Baltimore Reaches Highest Per Capita Homicide Rate Ever

By Hunter Wallace

The latest news out of Baltimore is grim: rocketing even past the most violent years of the early 1990s, the city has reached its highest per capita murder rate of all time

“Baltimore isn’t just back to 1990s-level homicide rates. It has surpassed them — and with a month and a half to go before the year’s end.

Given the city’s smaller population today, and the stack of killings that occurred in recent days, 2015 has officially become the deadliest year, per capita, in Baltimore history. …

The #BlackLivesMatter movement and its programme of police demoralization deserve all the credit for the tremendous toll this sharp uptick in black crime is taking on Baltimore. I’m afraid to report that “White racists” have nothing to do with it.

Note: For more on Baltimore, check out Paul Kersey’s book “The City That Bleeds.”

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  1. Black Lives Matter is all about the Genocide of the White Race more than anything else. African Americans will never deal with the problems in the Black community. Only say it’s the White Man’s fault for everything. Deo Vindice !

  2. Yes, a congratulations is definitely in order for the black leadership of Baltimore. If you’re gonna be incompetent and destructive, you might as well be the best at it. They’re #1! The White man has been holding them back from being the best that they can be for far too long. Now the White man has stepped aside and allowed the Black Plague to do it’s own thing. They are #1 now and that’s all that matters.

    This isn’t really bad news. You guys are just racists and looking at it all wrong. This is Baltimore’s greatest season so far. The rookie classes coming in for the next few years look to be even better. Quit being so pessimistic and racist.

  3. This could bring a whole new meaning to the question of Who’s Your Team?

    I’ve always been a Memphis fan. They have an aggressive and multifaceted offense.

    We should have a Fantasy League for this. I also think trading cards would be hilarious.

  4. Africans in America are world champions at lying, cheating, and putting up false fronts.

    They’re not truly distraught over black-on-black violence.
    Violent crime repels Whites from their cities allowing greater black political domination. It also ruins the private economy which gives blacks the excuse to wallow in the high leisure lifestyle of welfare.

    Endless hours eating junk food, watching junk television, and spreading venereal disease with junk sex is what it’s about, holmes.

    The big jawed little brained people are the most dysgenic breeders on the planet and will be even less inclined in the future to ape first world behavior.

  5. Considering the propensity for black males to be on the down low I don’t think the Chicago sex strike by black females will have much of an effect. If we’re lucky it will affect the birthrate.

  6. What business is it of whites if blacks want to kill each other?? Let black people settle their difference with each other in the way of their choosing. Who can say weather or not each and every black person that was killed did not deserve it and had it coming to them??

  7. Robert

    After all, we white people are instructed not to care about black violent crime because it largely involves the same kind of black thugs as both perps and vics.

  8. Thank you for informing your readers about the decline of Baltimore. I lived for between 2-3 years in what was once a major American city. Also a great city, full of history and old, melting pot style diversity.

    I was last in Baltimore for its too-brief revival around the time Camden Yards opened & the Harbor was first developed. Even the old Baltimore “Block” red-light zone was pretty safe. To see the city now on its knees, reduced to near meaningless is really sad.

    The area around Baltimore is still active, and the changes in Maryland over the past 50 years are remarkable. I do not think those changes all that great. Maryland was once a genuine “Border State”, with elements of both the South & North. There is still some horse country in the west, and some vestiges of the South in places like St. Mary’s. The Eastern Shore retains a unique atmosphere, though not really Southern. On the whole the state has been subsumed by the employment factory of the federal government, with some unusual demographic changes.

    Maryland cannot be compared to Kentucky (Southern & proud of it) or Missouri. The latter is a bit Southern in the Ozarks. Otherwise it’s dominated by two very different but non-Southern cities. The rural & semi-rural areas are def not the South, other than as noted. Need I even mention Delaware?

    Having seen the demographic shift in Atlanta (1975-1985), I feel for the folks in Baltimore. It not only had White Flight, it suffered from the decline of industrial cities. ATL grew out & became clearly THE major city in the South. Baltimore seems to have nowhere to go but down.

  9. just be aware that, in gooding each other, the Black survivors are sharpening skills that will eventually be used against suburban and rural Whites. Invest in lead, and lead delivery systems

  10. Invest in lead, and lead delivery systems

    I’ve got that covered for my family and a few other families if need be. I, too, would advise others to start investing in whatever lethal and non-lethal self-defense items they are comfortable with purchasing. Start doing this immediately. Not tomorrow or next week or some future date… TODAY!

    After writing that, I think I need to quite procrastinating and go ahead and find or start a pro-White type of gun club in Middle TN.

  11. Haxo Angmark // November 19, 2015 at 10:07 am //

    “just be aware that, in gooding each other, the Black survivors are sharpening skills that will eventually be used against suburban and rural Whites”

    Since thugs are cowards, they will target neighborhoods they know are defenseless. That means liberal neighborhoods.

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