Tennessee Local Hero Stands Up to Islamic Invasion

Rep. Glen Casada R-Franklin District 63 — Part of Williamson County

In these very dark and depressing times, it’s easy to lose hope and give in to gloom, doom and despair.

With our enemies firmly entrenched in the MSM mainstream media, academia, political elite, chambers of commerce, the $ billionaire donors – who’s on our side? Who speaks for us?

Well one very courageous Southern (young) man is speaking for us. The GOP Speaker of the Tennessee State House of Representative Glen Casada

Representative Glen Casada has publicly challenged the Obama Administration’s plan to flood the USA, the state of Tennessee with tens of thousands of Muslim migrants/refugees from Syria and other Islamic countries:

“Tennessee Rep. Glen Casada, chairman of the House GOP Caucus, told local newspaper The Tennessean, “We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop them from coming into the state by whatever means we can. I’m not worried about what a bureaucrat in D.C. or an unelected judge thinks.”

This shows all the good signs of a local, Southern rebellion against the hated BRA regime in Washington, rebellion against the New York City-Harvard and Yale-Hollywood Axis of Evil.

I contacted Rep Casada’s office spoke with a very nice, bright staff assistant “Holt” and expressed my support – I let on that I was from Tennessee and a Vanderbilt alumnus. It’s your choice if you want to pose as a constituent. This is a local issue that works great for us and local heroes will step up. Please make the calls, write thank you e-mails.

Remember we’re facing and all out Camp of the Saints invasion.

Nashville Address
301 6th Avenue North
Suite 25 Legislative Plaza
Nashville, TN 37243
Phone: (615) 741-4389
Fax: (615) 253-0229

District Address
3144 Natoma Circle
Thompson Station, TN 37179
Phone: (615) 943-7396

Staff Contacts
Carol Simpson
Holt Whitt
Cade Cothren, Press Secretary


  1. Progressives always talk about this “wrong side of history”. What does that even mean? There is no right and wrong side other than who wins and who loses. I suppose if we win, then we can consider ourselves to have been on the right side.

      • I’m actually for “progress,” but that is why I am against most of their agenda. Do you honestly think Detroit has progressed? It hasn’t progressed at all. Instead, it has declined from its peak in the early 1960s.

  2. I actually thought about moving to Franklin or somewhere in Williamson County next year. I’m glad that at least some of the elected officials there haven’t swallowed the PC pill and still have a spine.

  3. Celestial Time this area in Middle TN looks very strong, healthy. Why not move there, get involved in very local politics, promote local heroes like this guy – run against Eashington DC, Harvard, New York City, Hollywood, everything in the Middle East.

  4. yeah they’re is some good news, like the dindu’s that got wasted trying to break in at that White boys house. it was on Western Voices. everyone should check it out.

  5. “What is dishonest here, Don?”

    Oh, HW, you know. Deleting a post that points to the dishonest suggestion of one of your fair haired, aged out Hitler Youth guides.

    Come on, HW. At least be honest with me even if no one knows wtf we’re talking about.

  6. “Tennessee Rep. Glen Casada, chairman of the House GOP Caucus, told local newspaper The Tennessean, “We need to activate the Tennessee National Guard and stop them from coming into the state by whatever means we can. I’m not worried about what a bureaucrat in D.C. or an unelected judge thinks.”

    The line about bureaucrats, I’ve heard from people all my life. Judges being unelected dictators is new and surprising. Congratulations to Glen Casada for not only seeing a truth, but having the guts to say it.

  7. Hunter, you know you aren’t allowed to ask anti-Whites direct questions or even expect them to back up their accusations with facts and logic. It’s like asking a vampire to feed off his own blood. Some things just aren’t possible even in the land of MultiCulty make-believe. I think anti-White protocol is that he has to kick his own ass if he attempts to answer those types of questions with anything other than innuendo, non sequitur, and more baseless accusations.

    It’s an anti-White thing. We wouldn’t understand.

    • It’s strange.

      I woke up this morning and thought that the debate with Jeff over free trade would probably still be going on, but it never occured to me that I hated Don. The thought never crossed my mind.

  8. Yes, Jack censors his own articles. And this was an instance of purging/sanitizing where he got it very right.

  9. The thought never really does cross your mind until they inform you that it’s there. Don’t feel special, I have experienced the same crap more times than I can count.

    • Yeah, they do.

      My emotional state here usually runs across a spectrum from mild bemusement to indifference. So it was a surprise to learn that I hated Don here. It honestly never occurred to me. Usually, I just listen to what people have to say in the comments and when I respond I point out where I agree or disagree.

