The 6 Million Jewish Holocaust – are the Palestinians to Blame?

“The Jews are like other people, only more so”
Folk saying

“World War II and the persecution of the Jews was like other wars, other persecutions, only more so”
Jack Ryan OD

“He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
George Orwell, 1984

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We haven’t written anything new about the Jewish Holocaust in many years. There really hasn’t been anything “new” coming out regarding the alleged gassing of 6 Million Jews – the Holocaust. OD’s successful, young editor Hunter Wallace thinks it’s a waste of time to obsess about this subject – try to re-fight lost wars like World War II. Our people – Southerners, White Americans and various British peoples fought on the Allied side, not the Axis side that is accused of these terrible Holocaust atrocities. With all of our real, pressing problems – why try to jump in to all of this Holocaust stuff which is just other people’s ancient history?
Well, this month something very “new” came out about the Holocaust.

The Palestinians Made Hitler Do It
The Palestinians Made Hitler Do It

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu spoke before the World Zionist Conference. Netanyahu made the shockingly new charge that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis didn’t want to exterminate the Jews, but just expel the Jews. Instead it was the Palestinian Arabs’ idea, and the Palestinians are to blame for the most evil atrocity in world history! Referencing a 1941 meeting between Hitler and Haj Amin al-Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem, President Netanyahu claims to have heard the exact conversation where the Jewish Holocaust was first suggested:

“Haj Amin al-Husseini went to Hitler and said, ‘If you expel them, they’ll all come here (to Palestine).
Netanyahu alleges that Hitler then asked al-Husseini what he should do with the Jews. Mufti supposedly replied: “Burn them.”

OK, that’s a new one – at least to me. Hitler and the Nazis aren’t to blame for the 6 Million Jewish Holocaust – instead it was all the idea of evil Palestinian Arabs back in the day, so current Palestinians living under Israeli occupation are going to have to pay for the terrible sins of Palestinian architects of the Holocaust!
The reaction in Germany and most of the West was to double down and insist that:

“Yes Germans and really all White Western people are indeed to blame for the Holocaust as Germans and Western White people were evil racist, murderers, colonialists responsible for all the oppression and injustices in the world” (Link to German worst ever Chancellor Merkel’s Mea Culpa). And now, Germany and what remains of the White West must pay for the sins of THE HOLOCAUST by opening up our borders and embracing mass migration of tens of millions of 3rd world migrants.

So what’s going on here?

The 6 Million Gassed Jews Holocaust was/is two powerful things:

1) A Soviet, Stalinist, George Orwell 1984 – manipulation of history for current, political & cultural power “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell, 1984

2) A highly ethnocentric fundamentalist religious myth based on real WW II historical events – the Holocaust fits together with other ethnocentric religious myths of the Jewish Old Testament Bible and the intrigues of St. Paul/Saul of Tarsus.

I’ll discuss the Soviet/Orwell’s 1984 side of the Holocaust in comments or another post. But, will just note that the Soviets used torture and brainwashing to get out of favor individuals like the Old Bolsheviks to confess to impossible anti Soviet crimes (Link Stalin’s Show Trials of Old Bolsheviks). Holocaust Revisionist scholars have shown that the confessions of Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss were extracted after the use of extreme torture. Hoss signed a confession in English – a language he did not speak or understand.
The power of the 6 Million Holocaust myth is something that science and honest history is powerless to stop for those who have been brainwashed that this is:

It’s the Bible!

Those who question any part of the 6 million Holocaust myth are treated as religious heretics, denounced as Holocaust DENIERS and treated the same way religious heretics were treated in the Middle Ages – driven from respectable society, made outcasts, burnt at the stake etc.

There are many parts of the Old Testament Bible that have beautiful language and ideas – Ecclesiastes. But, other parts of the OT Bible particularly Exodus and Esther are extremely hateful and extremely Jewish ethnocentric. The Old Testament God Jehovah was the tribal God of the Jews and little Egyptian Arab or our children didn’t/shouldn’t sing songs about “what a friend we have in Jehovah”. The Old Testament Jewish tribal God Jehovah brought down plagues on the adversaries/enemies of Israel/the Jews. Check out this scene from the Ten Commandments where God Jehovah brings down a pillar of fire and parts the Red Sea to save the Jews, God’s Chosen People and drowns, slaughters all the Egyptians who were definitely not God’s Chosen People.

