Hollywood Leftists Embrace Muslim Migration Jihadists

Politics certainly makes for strange bedfellows.

Idiot Left Coast Loon Michael Moore has come out of the closet as a great champion of the Syrian Muslim migrants invading Europe and now Moore’s home state of Michigan.
Moore hasn’t done any honest work in Michigan in years, preferring to hang out with Left Coast Hollywood Libs, but he apparently keeps a home in Traverse City MI as part of some scam that he’s a regular guy – not just another $ millionaire Hollywood a** hole.

Check out the sanctimonious PC BS Moore is putting out here supporting the Muslim Jihadist invasion of MI


““Dear Gov. Snyder,” Moore writes, “I just wanted to let you know that, contrary to your declaration of denying Syrian refugees a home in our state of Michigan, I myself am going to defy your ban and will offer MY home in Traverse City, Michigan, to those very Syrian refugees you’ve decided to keep out. I will contact the State Department to let them know I am happy to provide a safe haven to any Syrian refugee couple approved by the Obama administration’s vetting procedures in which I have full faith and trust.”

“What you’ve done is anti-American,” Moore continued, adding:

This is not who we are supposed to be. We are, for better and for worse, a nation of descendants of three groups: slaves from Africa who were brought here in chains and then forced to provide trillions of dollars of free labor to build this country; native peoples who were mostly exterminated by white Christians through acts of mass genocide…. (blah, blah, blah, same old, same old PC BS)”

Hey Mike – Get a real job, do some honest work for once in your disgusting fat a*** life.


  1. I cannot stand these left-wing, open door, Hollywood white men! And this guy is the worst of the lot. Traverse City my a**. Like he spends any time in Michigan.

  2. “I cannot stand these left-wing, open door, Hollywood white men! And this guy is the worst of the lot. Traverse City my a**. Like he spends any time in Michigan.”

    I respond:

    Agreed. And well said. Also note that so many of the worst anti White, Anti American Hollywood Left Coast loons like Michael Moore and Quentin Tarantino aren’t ethnic Jews.

    It’s very much like the worst Communists in Russia, Eastern Europe and Germany in the 20s and 30s. None other than Winston Churchill commented on this rough subject and noted that so many of the worst Communist, revolutionary anarchists, Bolsheviks, anti Christian nationalists like Trotsky, Emma Goldman, Bela Kuhn were ethnic Jews – but the other non Jews were just as bad:

    Communism and Zionism – the struggle for the Jewish soul


  3. Michael Moore is offering his mansion because Pro Whites have been repeating a simple truth all over the world. These *#%#libs live in expensive White neighborhoods, while calling for diversity for everyone else.

    This is a case of an enemy getting hurt by repeated hits and having to change his fighting stance. Enjoy this small victory, if you were one of those that have been repeating this truth. You moved a fat anti-White with words.

  4. He is still across the country from the Michigan home that he doesn’t use, so why wouldn’t he offer it. It’s not like a real sacrifice on his part, inviting them to be his neighbors or something like that.

  5. Anti-White Jew Tim Wise, does the exact same thing as Moore.

    He gets paid $6000 a speech + expenses by corporate America, to say how awful Whites are and how they should grovel to Blacks for their sins. Then he uses the money he earns to live in a 98% White neighborhood, with 0% Blacks! lol

    Anti-Whites gonna anti-White.

  6. Jeff Davis // November 21, 2015 at 7:35 pm //

    “He is still across the country from the Michigan home that he doesn’t use, so why wouldn’t he offer it. It’s not like a real sacrifice on his part, inviting them to be his neighbors or something like that.”

    When they trash his mansion it will be a sacrifice. lol

    All anti-White libs should offer their homes to prove how morally self righteous they are. The only sacrifices they offer up to diversity are Whites that are too poor to escape.

  7. Let’s put the address of Michael Moore’s home out all over the Net and encourage the worst Black ghetto Blacks, homeless people to convert to Islam and then claim sanctuary in Moore’s MI home.

