Morons, Marxists, Muslims

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I hope our readers are having excellent Thanksgivings. Mine has been the best. I have a new girl friend – what a great gal. For any of our younger male readers who want some tips how to meet and date great women, I highly, HIGHLY recommend Salsa partner dancing. It definitely works for me.

Well back to the real world of national and international politics. World War III is being threatened in the Middle East – only folks on our side seem to be the Russians and allied forces. The most important international current event is the mass Muslim male migration/invasion of Europe and the West – with huge numbers of Syrian Muslim, Muslims posing as Syrians threatened to migrate to our (dis) United States of America. Lots of morons like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan says restricting mass Muslim migrations is racist:

Rep. Paul Ryan rules out any cuts in Muslim immigration.

Lot’s of people in the USA, in the West are doing and saying lots of extremely stupid, treasonous things about the 3rd world Muslim migration invasion. Everyone from the $*##*@ Chancellor of Germany Merkel, to Hollywood Left coast morons like Michael Moore, to Catholic and Lutheran immigrant aid “charities”, to Swedish Green party “international human rights” types – they seem to have collectively lost their minds. The subject of mass immigration migrations seems to bring out the worst in Jewish people and Jewish organizations. (Jewish groups support Syrian migrants) Any sane Western person that wants to put any limits on Muslim immigration – well we’re all evil NAZIs the same as those who wouldn’t take little Jewish children trying to flee the Holocaust.

Why do they do this.

3 Reasons

1) They’re morons/idiots
2) They hate us
3) It helps them personally

Fair Comment Propaganda Muslims, Jews on Same Team Against Racism
Fair Comment
Propaganda Muslims, Jews on Same Team Against Racism

What kind of moronic Jewish person wants to welcome the invasion of 800,000 plus Muslim male migrants to Europe and the USA?

Well one such Jewish person is Chicago Sun-Times writer Neil Steinberg – those evil WASPs

Neil Steinberg claims us evil WASPs were never welcoming:

” No refugee group was welcomed in this country. From the Irish in the 1840s onward, all were diseased subhumans bringing crime and strange ways who could never fit in to the American dream. Ditto for the Chinese — our first anti-immigration laws were to keep them out. Ditto the Italians. And the Eastern Europeans. In the late 1930s, 83 percent of Americans — about as close to unanimity as you can get — were against easing America’s draconian immigration laws to admit Jews frantic to get out of Germany. A Congressional bill that would have admitted 20,000 German children under the they’re-so-cute-when-they’re-young exemption died in committee.

Why? Well, c’mon, they were Jews. Nobody wanted Jews around, for lots of reasons just as specious as the reasons the governor wants to yank away the welcome mat that isn’t there for Syrians. The Jews were also seen a threat, and if few here sincerely thought they kidnapped Christian children and drank their blood, they knew they took jobs and college berths that God intended for real Americans.” (Chicago SunTimes “Give Rauner a Break” 11/17/15)

Yep, this moronic liberal, marxist Jew Neil Steinberg insists that he’s the champion of oppressed Irish, Italians, and Eastern Europeans and now Syrian Muslims – against the common enemy of all of humanity, us evil White Anglo Saxon Protestant WASPS! Of course the $*#&*@ Neil Steinberg will probably turn around the next day and charge the current governments, people in Eastern Europe (Poland and Hungary) of being the worst Anti Semite, FASCIST, NAZIS for not welcoming the Muslim migrant invasions, denying their guilt in the Holocaust etc.

Why do Liberal, Leftist, marxist Jews like Neil Steinberg do this? Aren’t Jews and Muslims supposed to be enemies? Aren’t liberal, secular, leftist people supposed to oppose religious extremists who do things like throw gay people off of roofs, who ban women from showing their faces in public. Why do they do this?

It’s the same reason(s) the Black Congressional Caucus ALWAYS supports the worst mass Mexican immigration to the USA:

1) They’re morons/idiots
2) They HATE US – anything traditional White America opposes, the Black Congressional Caucus supports, even if mass Mexican immigration strongly hurts the Black working class.
3) It helps them in their own personal lives – millions of Mexican and other 3rd world immigrants, more Lib Democrat voters, Black Congressmen have secure jobs for life.

It sounds crazy to a fair minded (White) American persons, but Liberal, Left marxist Jews like Neil Steinberg really are on the same team/side with Muslim migrants in the USA – it’s just in Israel/Palestine that Muslim and Jews are on opposite sides. Here in the USA both Muslims and Jews vote 80% plus Liberal, Left Democrat, 80% plus for Obama.

The Neil Steinbergs are trying all sorts of lies and deceptions to put together anti WASP teams of discriminated and oppressed – that the Irish and Eastern European immigrants and now Syrian Muslims should join their champions the Jews in opposing the racist, oppressive WASP privileged elite. Watch some Mel Gibson anti English film like Braveheart or the Patriot and understand that the Jewish Hollywood elite is fine with this – it’s just when Mel gets a bit drunk and expresses his father’s view of Jewish Neo Conservative war mongering in Iraq that Mel gets taken to task.

So what do we do?

My suggestion is just recognize unpleasant realities – and expose, oppose the 3 reason.

1) Expose the Neil Steinbergs, Hollywood Left Loons like Michael Moore as idiots, morons.

2) Expose, oppose the reality that it is THEY who HATE US. They claim to be liberal, tolerant, loving people who love gays and the worst 8th century Muslims – no, they just hate us.

