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  1. Actually, many patriotic Frenchmen were not so up in arms about Germany liberating them from the socialist, anti-Western cesspool of degenerate France. Petain stood up for France and her culture, religion, customs, etc. Britain, on the other hand, started WWII by declaring war on Germany. Germany had not desire to fight Britain, and tried to avoid it. Strangely enough, though Poland was supposedly important enough to bring Britian into a major war, it’s falling into Bolshevik hands was not.

    • Very interesting take. I want to hear more from the average lemmings (you are not amongst them, since you actually know something of history) about Petain.

  2. Yes, there are moderate Muslims: the Iranians, and Assad’s soldiers.

    They are fighting against ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

    They are protecting Middle Eastern Christians.

    They are good Muslims.

    Adelson and Singer, of course, want to destroy them.

    • It’s certainly true the Alawites protected the Syrian Christians. However, do not make them out to be great humanitarians. The minority position of the Alawites compelled them to break bread with the 10%-12% of the nation who were Christians. But I agree they still deserve credit. There are Arab and Muslim countries that would go after a Christian minority regardless of logic (e.g., Egypt).

      Iran is a complicated case. Unlike Arab nations Iran (Persia) actually has a history and culture. Historically, it was not a place of significant antisemitism. The nutty Muslim hatred of Jews only revved up in Iran during the 1950’s, for political reasons. I wish that had not occurred, since we would be better off today with a rational Iran that eschews the infantile talk of Arab nations.

      While Iran has historically been tolerant of Jews and Christians, not so those it regards as heretical Muslims. The treatment of those practicing the Baha’i faith has been brutal.

  3. Watch FauzJoozNooz. It’s all there. They are revealing what going on.

    A Jew Reporter just admitted that Paris has LOADS and LOADS of Jews, and the “People of Jizzreel are standing with Paris oy vey gevelt!”

    Are there any French People in Paris?

    More Comedy Gelte The hatchling daughter of Jerry Rivers aka Geraldo Rivera, the Puerto Ricsn Jew was allegedly in that French Stadium. Jerry’s there now, to protect his girlchik. The Rivers family was going to fly to Paris – get this- for Thanksgiving.

    WTF? Hebes are celebrating an American Puritan Feast Day, in a Muslim city?

  4. Celestial Time // November 14, 2015 at 5:04 pm //
    “Do you actually believe White people have what it takes to enforce very draconian laws of their own in order to counteract the depraved lunacy of the Cult of MultiCulty? Sure, they can close borders, but are they willing to go one, two, even three steps further than that?”

    They have strength in spades and they use it against us. They will not change course while their TV tells them diversity is wonderful. If you have anti-white family members you will understand what I’m saying. Their TV is their god and they will never ever doubt it.

    When I see real whites stand up, I will offer to help them. Damned if I will stick my neck out for anti-white whites that want diversity. Poland is looking really good right now. 50,000 Poles on the streets! Those are whites worth fighting for.

  5. Petain was also a French hero from WWI. When Germans entered Paris they did so unopposed. The left wing government abdicated and a new one was established under Petain, and on 17 June a cessation of resistance and surrender of the French forces was ordered by him. On the 22nd an armistice was signed dividing France into occupied and unoccupied zones. Remember it was France who drew first blood by sending 40 division across the Rhine River Valley in the Saar Offensive. They were plainly outmaneuvered by Germany. Keep in mind France at the time had one of the largest, most capable armies in Europe. Also keep in mind that Germans respected French culture, manners, customs. They saw themselves as saving it, not destroying it.

  6. Not having our own media is killing us–literally. The media, especially today’s media, guides public opinion and sets the limits of debate. And I’m like Denise, it makes me madder than hell that nobody gives a damn (in the media) about what FRENCH people think. Know why? Because French people don’t exist. Jews, Muslims, anybody can be French, according to the anti-white elite. That’s why Jews never say “we stand with the French”, but rather “we stand with (insert city or country)”. White people are not allowed to have their own countries. Any Jew in a white country is automatically the nationality of that country. You see, that way they can claim the pity points of being kosher, and when they are naughty (like when they installed Bolshevism), they can claim to be ‘Russian”. It’s really quiet a swindle.