  8. Does everyone here already embrace a non-interventionist policy, thus the correlation of Muslim/Arab immigration needs no explaining or do you have a share of “invade the world just don’t invite the world” readers whom you do not wish to risk alienating?

  9. The Hollywood/Ivy League left wants to destroy American civilization, I’m not sure why except they seem to be crazy and stupid, stuck in idiot 1960’s liberal crap. Destroying society will make things hard for almost everybody, so why do they want it? I don’t know. But it sure looks like that’s what they’re doing.

    • Hollywood-Ivy League Left? 1960’s Liberal crap? I don’t know about that. What about all those USC, UCLA and NYU people in Hollywood? And some of those 1960’s ideas sound really close to y’all’s stuff. You underestimate the influence of the 60’s on your movement.

  10. “Does everyone here already embrace a non-interventionist policy, thus the correlation of Muslim/Arab immigration needs no explaining or do you have a share of “invade the world just don’t invite the world” readers whom you do not wish to risk alienating?”

    Yes, I – most of us embrace non interventionist military/foreign policy. Not that it makes too much difference.

    Sweden is taking in 900 plus Muslim men migrant/invaders every day – Sweden is non interventionist, Liberal Left, pro Palestinian – invading Muslim men are still raping Swedish girls, rioting, setting cars on fire, complaining about discrimination.

  11. There must be at least one gene that codes for how liberal one is. Looks like the Swedes got a lot of the liberal allele(s). I presume Michael Moore is homozygous for libtardism. He is as full of it as they come.

  12. @Jeff
    Agree with you on Sweden. I think there is defiantly a gene, because White people all over the world have gone bonkers. However people like Moore, Beck and Wise are opportunists. They do it for the money. Look how cuck crazy Beck has gone since he was given the boot. He’s doing it because he wants to be back on the inside where the mega bucks are. There’s a lot of competition to be a sellout talking head. He can debase himself all he likes but they aren’t taking him back.

  13. Moore offers clarification.

    No, not one of his mansions, but a dinky little apartment.


    “P.S. By the way, my 700-sq. ft. apartment in northern Michigan is a little small, but it’s got cable, wi-fi and a new dishwasher! Also, no haters live on my floor! Stop by any time for a hot chocolate this winter.”

    “It’s a small apartment, a couple could live there, a Syrian couple. … I’ll give up my apartment, say, for a year for free, and they can live there and I’ll try and help them get a job and whatever — just do my part as a citizen of this world, as a person who believes we are our brother’s and our sister’s keeper and we’re all in this together.
    “And if it means breaking the law in Michigan to do this: You are compelled to break the law when there’s a moral issue involved. …

    “That’s what I’m going to do, and if you have the means to do that, or you can do that, or you know people that can do it, let’s help out our brothers and sisters on this planet.”

    He singled out Jeb Bush and Donald Trump among the Republican presidential candidates for their positions on refugees.

    “To Jeb Bush I say: You let in only the Christians? Let me tell you something, the Christian thing to do is you let in everybody. You let in anybody who legally can be here and has met the qualifications. They should be able to be here. …
    “And to Trump! You want a registry of Muslims so we can keep track of them?
    “I want a registry of a**holes so i can keep track of you, and people like you. If we’re going to have a registry, I just want to to know where you’re at. I’m not going to do anything to you — you know, live your life in peace or whatever — but if we need to send out some sort of, like, Amber Alert, a**hole alert, ‘Trump’s in town,’ you know, that might do us all some good.”
    We’re not sure how realistic Moore’s offer is. But if he is going to house any refugees in Michigan, we submit that his 3-acre, 11,000-square-foot Torch Lake property, on the market for $5.2 million, pictured below, offers a far more commodious situation than his 700-square-foot Traverse City apartment.

    • I do like the idea of Moore going to Traverse City while letting a few Syrian Muslim refugees take over his more opulent digs for a year.