Now is this OT Jewish/Judeo Christian religious myth, fair, honest history, backed up by science? If so, why didn’t anyone else write about this incredible event? Why didn’t the Jews have any problems with mud? It’s simply impossible for this to have occurred as an historic event. It’s not meant to be honest history, it’s a religious myth. Lots of other people from Native Americans to the Trojans, Greeks, Romans, Hindus had their/our own religious myths where God/the Gods were on our side. Europe has had 2,000 years of Christian history where so many authentic European spiritual beliefs, historic figures have been incorporated in to Christianity – making Christianity a positive, European religion. 
But, there have always, ALWAYS been anti White, anti European forces looking to corrupt Christianity – make it something different, a universalist slave religion as envisioned by St. Paul/Pharisee Saul of Tarsus. The current anti White, Liberation Theology Catholic (in name only) Pope is just the latest of these corruptions. These anti White, universalist corruptions were never preached by Jesus of Nazareth, instead they came in with St. Paul/Jewish Pharisee Saul of Tarsus.
The 6 million Jewish Holocaust is just another/the latest attempt to force alien religious myths on our people.

“This is the reason why it has been so easy for the Jews who dominate our media to turn this simple-minded fairy tale into a religious dogma.*Many Western European American people want to believe in The Holocaust because they want to feel guilty.* To understand this, we need only look back to the time shortly after the forced Judeo Christianization of the White Race. When the bulk of the race was safely “converted” to this alien creed, the church fathers began an educational program to sensitize (or brain wash) their converts into submission to mid- eastern style self-abasement and superstition. For a thousand years, men, women, and children of the White Race have been forced to endure this Judeo christian “guilt therapy”. This “guilt therapy” starts with the ludicrous doctrine of original sin: we are born sinners, evil, corrupt, and there is nothing that we can do about it except to bow down and beg forgiveness to a good (but persecuted and martyred) Jewish god. The flesh is evil! Hate the flesh! Hate yourself! You’re guilty, confess and be saved! In the early days of christianization the hysterical application of this guilt therapy took an awesome toll. Young girls despised their bodies, terrified that normal sex relations were evil, and would condemn them to eternal torment. Men castrated themselves to atone for their “sins”. Men and women wandered across Europe torturing themselves, beating themselves with whips, hating life, and begging for death. It was disgusting and unnatural, but it is a fact that we need to know, because it greatly affects our race today. Here we need to realize one important thing about christianity. The very word Judeo-christian says it all. The origins of christianity are, of course, Jewish. Of quite similar method, and just as Jewish, are communist brainwashing, ADL sensitivity training, and The Holocaust. 

The White Race is exceptionally conditioned for Jewish control. It is this guilt-conditioning which has made it so easy to manipulate our race into allowing Jewish domination of our media, professions, government, and courts. It has made it easy for them to manipulate our race into suicidal racial integration, and allowing massive non-white immigration. It has made it easy for them to manipulate our race into accepting, without question, The Holocaust Hoax. The Holocaust is just another symptom of the deadly alien spiritual disease of our race. One does not have to be a professed Judeo christian to suffer from the disease. Those who profess secular humanism (which is really only Judeo christianity without the superstitions) are just as infected, often more so. The origins are all the same – Jewish. Here we might note that there are christians who profess a love of race, understand the Jewish problem, and deny the veracity of The Holocaust. But in giving final authority to the judeo christian bible, a highly interpretable book of questionable (and Jewish) origin, they are courting disaster. These racially aware christians have based their philosophy of life, and their future, on a foundation of sand. History clearly shows that in the long term, christians, no matter how racially conscious, have never succeeded in keeping the influence of the Jews out of their society. We don’t need any empirical data to realize that The Holocaust scam would not have worked on Negroes, Arabs, Asians, so-called Latinos, or even the Jews themselves. Jews might be able to get people of these races to believe it, but they would never be able to get them to care – nor feel guilty about it! In fact, the reactions of people of these races would most likely be to give the Jews a real holocaust in short order! Although some of these races may be christianized, they have only been subject to it for a couple of hundred years, and they certainly didn’t get in on the real hey-day of guilt therapy.”

Jost Turner The Holocaust a Glaring Symptom of a Deadly Disease


  1. The writer seems to be ignorant of theology. The pinning of Original Sin on Paul is bizarre, as the teaching is clearly all over the Old Testament and into the New, including in Christ’s words. Nor is the doctrine designed to force guilt and cause people to castrate themselves to redeem themselves of their sins. If anything, Paul says the exact opposite, declaring it impossible to redeem ourselves or to merit, in any way, our salvation. Salvation then is had presently, and immediately, through faith in Christ, who takes on all our sins and our pains and struggles.

    The writer presents a strange, strawman religion then attacks it as if it is a fact.

  2. I have to agree with HW on this, if we’re going to stand up for our interests, then the holocaust happening is irrelevant. if we’re not going to stand up for our interests, then the holocaust not happening is similarly irrelevant.

  3. Sounds like somebody’s biased against Christianity.

    I’m going to rebut. Here’s my take:

    Not only does my Christianity not make me feel guilty for something (killing 6 million Jews) that I did not do, it would absolve me of guilt even if I had done it.

