Cuckservatives: Glenn Beck Cuckout

By Hunter Wallace

As if any further proof were needed after the march in Birmingham, no one out cucks Glenn Beck:

“In his radio broadcast Thursday, Beck expressed support for the protesters’ cause, adding of Wilson, “He was a horrible racist.” But, according to Beck, ousting Wilson from Princeton will be a difficult feat because it is the professors who support him.

“They have to have their professors — because the reason why we like Woodrow Wilson is because of the professors on university campuses,” Beck said. “They always vote him as one of the top five presidents of all time. He was one of the worst, racist, awful president’s we’ve ever had. I hate this guy.” …

Beck is also ludicrously comparing himself to Oscar Schindler and plans to illegally smuggle Syrian refugees into the United States:

“In an interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, radio talk show host and TheBlaze founder Glenn Beck urged his listeners to raise $10 million in order to help relocate Syrian refugees to the United States, and vowed to do so even if it landed him in jail.

Beck tearfully recited the Emma Lazarus poem “The Colossus,” inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. “When we don’t welcome in ‘the tempest-tost,’ when we can watch them and see a boy laying face down in the sand and we don’t accept them into our country, we don’t have a light that we’re holding by that door anymore,” he said.

Beck said that he had asked his audience to raise $10 million before Christmas to help take in Christian Syrian refugees. “Stop asking for permission!” he said. “Stop thinking we need permission… We will vet them ourselves. I have former CIA people that are going over and they’re vetting everybody right now. We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved, okay? …”

Guess how many Syrian refugees Bibi Netanyahu’s Israel is taking right next door. That’s right … ZERO.

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  1. This guy is a certifiable lunatic. He had everyone going with his outing of jewish cabals, but after he got tossed off Faux newz for that he just went off the rails. MLK marches and leading TEA partiers away from getting rid of GOP traitors. He was 100% for Romney even before he was pushed over the finish line by the donors and power brokers in the Dead Elephant Society.
    I think this loon is just trying to get his cushy Faux Newz show back myself. His crazy antics are all huff and bluster and have zero appeal to Americans, so he must be playing to the Hidden Hands with these cuckamamie antics.

  2. Un-fucking-real.

    The Breitbart Judaeosphere are also cucking out on this one too. The comments on the Wilson story are Fugging Bizarre.

  3. If think the Democrats keep the blacks in a Neo-plantation you might be a Cuckservative.

  4. Just when you think BEK can’t get any loonier or more malicious and destructive and treacherous – he does.

    WHEN will he stroke out? Let’s pray for a brain aneurysm for Good Ole Traitor Glenn.

  5. As an aside, it should be noted that the Statue of Liberty was given to the US by the French in 1886 as a commemoration of the Union victory and a celebration of the friendship between the US and France. It had nothing to do with immigration. The plaque with the inscription of the poem “The New Colossus” was not placed on the statue until 1903. Therefore, it is ridiculous when progressives claim that the statue must be torn down if the US adopts any restrictions on immigration.

  6. Emma Lazarus was also a committed Zionist. So nice of her to invite the world into someone elses country. This is why the Open Borders for Israel movement is so important!

    “She is an important forerunner of the Zionist movement. She argued for the creation of a Jewish homeland thirteen years before Theodor Herzl began to use the term Zionism.[14]”

  7. The poem is a jewish caption.

    They do this all the time.

    When Magritte used text in a painting it’s mostly about the phenomenological nature of images.

    When a Saturday person does it is often done to negate or appropriate or plagiarize.

  8. “a boy laying face down in the sand” – blame his dad, who it should be noted, was wearing a lifejacket.

    “and we don’t accept them into our country” – they were safe in turkey, or otherwise known as economic migrants.

    “we don’t have a light that we’re holding by that door anymore” – fine by me.

  9. You know, I get a bad feeling about all this. I think that Paris attack and these Syrian “immigrants” are some sort of “brilliant” plan to start a War in Syria. Considering the Russians are sending over a hundred thousand troops to help Assad close down ISIS who are apparently being run by the CIA and Mossad, this “brilliant” plan might start another Global War.

  10. AnAnon
    “and we don’t accept them into our country”

    Neither does Israel, Becky. But that’s okay with you, cuz Israel is different, ya know.

    They get to be uniquely jewy.

    The rest of us have to be mongrelized out of existence.

  11. Dr. Doom // November 21, 2015 at 2:23 am //
    I think there is far more to it than global war. Bringing Islam and the terror that comes with it into the West, is about shutting down democracy, free speech and resistance to their genocide agenda in every White country.

    Haven’t you noticed they use terrorism as an excuse to take more and more rights away? If they really cared about terrorism, would they really be flooding Islam into the West? I think they know they are losing the information war, so they are shutting it down.

  12. This jew problem could go away in a day if White people realized that they had no real power but were just full of crap. You have the power, their money is worthless without you to back it up. In truth they have nothing. The fact they have to use their enemies that have sworn to kill them like Muslims shows they have no real power.

  13. Vetting is meaningless in the long run.

    The assurances that Syrian immigrants will be vetted reminds me of Linda Chavez telling us that Latino immigrants have moderate crime rates. What she neglects to mention is that their children have very high crime rates and poor academic performance.

    The only intelligent way of predicting how well immigrant groups will perform in America is to examine their behavior in their homelands.

    The upper class in India have very low crime rates, excellent academic performance, and are very sexually responsible.
    That’s exactly how they behave in America.