  10. Hunter Wallace
    ‘ but it never occured to me that I hated Don. The thought never crossed my mind.’

    Maybe not yours, but the thought crossed my mind. Ha!

  11. I am really impressed with Don telling Whites what emotions we are allowed to have. It would take a special kind of megalomania to do something like that.

  12. Four things about this interesting post:

    1. Did Jack really attend Vanderbilt? I did not know we passed through the same educational institution;

    2. I would like to see/read the comments to which Don refers. Don’s subject has a big hole in it where something has been excised. There is not enough information to figure out what he is addressing, which is not fair. Could you please restore the deleted (?) information so Don’s posting makes sense;

    3. This Harvard-Yale, etc. thing now baffles me even more. It is so unlike a grad of the schools that I did time at, Vandy, Emory & Duke to set out the particular sort of anti-elitist web spun by Jack. Further, I am confused about what is & is not included amongst the evildoers. All Ivy schools? Chicago? Stanford? Hopkins? How about actual colleges like Williams & Amherst? It’s really a very odd tack for a Vandy guy;

    4. Certainly I understand the appeal of Casada’s rhetoric, and only take him half seriously, but at least two of the things he said are irresponsible and unacceptable. First, the thing about the National Guard. Using the National Guard to oppose federal placement of refugees? What is he proposing, they shoot it out! Second, the remark about “unelected judges” is undemocratic and demagogic. His reference is to federal judges and this is far from a situation where a pol should be encouraging people to disobey orders from a federal judge. It’s cheap, demagogic bs, and in no manner called for.

    I agree there should be a halt on any efforts to allow immigration of Syrian Muslims. It is really unfortunate but there is little else to do if there is strong evidence there are active terrorists in France and the rest of Europe who were able to “sneak” in with legitimate refugees. This is the reality of the world right now. However, I am not confident Casada understands the need to step up and gain entrance for Syrian Christian refugees. These people are in great danger and too few groups are looking out for their safety.

  13. Jack Ryan- You do realize you are advocating merely a ‘kinder, gentler’ version of the Daily Stormer ‘troll army’ with your sentence: “It’s your choice if you want to pose as a constituent. This is a local issue that works great for us and local heroes will step up. Please make the calls, write thank you e-mails. Remember we’re facing and all out Camp of the Saints invasion.”

    Yet you start off your article with this sentence: “With our enemies firmly entrenched in the MSM mainstream media, academia, political elite, chambers of commerce, the $ billionaire donors – who’s on our side? Who speaks for us?”

    While never once metioning, the Jew?
    And you say you are a descendant of the Czars, and the Orthodox people who KNEW who their ENEMIES were!? http://theriseofrussia.blogspot.com/2010/11/im-glad-that-gruesome-story-of-katyn.html

    Of what are you afraid of? You’re already a DS actor/playa, even as this site tries to avoid ‘naming the Jew’ and pretending that what you are advocating for, is the DESTRUCTION of FEDGOV, at least in the South. And you continue to live in Chi-town, an Obama nuclear wasteland, ruled over by a Khazarian liar, like Rahm ‘Give-me-money-all’???

    The mind boggles.

    • I don’t understand. Who is the allegedly pious churchmouse Fr. John speaking about? Is this like some Jewish guy with an office at the Denver Airport who is in charge of everything? Along with the Freemasons, Templars, Christian Zionists and whoever else I am missing?

      Bringing up the Khazar thing is such an excellent example of goal post moving. You see, when need be, Ashkenazi Jews are really descended from Khazars who moved into Europe around 1150-1200 when the Khazar Empire broke up. So Jews are descended from Central Asians. On the other hand, when needed Jews are all “Semitic” peoples, and the term antisemitic is misused. To be antisemitic would also be anti-any Levantine people.

      Yeah, great job there with firm, fundamental beliefs and ideas!

      I will say that given the strong possibility in the future of a substantial homosexual presence in the WN movement, a Papist devotee like Fr. John will have real opportunities come his way in WN leadership.

  14. The anti-White forces are not so firmly entrenched anymore. More and more normal White folks are questioning the anti-White narrative, even if they don’t fully understand it yet. Read the comments section on any MSM source.

    The internet was a huge game changer in our favor. No wonder anti-Whites want to “Shut It Down!”

  15. Oh, HW. I didn’t realize that bigots could post dishonest recommendations and then clean up their tracks when caught.

    Warspite: (Since this comment is directed to someone else could you keep your mitts off it?) That Ryan fellow has suggested that WeeNie allies misrepresent who they are constituent-wise to elected officials. Pretty cheesy for a supposedly world changing move as Ryan has suggested.

