Regional Meetings

By Hunter Wallace

I’m on the way home from our first regional meeting. Here are some quick thoughts:

1.) We don’t need to hold a public protest, which usually wears everyone out after three hours in the cold or the sun, in order to have a public gathering.

2.) The enduring value of the protests was always mainly in the networking, building relationships, recruitment, etc.

3.) Lots of people who wouldn’t attend a public protest would be more interested in semi-public gatherings – meet up in some public location, and then leave to go a private venue.

4.) This would cut out the media and the anti-fa stalker trolls.

5.) These meetings could easily be hosted all over the South without any problems: Montgomery, Birmingham, Tallahassee, Atlanta, Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville, Charleston, Jacksonville, New Orleans, Charlotte, St. Louis, Little Rock, Richmond, etc.

6.) This could be combined with an annual invitation only private conference, probably in a centralized location like Tennessee, that could also cut out the media and anti-fa stalker trolls.

7.) There’s no reason why this couldn’t be combined with the protests.

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  1. 1.) OD is just a blog, not an organization.

    2.) Glenn Miller is responsible for his own actions. If anyone influenced him, it was Linder with his non-rhetorical position on exterminationism which I had repeatedly condemned for more than a decade.

    3.) Seeing as how I am not preaching to lunatics and telling them to kill anyone, Jewish or otherwise, I certainly don’t feel responsible when they do. I had never heard of Dylann Roof before he showed up on the news like every other psycho does at least once a month.

    3.) I’m not responsible for what you say or believe here or anyone else for that matter. This blog is just a forum to discuss news, history, activism and so forth. You are free to believe whatever you want and argue with others to your heart’s content.

    4.) As far as activism goes, we have had dozens of peaceful protests against immigration, gay marriage, and the destruction of Southern heritage. In doing so, we haven’t harmed anyone and have only expressed our own point of view.

    5.) While I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff that is said about Jews (conspiracies, crisis actors, false flags, etc.), I don’t believe in shielding them from criticism or making this blog into a “safe space” either. In particular, I don’t believe in hiding damaging information because it might be “bad for the Jews.

  2. re Jack Ryan,

    “My recommendation for Jewish issues is to follow the lead of Vladimir Putin. Jews are free to live in Russian areas, to work, do business and even get rich and do very well.

    Jews are not free to do anti Russian nationalism, insult Russian history, try to do American style Jewish media, support Pussy Riot, flood Russia with Black migrants etc. Putin is fair and neutral to Israel/Palestinian issues. Putin’s Middle East policy might as well be scripted by Pat Buchanan.

    Again, Putin doesn’t persecute, let alone kills Jews in Russia sphere of influence. Putin just puts the word out that Jews had better behave and everyone knows who is boss. Google image what happened to that Yid Yukos Oil oligarch why got out of line and tried to be a Sheldon Adelson Hollywood Yid power player.

    Putin put the Yid in public cage then sentenced him to hard labor in Siberia.

    Many of the worst Yid Oligarchs decided to jump ship and moved to England buying up British Premier Soccer league teams.

    I think we have to do this same with this Yid Warspite. He is bright, well educated, I don’t have a problem with him being pro Jewish, obviously concerned about past persecutions. But, this is our place/space – we ain’t letting any type of Jews do here what the Neo Con Jews did to National Review and Conservative Inc.”

    My response:

    The best way to keep them from causing trouble in our new state is to kick them out–Constitutionally. Putin may well keep them in line for now, but contrary to some of the Internet memes I see, he is mortal and will be replaced someday. Who knows if the next leader will screw up or toe the line? Besides, how do we know that Putin is really stopping them from causing trouble? For all we know they may be working under the radar.

    If there are jews working in many administrative positions, you can bet that kids in schools will be reading The Diary of Ann Frank and watching white guilt Holocaust films. If they are allowed to form associations, you can bet they will form an SPLC. If they are allowed to make and distribute movies, you can bet they will be full of white guilt.

    Do you think the state of Florida is better or worse off today for having all those Jews move in?

    Why not order them out of the country, or at least have some kind of policy to encourage them to leave or be sterilized?

    I haven’t had much interaction with Jews in person and don’t really have any emotional investment on one side or the other. But I can see that they are disproportionately represented in politics, disproportionately represented on the news, disproportionately represented in Hollywood, and disproportionately represented at SPLC.

