French Ready to Get Down With Muslim Terrorists

An OD classic – rest assured there are so many of our kinsmen in France tonight ready to get down and dirty.

paul-aWhile we are on the subject of Muslim terrorists, The Battle of the Casbah is the memoir of the French General Paul Aussaresses. Yes, he proudly used torture against FLN terrorists in French Algeria in the 1950s and he would do it again.

Note: The Battle of Algiers is a classic Italian film about the Algerian War.


  1. One silver lining to all this murder and mayhem by the brown turd sons of Allah is that we seem to have way less dumb arse Amurikan World War II patriotard talk.

    “Oh the French are pussies and don’t ever fight like us Amurikuns – they’d be speaking German if it weren’t for us”.

    All sane, White Westerners remaining alive on planet earth understand what is going down in Paris and with the Muslim migrant invasion of Europe.

    If you have even half a clue and aren’t buried in the worst Lib – Libertarian cults you understand what is going down and who side we are on.

  2. Hollande is, according to reports banning protests and gatherings.

    Obviously this is targeted at whites in France who are ready to retaliate.

    I hope against hope that his military rebel and that the motivated whites there push back as hard as humanly possible. FN could legitimately respond to this series of massacres with a putsch.

    Hollande will be tempted to shut them down with a round up.

  3. A thought or two here that this may have been a “false flag” is spite of Annie Barnhart and others needing rabies shots …

    (Editor’s note: the remains of this comment were deleted – violated OD’s comment guidelines strictly prohibiting spreading wild, unsubstantiated conspiracy theories. There are many places on the Net that allow/encourage this stuff – most are populated by assorted loons, nut cases, loners, losers, idiots etc – OD is not the place for this stuff)

  4. This massacre is the inevitable result of importing Browns and a Browns into the heart of Europe.

    Doesn’t much matter what flag anyone is flying.

  5. A powerful post John! Allow me to get Metaphysical fr a moment. I have read the Koran. I also understand the Gabriel quoted in the Koran cannot be the same Gabriel who announced the Annunciation and is the proclaimed messenger of God. The two Gabriels vastly contradict each other.So what if Muhammad really did see an angel? According to the Koran only one other person also saw it, his wife Aisha. Now that brings us to the admonition of the Apostle Paul who warned that Satan himself could transform into an angel of light…

  6. I noticed that Obama managed to preempt the president of France in his statement about the massacres.

    I’ve looked through the transcript of the Obama statement and in it I detect a subtle threat. “…not an attack on France but an attack on all humanity”?

    Wtf does this mean? You could see as he spoke it that he couldn’t give a fuck that white people have been massacred. He’s already delegitimizing retaliation by ordinary Frenchmen. His only concern is that this does not get browns and blacks killed in retaliation.

  7. The only use that Hollande will have for his army and police is to suppress a reaction in the streets of France.

    There is quite literally no Arab strongman left to topple.

    Proximy and diversity inevitably lead to war. And that’s what we have in Europe. It’s also visible in many American metro areas.

  8. John,

    France isn’t going to join some coalition of the willing. The population is too suspicious of American influence and and most likely too Arabized to really engage in an adventures anymore.

    What they do need to do is clear out the black and brown population that has infected their cities.

    I’m not prescribing anything more than that.

  9. Captain John – you know how Cucked Germans are. Well – Germanshave been bitch-smacked HARD, for all time, and are not fighting back. The ZOG Cops are backing off the Germans, because their vestigial self-preservation genetics are finally kicking in.

    France is really really deeply Jewed. On the genetic level. It’s the most Semitic country in Western Europe. I don’t know if there are any actual FRENCH, in France. There may not be enough to fight back.

  10. John – I am doing 8 things at once – and don’t always check what I type. Germans HAVE begun fighting back. Sand Nigger centers are being burned. Will the French attack and kill invaders? Dunno

    The Shabby Goy Talking Heads on FauxJooz are babbling about attacking Syria.

  11. Have you ever read Infantry Attacks by Rommel?

    What a curious movie quote.

    Patton appears to have been duped by his natural sense of patriotism into fighting men much like himself by his political patrons. Same thing with Montgomery with whom he maintained a rather strange but pointless rivalry. All in order to get the glory for wiping out the last practical political effort to conserve Europe.