    • Don:

      You mean like call a congressman in Ohio & say you are a constituent even though you live in Texas? That sort of thing? Jack did that? But he said he was a fellow Commodore! (I did not know he was a Vandy grad until today).

      I consider that tactic another similarity to Islam, at least the more radical kind, to put on my list. My recollection from some class or something that Muslims are permitted to adopt false positions, insincere temporary alliances, etc. (basically lie) to advance the cause. It came out of Mohammed’s actions in Medina.

      I do have a serious question for you, Don. Am I correct in surmising the WeeNie movement is to a large extent both anti-democratic and anti-Christian? What is your opinion?

  16. Sir,

    If we are really grateful Casada’s heroism, we will remember to contribute to his campaign.

    I watched how both the Republicans & Democrats targeted unqualifiably Southern Congressman Walter Jones, down here, with millions; and, rest assured, Casada (ironically an Hispanick name)is now a primary bull’s eye, on their list.

  17. As to the idea of posing as a constituent, in calling Casada’s office, I don’t think that notion flatters anyone,certainly not a Southerner.

  18. Once again, I woke up this morning without hating Don. My attitude toward Don is still complete indifference. I don’t know Don and thus still have no compelling reason to hate him. I don’t know what is going through Don’s mind, but I have a good read on my own emotions.

    • Ha ha! They have a good one at the keyboard this A.M.!
      Denise, you guys know everything. Does the Bureau know or care if Don is a Hebrew?

      You guys must laugh your butt off at this. No matter what you write, Yiddish, holidays, holy days, liturgy, as long as they have some way to convince themselves an actual woman is posting, the blinders are on.

  19. “Am I correct in surmising the WeeNie movement is to a large extent both anti-democratic and anti-Christian?”

    The WeeNies (in fairness, I don’t believe that they can rightfully be called a “movement,” insignificant as their accomplishments have been) pose, to an extent, as Xtian but no real Xtian group claims them except for some Xtian Identity sorts. The claims of religiousity are as false as some of the WeiNers strategic claims, i.e. Holocaust denial.

    As for anti-democratic, HW and the others’ secessionist plans are founded in undemocratic principles – no votes except for white guys (sorry, Denise!); compulsory deportations; unconstitutional efforts to betray their various state oaths to uphold the US Constitution; honoring traitors with monuments whose remains should have been scattered; hoisting a flag of hatred at various poorly attended events. Maybe I should stop.

    • Don,

      That’s partially accurate.

      If you had just asked, I would have happily volunteered that I believe liberal democracy is the worst system of government ever created, and that I don’t believe in proposition nations, which are countries that are supposedly “based” on abstract values, universal rights theories and constitutions.

      As for Christianity, that’s a different matter. I’m sure you know that Christianity and liberal democracy are a historically unusual combination. We don’t believe Christianity has fared well under that system of government. Instead of converting people to Christianity, the trend seems to be that Christians are converted to Americanism and led astray.

      So while I am hostile to Americanism, I am quite supportive of Christianity. Just not the Americanized version.

  20. This is how people like Don and Warspite see pro-White people:


    They think we can’t function in a sane society and are all desperately looking for people to hate. No matter how educated or smart you are, no matter how caring and nurturing you are, no matter how honest you are, no matter if you’ve never lifted a finger to harm another human even once in your life, you are all crazy, hateful and violent racists if you don’t believe in multiculturalism and the utopia awaiting us all if we just fully embrace multiracial societies.

    The irony is that they are the ones looking for pro-Whites to harass and poke and prod. Make a website for White people, they barge right in and demand that you apologize and atone for your racist and hateful ways. We move away and remove our “racism” from their vicinity, and they are always more than willing to move right in and start talking about how we prey on minorities. We say Pride, they say it’s Hate. We mention the discrepancies in crime statistics and the media manipulations to hide and distort the reality of it all, and they call us liars and bigots. We dare to mention the massive overrepresentation of Jewish involvement within anti-White entities, and they immediately talk about a Holocaust, Nazis and persecution. Their entire existence seems to revolve around the idea that White people are ALWAYS out to get them.

    Their labels of “hate” have to be the worst case of projection that I’ve ever seen. A society that wasn’t neutered by political correctness would have had them labeled as mentally ill and institutionalized a long time ago.

    • Yeah, it’s strange.

      I’m oddly labelled the “bigot,” but I am not the one who harasses people, stalks them, tries to get them fired from their jobs, run out of hotel rooms, violently attacked in the streets, etc. Instead, it is these “tolerant” types who are always the ones who are outraged that anyone could have a different point of view and run around doing silly shit on college campuses.