    There are a few token “conservatives” on the right like Bernie Goldberg on Fox and Ben Shapiro. But are they really all that conservative? Do you think they would support us in our cause?

    They have at least a 2,000 yr history in Europe and have failed to assimilate. Other than their being higher IQed, why do we treat them any differently from the blacks or the Indians? Having 2 or more races living together creates racial tension. Simple.

    • Jeff:

      I sincerely feel you need to get out more. You are commenting on matters without sufficient background or knowledge. Ultimately you may still come to the same conclusion, but at least base your opinions on actual knowledge or experience.

      And Jews have been in Europe for more than 2000 years. Plus, once laws discriminating against Jews disappeared, they did assimilate. Some Jews even criticize the tendency of Jews to assimilate so comfortably once laws discriminating against them disappear.

  3. Hunter, I think you need a Final Solution to the anti-White Warspite. You’re being herded into defending yourself from things that you never said and really have no bearing on the topics you are trying to cover.

    • If persons such as Celestial wouldn’t write stupid things, I wouldn’t have to post. And anyway, I for one am getting darn tired of Celestial and others’ anti-American postings and attitude.

      If people like Celestial want to be in a country being shaped by the shadow-KGB, catch a plane. I prefer a nation based on Enlightenment principles by way of great Southerners like James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Why am I the only one willing to speak for American values!

  4. Warspite, please re-read my (best in a lifetime) post here on OD commenting on Israeli Leader Netenayahu trying to re-write history, make changes to the official Jewish Holocaust Myth and placing the blame on the Palestinians instead of on Hitler and NS Germans.

    I/we do not “deny” very major persecution, discrimination and killings of Jewish people during World War II, we just strongly object to these real historical events being used to create a extremely, negative, anti White, anti European religious cult to bash all things White, all things European and justify the replacement, destruction of all White European people/European culture everywhere on planet earth.

    Yes, of course Jewish people were persecuted and suffered terribly in World War II, but so did other people. And regular White people in places like Iowa, Alabama, or Rotherdam England are not to blame for these terrible REAL/not made up things that happened to certain Jewish people in World War II. Poor English girls in Rotherdam England do not deserve to be gang raped by old Pakistani Muslim men for some terrible things that happened to Jewish people in World War II, none done by English White people, certainly not by English young girls.

    The 6 Million gassed Jews Holocaust is now a fundamentalist religious myth/cult – those who object, differ from any part of the official Jewish Holocaust myth are persecuted as religious heretics, “unbelievers” “Holocaust deniers”. This fundamentalist religious myth/cult is bad for our people and we resist it.

  5. Ohhhhh, now Warspite has switched gears. Instead of a strict policy of weeding out the anti-Semitism, it’s now a game of passing out a scorecard where we all get graded by him on his version of American vs anti-American attitudes. And then he tries his piss poor psychology by trying to evoke the names of Southern men and trying to hide his anti-White droppings being a veneer of ‘Being an American.’ Dude, I already told you, I’m well outside of your pay grade when you start trying to manipulate things.

    Maybe I should play along. Nahhh. I don’t think I want to play that game. Let’s just make it simple and bring back the Nazis. I’m mostly German and sexy as hell. I’m also loyal to a fault as long as there’s some reciprocity there. They’ll love me. Can’t say they would feel the same about you, Warspite. I would put in a good word for you, but you’re kind of a douche.

    • Warspite,

      You have convinced me. I’ve banned Celestial Time and all the other anti-Semites. Now that we are respectable in the eyes of the ADL and mainstream Jewish opinion columnists, we shall start winning some major victories.

  6. The holo$cost proponents were very successful.

    At a family gathering or an event with many people it would be interesting to ask them if they knew how many Germans, Poles, Russians, Brits, French, Italians, Japanese or Hungarians died or were killed during WW2.

    I guarantee that most will not have a clue.

    A few oldsters might have a correct figure for a country or two. Younger folks…fuggettaboutit.

    After watching the blank look on their faces regarding the nations mentioned, or several others, ask them how many jews died or were killed.

    All hands would instantly go up and a chorus of voices in unison would shout back…6,000,000,000 were holocausted.

    Funny how that works.