    The collective behavior of Syrians has created a nation that is poor, low I.Q, violent, and damaged by Islamic terrorism.
    When they feel acclimated enough to resort to their natural behavior, this is what they’ll bring to America.

  14. So what if Indians or Syrians are well or badly behaved? Do we as Whites want to live in a White America or a browned out third world one? There won’t be White countries anywhere on the planet if we continue down this road.

    No need to give reasons for refusing immigration, other that it will change the demographics of our countries and we don’t want that.

  15. “Putin would send Beck to Siberia.”
    What a lovely sentiment. SO, too hopefully, will Trump.

    Beck has become the next Alex Jones. Utterly worthless, and cucking for Isra-hell. I wouldn’t know he was a Moron from his stances. He seems more like a Unitarian, than a polygamous nut job cult wacko…

  16. Cuckservatives deplore where we are but applaud every step that brought us here.

    Cuckservatives are ratifiers of the anti-White, pro-White Genocide Agenda.

  17. Yes, Mr. Beck is certainly right that President Wilson was a racist.

    What he fails to consider is that almost everyone held that view, in those days; and that, if that criterion is used to expunge Wilson’s memory from Princeton – it will be used to expunge every aspect of post 17th century history, in this part of the world.

  18. Fr John – BEK comes from a family of severely mentally ill people. His mother committed suicide. He was an alcoholic. He’s simply substituted Jews and their shekels for booze. He’s a severely mentally ill, dysgenic druggie – meaning Jewsand their shekels are his crakc cocaine,

    Stroking out, or a brain aneurysm, is the best possible outcome for him.

  19. Uh ..

    I do not know about Mr. Beck’s private life, nor am I an aficionado of his broadcasts – which are relatively new in the rural parts where I live.

    Be that as it may : I’ve listened to Beck’s show 3-5 times, and while he is not conservative enough for me, I have not been struck by any signs of mental instability or degeneracy.

    His views seem like the normal Republican sort of stuff I always hear from my small-town North Carolina neighbours.

    For better or worse, they are the overwhelming conservative majority, and those who think at all like those of us at this site, are a wee minority.

    Conclusion – neither political persuasion is ‘ill’

    We just see things differently.

  20. Junius? Yeah maybe thats what they tell you, cause nowadays some hook-nosed horror might fire them for having thoughts of a nice White future, but in White circles this whole diversity kumbaya is just Voodoo Sociology to them. Those old enough to remember the pre-invasion America have been telling tales to the Aryan Youths who get picked on and bullied and then blamed for sticking up to the mud ruining their lives. Diversity may as well be a four letter word. We should write it Divy from now on, because its a nasty four letter word we all HATE.

  21. Well, Jewnius – if you don’t know that much about BEK, you can do some research, if you want to be bothered with doing research. I do know what a whack job he is, because I do my research.

  22. I used to warn my friends about Beck. I always suspected he was a liberal at heart. I actually think he is an idiot. He calls himself a rodeo clown, and I would agree with that assessment.

    BUT, I have to give him some credit. He has a huge following. This shows one of two things or a combination of both. Generally, the crowd is of low intelligence and will follow easily because they want to be led or Beck is a has the charisma of a rock star.

    Dr. Doom,

    I have to disagree with your comment “His crazy antics are all huff and bluster and have zero appeal to Americans, so he must be playing to the Hidden Hands with these cuckamamie antics.”

    He draws huge crowds.

  23. I was scanning the radio this weekend and came across Howard Stern interviewing Alex Jones.(Conspiracy theories are the bane of the racialist movement!) I had no idea Jones had such visceral hatred of Glen Beck and did not mind letting it lose.Anybody that praises MLK and has his relatives on the radio with him, or gives parades with MLK and Fredrick Douglas posters as Beck has done, is no friend of ours. Wilson was a racialist but we can also date our loss of sovereignty as a people from his presidency. He was a committed globalist and easily manipulated by Col.House. He also formed the forerunner to the Council of Foreign Relations.(Suggested Reading- Born At Versailles by SS General Leon Degrelle for a more in depth discussion of Wilson) We need to realize that a people cannot be free without being sovereign and a people are not sovereign if they have lost control of their destiny, and hence their future, to an insider elite, even if they do constitute a numerical majority of the population. If that be the case, and that is the case with white people, than freedom is mere illusion and voting, not religion, is the true opiate of the people.

  24. Funny thing: Beck is a Mormon, and Brigham Young, who led the Mormons to Utah was extremely racist, holding slaves himself and declaring that the eternal law of God regarding miscegenation with blacks is “death on the spot.”

    So why isn’t Glen Beck calling for the erasure of Brigham Young from his Church’s “Brigham Young University”?

  25. Partial correction: As Utah Territorial Governor, in 1852 Brigham Young enacted legislation legalizing slavery, but held no slaves himself, as “I could not afford to own them.” (Interview w/Horace Greely, 1859-08-20-New York Tribune)

  26. Beck is a total whack job!

    Breitbart: Glenn Beck all but accused GOP presidential front runner and billionaire Donald Trump of being a “spoiler” who is running for president to ensure Hillary Clinton wins the White House. Unlike Beck, Trump’s wealth and financial independence has convinced many voters that Trump would not be beholden to an assortment of special interests. But Beck even posited that Trump is running in order to get “massive payback” from the Clintons.

    “What are the odds that he is a spoiler? What are the odds that he got into this because he’s friends with the Clintons and he’ll get massive payback?” Beck reportedly asked on his Tuesday radio program. “Do you know the favor they’re going to owe him?”

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