    • I have to tell you Hunter, that’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of Christianity. If you take a look at where WN type of ideas have gone on to actual political power, the effect on Christianity has not been very positive. It reads to me like the hard core WeeNers are happy to strip from Christianity all elements of humanity, charity, good works, humility & such.

      Is this not clear from most of the folks that post? Look at the reaction to the issues with refugees. Its not natural for Americans to be so cold & heartless. These are difficult and sad decisions even if necessary, but no one seems to feel that way except the guests

      • I don’t endorse Americanized Christianity.

        It took me many years to discern the difference, but what is called “Christianity” in the United States is actually a doctrine that has spent two centuries accommodating America’s secular culture.

        A good example of this would be Russell Moore’s recent contention that “the cross cannot coexist with the Confederate flag.” In reality, the cross had no problem coexisting with the Confederate flag at the time or plantation slavery for centuries. The Southern Baptist Convention itself was formed after a split over abolition. The type of feminized, church lady Christianity on display in 21st century America was not the faith of our ancestors.

        • I do not think you can draw too many conclusions about Christianity’s role in the CSA, but you are absolutely correct about the ability of Christianity in the South to adapt to the defense of slavery. Ditto Jewish congregations in the South. Fortunately, Christianity in the North birthed the Abolitionist movement dedicated to freeing people from the shackles of slavery.

          What was so insidious and immoral about slavery in the South was its “peculiar” basis on color. Slavery seems to have always existed but basing bondage on color is indefensible. Note I use the present tense. I understand the factors that led to defending slavery in 1860, but anyone defending color-based slavery right now deserves the chance to make their case to the Auburn football team. How do you think it will be received HW?

  21. I found an excellent commentary of who, why, when the immigrant Muslim community came to Nashville TN. The source is FAIR.

    The consensus is misguided Tennessee Christian groups went as missionaries to the Middle East and tried to assist certain ethnic groups who were being persecuted by the dominant (Sunni) Muslim, Saddam Batthists in Iraq, Kurdish areas. These TN “Christian” groups are not presented as full out anti White, cultural marxists, liberation theology types, but just American Southern Christians trying to share the gospel, share the good American way of life – $*&#*@ idiots!


    “A majority of the Muslim population of Nashville is concentrated in two ethnic groups, Iraqi Kurds and Somalis.

    The Kurds began arriving in Nashville after the Gulf war in 1991, when there was a massive exodus of Kurds fleeing Iraq and Saddam Hussein who sought vengeance for the Kurdish uprising. America’s heart went out to the Kurds, a people who had seemingly been betrayed and abandoned by our government. We had encouraged the uprising after all and Americans recoiled at the thought of another gas attack against the Kurds as occurred in 1988.

    After he took office in 1992, President Clinton directed the US Office of Refugee Resettlement in association with the State Department and the United Nations to settle refugees within all 50 states, relieving the burden on traditional gateway cities such as New York and Los Angeles. Many of these Kurds settled in Nashville and they in turn, attracted others from around the country until today Nashville has the largest Kurdish population in the United States at 11,000. Over 100,000 Kurds have been settled in the U.S.

    Another reason for the large concentration of Kurds in Nashville has to do with the work of two church organizations: Church World Service (which includes American Baptist Churches USA; the Southern Baptist Convention; the United Methodist Church; Presbyterian Church USA; Christian Church -Disciples of Christ; Church of the Brethren; the Episcopal Church; Seventh-day Adventist Church; Christian Reformed Church; Reformed Church of America; and the United Church of Christ) and Bethel World Outreach, headquarters of Every Nation (an offshoot of the now defunct Maranatha movement). Many parishioners, especially in the Church of Christ and its breakaway denominations like Belmont Church, have either served as missionaries to Kurdistan or serve as active sponsors of Iraqi Kurds, facilitating their resettlement in Nashville. The missionaries serve an estimated 10,000 Kurdish Christians in Iraq. The Kurdzman Church of Christ was established in 2000.

    Douglas Layton of Bethel Outreach has proselytized in Iraqi Kurdistan for 35 years. His efforts to re-connect the Kurds with their pre-Islamic Medes civilization is certainly a worthwhile goal, and one the American government should adopt as well, but the Kurds coming into Nashville as a result of the work of these churches are mainly Sunni Muslims who have no intention of jettisoning Islam when they reach Tennessee.

    In fact, Fadi Ezzeir, the president of the Nashville Chapter of the Muslim American Society, a well-known front organization for the Muslim Brotherhood, is a Kurd who grew up in Jordan.