    • Re Sam:

      “All hands would instantly go up and a chorus of voices in unison would shout back…6,000,000,000 were holocausted.”

      They also don’t know how many Gypsies were killed or how many Chinese were killed by Chairman Mao.

      • One can always identify people such as yourselves. The Americans whose parents never took them to an orthodontist. (something in common with Whitney Houston’s poor little kid).

  7. Yes, Warspite has figured out that the accolades and lavish praise come rolling in once you purge any dissenting voices that pose questions that Jews deem offensive. Just ask Jared Taylor how he’s no longer considered a racist in the media and government or no longer listed on the ADL and SPLC as an extremist hate monger.

  8. I think the Jobling fiasco proved that moderation for the sake of being able to say you are moderate can be just as destructive as is the notion of fully giving yourself over to Linder-style rhetoric. Both are really doing nothing more than trying to impress people.

    Anyone trying too hard to offend people is probably unbalanced and will continue to try to find people to offend even when you remove the things they’ve complained about. A lot of habitual malcontents and misanthropes find it far too easy to hide out in pro-White circles because of the abundance of negativity that is accepted and nurtured within those circles.

    Anyone trying too hard to ingratiate themselves to people will eventually be manipulated and herded into a very amenable and passive state of resistance until they no longer represent a threat. The problem there is that someone is always going to see the truth as a threat, so the ingratiation and conflict avoidance pretty much overtakes everything else. You stop saying what needs to be said and instead you worry more about what little cabal is going to be offended when speaking certain truths. You can say it in the most civil manner possible and it still won’t matter to them.

    I like to look at myself as an unapologetic and unwavering pro-White person who dwells somewhere between those two worlds. It’s a difficult position to be in, because you’re either not “hardcore” enough for the misanthropes and knuckledraggers, or you are just way too blunt, honest and “hardcore” for the sycophants and stuffed shirts. But you’re still a big meany racist to the politically correct sheep no matter what.

  9. Jeff Davis
    ‘They also don’t know how many Gypsies were killed or how many Chinese were killed by Chairman Mao’

    I’ll have to confess not knowing the figures off hand, myself.

    I did at one time, but of course if something is not hammered into the brain repeatedly it is not retained.

    Unlike the ‘holohorseshit’ which is spoken and written about ad nauseum.

    Oh, and is the subject of 6,000,000,000 movies and documentaries.

    I forgot to include the numbers of Americans killed on that list.

    Most people in the USA surely haven’t the slightest idea on that either.


    Holohoax museums and memorials all over the freaking world and everyone has heard of Ann Frank.

    Are there memorials to the citizens of Dresden or Nagasaki or Hiroshima or countless other peoples all over the planet who suffered from wars?


    No one cares. They were not important. Only one groups matters.

    • Wow, Mr. Leibowitz, I have to say you are a remarkably ignorant person. I could respond but it is really, really hard to think on that sub-basement level.

      Just to show what a stupid, bitter and jealous person you are, it’s notable how you left out the number of Soviet deaths during WWII. You do know they fought in the War, right?

      I believe “Gyspies” generally prefer to be called Roma. The reason no one is quite sure how many died are largely tied up with the insular nature of Roma society, the lack of education within that community, and the fact no one much cared. I know you can strongly relate to reason #2.

      I’ve always been troubled by the educational system in the South. It is def inferior to elsewhere in the US, esp since the end of integration. We should not accept that. Nor should we accept only a handful of superior universities. Colleges are for more than just football. Having gone to Vanderbilt I def know that one!

  10. How many jews died during the war?

    The correct answer?


    Now, do us a favor and slink away into a corner and O.D. on some stinkin’ Gefilte fish.

    • Very neo-pagan, Sam.

      You know, it’s still possible to aspire to a reasonable level of education for your children. They need not be so, weak-minded.

      Jokes such as yours have all the humor of laughing off the 130 killed in Paris. That amuse you also?

  11. Jeff – the Zhids don’t have a higher IQ than Whites do. They are simply skilled in playing word games, in in deception and subversion.

    Were Jews really brilliant, they’d leave Whites alone to create Heaven on Earth. But demons loathe angels, because if the Nature of Evil to Hate Good.

    They must go.