      Don’t the Clintons have more than one home? I think they do. And Obams doesn’t need his Chicago mansion for another year or so. Maybe let a few families move in? He can send his daughters to babysit. It would be a great example for Americans!

  14. Blacks provided trillions of dollars of free labor?

    Talk about being hallucinogenic.
    The slaves weren’t brilliant engineers, they were farm equipment who were housed, clothed, and fed better than 99.9% of their relatives back in Sub-Saharan Africa.
    All their economic benefit to American was wiped out because of the Civil War.

    The net effect of Africans in America is trillions of dollars in the hole at White people’s expense.

    The reality of American greatness is that overwhelming contribution of blood, sweat, and brainpower that transformed a raw land into humanity’s greatest creation came from Whites.

    Michael Moron and the rest of the multicult Left can take their politically motivated White demonization in the form of a rusty serrated bowie knife and shove it up their fat asses at 200 mph.

    • Without endorsing the Realist’s underlying philosophy & beliefs, I absolutely agree regarding the contribution of Whites to US History. The same goes for any European-related history after the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Why does it seem to be so hard to teach that for understandable reasons almost every single contribution to the creation and rise of America emanated from White men? I concede the reasons may have been unfortunate, referencing slavery and the role of women, but it’s absurd and offensive (and dishonest) to alter facts.

      For the above-mentioned unfortunate reasons (slavery, prejudice, Jim Crow laws, segregation, etc,) Blacks were marginalized in America until after WWII. The occasional figure pops up in science, entertainment or sports, but these are very occasional and largely outside of the norm. Until you get to Jackie Robinson, I don’t even think sports figures are very significant. Joe Louis was an incredible boxer and world champion at a time when that meant something in boxing. But I’m not sure being World Heavyweight Champion translated into Joe Louis having a major effect on America as a nation. It was not until events and people like Jackie Robinson or Muhammed Ali that a few events in athletics transcended mere sports. These occurred after WWII.

      The reality should be taught. For reasons that are conceded, it was the much-reviled White man who created, molded and accomplished nearly everything- good or bad, for the first 150+ yrs of US History.

      There is a very good argument opposing Realist’s “better than” view. That view focuses on material things alone, and may therefore present an unfair measurement of “better”. Cannot one argue it is better to have a marginal economic existence as a free man, than to enjoy some scraps of the benefits from a wealthy & advanced society as a slave? Is not this view more in accord with WeeNer beliefs?

  15. Moore has a few flashes of clarity and candor. He talked about major issues in his films.

    1 America never adopted a universal healthcare insurance system because of the Negro problem. It’s a wealth transfer from the responsible to the degenerate in the American context. Sicko.

    2 Americans have guns for the purpose of self defence against black predators. He calls it white paranoia but he knows…Bowling For Columbine.

    3 deindustrializqtion. Moore dramatized it blaming it on a Ford CEO, yeah like Ford are opposed to factories and manufacturing. He fails to mention trade. Roger and Me.

    4 5 Farenheit 9/11 blames 9/11 on Saudi/Bush axis. The idea had merit. However Moore avoids Israel’s foundation as the source of the conflicts. No mention of the Eternal Jew. So he goes to a dangerous place and then clowns out.

  16. Moore is a rather interesting case. He kinda sorta presents a populist position that a working man can support in the abstract. Then he fudged a few things. I thought his movie about 9/11 was mildly entertaining but failed because he sailed so carefully around the Israel Problem. Columbine was a good take on white dispossession in many ways yet he avoided the fact that most violence in the US is committed by blacks. Charlton Heston almost blurted it out but held back sadly.

    His self loathing and misery expresses itself in his disgusting obese body.

  17. Wtf is it with you Jews and Betafandom in sports?

    Do you always take the role of the woman? Or is that just for Sunday?

  18. Jack Ryan,

    Moore panders to his Masters and often masks what he knows is going on to protect those masters. Come now, he’s a frontman/clown.