    A 1991 strategy paper for the Muslim Brotherhood, often referred to as the Ikhwan in Arabic, found in the Virginia home of an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror-funding case, describes the group’s goals for America:

    “The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.” This process requires a “mastery of the art of ‘coalitions,’ the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’ ”

    Fadi Ezzeir is a also Board member of the Salahadeen Center (the Kurdish community center and mosque). He runs their Youth Education Center and is a Muslim Boy Scout leader.

    A Kurdish woman, Kasar Abdullah was a past President of the Muslim Student Association (a radical Muslim student group financed by the Saudi Arabian government) at Tennessee State University. She now works as an Administrative Specialist for the Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition and is a Girl Scout Leader as well.

    In 2001, the Muslim girl scouts handed out prayer cards and packets of information about Islam to Mayor Bill Purcell and other guests along with a poster called “Helping Hands are the Petals of God’s Flower.” In Dearborn Michigan, a girl scout troop actually held a ceremony for little girls taking the Islamic veil.

    There is ample evidence that Boy Scouts are likewise openly used as Islamic indoctrination centers for Muslim youth. In Nashville, Muslim Boy Scout troops are run by the Muslim American Society. “

  22. Warspite
    ‘Is this not clear from most of the folks that post? Look at the reaction to the issues with refugees. Its not natural for Americans to be so cold & heartless.’

    Says the jew who defends Israel for not admitting hordes of refugees.

    You’re shameless.

    • Sam, do you have a literacy problem? Go out, get in your pick-up & drive over to the library. That’s the brick building you never go in. The one with them books. Ask the nice librarian for help. Tell her your real name, Clem, and say you need to see one of two things. Either an Encyclopaedia Brittanica, or to use one of them computer things you’ve seen on TV.

      If she leads you to the Brittanica set, ask for help finding the “Law of Return”. The set is alphabetized so you’re going to need some help. However you find it, read the article.

      If she takes you to one of the Bugtussle library’s 286 computers, get help signing on with their dial up system. When you finally get online go to Wikipedia and look up the same subject.

      Make sure not to bring your chaw into the building! There are no spittoons.

  23. but anyone defending color-based slavery right now deserves the chance to make their case to the Auburn football team. How do you think it will be received HW?

    I know that was a little tongue-in-cheek, but practically every non-informant pro-White person I’ve seen comment wants the complete opposite of any kind of slavery. Most pro-White people want separation and autonomy somewhere on the planet where they aren’t shackled to the depravity of multiculturalism and the high level of social engineering needed to prop up colorblind societies. If starting today I never had to look at or interact in any way with a black person or an anti-White or meddlesome Jew, it would be the happiest day in my life. You would NEVER have to experience someone like myself in real life or even in the virtual world if I had my way. We can at least both agree that we are wishing for the same thing in that regard, right?

    The only people that I see wanting to hold others in bondage today are people like you who try their best to belie Whites with accusations of hate whenever they dare to speak up for themselves. If hating you is the only way to love my family, then I hate you. I REALLY hate you. I hate you in ways and dimensions that your mind hasn’t yet evolved enough to even comprehend.

    Yes!! Go, be free! Just do it over there away from me. If need be, I’ll move and let you do your own thing. I just need some reassurance that you aren’t going to follow me and try to create an industry off your own destructive nature and paranoia, where you tell everyone how persecuted you are. You’re perfectly free to leave and be nowhere near people like us. But we all know your mania prevents you from doing that.

    • Is Celestial talking to me! I’m here defending the white man. Just because I’m not part of some group that in ten years will be honoring Stonewall of a different sort doesn’t mean I’m not out there on the front lines. I just reject certain WeeNie ideas as unworthy of post Enlightenment thinking.

      My pro-white leadership is based on American democracy, Western values, and open-mindedness. You can keep your homoeroticism. I’ll roll out redbones and Burmese women!

    • I can understand why slavery existed – the system generated incredible wealth and blacks, as hard as it is to believe now, were then an economic asset to society – but it was not a system that was sustainable in the long term. It wasn’t desirable moving forward for a number of reasons.

  24. Warshmuck
    ‘If she leads you to the Brittanica set, ask for help finding the “Law of Return”.

    More jew spin.

    The law of return is for jews, religious or non.

    Sure, a nation of immigrants, just as long as they are jews.