  12. Warspite
    ‘Jokes such as yours have all the humor of laughing off the 130 killed in Paris. That amuse you also?’

    What makes you think I was joking, rabbi fagele?

    As to the 130 killed in Paris?

    No, I would not joke about humans being killed.

  13. Warspite
    ‘I believe “Gyspies” generally prefer to be called Roma.’


    Gypsies are worse than plagues. Not as harmful as jews, but a close second.

  14. One can always identify people such as yourselves. The Americans whose parents never took them to an orthodontist.

    Should we name some of the characteristics and features to look for when identifying people like you? That would be hilarious.

    In my case,

    1) I’ve never had a single cavity in my life. The dentists and dental hygienists have always been amazed that I could skip 2 or 3 years of visits and it still looked like I had just been there the month before.

    2) I still have my retainer. Although my parents were rather poor by most standards and couldn’t really afford any type of orthodontic work, I did work my ass off and paid for everything myself.

    Let me guess, now you’ll have something derogatory to say about White people who weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth?

    • There’s your answer, another Jewish conspiracy! I’ll have to check the minutes of older International & Global Jewish Control, Inc., to see if our agents identified Mr. Miller and set the whole thing in motion. I can check them online. Jews did, after all, invent the Internet as a means of better monitoring world events.

      If you were truly wise men you would shut down all online operations and revert to carrier pigeon. Just make sure your pigeons are not Jewish (check the beaks, or for Sephardic birds the left claw)

  15. “For the record, when I was first exposed to the Jewish Question, I tended to discount what the anti-Semites were saying and chose to research the matter on my own.”

    I think the way it works is people looking into this stuff see evidence everywhere and in such disparate places e.g. banking mafia and communists, that it looks like it must be one big conspiracy. I got like that at one point.

    However most normal people have a very hard time believing in one giant conspiracy and I think most people were/are right.

    A simpler explanation is there is something in Jewish culture or genetics that drives many of them on an individual level to wage stealth warfare against the majority population and the sum of their individual hostility creates the equivalent of a giant conspiracy.

    And that something in their culture is easy to see – having no country of their own for a long time they evolved a culture designed to induce paranoia as a method of maintaining group cohesion and it works as shown by Jewish domination of media and finance. However the side effect of that self-induced paranoia – constant economic and cultural stealth warfare against the majority – always ends up destroying the host nation / civilization.

    • Have you considered scrutinizing this theory within the context of history? This is not something to be done off the top of your head. Chronologically alone you are dealing with perhaps as long as 3400 yrs. Geographically its (conservatively) Kaifung to the New World. To reach any sort of educated opinion would likely take about two years of research and reading.

      A quick answer would be akin to blaming White people for the status of Blacks in this Country. It was whites that brought blacks to the new world, whites who created laws making blacks personalty or at best 3/5 of a man, whites who permitted laws going into effect that stripped blacks of civil rights granted under the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments. Over 300 years on the assault on the dignity of men because of skin color.

      The above is a convenient, facile explanation for a more complicated argument, and I choose to reject it as offering a complete explanation for the black situation in America. But it’s reasoning is far better than anything I’ve seen on this blog about Jews.

  16. Warspite knows the topic here was not about him, and knows that this website generally excludes the game of trying to gin up support for the notion of the poor, oppressed, persecuted Jews. He just accidentally stumbled onto this pro-White website and decided to give everyone his sagely Jewish advice. It wasn’t really about him and his people for the most part, but that doesn’t stop the accidental tourist from trying to make it ALL about him and ALL about Jews. It’s always all about them wherever they find themselves, even when they say it isn’t about them.

    The anti-Whites can’t make up their minds whether we are uneducated bumpkins and white trash rednecks who will never have any influence over a political landscape, or whether we are a growing, ruthless and potentially dangerous element of society who prey on minorities while using all of the societal leverage that our White Privilege affords us.

    Am I an insignificant racist and idiot with no hope of getting my ideas planted firmly somewhere in society, or do I say and do things that have the potential to influence others in great numbers?

    Am I a lowly serf or an aristocrat?

    Am I poor and uneducated, or do I reap all of the benefits and luxuries of life because of my White Privilege?

    Are my words really so hollow, untrue and bizarre that only a tiny, insignificant fraction of White people will ever listen? If so, why does Mr. Sagely Jew Advisor spend so much time replying to these types of comments and focus so much on these types of people?