  19. Anyone who attempts to equate Europe’s Islamic challenge to that of the US is a little off the mark, in terms of geopolitical strategy. Notice I say “equate.” For one, Sweden is not the center of the Zionist Lobby’s world power. For another, we are not talking about similar numbers as per proportion.
    Now when Trump says Iran is ‘currently’ providing arms to jihadists who are killing US troops and when he says thousands of Jersey City publically cheered 9-11-2001 attacks and that the US must take the battle to ISIS in one speech (the last reversing his previous opposition) I got a problem, as I do with any movement whcih aligns with Zionism against Islam.

    Not that I don’t recognize the possible scenario Trump playing a part in ‘ultimate polarization’ collapsing the Empire after which, in the manner of secessionism and national anarchism, the continental US could be rebuilt on ethnic lines, according to the wishes of the dominant ethnic group in any area.

    • Anyone who in any manner whatsoever suggests Moore is aligning himself with pro-Israel interests because they are pro-Israel is just a paranoid fool. This Manichean view of the world where every single question, every single issue is funneled through some cuckoo “how does it effect the Jews” myth is really sad. Irrational as well, though most conspiracy beliefs have a strong element of the irrational.

  20. As long as MM is forced to live there with the refugees and isn’t an absentee slumlord I’m ok with that. I believe that the Governor can call upon the national guard to make that happen.

  21. It’s very difficult to conceive of 9/11 without the wider Israel/Arab conflict. Moore prefered to imply things about Bush’s strange but ultimately irrelevant relations with Saudi.

    Osama was half Palestinian for fucks sake.

    • Darn, people like Captain are mentally handicapped on these issues. “Zionism on the Brain”, “Jewish Fever”, or maybe Schizophrenic? Psychosis?

      One more time, broad brushers. Osama had a “list”. Let’s call it a “hit list”. Was Israel, et al on it? Sure. Top of list? No way. He had other issues way before Israel. In fact, al Qaeda never propagandize about that issue until a bit after 9/11. It wasn’t even clear if that propaganda came from Osama’s group.

      ISIS, ISIL, ISUL, whatever you choose as acronyms, big ditto. Prior to grabbing a bunch of attention some 6-8 months ago the official ISIS hit list, on the Internet, had Israel outside the top 10! Why? Come on, think. Use that small brain of yours. Why is ISIS not really all that concerned with Israel?

      Hint. The only attack attributable to ISIS within the Israel/Palestinian orbit.

      You need to quit the confirmation bias psychosis. You see want you want, not what is.

  22. Warpsite,

    You are truly losing it. Anti-Semites ask this question: “what’s good for the jews?”

    it’s a slightly less elegant restatement of the Latin: Cuo Bono?

    Myth? What politician in modern America doesn’t integrate the Israeli and jewish response to every fucking policy?

  23. Btw the phrase Cui Bono? is Cicero’s contribution. It’s credited by Cicero to a magistrate, but always shows up in Cicero’s writings.

    Cicero was also the granddaddy of the conspiratorial anti-Semites too. What a bonus.

    • Hate to disappoint you, but none of the congressman in my general area of Ky were much interested in Israel, beyond religious reasons. US Senators? I concede absolutely different. But you single out one special interest in an ocean of many. Have you ever seen how many “lobbyists” there are at the big DC law firms? And how much money they bring in? Is it news to you that many of those firms might represent the Saudis or wealthy Gulf states? (No, I don’t mean Alabama or the Fla panhandle. Not those Gulf states!).

      Guess what, WeeNie exemplar? A lot of those “lobbyists” are Jews. Most are not, but if you’re 2,3,4 or 8 yrs in a law firm and the Sr. Partner says “advocate for Bahrain”, 9.75 of 10 lawyers do it. No matter their religion, not matter where they went to law school, etc. We are a capitalist nation, lawyers above all seem interested in making $$, and that is the way it is. (In many years around the biz I can only attest to one time I actually saw & am sure an attorney put a principle that would cost him his job before avarice. Or, in fairness, put before the need to support his family)

      Your arguments about the Israeli Lobby ignore all the other lobbies in DC, some of which advocate very questionable interests. Is there a powerful Israeli Lobby? Hell yeah, of course. But you follow the standard WeeNie blinders error.