  7. The FoxJooz just blamed Edward Snowdon. For real. “The NSA was just trying to keep us safe – but Snowden just screwed everything up! The NSA’s hand’s are tied” Former Ambassador James Woolsey. Ex CIA Director. Shabbos Goy vermin deluxe.

    So oven-worthy.

  8. Re: shapes shifting – here’s what a Zhid just told me, on another site:

    “I’ll make this as simple as I can; if a Scottish family living in Edinburgh were to adopt a Jewish baby and an Arab baby, from birth, and raise them “Scottish”, would they not in fact BE Scottish? They would have Scottish attitudes and Scottish Culture, and when they spoke, they’d BE Scottish. It’s the ENVIRONMENT that determines culture. Likewise an Oriental raised by a “Fair haired blue eyed” family in Sherman Oaks would NOT have the same culture as that SAME oriental raised in Phnom Penh. Or, if it were possible, a “Black” baby raised in Reykjavik.”

    Jews are genetic mongrels, and want every-one to be deranged mongrels, too.

  9. Anti-White people like Warspite are still able to spread their disease on pro-White websites; but somehow the White Western world is going to close borders and remove millions of Muslims and other depraved anti-Whites from our lands?

    Warspite, I’m not usually one to paint Jews with too broad of a brush when the subject of race and nationalism comes up. But in your case I will make an exception. You are a horrible, hypocritical, self-important, self-centered human being. If I were you, I wouldn’t put yourself between me and an open oven. The odds are not in your favor at this particular moment.

    It’s one thing to have people like Denise going on abusive tirades against you and your people. It’s quite another when usually mild-mannered , lateral-thinking individuals like myself get irritated with you. I tend to do things with great panache if I’m either overly excited about something or overly irritated. I promise you that I will make attacking people like you VERY trendy and chic. You should think of me as a very tranquil and restrained Goebbels right now. You should go away and infest a gay porn site or trade Holocaust stories on some Jewshit watering hole before I start passing out useful memes to the already growing number of enraged anti-Jewish people around the planet. Your people will thank you for it.

  10. Celestial Time // November 14, 2015 at 6:37 pm //

    You have fallen into his trap. Making people hate them is their evolutionary survival strategy. If people hate a people, they might get persecuted a lot, but they will never integrate.

    Best thing you can do is do the opposite of what they want. Ignore them and they will fade into history.

  11. Petain was the last Frenchman.

    Very cynical and realistic. But also concerned about his own people.

  12. Richard – ignoring the Devil Race only allows them to function freely. Nope. Action must be taken to prevent the Vampyre from entering your Home, and draining you dry.

  13. Celestial – you last post was rather funny.

    I should stop opining about the Nature of Der ewige Jude, on this site, just for you. (I won’t, btw). YOU are People Like Me. I’m just further down the road you just stepped on, is all.

    Never mind l’il ole me; keep reading KikeSpite, and other Children of the Devil, in their own words. I’ll have coffee and cake waiting for you, when you get here.

    • Look Denise. I said OK to you and whoever else is involved in the monitoring deal, but also said no personal stuff. Stick to your normal routine, because you are crossing the line. I really think you have enough of a grip on the lemmings without the unecessary extras. Keep it up and even these characters will catch on to your bit. I mean it. Doing your job does not require the incredibly over the top stuff. They don’t understand it anyway, S.A.

  14. Best thing you can do is do the opposite of what they want. Ignore them and they will fade into history.

    It becomes more difficult to do that the more he’s allowed to parade his sickness in front of others. He’s like the Pee-wee Herman of OD. The pervert who goes into a movie theater in order to jerk off in front of everyone for some kind of exhibitionist thrill. People tell him to zip it up or take that shit outside, he gets excited because because everyone is paying attention to him and not the movie. You ignore him, he just jerks it a little harder and starts getting louder until the other people in the theater can’t focus on the movie and they get up and start walking for the exits.