    The Law of Return 5710-1950 was enacted by the Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, on July 5, 1950. The Law declares the right of Jews to come to Israel: “Every Jew has the right to come to this country as an oleh.” Follow-up legislation on immigration matters was contained in the Nationality Law of 1952. The Law of Return was modified in 1970 to extend the right of return to non-Jews with a Jewish grandparent, and their spouses.
    The law since 1970 applies to those born Jews (having a Jewish mother or maternal grandmother), those with Jewish ancestry (having a Jewish father or grandfather) and converts to Judaism (Orthodox, Reform, or Conservative denominations—not secular—though Reform and Conservative conversions must take place outside the state, similar to civil marriages).
    In the Law of Return, the State of Israel put into practice the Zionist movement’s “credo” which called for the establishment of Israel as a Jewish state.

  25. This is just an attempt at marginalizing Whites in their own nations and these fake Christian churches just do this for the government money they get paid for their treason. The government wants Muslims to cause trouble and commit terrorism, that way they can remove more rights and militarize more police for their growing police state.
    Fortunately this new Babylon run by Satan’s children is dying from the overspending and the relentless greed of the vampires who are sucking the system dry. They are running out of time. The money bomb of hyperinflation and devaluation of the currency is ticking down. The debt is getting too big for them to finance anymore.

  26. The best way to deal with anti-White trolls is to ignore them. Don’t feed them and they will go away.

    • Do some of you guys (I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a woman post, perhaps once) ever consider why you think there are so many Jews as well as what you call anti-Whites around? Did it ever occur to you that by labeling all those who disagree with you either a Hebrew or self-loathing White you’re living in some paranoid fairyland? That may be an appropriate location given the likely future demographics of WeeNees, but it’s rather idiotic.

  27. Warspite, you don’t really want to go there, do you? I’m just going to assume that on this fine Sunday morning you were looking to inject a little comic irony into the mix.

    • Well, there’s nary a woman who ever posts. Statistically insignificant.

      The penchant for dipping into homoeroticism by the extreme right is no secret. Guard against a WeeNie Night of the Long Knives! (I speak metaphorically, of course).

      The future composition of the WN movement is a really interesting subject. The WN leaders who decided to reach out to gays might decide not to pursue it anymore. It’s a tough decision because there seems to be some evidence the WN movement could successfully recruit a pretty decent number of members.

  28. Could you make your sad attempts at division a little less obvious? Your rhetoric is usually dripping with contradictions of what everyone can see with their own eyes. The “extreme right” is generally chastised and raked over the coals for not bending over for the Homosexual Agenda in ways that Leftists and Kosher Konservatives are readily willing to be bent over. Which one is it, is the “extreme right” a secret homosexual hotbed of activity, or are they the fanatically intolerant guys who want to punish and persecute all the homosexuals?

    You’ve been trying to inject “homo” division into multiple conversations where the only hint of homoeroticism has come from you. You’re the only one really talking about it. You seem to be fixated on it. You know that there was recent infighting about this issue, so you figure you would try to stir the pot a little more whenever and wherever you get the opportunity. It’s always about trying to create divisions with you people.

    I really hope you aren’t getting paid for any of this. You are not very good at this stuff. You’re not even mediocre. Should you need any professional propaganda tips, please tell your handlers back at Hebe Headquarters that I’m available for private consultations after 3PM on Mondays and Tuesdays. I do want you to be forewarned, I’m not cheap.

    • The headquarters is in Denver. The Airport. Come on, all you kooks are on to us. I don’t know about the consultation stuff. Maybe I could ask the Sikh Associates, but I think they already have folks to clean up. You know, they’re a Hindu offshoot so the lower caste thing will not bother them.

      I had no idea about the gay outreach until I read some of the interesting articles identified by HW. It’s not a certainty, but there is definitely a possibility that in a decade a big slice of WeeNies will be gay. I don’t think there’s necessarily wrong with that from your group’s perspective. There doesn’t seem to be enormous homophobia amongst OD’ers and, let’s face it, no women actually post. Your’s is a very male-centered, make oriented group. That doesn’t mean you guys might not lead normal lives at home.

      If you think this is silly, you need to read your own news. Your leaders are doing a pilot program of sorts and it began well. I def think there are quite a number of factors pointing towards WN having considerable appeal amongst some within the gay community. It’s clear some of your leaders are toying with some interesting ideas, basically balancing the potential growth vs the potential harm.

      If you fellows could triple your size or more, bringing in the blonde/blue eye boys you want, you tell me your leaders wouldn’t sort of look the other way as long as peoples’ sex lives remain private? You guys don’t seem all that interested in looking into everyones’ sexual practices right now. Seems pretty far down the list, as it were.