      On Cicero, who if he only knew he was being quoted by a WeeNie, you need more info. You conflate the Jews he dealt with in the Classical Era with your little conspiracy cuckoo ideas. Go to Gibbon who has one of the all-time great quotes/assessment about the Jews being such a pain in the a** for the Romans. You will love it! Then educate yourself about the Jews of that time. You are taking your modern conspiracies and trying to retrofit them on a completely different era, with completely different facts.

      Very poor historical analysis on your part. You get a “D” grade. The only reason you are passing is because you actually know about Cicero, and the credit you give to the Jews. It is nice to see a WeeNie express admiration on the survival and relative cohesiveness of Jews for so long and against so many odds. For you to reach back 2000 yrs in your argument and discuss a people who (1) still survive when others are long gone; (2) were one of the few peoples & civilization/cultures respected by the Romans, and; (3) even then, were an ancient people who had been around for at least 1200 years. A real nod on your part towards intellectual honesty.

      Yes, they did respect a few others. Persia (I know, Parthia, etc.); Egypt (I know, Greek); Greece. I did not say they liked them, I said respected them. I wonder about Armenia? I will have to check that. Also whether they gave any nod towards a N. African people due to Carthage?

  24. Warspite is a blatant liar and a prime example of why people hate the Jews. 50% of Republican campaign funding comes from Jews, over 50% of Democrat campaign funding comes from Jews and they own practically all the major media. His response. Your a nut if you think the Jews have power.

    What did the Jew judge say,”Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”.

    Jews love to do this kind of stuff. Rile people up and piss them off. Lie constantly. They say to themselves,”they’ll never do anything about it”, until…they do. Then all the wailing in the world starts. Why we just showing our light to the world and the anti-semites attacked us. Cry, cry, cry…the Holohoax…cry, cry.

    I think it may be possible in my lifetime that every single one of you will be deported to Israel. There you can mediate with the totally pissed off people you’ve abused far worse than us and when the cry, cry comes we will ignore it.

    A fable. The little Jew who cried Holohoax.

    Once there was a little Jew who cried Holohoax. All the villagers came running. Everyone became concerned and tried to find the Nazis and the camps but couldn’t. So everyone went home. The little Jew loved this. Such power to have everyone run at his call. The next day the little Jew cried Holohoax again. A search was began but no one could find the Nazis and the camps. The little Jew was so happy. Such power. He laughed at the stupidity of the villagers. As time went on the little Jew would cry Holohoax every now and then. People would look once again for the Nazis and the camps but every time they looked a little less and trusted the Jew a little less.

    One day the little Jew cried Holohoax and nobody came but the Nazis really were there. The Nazis gassed him, burnt him up in the ovens and the little Jew was no more.

    • Ah, one of the moron squad. The power you ascribe to Jews is amazing. I guess you must do this since to act otherwise undermines your entire twisted mission.

      If you want to ignore facts, have at it. I think you spend a lot of time and effort speaking about situations with which you have no experience and no actual knowledge. Everything you know comes from blogs, tracts, meetings of like kind and the occasional magazine article. You have no practical experience or knowledge of anything even close to what you write about. It is not possible to write or speak about something in an intelligent manner based upon an absence of knowledge. Keep in my a particular WeeNie’ MVP only wrote Mein Kampf after living in Vienna, serving in WWI and exposing himself to a range of literature.

      Regarding Jews, $$ and politics, I agree there is a problem in the American political system with money. Thanks to a ridiculous Su Court decision anyone can contribute as much as they want. Since Jews are strong believers in the democratic process, the rule of law, etc., they take a far greater interest in politics than, e.g., most Chinese-Americans. The present broken system permits huge amounts of $$ to come in, so what do you think politicians ask for?