    OD, just say No to Pee-wee!

    • Good one, Cel. I guess men like Petain and Franco are in the Lee tradition?

      How about this one? You phony-a** hypocrite. You opine here as if some holy man to be consulted, yet before you are compadres lauding an execrable fascist traitor. Anyone with any regard for the ideals and principles of a republican form of government would detest Petain. And Franco? You’ve got to be kidding me! Another fascist, he was a Catholic fanatic who left Spain decades behind Western Europe in every possible way.

      I do not see you jumping out to even chide the lemmings on such offensive postings. Have you ever read the Confederacy’s constitution? I suspect you have, so why not break it to those on the site how uncomfortable they would be in a republic that guaranteed and protected freedom of religion, speech, assembly and petition? And the press! Or the role of Jews who lived in the South and fought loyally with the Confederacy? And how about setting the record straight on Judah Benjamin, who was with Davis to the end, and fled to England having lost everything in service of the South?

      Nor do I see you all that vigilant on the obsession with Jews and Holocaust denial rhetoric. Sure, you say the former is a waste of energy, but it’s the intellectual cul de sac of obsessive antisemitism you disdain, not the underlying ideas. And I don’t exactly see you b**ch slapping the Holocaust deniers.

      When I wrote about this crowd fighting the last war, I meant it. There have been decades of WN promulgated stupid conspiracy theories about Jews, Christian Zionism, and whatever else the loons threw out there. And that whole time the threat of Islam was on the back burner? You must know that was pretty GD stupid. And arcane, unprovable “genetic” theories about Jews instead of focusing on a real and present danger to Western Civilization? Do you think that has been a sound course of action?

      Your tough talk regarding the troublesome local Hebrew sounds great. Certainly a lot better than focusing on real issues.

  15. Petain was the most realistic general in the French officers corps.

    He saw his political masters batter the army to bits against German concrete reinforced machine gun posts and saw his men squished into strawberry jam as German howitzers directed plunging fire into the shoddy French trenches on the front line. He knew the French were fatally inferior with artillery technology and thought that continuous assaults on the German positions were wasteful.

    After the war he pointed out that falling birthrates doomed the French in future struggles with Germany and he saw that France and Germany had to reach an accomodation.

    Edward VIII in Britain realized the same thing.

    Whatever their character flaws were both saw that reflexive hostility toward Germany was pointless and destructive.

  16. Re Celestial. First of all, let me apologize for my remark about anti-Jewish hatred being part of your DNA. It was an inappropriate remark.

    I do not at all understand the reasoning for your tirade. Leaving aside whatever homophobic opinions you might have as being your own business (though referring someone to a gayporn site as an insult is somewhat juvenile), and the lovely remark about “Jewshit”, what is it about my explanation of the anti-Holocaust denial laws in a few European countries that offends you? I can assure you my explanation is fundamentally accurate, though it simplifies a much more complex issue.

    Do you find the explanation pretentious? If so it is a misunderstanding on your part. I would not come into your place of business and ramble off some explanation about your profession and your experience based on years of working that profession. What I wrote about the laws in Europe you questioned was not guessing on my part. I’ve come across it before and have training in it. There’s nothing pretentious or self important about the legal reasoning.

    While you don’t like to paint with a broad brush, popping out “Jewshit”, remarks about ovens, etc., does seem to indicate a certain predisposition. I think that’s fine. People can have whatever opinions they like, including loving or hating Jews. But you put yourself in with this crowd, a crowd filled with hypocrites, dummies, and hatemongers along with a literal handful of people who base their beliefs on freedom of association. Other than those few persons, everyone else is a fringe nut. I think it is as stupid for people here to call for killing Muslims as when I hear or read the same crap from Jews. Everyone is real tough until they have to pull the trigger and murder a 6 year old girl because she’s Muslim.