      I’ll make a note about your inquiry at the next meeting of International Jewry. Thank G-d it’s coming up. I low on funds and could use my share of the tolls collected in October! (I’m sure you’re aware we control every toll booth in North America)

  29. And yet you’re still postulating homosexual angles even though there was no talk or hint of it in the context of the articles where you comment. I thought Jews were supposed to be crafty and cunning. Are you sure you’re Jewish? Were you adopted?

    Could it be any more obvious that your agenda here is to try to sow division and maliciously spread your misdirection like a scorned hooker with a venereal disease?

    • I thought it was one of the more interesting issues raised here. The articles & issues identified by HW were fascinating. Some of your leaders have some good ideas about raising numbers the quickest way possible.

  30. HW, Warsprite has run his course here. Seriously.
    With the absolute surge in black crime & muslim atrocities we have plenty of working capital, and lots of work to do. Dump the distractions.

    • Swamp Fox? Right.

      It’s not going to happen. HW doesn’t want a total echo chamber, as long as dissent or criticism is limited to one. If Don and I regularly posted together, that would be different. Plus, HW is aware I am far more knowledgable in History and Law than him. At least for right now. He’s a young guy and ambitious. If I wanted to advise him, not that he would listen, I would push him to enroll in Law School at ‘Bama.

      Attending law school would enhance HW’s reasoning, abilities and “reach” to an extent he prob has an inkling about. He would have to get over that Auburn vs. Alabama thing, but lots of Tigers do that. Obviously, going to a top 20 school like Yale, NYU, one of the several highly ranked law schools in the South, would be better, but let’s be practical. It would be very expensive, it would require top qualifications, and it’s likely unecessary. The University of Alabama has an excellent law school.

      There is one other very important consideration, but it is something of which I would speak with him privately.

  31. Warspite: Except for some joking around about banishments, we really shouldn’t be confused as allies, don’t you think? Probably the most we share is a similar bullshit meter, but then I’d guess that would be enough to get a few panties in a knot here.

    • Agreed, 100%. Since we both share a belief in the principles of democracy and respect for the Constitution we seem to be in another universe from these folks. They honestly don’t care for freedom of speech, religion or, perhaps above all, the press. I think they like the protection of assembly & petition.

      Though not a religious guy, I’ve been stunned at the post-Christian views of probably most of these people. It’s replaced by cuckoo stuff, and that worries me a bit. When I came across the blog and started reading it I saw the admiration for Hitler & the Nazi era, Yeltsin (a strongman), along with a few other characters. I expected that. But the irrelevancy and even hostility towards Christianity caught me by surprise. I know how the extreme left and extreme right often meet on many issues, and I guess I was unaware these groups were so far to the Right. Still, I’m sure most of the OD’ers are just frustrated with their lives good old boys blowing off some steam, etc. But every once in a while I get an inkling of someone who shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun, if you know what I mean.

      Do you think it’s worth the Feds time to monitor all these groups? I get the thing with Denise. She acts as the provocateur who by tossing out ultra extremism smokes out the possibly dangerous ones. But do you think there are enough of these WeeNies (I’m not sure I’ve really seen a WeeNette!) to call them dangerous? The ideas are just so looney! On Jews they are right out of pre-WWI Russia!

    • Turkey, “Israel’s factotum”. Again, a great turn of a phrase! I am not sure I have ever used “factotum” in a sentence.

      You think the WeeNies are going to bite on that hook? It makes absolutely no sense, so I’m predicting it may well be successful. Nicely done.

  32. “Do you think it’s worth the Feds time to monitor all these groups?”


    While I’m more familiar with the budgetary excesses of the 70s LEAA era, I’d guess that the DHS has that beat by some. These type sites are likely downloaded each time there’s a new post or comment, if Snowden’s even half right. (Just drive by any mid-sized PD and look at the parking lot; all those beat up BelAirs and LTDs of 10-15 years ago have been replaced by SUVs, Humvees and assault vehicles.) That’s not because the Febs are impressed by the host’s intellectual prowess, so much as the flies he’s able to attract to some of this shit.

    • So in their own way, the wingnuts are the unwitting allies of law enforcement’s need to maintain itself as state of the art. Pretty interesting & I never thought about it. The proliferation of the sites benefits law enforcement even if only 15-20 guys (never seem to be women) post on each site? Interesting.

      One of these kooks didn’t believe me when I told him 99% of American Jews never heard of “Stormfront”, much less posted on it. He absolutely rejected that as impossible.

    • Re: Don

      The feds have a terrible violent crime problem on their hands in Washington, DC and it is due exclusively to their black population, not anything I am saying on this blog.

