By Hunter Wallace

As some of you have heard, the morons in Anonymous have released a list of names that supposedly out the real world identities of Klan members. I’ve learned that my deceased father-in-law is on the list.

Anonymous doesn’t claim he was a Klansman and clearly says otherwise, but decided to include him on the list anyway. Oh, and these internet sleuths have listed the wrong Gordon Baum who lives in a different state. They didn’t even do the most basic fact checking.

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  1. Can anyone think of a similar contemporary pressure on the left?

    No, it goes to show that these battles are won in the streets. The Left won a shaping victory in the 60s and has leveraged it to their current ascendancy. In a sense, they are on the door step of a decisive victory.

    We should relish a chance to settle this in the streets: my favorite scenario is a Trump victory leading to a Jan Feb 2017 enforcement of immigration law. The Jew-Brown coalition takes to the streets in protest, including killing of federal agents attempting to enforce the law. At that point, we would have an opportunity for all the Big Talkers and preppers to stand with the loyal elements of the Federal Government to quash the uprising. Trump goes on to build the wall and deport the bulk of the illegals. If Trump wants to be the American Putin, then he would sustain the initiative by stumping hostile courts, and ruling by executive fiat on a swath of immigration and cultural matters – again, rendering case law null and void in America. There really would be no preset endpoint to this program, and an American Putin could get a lot done in 4 to 8 years.

  2. This is just another example of the endless racial socialist assault against White America which has been hugely more profitable for the Left than the old Marxism of class warfare.

    Another example is the most lowlife third world political ad I’ve ever seen with a mess of potty mouthed mestizo children unleashing a verbal diarrhea of brown racism against Trump and his supporters.

    That ad is an example of how the Left exploits the natural social hostility of blacks and Browns and uses it to hammer against Whites innate civility and social passivity.

    Whites have got to learn to be more aggressive.
    For example, there could be an organization called Flush Brown Racism which would run ads defending White America and attacking the racial socialist tactics of ant-White discrimination for jobs, promotions, and university admissions. Attacking the racial thievery of mass immigration, section 8, and the government monopoly on k – 12 educational subsidization. Attacking the demonization and scapegoating of White America which is used to deflect attention from the abysmal stupidity and self destructive behavior of blacks and mestizos.

    I’m never optimistic, but with Trump in the lead there’s at least a realistic chance that White racial solidarity outside the Deep South can be increased enough to have a meaningful presidential victory.

  3. I an a bunch of others are trolling that Spic Orclet video. The thing that struck me is how UGLY those spiclets are. Little children are supposed to be cute. Those hijos are little beasts. Now I understand why the Aztecs practiced blood sacrifice day and night. It’s really the best policy with things that look like that.

  4. Denise
    ‘Those hijos are little beasts.’

    You’ve got that right!

    I wonder what effect that video is having on White people?

    It makes want to round up those spiclet nasties and their families and ship em all to Tijuana.

  5. They deliberately accuse people who are not WN of being WN, for the pleasure of seeing the denials – just like Stalin in the late 1930s accusing fellow Bolsheviks of fascism.

    When real WNs are “outed”, on the other hand, it is a great opportunity to explain to friends, family, and business associates, ones admiration for the work of Kevin MacDonald – which is the last thing they want.

    I plan to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day next year by burning one of those stupid “V for Vendetta” masks these fools hide behind.

  6. Anti-Whites are the most disingenuous, untrustworthy people on the planet. As far as they’re concerned ANY White person who advocates for White people in any way is a racistnaziwhitesoopremacistwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

  7. When Anonymous released its list, it had 57 phone numbers and 23 e-mail addresses, assuming no overlap, that’s 80 people. Wow, 80 people in the Klan, they could all fit in an articulated city bus.

    The last person who wanted that to become obvious is Morris Dees.

  8. No, it goes to show that these battles are won in the streets. The Left won a shaping victory in the 60s

    They had already “marched through the institutions” by that time.

  9. I haven’t see any videos of ulgly Hispanic kids, but kids can’t help bring ulgly and the above rantings do no favour to those worried about mass immigration.

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