    You want to make me your special project, go ahead. I recognize how much it rankles the lemmings that I am familiar with the NT and have no problems with Christianity. And when I call them on stupidity, or inaccurate facts. I mean, we are talking about a crowd that believes I am some sort of ultra liberal, and buy Denise hook, line & sinker. Someone needs to be their champion and I would say you are probably the best choice. You are definitely not the fair-minded and reasonable person you think yourself, but you are still way better than anyone else in the lemming crowd.

    You can start by going after me for questioning the credibility of the continual assertion by people like Hunter of the site being a place that endeavors to uphold the highest ideals of antebellum chivalry. More accurately, the ideals and principles of Robert E. Lee during and after the American Civil War. Do you really find the opinions and attitudes expressed by those posting to be consistent with anything Lee would have looked upon favorably? I do not believe this to be the case and invite you to go after me on that one. Also toss in my opinion the people posting here are virulent and irrational antisemites, whose beliefs often stray into neo-Nazi and anti-Christian beliefs.

  17. Celestial Time // November 14, 2015 at 7:16 pm //
    “The pervert who goes into a movie theater in order to jerk off in front of everyone for some kind of exhibitionist thrill.”

    lol That is what he is exactly and they all operate the same way.

    I saw one of them say they hate what is happening in America, as Jews have the highest rate of any group that is marrying out. He said, “I hate love and love hate”.

    Seems they are in desperate need of love over there:

  18. Note that Warspite is determined to interpret for “us” the events in Paris.

    It’s Chutzpah of the highest order. Is he a Frenchman all of a sudden?

    • You know Kaptin Loon, I have no clue what you are talking about. However, I do think you could use the viewpoint of someone who has actually been to some of these places.

      Regardless, nothing made me think something the magnitude of the attacks in Paris would happen. I worried about a suicide bomber walking in a busy coffee shop (or a Starbucks in suburban Detroit?) in a European city, but never considered multi-pronged, coordinated attacks of such brutality. I am not sure Western Europe (or the US/Canada) has the will to take appropriate action. I don’t want to leave my kids in a country where police with automatic weapons are on street corners.

  19. Is Merkel paying attention?


    German police are scrambling to discover whether they inadvertently prevented another Islamist from joining the Paris massacre, after they arrested a man driving with a significant cache of weapons heading to Paris.

    Also secreted about the car behind panels were eight Kalashnikov assault rifles with ammunition, several handguns, two hand grenades, and 200 grams of TNT, reports Bayerischer Rundfunk.

    Austrian paper Die Kronen Zeitung reports the very foundations of the European free movement Schengen area will be shaken by the arrest. The suspect drove 500 miles from the Balkans, crossed the European Union’s frontier into the Schengen zone and then drove another 300 miles within the EU without being detected.

    The shocking revelation comes at a time where weapons, and particularly grenades flow freely from the Balkans into Western Europe and nations across the continent are under unprecedented pressure to close their borders in the face of the migrant crisis, and Islamist terrorism.

  20. lol Warpsite,

    a few weeks ago (or was it months) i suggested that a bloodbath was the inevitable result of proximity + diversity, that inevitably whites wod be forced to expell all sorts of semitics or face extinction.

    I have seen nothing to disprove the point so
    far. Reality suggests the thesis is correct.

    I understand from my sources in the Pasde Calais, that the Calais Jungle is burning as we speak.

  21. Donald Trump said Saturday that the terrorists who wreaked havoc in Paris would have spilled less blood if more French citizens carried guns.

    “When you look at Paris, toughest gun laws in the world, nobody had guns but the bad guys,” the Republican presidential candidate said during an appearance in Texas, in remarks broadcast by CNN. “Nobody had guns. And they were just shooting them one by one, and then they broke in and had a big shootout and ultimately killed the terrorists.”

    At least 129 people died in the attacks, for which ISIS has taken credit.

    “And I will tell you what—you can say what you want, if they had guns, if our people had guns, if they were allowed to carry, it would have been a much, much different situation,” Trump added.