    You usually don’t have to go on the offensive too much with anti-Whites like Warspite. They are convinced of their own superiority over you, so you use that against them. You give them more room and a few nudges and they will usually do most of the work to expose their true nature and intent. The more he wiggles and squirms now to free himself, the deeper the hook is set.

    You have a Denise and you have a Warspite. If you remove the Denise, do you still have a Warspite? If you remove the Warspite, do you still have a Denise? One is a cause and one is an effect. Which is which?

    • That’s correct.

      This thread was inspired by our recent Augusta meeting for Cushman’s book launch. Why not take that model and apply it elsewhere? We could have regional meetings in cities like Mobile and Memphis.

      It never occurred to me that this had anything to do with the Jews. I just thought it would be fun to host similar meetups and parties for our readers. Greg Johnson has been doing it for years at Counter-Currents.

      • Why would you blame me for your colleagues’ inability to discuss the first permanent practitioners of monotheism in anything other than in the most crude and ugly fashion available?

        The Denise to which Celestial refers differs from me in a very substantial manner. Whatever I write is in the nature of an avocation. The “group also known as …” fall into the vocation category. In addition, I have no commitment to monitoring, or playing the classic provocateur role. I’m just one individual who is a Southerner and has an opinion or two.

        From my own experiences I know there are persons with evil ideas because they are evil, others who are merely unworldly. When people are exposed to education and experience (both are important) most rise above their former ignorance. Obviously not all.

        My experience with WeeNies so far does match up with the description of the SPLC. I read many of that groups opinions over last weekend and thought them mostly unfair. I have no doubt there are WN’s who would actually buy a gun and shoot up a bunch of (take your choice). In fact, judging from the Miller guy such people clearly exist. But in all the OD postings I cannot say I’ve seen one than one that I think strikes me as written by someone dangerous.

        Btw, I do not consider Dylan Roof a WeeNer. I do not believe the manifesto or whatever you want to call it to be written by him. It was not credible the document in question was written by a semi-illiterate high school drop out.

        It’s also not to say there are not neo-Nazi WN groups that are not criminal in nature. But the SPLC is ridiculous when it lumps OD in with dangerous, criminal groups. Regardless of how foul the language or neo-Nazi the ideas, there was only the one time I thought a posting dangerously unbalanced. One out of 1000. The SPLC ought to let people express their opinions and write as they please as long as they do not violate the law. Ideas and words should be fought out with other ideas and words.

        I am also displeased the SPLC fails to recognize the general lack of intelligence shown by WN’s. Certainly not true in every case, but unless WeeNiers are willing to act in a dangerous and illegal manner, they are absolutely their own worst enemies. The loony-tune ideas consign them to the very fringes of American politics. In quite a few respects most WN’s have more in common with radical Islam than post-Enlightenment West.

        Regardless, Hunter should act as he wants. It’s his blog. If he wants to ban me he has the power to do so. Don’t suddenly go democrat on us!

  17. So, Hunter, what’s the next step to get some of these proposed get-togethers off the ground? What do you need to happen?

    • Nothing really.

      I’m planning to host a meet up in Columbus, GA soon. We will meet up in a public location, eat dinner, and go to a private location for a little get together. I think we will stick to Alabama and Georgia at first before expanding this model elsewhere in the South.

  18. Warspite

    Jews opened the gates of Spain to the Moors and ran a white slave trade from there for 700 years.

    After the Reconquista the inquisition chased the Jewish slave traders out of Spain and into Portugal.

    As they couldn’t get white slaves any more they started the African slave trade on the Portuguese owned islands along the west coast of Africa.

    This is why 90% of black slaves went to Brazil – a Portuguese colony – and very few to the Spanish colonies – because the Jewish slave traders were worried about the Inquisition.

  19. I can’t afford (at this point in time) to travel far or to dine
    in restaurants. However, if there’s a demonstration close enough
    for me to afford to go, I’ll be there and protest with gusto. I’d
    rather protest for Dixie than to eat or sleep. It’s what I live for.
    I’m not putting down your idea. I think it’s great to have socal
    events and eat out. But, walking around carrying a SECEDE sign
    is a great honor and privilege for me.

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