    Next time I ask for the Copolla script lines, will be a cold day in hell.

    I’ve read the history surrounding the foundation of Islam and its spread and conquests. Ask me a question about Medina or the sack of Vandal North Africa.

    I’m good to go.

  12. Merkel aka Krasner is Polish Jew.

    Mercer’s family was instrumental in ending Apartheid, and fomenting the resulting White Genocide of the Boers, in SA.

  13. John,

    Please take the time to read George MacDonald Frazier’s “Flash For Freedom”.

    You’ll enjoy it.

  14. On the unfortunate events in Libya.

    On the surface attacking Gaddafi had its attractions. Seductive attractions. Indeed there were scores to be settled from various actors. the French are minor players in any coalition though. And they will not have a taste for adventures if they are going to be struck with this sort of blowback. Hollande’s legitimacy is pretty much zero at this point as well. He’s going to be shuffled out.

    After the fact it clearly unleashed a Tsunami of black immivasion.

  15. Who is this “we” that orchestrated the Syria debacle?

    You slipped. I didn’t have a hand in it.

    What have you got to feel guilty about soldier?

  16. John // November 14, 2015 at 4:18 pm

    You hit the nail on the head. It’s refreshing to find a true thinker on this site. Too many whites are running in the wrong direction. Sadly, they’ll all be shooting at the wrong people when the collapse actually happens. Our real enemy is the shadow governments around the globe. Same tribe/same secret societies at the very center of it all. Remember “who benefits?”

  17. Snow White,

    John is attacking straw men.

    Who here has suggested that the French now invade Syria?

    That’s what. Hollande will attempt to sell, of course, but who is buying it?

  18. I have to ask the question, the French ultimately lost the Algerian war so how is that a good example to use ?

  19. The Casbah is in Paris now.

    Broadly speaking the Empires were delegitimized by both the US and USSR.
    It’s the only example we can actually use. Around 1,000,000 pied noir were displaced by Arab/Muzzie fighters.

  20. VeryDeepSouth // November 14, 2015 at 8:51 pm // (Edit)
    I have to ask the question, the French ultimately lost the Algerian war so how is that a good example to use ?

    I respond:

    The French won the military war, but lost the peace. Once the decision was made in Paris to surrender French Algeria, grant one man one vote to Arab Muslim majority, then that’s when everything was lost.

    It was the same in Rhodesian war.

    It’s still fine to study what worked for French counter terrorist military they fought terror with terror and yes, used torture. So did Vlad the Impaler Count Dracula. So do Russians now who seem to be the only White Western people who have a #*$(# clue how to deal with Muslim terrorists. Read up on how the Russians WON the second Chetnian war…

    OK, that’s WON, not lose like Chicago Cubs and Ron Paul, Rand Paul Libertarian loon losers.

  21. The French lost the war, because the politicians let the Arabs remain there. Demographics is destiny.

    No point risking your life for any politician, when they will stab us in back. When whites have real leadership again, the victories will be rapid and permanent.

  22. The French lost the war because they were undermined from within. Muslims are a symptom, Progressives and their anti-Western cult is the disease.

  23. I was disappointed by coments here that fail to distinguish between being muslim and being brown. Islam is a threat to Western civilisation. Islam is incompatible with western freedom including freedom of speech. Being brown is of no threat. Personally I prefer non white non Islamic immigrants to white muslims.

  24. shannon // November 15, 2015 at 11:58 pm //

    You are only loyal to your fellow whites, as long as they have the same thoughts as you.

    What happens when people you were previously loyal to change their minds, or heaven forbid, you change your mind on some issue?

    Your loyalty to them is dissolved, which means you were never loyal to them at all!

    Your “propositional nation” idea is based on loyalty to ever shifting ideas, which means you are loyal to nothing and no one.

  25. And hey we had zero Islam in white countries, until you clowns started importing brown people in their millions.

    Face it anti-whites! You gotta go!

  26. Being brown is no threat as long as browns remain in their own countries. Flooding hundreds of millions of browns (ME Muslims included) into White countries and ONLY White countries, force integrating them with us, with the goal of “assimilation”, is a very real threat.

    It’s White Genocide.

  27. I’m hoping the Europeans will begin fighting back against the invasion, and will get rid of the traitors running things, although I don’t have great faith this will happen. Still all is not lost yet.

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