    My take is that some whites, especially liberals seem to innately desire to be on some righteous crusade and if it is more convenient for them, they will simply make one up. I suppose vanity is a primary motivator for many of them, but perhaps it’s even deeper than that. I can’t say. The phenomenon is little different from a drama queen who always has some latest drama. The problem isn’t external; it’s internal. She will always have a new problem because she is walking trouble. Likewise these “righteous crusaders” will always find some cause to crusade on–and they are quite happy to simply make one up.

    People make a religion out of being antiracist just like they make a religion out of environmentalism or animal welfare. I am not denying that there are legitimate environmental or animal welfare concerns, but I am saying there is no shortage of crazies, whether they are in the Church fold or without. There are people who are on a moral crusade against the slaughter (I think of it as recycling) of unwanted horses, against killer whale shows at SeaWorld, against euthanizing unwanted cats and dogs, against fishing, etc. There are actually people who run no kill animal shelters–well they say they are no kill shelters, but what do they do with ugly dogs that simply grow old and get cancer while waiting to be adopted? These shelters are always desperate for funds because there is a never ending supply of incoming dogs and the adoption rate is slow, so pretty soon they have hundreds of animals to feed. They are as silly as the people who oppose a pipeline based on environmental concerns. Do they really believe hauling oil/gas in trucks is better for the environment than a pipeline? Another example is the movement against animal research–even though it also leads to vaccines and cures for animals as well as humans. The bottom line is that these people quite numerous and you can’t blame their silliness on any traditional religion. In fact when you look at these people, you should see the Church as a haven of sanity. What would you say of Westerners who make a religion out of Yoga and vegetarianism?

    Some people are just nuts and other than the potential for Salvation it makes little difference whether they are religious nuts or secular nuts–And in the absence of a traditional religion, they will simply make one up. It makes no sense to blame this phenomenon on either Jews or Christianity. But I suppose the Jews do fan the flame a little bit, since they are overrepresented in Hollywood and do benefit from white guilt. For all I know Jews may share the same mental affliction these crazy whites have. I can’t say, but it sure would explain a lot.

    FYI, I have no Jews in my family, never had a Jewish girlfriend, and would be perfectly happy for all Jews in America to repatriate to Israel.

  4. Another thing: the depiction of the OT as a Jewish Supremacist collection of books. If anything, they’re the most anti-Jewish books ever written. The scripture is filled with the constant disobedience of the Jewish people, and God’s lament of them as whoring after other gods, and of constantly breaking His covenant. Hence all of the judgments against the Jews, including the Babylonian Captivity for 70 years, and the prediction of the annihilation of the temple and Jerusalem a second time after the coming of Christ. (Although don’t get too excited, because the sins of the Jews are also done by the Gentiles of every age.)

    The OT even refutes the Jewish insistence on flesh and blood (race) over the spirit by urging individuals to be “circumcised in the heart,” in good works, holiness, humility, righteousness, and not merely circumcised “in the flesh” which profited them nothing. Paul mirrors this, declaring that “not all Israel is Israel,” distinguishing between the children of the flesh (the damned of every race including the Jewish people) and the children of the promise, God’s spiritual children, made up of Jews and Gentiles, those who are Elected by God to salvation and righteousness, not because of their works, or the free determination of their own will, but because of God’s mercy.

    Christ’s theology in turn was entirely in opposition to the Pharisee’s false teaching of Jewish supremacy, which, again, had no place in the OT, but only in their own narcissism. Instead, Christ and His Apostles, particularly Paul, correct the Jewish error by making clear the true spiritual meaning of what it means to be the chosen people of God. Indeed, the Gospel Church is explicitly predicted in the OT, and in the NT is declared to be the “Israel of God,” because all those who have faith in Christ become the heirs of the promises of Abraham through Jesus’s headship. Their being “chosen” is not a matter of their fleshy supremacy, of being related to Abraham, but by becoming the children of God and the heirs of Abraham by the grace of God. And if it is by grace, it is not of human merit.

    The writer’s grasp of Biblical theology is simply bizarre, because you would think that Paul himself was a Jewish supremacist, teaching doctrines of earning your way into heaven, and not what he actually teaches, which is the radical doctrine of man’s inability but with the comforting realization of God’s absolute ability. Yes, there is sin we must repent of, but it is God who convicts us of sin, and delivers us not into bondage of law keeping to keep us out of hell, but into the comfort of the Gospel.

  5. ** insert -repetitive, redundant, ad hominem, ad nauseam, repetitive, redundant, rhetorical, predictable, counterproductive, superfluous, repetitive, redundant- comment here **

  6. Thanks to everyone who made very intelligent, positive comments. I am pleasantly surprised that the comments haven’t broken down in to flame wars etc.

    Rich and others, I have a few main points in this post and comments.

    1 The Jewish Holocaust is used like other alleged historical crimes to bash White people, including the descendents of British and American White people who fought against the Axis powers accused of these Holocaust Crimes.

