Anonymous Unmasks Spelunker

By Hunter Wallace

For the record, I have no idea if this is real or not, but it just landed in my Inbox. Watch it yourselves.

From what I gather, Anonymous is pissed off because of the fake dox that was released to the media which falsely implicated innocent people as Klan members. The fake list was full of names like Sen. Johnny Isakson who would never in a million years associate with the Klan. They claim to have traced it back to the Liberty Lamp collective.

In this video, Anonymous claims it is launching Operation #Reportthetruth to unmask the real world identities of Spelunker, Liberty Lamp, and the rest of their crew. I can assure you there are A LOT of people who would LOVE to have that information.

Note: Regardless if this is really Anonymous or not, whoever is doing it should be encouraged to keep it up. As long as the information becomes available, the effect will be the same.

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  1. Yes, it is.

    Some of the accusations made against deNobel in this video are new to me though. They are coming from some other source, not any of his WN or Confederate heritage antagonists.

  2. I only have a smartphone to watch this.

    Can anyone read the text at the end of the video? I recognize a lot of the photos as deNobel, but there are photos of other people too, presumably his longtime associates like Liberty Lamp.

  3. Name: Jacob Denobel
    Age: 26
    25 E George Street Westminster, MD 21157

    Possible Associates:
    Carole D. Denoble
    Michael Joseph Clare
    James P. Denobel
    Erin J. De Nobel
    Damon M. Kelley
    Dale Marshall Kelley
    Charlotte L. Kelley
    Joyce Jenell Kelley
    Richard W. Denobel
    Anna M. Denobel
    Laura Lynn Denobel
    Tammy S. Coon
    David James Coon

    Name: Ryan Grenoble
    General Assignment Editor at The Huffington Post
    Name: Ryan Creighton Grenoble
    Age: 28
    Email Address:,
    Address: 1164 S. Acoma Street, Unit 303
    Denver, CO 80210
    Phone No.: 970-946-3026

    Then a list of associates with ages and addresses. For some reason Jacob Denobles associates’ addresses were x’d out.

  4. That’s funny, didn’t deNobel deny he was spleunker when he was outed ages ago? The very next day his blog was down if I recall correctly ….

  5. Well, Miss Mary – after all the hell he gave folks, his sense of reaping the whirlwind would, exactly as you imply, lead to a quick denial.

    The telling evidence, though, is the immediate removal of his blog.

  6. I particularly feel satisfaction at this on behalf of Dr. Hill, who was so badly mocked and unfairly derided by this young blackguard, and whose work to wake up his fellow Southron countrymen to the wolves in their midst, was falsely attributed to petty, venal, and craven motives – instead of out a genuine communal concern, as it has been.

  7. I further pray that this is the beginning of the widespread discrediting of the SPLC – the modern day Union Leagues and carpetbaggers, all rolled into one building.

  8. Yeah, he did.

    DeNobel was here in the comments under his own name within literally an hour or two of that post appearing on this website. He tried to argue that he wasn’t Spelunker.

  9. Nice, and then there was Liberty Lamp itself here adamantly denying deNobel was spleunker. Guess these types just can’t be trusted lol 😉

  10. Spelunker, DLJ, and Lampy categorically aren’t responsible for the @Operation_KKK thing.

    I mean, I’m fine with throwing this in their faces, but it’s quite clear that the #OpKKK project was performed by drooling retards without the slightest grasp of American nationalist inside baseball. There would have been at least one accidental hint of having a grasp of the pro-white movement beyond a cursory public school and History Channel brainwashing had any of them had anything to do with it.

    The second clue that it was amateur hour is that Potok & Pals directly and publicly discounted and dismissed the initiative before and during the campaign. Had it been a professional antifa operation, there would have been a different response, as the SPLC is in bed with and in regular contact with the more aggressive and violent antifa scene. Had it been an ARA project from somebody who matters and is not retarded, the SPLC would have been plausibly deniably repping it, and would have covered it as a news story.

    They were, apparently, trusted by the Anonymous community in general, which has been pretty burned over by imitators. So I presume that the people organizing it are known, at least by pseudonymous reputation, within that digital clique. Whatever reputation they had before this five alarm dumpster fire has been squandered now.

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