Trans-Pacific Partnership Full Text Released

By Hunter Wallace

The full text of this monster trade deal is finally out:

“WASHINGTON — The release on Thursday of the full text of President Obama’s trade accord with 11 Pacific Rim nations brought out opponents and supporters and officially opened what may be the last big battle of the president’s tenure: winning congressional approval of the largest regional trade deal in history.

The opposition mainly came from the left, as an array of unions, environmental groups and public advocacy organizations that typically resist global trade agreements registered their dismay. But some businesses, like Ford Motor, also joined the emerging resistance to the Trans-Pacific Partnership …”

Sen. Jeff Sessions explains why the TPP needs to be killed in the crib. He calls it a “breathtaking erosion of soverignty.”

The TPP should be killed because it fails to address currency manipulation alone:

“That would be currency manipulation. Very roughly put, it’s when your country uses monetary policies that lower the value of your currency relative to other currencies. That makes your exports to other countries cheaper, and your imports from other countries more expensive, creating a trade surplus for you, and forcing other countries into a trade deficit. …”

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Indonesia has announced it plans to join the TPP. China has also expressed interest in joining. Wouldn’t it be great if trade with these enormous countries was regulated by unaccountable transnational bureaucracies where the US has the same representation as Brunei? That sounds exactly like what we need to rebuild a strong middle class.

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  1. This is one of the “features” of having a consolidated government. These trade deals are for, of, and by the elites. Consolidated government allows elites with no ties or accountability to the general populace rise to the top of the political structure and to effect legislation, treaties, and trade deals that benefit their interests. Think your opinion matters? Ha!!! We are all just numbers to the Federal government (our SSN).

    Need more proof? Because the size and power of the Federal government it takes at least $1B to run for president. Therefore, Republican presidential candidates audition not to their voters but to elites, primarily from a certain Tribe which will go unnamed, in order to have a realistic chance at winning the presidency.

  2. Uncle Ben is auditioning for the panel of Republican Idol. He’s already promised to them a hot war with Russia over Syria. I’m not surprised that he is for TPP.

  3. anon, true there is a campaign against us, but a lot of these are self-inflicted wounds. When you take charge of your life, a lot of the negatives diminish. It’s a question of morale and morality.

  4. Afterthought

    Sure there’s a balance between the campaign being waged against white people and moral failings

    but if a town has a major industry offshored *and* lots of immigration *and* affirmative action then I’d say the balance is clearly on the side of the campaign against white people

    especially when it’s been covered up for so many years.

    The people covering it up obviously thought so other wise they wouldn’t have covered it up.

  5. @Denise

    In the past they’ve only ever needed to defeat the handful of people like Perot and Goldsmith who understood where globalist economics was going to end.

    As the failure of globalist ideology becomes more apparent there should be more resistance – at the very least it will cost them more in bribes.

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