      It is the same way with the SPLC. I’ve lived in this area for pretty much my entire life. Yet the “tsunami of violence” we read about in The Montgomery Advertiser, year after year, is also exclusively due to the black population. It has nothing to do with internet based White Nationalists.

      If you combine Glenn Miller and Dylann Roof’s shooting sprees, it doesn’t even make up your average day in Chicago. Those instances are quite rare while blacks commit somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 percent of homicide in Warspite’s Atlanta every year.

    • Don, tell me Denise is not a riot! “JewSA”. Great stuff. Earlier “she” used “factotum” in a posting. Some of the people who post as her are darn smart. In fact, at least one must be Jewish.

      She has these WeeNers thinking there area 50m Jews in the US, and they don’t want to hear otherwise.

      • Re: Warspite

        Although you are unaware of this, Denise has been posting here for years and is not a fed like you are insinuating. While she has some strong views on a number of subjects, they are genuine.

        • A fed? I didn’t say she was a fed, did I? And I am well aware of ahem, her history.

          You must have hung out with her. That was where? You go ahead and keep getting sucked down that drain.

          • Yes, HW, I think you’ve answered the question about certainty.

            I for one absolutely agree with you. I’m convinced. She, haha, “she” is truly…, h e r efforts are clearly, what’s the right word?? Let me think. Ok, yep, I’d say she’s 110% KOSHER! LoL! Ja ja ja!

  33. Hunter Wallace
    ‘I certainly have no doubt that her views on die Juden are heartfelt and real.’

    And completely accurate!

    • Oh, well, who could doubt Sam’s observational powers. He’s like a WeeNie version of Nigel Bruce playing Dr. Watson. More LOL’s at y’alls’ expense!

  34. I generally choose not to acknowledge Jewspite’s idiotic drivel – and HW – thanks for backing me – but please don’t feel obligated. I want to note that KikeSpit is the most inept Hebe subversive yet encountered. The excellent thing is that it confirms every word I, and thousands of other Humans, through out time, has ever written about the Devil Jew!

    You cannot have Anti Jewism without Juden!

    • I wonder what percentage of WeeNies graduated HS, attended college, graduated from college? On OD, I’m guessing between 10%-20% graduated from a 4 year college.

  35. Sam – one only learns to loathe Jews by exposure to Jews. Live and let live Amurkins are on a very high learning curve, but that curve is being ascended rapidly…..

    • Just like a bunch of geeky Gamers, right “Denise”? If they think a female is paying attention to them they completely lose it. Horribly pathetic.

      Interesting how Don saw through you.

      The WeeNies are so goofy. Keep up the good work. Your avatar may be the only woman they get to see down there in the basement. Except their moms on laundry day.

  36. Denise
    ‘Turkey – Israel’s factotum – just shot down a Russian plan.’

    Russia will respond. We should keep our noses out of this and let Putin obliterate ISIS and the factions responsible.

    Assad is not the enemy if I am seeing things correctly. But we have been hell bent on removing him.

    Florida Senator and Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)80%
    stated that the US should “respond and defend Turkey if they come under assault from the Russians” on Tuesday’s “Happening Now” on the Fox News Channel.

  37. Sam – I am glad you are beginning to understand that Putin’s the Good Guy. Putin’s forces actually took out ISIS assets, which means he destroyed Israeli/JewSA assets. Putin is apparently calling out the Obama Admin as the suppliers of “ISIS”. Rubio is the BendOver Pool Boy of that Hebe FAG Paul Singer – he put’s whatever Singer tells him to put in his mouth, including war mongering rhetoric.

    FYI – it’s not “we” – it’s the Kike maniacs in control of the JEWSA who are attempting to drive Murica to war, AGAIN, for their benefit. Americans are OVER the Mideast Jew Wars, but as you know, the Spawn of Satan NEVER give up. They’ve tried to draw Putin into war over the Jewkraine, to avail. There are complex reasons why Putin got involved in Syria – but we’re at war. The JewSA IS the Evil Empire.

    • Another cornucopia of verbal pearls! Forget about the factual misrepresentations, which is the point of the language. Really well done. Especially when compared to some of the authors 3 or 4 yrs ago. The present cast is a keeper! Btw, why the “Poverty” in the name of the organization?

      “BendOver Pool Boy” gets the nod here. Besides the homoerotic imagery that will have strong WeeNer appeal, it shows knowledge of a certain genre of “entertainment”.

  38. I wonder if Singer lets his co-ethnics have a go when his brown slave Rubio bends over? Perhaps the Fag Hebes infesting this site can post a tell-all?

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