    • Frightening. And without expulsions or a major upheaval amongst the Muslim community, what can be done to prevent such attacks. In every major Western city there are numerous events attracting large numbers of people. Who would have guessed a terrorist attack at a metal show rather than the symphony, ballet or a museum? What “moderate” measures can stop an attack at a crowded movie theater in Amsterdam or a college Rathskeller in Antwerp? Or the same events in Ann Arbor or E. Lansing?

  22. I’m not frightened or shocked by these Dune-coon shines.

    I don’t have the “emotional” capacity that Warspite has. Not the self pity and self indulgent wild gesticulating hysteria.

    Just expell these scum.

    • Hey, Kapp, let’s discuss this seriously, like educated adults. No personal insults.

      I agree with you about expulsion. But don’t we need to be realistic? There is less of a chance France, Holland or Sweden will expel Muslims than there is the US will deport illegal immigrants (and you know there is almost no chance of expelling illegal immigrants in America!). There will never be the “will” or consensus to expel large number of alleged “refugees”. There will always be an excuse, an exception, some special category exempting large numbers of refugees. Plus, there will be the international media from CNN to BBC to Al Jazeera painting any country willing to expel Muslims as the modern equivalent of Nazi Germany.

      What could be a realistic scenario? If right-wing, nationalist parties come to power maybe some plan could be put into effect to address the problem. But I still don’t see expulsion as a possibility. There will always be the charge of being like Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews, even though the situations are NOT analogous. I do not think any political party can successfully deflect these charges when there is a steady flow out of the media.

      Despite some overly emotional rhetoric from posters, no Western government is going to start killing off Muslims. It’s not something that “we” in the West do. Even during WWII it was not until the enormous influx of Jews in the Pale became part of the equation that Nazi leadership & its allies became committed to the Holocaust. Before the second half of 1941 expulsion or even resettlement (the Madacasgar Plan, now known from archives opened after 1989-1991 to have been serious proposal!) of Jews was #1 on the wish list. My point on this being the extreme unlikelihood of political leadership raised in the Western tradition giving a green light to offing, e.g., 1m Muslims in the Netherlands.

      Tell me what you think of the following. I do think it possible a Western (or Central) European govt and country could shift the burden of civilization to the Muslim community. If refugees want to come into the West make it a “prove it” situation. It should be demanded of the Muslim community that it step up and show where they stand. Having a large community within a country that sanctions or at least condones internal terrorism and opposes Western values is an unacceptable situation. These countries open their doors to refugees and in return deserve respect and courtesy from their Muslim community. It’s time to choose: Western Civilization or leave.

      In addition, do you think the so-called refugee problem from the Near and Middle East can be partially solved by re-stabilizing a country like Syria? If the US (NATO) and Russia (China as well?) actually work together to crush ISIS in Syria and restore the Assads would it not be fair to return refugees? It is also worth throwing some money at a restored Syria to get the Muslims out of Europe. Their threat to the West is enormous.

      None of the above addresses “refugees” from Africa, which I understand from friends who have been to Italy in the past 5 yrs is becoming a “game changer”.

  23. I think we should use Israel as a giant holding facility for the millions of Muslims and other anti-Whites who will need to be resettled to various parts of the Third World, where most of them came from. Enough of our tax dollars go toward propping up The Jews Nation, and I think Israel is the logical spot for the logistical challenges of moving millions and millions of people across great expanses of land and ocean. They are the experts on traveling, right?

    Jews are so tolerant and accepting of diversity, so I can’t really imagine them having a problem with showing the world how to be more inclusive and willing to embrace multicultural and multiracial societies. Unless they’re racist, that is. But I just can’t imagine Jews wanting to be known as racists.

    • Another top-drawer White Nationalist idea, Celly! The problems are size and faith. A country the size of NJ cannot hold that number of people. You will have to direct some tax dollars for a military excursion to at least add Lebanon to the deal. Just send a few divisions to do what needs to be done re annexing that country. You might want to consider adding Cyprus to the deal. The Greek side can likely be bought, but you’ll have to clear out the Turkish part. Might anger the Turks a bit, but what the hey. A Combination of Cyprus, Israel & Lebanon could make the Celestial deal work.

