis side (the poster here, not former US Senator, etc., Sam!). They seem a bunch of good ol’ boys wishing for power & just having fun. I am sure there are several dangerous sites by these OD folks don’t seem up to terrorism.

        There does seem a disconnect with worship of the republic in the antebellum South combining with some weird quasi-Nazi, genetics based stuff. And the language is often crude and disgusting, but that does not mean anyone I’ve seen post is a criminal. I bet some of them would drop the antisemitic nonsense if they knew a bunch of Jewish people, ditto black. After all, many of these posters are Catholic and less than 60 yrs ago that was still an issue in a presidential election. Notably, having a Jew as a VP candidate in 2000 caused barely a ripple.

        And I have to admit, I find the issue surrounding certain WN leaders reaching out to the gay community to be fascinating. I don’t think those so-called leaders are thinking through the situation, although it could be a case of taking a huge risk in order to be relevant.

  19. Warspite
    ‘I did not know there was an established connection. I agree that could be serious.’

    ‘The 2 Hebes are trying to set you up re: the NON EXISTENT Roof Connection.

    After nearly 2 months, Warspite, finally reveals his end game.

  20. “All the deaths that can be laid at the door of the “movement” don’t even come close to the number of deaths that can be attributed to Islam during the 9/11 attacks.”

    Right, but I wasn’t comparing the day of 9/11 to your movement then. Rather, I said “since.” There’s a difference. If you’d like to broaden things out a bit, I’ll throw in the hundreds of thousands who perished because of the South’s traitorous war to preserve slavery.

    “Let them scrutinize this website. Obviously, law enforcement also believes I have no connection whatsoever to Roof, which is why I have never been contacted about it.”

    Don’t be so sure about what law enforcement believes or why they haven’t contacted you – yet. Should they, don’t engage in that fact twisting thing of yours since that’ll probably get you an indictment.

    Now can I get back to watching? And if there’s a vote, can I play too?

    • Re:

      1.) Yes, I know. You are downplaying Islamic terrorists by excluding 9/11 from your silly list of “domestic terrorism.”

      2.) The US invaded the Confederacy, not the other way around. This shouldn’t come as a surprise given the fact that the US has attacked more sovereign countries than any nation in the world.

      3.) Feel free to continue to postulate non-existent “links” and “associations.” It is nothing more than a paranoid fantasy which isn’t supported by any tangible evidence. I review all kinds of books on this website, but that doesn’t mean I have any “links” to, say, Clyde Prestowitz or the NY Times when I link to one of their stories, or to you because you posted a comment here.

    • Uh oh, I’m losing the Don vote!

      I really don’t see Hunter banning me. He’s ok with a bit of opposition. He just doesn’t want his intelligence insulted, which is a fairly reasonable request despite his letting the lemmings get away with just about anything. I’m not sure he has yet had a wide enough range of experience to really understand the need to try and walk a mile in another man’s shoes. It’s the old & bitter at life posters who really get seriously nasty!

      • Btw, Don. How long did it take you to catch on to “Denise”? I confess being a little slow on the uptake. Maybe a week or ten days.

        At first I thought they were putting me on, but I gather none on the OD’rs have figured “her” out. (Wink-wink)

      • I read the SPLC and NY Times on a daily basis.

        Does that mean I am “linked” to the NY Times? Have they “inspired” my worldview given all of their articles I have linked to here? I watch CNN and MSNBC more than FOX News. Literally every day.

        I also read The Atlantic and Daily Beast virtually every day.

        • While I have watched Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews hundreds of times over the years, I had never heard the name Dylann Roof until he was ID’d on television after Charleston.

          Now that I think about it, I was watching MSNBC when news of the Charleston shooting broke, and again the next day when Roof was captured.

  21. Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent, says its motto is “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”.

    Nothing Warkike says should be taken at face value.


    His feigned concern is a ruse.

  22. Warspite: Ain’t Denise a hoot!?

    HW: “I had never heard the name Dylann Roof until he was ID’d on television after Charleston.”

    You see, HW, that’s the kind of thing that I’m talking about. Next thing you know, some clown cruising FB finds a photo of you and Roof at the same cross burning once and there you go. Your statement gets undermined along with just about everything else that you’ve ever said and the only books you’ll be reviewing will be on a cart in the cell block.

    Would I be able to vote on Warspite before voting on me?

    • Don,

      Good luck finding the photo of me hanging out with Roof at a cross burning. Because I have never met the guy in my life, there is no such photo out there. There’s actually more evidence that I am “linked” to you because you are posting comments here on this website.

  23. They are trying to set you up Hunter. Don’t be surprised is some Kike PHOTOshops you and little Pych Drug Manchurian Candidate Roofie into a “picture” like so vey very many of the debunked Holohoax pics. Oven them. Thy are trying to spook your readers, and delegitimize you.

    Notice Donsky hasn’t said a word about the 3 million shekel pay off to the “victims” of Charleston?

  24. NO “domestic tutturist” faction comes CLOSE to Negroes. They’ve destroyed entire cities and regions. Negroes are the ne plus ultra in terrorism, wherever they go.

  25. “Ne Plus Ultra” in terrorism! That is great stuff. Even you guys must be amazed that no one grasps the obvious. My theory is its the gender affectation. Like tossing in a girl’s name on a multi-player video game. They so much want to believe they will buy anything to keep up the fiction.

    The Bureau must laugh their butts off about this stuff. And spare me another email. I’m sure there are actual dangerous groups out there. Or how about keeping an eye on some of your boss’ recent imports?

    With all due respect, uh, Denise, maybe these characters don’t care about the 1st and 4th Amendments, but I do. And in six weeks or so I have not read anything justifying the investment of time and effort. I get that, as Don put it, it’s a hoot. But aren’t there more important things to do with taxpayers’ $$ ?!?

  26. I’ll amend my statement about Negroes to whit – Jews invented terrorism. Terrorism and mayhem, lies, and perfidity, are the deepest alleles in their DNA sequence.

  27. Warspite: The Febs need to monitor public sites like this is directed more to who passes through from time to time (me!?) rather than the pretentious collection of delusional regulars that HW shepards.

    Denise: “Notice Donsky hasn’t said a word about the 3 million shekel pay off to the “victims” of Charleston?”

    Maybe that’s because I have little interest in exploring the dark corners of the latest conspiracist claptrap.

    HW: “Good luck finding the photo of me hanging out with Roof at a cross burning. Because I have never met the guy in my life, there is no such photo out there.”

    Thank you for not suggesting that you’ve also never been to a cross burning.

    • Don,

      I noticed that the SPLC had nothing to say about Vester Flanagan II, Muhammad Abdualzeez, or Chris Harper-Mercer. Why is that? Just as I predicted within an hour of Paris, they had a story up instead yesterday about the great “Islamophobic backlash” against refugees.

  28. The pay out to the “victims of Charleston” is face. It’s not “conspiracy”. Since WHEN does the Gubmint write those kinds of checks, in that situation? Also that Church WAs decommissioned and termite ridden. It was condemned. These things are FACTS.

    Why doesn’t the $PLC care about the horrors perpetrated by Negroes, and other no-Whites?

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