      That giving $$ grants some sort of control is a quasi-myth. It gives you influence, the power of access. Control? The control would only be over a weak minded fool. You want to ignore other groups that spend too much money to gain access either because you don’t know, can’t understand, or are afraid it challenges your world view.

      I’m definitely going to bring this up at Friday’s meeting of Jewish Global Control in Denver. We always get a chuckle about dumb folks’ ignorance on Jewish wealth. Add it up & it’s a very small piece of the pie. But people like you perpetuate the myth of Jewish wealth & control, so you have value as a “Useful Idiot”. You are really sort of an agent for International Jewry.

  25. Sam – it’s already happening re: crying Holohoax. There were stories about Kikes getting stabbed by Palestinians, in mainstream news articles, and the only commenters that cared about Jews were other Jews.

    • Oh good. Denise, question for you guys. The site, stuffblackpeopledontlike, or something to that effect. It’s very well done. What do you know about it? I figure I can ask you rather than look around y’all’s site.

  26. Warspite

    you’re referring to http://stuffblackpeopledontlike.blogspot.com

    It’s a solid blog, focuses on real, negative sides of Black American culture, Black crime – the writer uses humor which I like.

    It originated as a spin on the popular comedy blog Stuff White people like which satirized White college educated Americans and all the foolish fads and causes they go for.

    • Uh Jack? HW? I’ve got a real problem with you two…. Why didn’t you tell me your amigo Paul Kersey wrote a book on Atlanta? And that’s it’s on Amazon!! Have either of you read it?

      • Yes, I read the book.

        Paul Kersey once gave me a tour of Clayton County, GA. I’ve given him a tour of Tuskegee, Montgomery, and Selma, AL. Years ago, I helped him articulate the concept of the Visible Black Hand of Economics.

        There are other books about Detroit, Birmingham and Baltimore. I’m about to review the St. Louis book.

  27. A good rule to follow is that Jews in Israel tend to more reasonable, sane regarding Muslims than Jews in the Diaspora, especially in the USA. My take is jews in France and now Germany are against Muslim migrations to Europe.

  28. On SBPDL you can bash away at the nogs as much as you like but don’t mention the jews.

    That should suit your attempt to deflect attention from Israel and the diaspora till the cows come home.

    Try your wits at Occidental Observer Mr Warpsite. You’ll be handed a defeat.

    • You’re joking right? Please tell me you do not actually regard yourself as an elite mind. Even here you’re middle of the pack, at best. You have again and again demonstrated you inability to understand and digest challenging ideas. I take that back. The ideas are not even all that challenging.

      You do not even understand the point Jack is trying to make because you have so many toys in the attic. You think 20m Jews run the world. The fact you so deeply resent Jewish over representation in a few areas is rooted in your own deep sense of failure. Yet despite your resentment you do nothing positive to improve yourself.

      If you ever have children I hope you will encourage them to strive for better than you, and work hard to give them the education you never received.

    • Once again, you’re kidding, right? The only thing I think re you is that you are sadly pathetic. I’ve read your inability to reason and fear of reading an actual book. Your mind is very limited. On the other hand, I am very glad you represent the average WeeNie.

  29. Does Jack Ryan know most rabbis in the United States in the 1960s, sermonized against marrying out in the same week or month they were arguing for forced integration for the white Christian population and blacks?

    Jack, level with me. Would you do a deal giving Zionists a free hand dictating US foreign policy and policies to deport domestic Muslims provided their media and educational power apparatus allowed Euro-Americans to express “white power politics” in all other domains, even promoted same, or at least removed the “bigot” stereotype?

    Not me.

    • That’s some interesting reasoning Amspire. It doesn’t make sense.

      Out of curiosity, and I’m really curious. Off the top of your head how many Jews do you think there are in the US? And Canada? Now, just off the top of your head, about how many Jews do you think there are in Israel?

      Last question. Off the top of your head how many Jews do you think perished in the Holocaust? Just a good faith guess, please!

  30. I’ve read several books.

    Just finished a fascinating book about King John.