      The problem without the annexations is the overcrowding will not only result in desecration of Jewish symbols. There was another religion birthed in Israel and you can expect a steamrolling of any vestiges of Christianity.

      On the other hand, the beauty of your plan is the Christian sites are ultimately irrelevant to the WN “movement and doctrine”. In following the inevitable conclusions of many brilliant WN ideas, Christianity as well as democracy get tossed out. In fact, the Christian faith and (especially) democracy become the enemy. Every WN belief leads to neo paganism as well as neo Nazism (as you know, historically it turned out strict Nazi adherence had a marked tendency to devolve religious faith away from Judeo-Christian beliefs),

      Have you ever considered how much White Nationalists and Muslims (i.e., the Arabic kind) have in common? Maybe you ought to come up with some cross-cultural programs.

  24. How much White Nationalists and Muslims have in common? hmmmm. Now that you mention it……

    So if we were to abandon Israel and hand deliver the bulk of Jewry over to them to do as they please, they might leave White lands and do their Muslim thing in their own Muslim countries? You mean we have that kind of mentality in common? I won’t say I would call them friends, but I certainly wouldn’t call them enemies if they could be persuaded to somewhat peacefully leave if we provide the right kind of atmosphere and under the right circumstances.

    I’m not gonna lie and say I couldn’t be persuaded to at least look the other way. If we can’t count on Jews to provide some kind of impetus toward White Racialism, then we can at least establish some common ground with the people who have somewhere else on the planet that they would be willing to call home. I’d be willing to bet they hate people like you much more than they hate people like me. What do you think?

    You might be on to something. Monday morning I will sell any stocks I have in Israeli companies or stocks that have any kind of Israeli ties. Something tells me that Israeli products are going to be in even less demand than they are today. I know it’s a minuscule first step toward progress, but it is a step nonetheless.

    • Yes, indeedy. Based on your general predilections and ideological touchstones I could definitely see you coming up with a plan. Like, say moving all Jews to Madagascar-?!? Keep in mind that even if you propose such a plan you ought to do some research to see whose shoulders upon which you stand.

      Untying yourselves from the anchor of both Christianity and Western ideals of democracy opens up a panoply of options for WeeNies like yourself. It’s sort of like a science fiction story where a robot’s morality and ethics “chip” is disabled.

        • You can toss in a constitutional monarchy if that makes you happy. Let’s concede for any discussion that a republican form of government and/or a representative democracy are not pure democracies.

          I absolutely disagree with your statement. Western Civilization did not freeze, it continued to evolve based on new ideas, philosophies, consensus, etc. Unlike some cultures, we advanced. For a good while now, since the late 18th century, a republic has been the top of the Western ideological pyramid. Other than a challenge from Fascism during the 1930’s, the idea of a “liberal democracy” has symbolized the intellectual, moral and ethical primacy of Western Europe & the US (plus Canada, Australia, N.Z. & such).

          It seems very odd to me that you, Celestial, Jack, or even the lemmings would contest this point since democracy, republicanism, etc., are concepts developed and implemented by White men. Why are you not proud of these achievements and pointing out the inability of almost all Black nations, most Muslim nations, most Asian nations, etc., to duplicate our brilliance & success? Look at Africa and the Near and Middle East. One functioning democracy, Israel, and one struggling republic, Turkey.

          From your perspective I’m sure you could ascribe Israel’s democracy to the arrival of many White European Jews after WWII (from DP camps). I bet the lemmings could also come up with something non-Turcic to explain the Turkish Republic. There’s little getting around democracy being a triumph of the White man. Is that not something to ballyhoo?

          • 1.) First, the United States was one of the few liberal democracies in the world throughout most of its existence. The spread of liberal democracy is mostly a post-WW2 phenomenon and coincides with a brief window of American global hegemony.

            2.) Second, much of Europe was dominated by monarchies until well into the 20th century, so the idea that liberal democracy is synonymous with the West is transparently ridiculous.