    2 the issue of once positive, reasonably pro White churches, religious and political,philosophies being subverted and changed in to Universalist race denying cults or worse, blatantly anti White cults.

    Take the situation of the tops of America’s major tax exempt “Chrsitian” (in name only) churches.

    50 years ago the American Catholic Church was a fairly solid instruction promoting the views and policies of the likes of Pat Buchanan and Pat’s father. Various Liberals, atheists , feminists , Communists and homosexuals would attack the Catholic Church , certain Jewish people, groups hated American Catholic Church for being reactionary and for doing Father Coughlin politics before the US entry in to World War II.

    But now the US Catholic Church has changed at least at the top. The Ctaholic church is a pro Mexican church, is leading sanctuary for illegals. The very top of the Catholic Church in Rome is a South American Liberation Theology Catholic in name only Pope – he flew is Pope Lear Jet to the Italy Island in the Med Sae to bless the Black and Muslim migration invasions of Christian Europe, this Liberation Theology Pope did a propaganda tour in the US which featured lots of propaganda about open borders immigration. Somehow the Catholic Church changed in the last 50 years.

    It s much the same with the top of the Southern Baptists. 50 years ago the Southern Baptists didn’t hate on White Southerners or be obsessed with defiling Soutern history, now they do.

    50 years ago the Episcopal Cathedral in Washington wouldn’t have female Liberal bishops or Black bishops and feature homosexual, transsexual. and even Muslim desecrations of the Christian cathedral, now they do.

    These are all deliberate corruptions, taking our institutions and turning them against us.

    From the end of World War I up until 1947, Palestine, the Holy Land was controlled by Great Britain, England – one could hear a patriotic version of Handel’s Messiah in the churches, the streets where Jesus walked… Our people, White British people were running things there. Then after the likes of terrorist Menachim Begin had their way and now the worst forms of Islam have infiltrated, British White Christians or even any Christians like us can not do the Handel’s Messiah thing there. Things changed for the worse, same as things changed for the worse in Us cities like Detroit and Birmingham Alabama.

    Our adversaries, or just other races, other people use history and religion against us. The Holocaust is definitely used against us and not just by Jews. It s now used to smear all White people (exception of some Soviet, Eastern European Whites) as being inherently evil NAZIs.

  7. The theological position I am presenting here is called:

    Positive Christianity

    It basically accepts the gospel of Jesus Christ and discards the very Jewish ethnocentric, genocidal teachings of the Old Testament (can accept the better, Greek parts of Ecclesiastes) and definitely discards the intrigues, apocalyptic end of the world rantings of St. Paul/Pharisee Saul of Tarsus.

    Here’s a mosaic portrait of St. Paul/Rabbi Saul of Tarsus – he doesn’t look like a clean, handsome Nordic Greek White guy, he looks more like swarthy, scheming New York Jew like Sen. Charles Schumer.


  8. interesting that European countries can being flooded with muslims. The leaders do not object of course and are welcoming the invaders with open arms.

    Halal, sharia law, burkas, hijabs, qurans and mosques are common enough but soon all of Europe will be transformed into muslim shit holes.

    Robberies, rapes, murders and thievery. Europe gutted.

    No problem. All is well and good.

    Authorities, however, must not allow this old woman to challenge cherished beliefs. She must be stopped, persecuted, jailed!

    Ursula Haverbeck 89 years old sentenced to 10 months in jail.

    Thank goodness, now we ca all sleep at night.

    ‘The district court Hamburg has a report of the ARD magazine “Panorama” According sentenced the 87-year-old Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel sedition. The already several times because of denial of the Holocaust condemned Rechtsextremistin to ten months in jail. She claims, Auschwitz was not an extermination camp, the murder of millions of Jews by the Nazis did not exist. (snip)

  9. How thoughtful!

    European rabbis distribute aid to Syrian, Iraqi refugees in Greece November 11, 2015 1:17pm

    (JTA) — European rabbis who gathered in Greece for a conference brought with them blankets and other goods to hand out to refugees from Syria and Iraq.

    “As winter is coming to Europe, we collected thermal blankets and other clothing items for the refugees, who keep streaming into Greece at a rate of thousands of people each day,” Pinchas Goldschmidt, the chief rabbi of Moscow and president of the Conference of European Rabbis, told JTA in a phone call from Greece.

    Goldschmidt and 60 other rabbis from across Europe gathered in Athens this week for the organization’s Standing Committee meeting. The rabbis are scheduled to distribute the blankets on Wednesday at a camp that Greek authorities set up for the migrants outside the Greek capital, Goldschmidt said.
    European Jewish organizations in the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond called for generous treatment of the refugees, but also urged local and European Union authorities to remain vigilant about potential risks to Jews connected with the arrival of approximately one million Muslims from the Middle East this year. (snip)

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