    Also a new tome called The Brain Electric, it’s about the race to create neuron electronic interfaces.

    What’s on your reading list this fall and winter jewboy?

    • I’m sorry cracker, did you say Elton John? Darn, not many Mr. Greenjeans types there in the Appalachians who go for that. Good for you. Did you take it to ITT Tech or such with you? I think it’s great they accept GED’s, boy. If you keep it up you might be Asst Mgr at a Pakistani owned 7-11 in the big city. I mean Bristol, of course. Don’t give up cracker, you can dream!

  31. Commonly understood to mean the jews here is a passage from the era of Claudius, Suetonius has the last word…

    ‘It now became illegal for foreigners to adopt the names of Roman families, and any who usurped the rights of Roman citizens were executed in the Esquiline Field.”

    Warpsite’s more Roman-than-Roman, I mean more American-than-American act wears thin indeed. Why he’s whiter than white! And the cleverest man in the forum.

    • Smart enough to know you conflate your image on Jews with those of, e.g., the 1st Century AD.

      Smart enough to know there are plenty of things I don’t know.

      Smart enough to listen and try to learn.

      Or is the last just confidence, cracker boy?

  32. Either the culture has endured intact for a few thousand years and maintains features like this (name changes to infiltrate, usury) or we are dealing with a formless miasma.

    Only a first rate twit could maintain that both positions are simultaneously true.

    • Ahh. I knew if given the chance you’d prove my point. It’s like I always used to advise, recommend, tell students, etc. Make them put it on paper. If you do, they will bury themselves.

      Btw- does a “few thousand” equal 3200-3400 yrs? I think so, but want to be sure.

  33. Are you suggesting that jewish behavior has changed much since these Roman observations were made? I’m saying it’s a stink but it has a consistent ugly form.

    • You need to go back and crack the books. Even if from your perspective you might say, “Bah! I don’t need no stinking details. A pain now and a pain then. That be all I need”, its so much an over generalization as to be useless on any educated level.

  34. Cockroaches have persistence. It’s not necessarily something to brag about.

    I’ve looked at the decisions of Vespasian and Titus. I find them to be agreeable men. The Kitos War was also necessary. absolutely had to be done. Looking at Pro Flacco as foreshadowing the later act of Roman civilization was inevitable. It had to exterminate the roach nest as best as it could. Every neighbor has had to do the same thing.

  35. ‘Agreed. And well said. Also note that so many of the worst anti White, Anti American Hollywood Left Coast loons like Michael Moore and Quentin Tarantino aren’t ethnic Jews.’

    Amen, Mr. Ryan. As I’ve said so many times : if leftist Jews were the only problem in this country, there would be no problem…

  36. Homosexual Star Trek Mr Zulu was on TV advocating for the Muslim invaders. Why would any homosexual desire to live amongst a growing population of Muslims? Doesn’t he realize they hate gays more than Christians and love to throw homos off of building rooftops?

    • I was thinking about trying to explain the Jewish Revolts to the moronic one, but what’s the sense? It reminds me of my effort to explain the attitudes/role of color in the Classical world to a group of allegedly educated blacks. Sometimes folks’ brains are just chained to a big rock & tossed into the sea of ignorance.

      The thing about George Takei was an interesting point, if a bit crudely phrased. A great example of this principle is the Netherlands. There all those wonderful, liberal Dutch opened up their nation to Muslims only to discover (when Islam reached a critical mass) unhappiness and protest by Muslims against Dutch society. What was it they objected to so violently? Why, Dutch Liberalism of course! Muslims find gender rights, permissiveness, freedoms of religion & speech entirely objectionable and are willing to kill to make their point.

  37. Caligula had the right idea. Put up a statue of yourself in the inner sanctum of your mortal enemy. Then rip down his temple.


    • I’m not going to get into the three Jewish Revolts with you guys because you’re not intellectually capable of reading the standard works. In your twisted world (where the Holocaust is denied) the Romans took over Judea, kicked the Jews out, and took a bunch of stuff all with the Jews watching and unable to do anything. You just stick with your beliefs, it is so much more simple than the truth. Some may assert you dumb things down. Lord knows you guys would never do that!