            3.) Third, I would say that liberal democracy is the worst, most destructive form of government in light of our present circumstances. Maybe you see it as a success. I see it as a failure that has taken root in the twilight of Western civilization. We have a decadent culture that is living off the inherited capital of previous generations.

            4.) Finally, the Greeks and Romans knew that all democracies eventually go down the drain in the same way for the same reasons.

          • Hunter, I really think you need to look over what I said about evolution of Western thought. For the English-speaking peoples, I believe you might assert White English speaking peoples, democracy/republicanism/constitutional monarchies in the UK sense, are the pinnacle of political achievements. Don’t confuse the use of “Liberal Democracies” with mundane use of either word.

            The fact monarchies evolved after the end of the Western Roman Empire is conceded. But the nature and purpose of those monarchies (or empires) underwent vast changes. It’s hard to discuss this in a generalized manner and I don’t want to go through the evolution of each monarchy in W Europe & Scandanavia towards constitutional restrictions. You are certainly aware the French Revolution was the death knell for any Western monarchy that refused to evolve towards democratic principles.

            In order to try and remain usefully focused, I do not understand how you believe monarchies offer anything superior to a republic. In our English speaking world no one has seriously believed a king, queen, emperor, etc., has been sanctioned or appointed by G-d since Charles I. That’s coming up on 400 years. A monarch regarded as just another guy who happened to be part of a line of succession can only succeed as a constitutional monarch or a dictator. As Stalin once explained to his mother, he was just, “like the Tsar”. Nicholas II was an absolute monarch, and as a dictator Stalin was basically in the same position.

            While you claim not to be a fan of democracy, I doubt you are serious. I think you would be just fine with the US if multiculturalism was quashed and the nation was 90% Caucasian. Would you really have any problem with freedom of religion if the nation was 70% Protestant, 20% Catholic, 10% other religions? Ditto any other Constitutional freedom.

            I get your romanticization of a whiter, more Protestant country. The lack of respect for the English language, American history, American heroes, etc., is truly appalling. The crap I hear kids say on college campuses is disgraceful and disheartening. There aren’t enough people standing up to these brats & telling them to get their butts back to class. But placing blame on democracy is a vast error in judgment.

  25. Untying ourselves from the superficial boundaries of non-racial religions and perverted definitions of “Western ideals” opens up a brand new world of options. I’m bound by blood, not some superstitious belief system or some self-righteous Jew’s appeals to emotions and “democracy and ideals.” I’m not limited in the ways that many others are limited. You can live a long and prosperous life, or you can die a slow and agonizing death. Pro-Whites, I hope for the former… Anti-White Jews like yourself, I hope for the latter. Everyone else who might be indifferent, I guess I really don’t give them much thought.

    No religion or idealistic mantras can convince me that White people losing their majority status or being amalgamated into a bloated, colorblind Democracy is a good thing. If that’s what your religion or definition of democracy entails, then you can have my portion of it and shove it up your Jew ass.

    • Oh Celestial! “Jew ass”? Really. Crude and ineffectual.

      I am anti-White? That’s a bunch of bs. You simply label anyone who disagrees with those parts of your ideology tending to be neo-Nazi eugenical wet-dreams as something in nasty terms. You ought to show greater flexibility of thought, Heinrich. And I’m guessing you missed church this morning!

  26. The Self Chosen Kikenvermin are SO FULL of love and enlightenment that no space is too small to spread their love to the Unenlightened Goyim! Since Jews and Semites are both Niggerish – ALL the Semites and African Niggers MUST GO TO ISRAEL. All of them. EVERY last one. The close personal contact will be sooooooooooooooooo beneficiary to EVERY-ONE. Jews are SOOOO Schmart that they will find a way, in 6 million seconds flat, to feed and house and assimilate all the Darkies! I know it. I feel this is RIGHT!

    • Denise, thank you for your intelligent and thoughtful comments. I suspect you considered the issues for hours before carefully constructing your arguments.

  27. And I’m guessing you missed church this morning!

    Nope, didn’t miss it. I drove right by it this morning after a long night at the strip club. I made sure to wave, though. They seemed to be in good spirits and waved back.

