Piyush Jindal Ends Presidential Campaign

By Hunter Wallace

In hindsight, Jindal’s campaign was only memorable for his tax plan, the headline about Confederate monuments, and his series of desperate attention whoring attacks on Trump:

“Gov. Bobby Jindal on Tuesday ended his presidential bid on Tuesday (Nov. 17), telling Fox News’ Bret Baier that “it is not my time.”

Jindal had been trailing in the polls throughout much of the race. He launched his bid on June 24.

Speculation about the end of his campaign began in earnest a month ago, when he posted disappointing campaign fundraising totals. …”

It looks like we won’t be getting the 14 percent economic growth.

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  1. Has a European Caucasian man been the leader of India since India gained independence from Britain? I wonder how Indians would feel about that? How about a African black man as their prime minister? Would the Indians elect a black African prime minister who wants to bring 25 to 50 million blacks to India?

  2. Unfortunely, Jindahl has more sense than the white men & women in the Democratic Party. Coming from India, he also understands better than most politicians how dangerous Muslims are to everyone who rejects Islam.

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