      What kind of jobs are around for people with only a HS degree?

  38. “Warspite // November 24, 2015 at 2:12 pm // (Edit)
    I’m not going to get into the three Jewish Revolts with you guys because you’re not intellectually capable”

    I respond: the Monty Python comedy troop (which includes a fair share of Jews) is about as intellectually capable as any performers in the English language. Most, all were trained in classical history at places like Oxford back in the day that it really meant something.

    Monty Python’s view of the Jewish revolt around Jesus’ time is that it was like the 60s anti White colonialism movements, revolt most everywhere with corrupt pro Marxist intellectuals in the West spouting all sorts of nonsense about Mau, Che, HO Chi Mihn, or worse Robert Mugabe and Idi Amin.

    Here’s John Cleese acting as the leader of the Jewish terrorists plotting to overthrow the hated White Roman colonial rule.

    “What have the Romans ever done for us”…

    • Jack:

      Obviously I was not referring to you. Just the loonies posting at the time.

      You went to school at Vanderbilt. I don’t know when, what you studied, or if you graduated. (The odds are you def graduated). Based on your background I have no doubt whatsoever you could follow and distinguish the three Revolts. But as for your compadres to whom I addressed the remark, I don’t think so.

  39. In all fairness it was Josephus who created the idea that the Roman army was a pitiless victory machine sweeping all before it.

    The jews of the time gave a good account militarily. I recall they wiped out one legion at roughly the same time that Boudicca was wiping out a legion in Britannia.

    Josephus said something to the effect that
    Roman Excercises were bloodless battles and Battle bloody drill.

    It was never really true. The real menace of Rome was the five legions dispatched to avenge the one legion or cohort you sucker punched.

    The British Army had the same nasty habit. Some under strength garrison or column gets cut up and then an Armada is dispatched as revenge.

    Anyway. The Romans did good work killing a million or so jews. Probably saved western civ in the long run.

    • It’s like you start out ok and then become unglued. I have trouble understanding your point other than not liking Jews.

      You are unable to do anything about your conflation of Jews in the 1st century AD from 2000 yrs later. You are way off on basic understanding of what was going on & why, and I can’t spend the time to correct everything you write that is wrong. And the amount wrong is amazing.

      It was 3 Roman Legions destroyed. For a few years it ran as its own “nation”, even minting coins.

      I do agree with you on your admiration of Israel. Judea disappears in the first century AD and about 1900 yrs later is reestablished by descendants of the diaspora. You’re right. It is kind of a miracle.

  40. Jack!

    No the jews of the time were in a position to dominate the levant.
    The Romans were dealing with the most coherent and formidable nation in the region when they obliterated the jews. Had a battle or two in the various conflicts with Rome gone the other way there could have easily been an imperium in the Eastern Med run from Jerusalem.

    Look at what they’ve done to the area in the last 70 years for fucks sake. Caligula, Vespasian, Titus, Domitian, Nerva, Hadrian etc had to massacre them or face their own immanent destruction.

    This sketch is really about clueless SJWs.

    • Hmmm. The Kaptain & WeeNies kind of want their own “homeland”. Like their own Israel, but in the Maritime Provinces. That explains his admiration of Israel, he wants to use it as a model.

  41. You keep posting dissertation length non-responses.

    What is the difference between jews, then and now?

    You’ve wasted around 500 words saying you won’t explain! Out with you dumbass.

    • I can’t explain it in simple enough words. Let me touch on one aspect.

      Pre-Christian era Jews had little resemblance to what you have in mind. During the first century AD Jews had no restrictions on professions and engaged in everything from military service to begging to commerce. They had recently had their own country, and were an ancient people when Rome came along.

      They were also a major pain in the ass to the Romans. The Jews were the only people who wouldn’t, just once a year, sacrifice to the emperor as a god.

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