    • Do they still have sofas in the strip clubs in Memphis? I was there quite a while ago, and stayed at the Peabody so I could see the thing with the ducks. Also made it to Graceland, along with a few clubs. When I was traveling a lot I always thought the clubs in Tampa were interesting. Ditto Atlanta, but I didn’t have to travel there, since it is here.

      Biggest disappointment for those clubs was NYC, though SF may have been worse.

  28. The Tsar didn’t have 1/10th the power that Lenin or Stalin threw around.

    The last 2 or 3 Tsars consistently moved toward representative forms of government too.

    • I agree on the Stalin’s power part only. Alexander II may have known what had to be done for the Tsar to survive, but he was blown up. His son, Alexander III allowed not one jot of reduction of power. Zero, none. Ditto Nicholas II. 1905/6 forced the Duma on him but he treated it as a tasteless joke. He never agreed to any reductions of power.

  29. The USA is supposed to be a Republic.

    Democracy is the very worst form of Government, as democracies invariably trend downwards to the lowest common denominator.

  30. Democracy is dead. Look at Greece. Look at Obama.

    Those in charge care not for the people, the country or it’s borders, these sociopaths only care for the consolidation of money and power.

    Multiculturalism was never going to work, due to this fact, assimilation is dead in the water. Globalism with never consolidate into one organization, there will always be factions. The consequences of this is obvious. Centralization is the final step towards devolution.

    Nationalism is coming to Europe.

    Then expulsion of the undesirables will occur, be it by force or incentivized policy.

    • It is nice to return to the point with Justabum.

      It will be interesting to see if nationalism comes into play. Anyone who has been to France has to have real doubts. The first time I was there I was shocked. The Internationale? Heard it plenty. Le Marseilles? I did not hear it once. Even after the fall of Communism it was strange. No one goes to church, and nationalism was nowhere present. Not like Hungary, Poland, even the Czech Republic.

      I see two immediate possibilities for anti-immigrant movements to truly coalesce. The first is in Germany where the former East Germany has a very different feel in many respects than the Western part. The East never had to come to terms with its WWII actions, but neither (in general) does it feel guilty about its past. The spark for a political movement is more likely from the Eastern part, although it also has far fewer immigrants.

      Second, and I like this one, is the possibility liberal democratic principles will ride to the rescue, even in France. Keep in mind in W Europe it is a situation where “conservative” Muslim principles are colliding with Western ideas. The Muslim immigrants don’t like freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and all the other things that make the West great. Maybe there will finally be recognition what is at stake is all the liberties of Western thought, and European nations like France, Sweden and the Netherlands will do something before it is too late.

  31. Nicky didn’t even want to be Tsar.

    He wanted to garden with his poor sick son.

    I’ve read the private letters between him and his wife. They were practically English in outlook and manners.

    • It’s def true Nicholas II neither wanted to be Tsar or was prepared for the job. His father Alexander III died unexpectedly young leaving Nicholas completely unready for the job. He had little to no experience & beyond a facility for languages had little to recommend him. He was certainly a devoted family man.

      Mon Kapitan, have you ever seen the BBC production from the mid 1970’s, “The Fall of Eagles”? It is excellent and quite accurate, although it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it.

  32. Demographics is destiny.

    The end of history ideology will die with those who support it, mainly the boomer and greatest(brainwashed) generation.

    Cultural right allied with Zionism Vs cultural Left allied with Islamism. The synthesis of which will spell the geopolitical end of pax Americana.

    In simple terms Cucks of all stripes are going to die out.

  33. Hey, maybe the Trumpering will prove me wrong. Perhaps America will set the example of sending 11 million plus Illegal Mexican aliens back across the border, and build a wall like Israel.

    Perhaps Trump will tear the free trade agreements apart…

    • Denise=Stupid (depending on whose shift, lol!)

      Just, I just don’t see the “will” to do it. Maybe if there were constant credible accounts of terrorists crossing from the south the US would build a wall. Short of that, it will never happen. Unfortunately!

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