3) And this is the most important point. We must change the reality that promoting the worst immigration, Muslim migration invasions, anti Southern, anti White policies are BAD not good for their personal careers. We ended the political careers of some enemies like House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, we have to make it reality that the Michael Moores, Neil Steinbergs, Paul Ryans, Lisping Lyndsey Graham’s personal careers, and personal lives are hurt or destroyed, not helped for defaming and destroying our people and culture.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone – here’s hoping Neil Steinberg will soon be celebrating the next Thanksgiving in Cook County Jail with Jew hating Muslim Jihadists.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

    Hunter I couldn’t get a hold of you, understand you’re probably pre occupied with your growing family.

    I published this post because I wanted to get something new up for our readers who have free time during TG. I haven’t used our very much appreciated proof readers, did spell check, write this one sober. If readers find typos, please note and I will fix.

    I went to an (in)famous Liberal private school where they teach things like bamboon sociology not traditional grammar and spelling. Oh Well.

    Happy Thanksgiving again folks, stay positive.

  2. Jack Ryan wrote:

    Paul Ryan

    I respond:

    JR, I have been suspicious ever since all these otherwise xenophile open borders Republicans have turned into Jeff Sessions clones when it comes to the “Syrian” “refugees” (but only them). The way I figured, we were either in the middle of a political fan dance, or that the Syrians, being Muslims, somehow played into Jewish and Israel issues, or, as Ann Coulter reminded us, only disallowing Muslim “refugees” gives the Jeb! types a convenient back door to keep on letting “Christian” Hispanics flood on in.

    But it really says something about Paul Ryan, that he’s so dyed in the wool on immigration that he can’t even allow himself to participate in this disingenuous political fan dance that many of his Republican colleagues are engaging in, if it means having to broadcast the pretense that he wants even as much as one fewer immigrant to be let in than otherwise.

  3. ‘Why do Liberal, Leftist, marxist Jews like Neil Steinberg do this?’

    For the same reason(s), Sir, all Liberal, Leftist, marxists do this –

  4. A good article, well thought out. In trying to figure out the motivations of these dirtbags, I never seem to get beyond crazy, stupid, and the group think that seems to destroy any creativity in modern America. I also seem to see most people of any political ideology as being stuck in the past too, they see what the country once was, not what it is now, and is becoming.

  5. It looks like Speaker of the House, failed GOP Vice Presidential candidate from Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan ( who couldn’t carry his own state of Wisconsin) has replaced Amren 2013 White traitor of the year Rand Paul as the #1 idiot, traitor, cuckservative of this year – and WOW is Paul Ryan falling down, kissing #*$&@ to any and all our enemies.

    It’s not enough that he does multi cult, media ops with Chicago Hispanderer Louis Guitierez – they are supposedly both devote Catholics. Paul Ryan is not kissing #*$@ to invading Muslim invaders! Guess Paul Ryan doesn’t care much that ISIS Islamists are doing genocide to any remaining Christians in the ME, and also doing child slave auctions – oh dear, but Paul Ryan is getting good MSM coverage that he isn’t RACIST, that he embraces Muslims, Mexicans and Morons.

    Please contact the Congressional staff of this horrible pussy, traitor Paul Ryan, let them know where you stand.

    Chief of Staff: Danyell Tremmel
    Scheduler: Tory Wickiser
    Dep. Chief of Staff: Allison Steil
    Press Secy.: Ian Martorana
    Veteran Affairs LA: Katie Donnell
    Military LA: Katie Donnell
    Child/Family Issues LA: Will Miller
    Health LA: Allison Steil
    Financial Services LA: Allison Steil
    Foreign Policy LA: Katie Donnell
    Education LA: Will Miller
    Agriculture LA: Katie Donnell
    Telecomm LA: Will Miller
    Elections LA: Will Miller
    Energy LA: Katie Donnell
    Environment LA: Katie Donnell
    Firearms LA: Will Miller
    Judiciary LA: Will Miller
    Tax LA: Allison Steil
    Transportation LA: Will Miller
    Trade LA: Allison Steil
    Commerce LA: Allison Steil
    Labor LA: Katie Donnell
    Budget LA: Allison Steil
    Arts/Humanities LA: Will Miller
    Civil Rights LA: Will Miller
    Government Affairs LA: Will Miller
    Housing LA: Will Miller
    Medicare/Medicaid LA: Allison Steil
    Appropriations LA: Allison Steil
    Science/Technology LA: Will Miller
    Social Security LA: Katie Donnell
    Space – NASA LA: Katie Donnell
    Pensions LA: Allison Steil
    Animal Welfare LA: Will Miller
    Women’s Issues LA: Will Miller
    Native American Affairs LA: Allison Steil
    Immigration LA: Allison Steil
    Homeland Security LA: Katie Donnell
    Dist. Scheduler: Tricia Stoneking
    Dist. Chief of Staff: Vacant
    Staff Contact: Rebekah Geffert
    Washington Office Information:
    Room: 1233 Longworth House Office Building
    Washington, DC 20515

    Phone: (202) 225-3031
    Fax: (202) 225-3393

  6. Let’s see, Jack. You now postulate that an individual writer is a part of a vast conspiracy of Jews and Muslims to oppress white people as a group. I’d say that your post does little to prove more than you’re an anti-Semite and Islamaphobe consumed with attacking your perceived enemies based on an entirely unproven conspiracy theory. Now, as I recall, you recently mentioned that HW doesn’t allow comments based on such unproven theories. HW likely thinks that such discussions are a big waste of everyone’s time, so why would you use such dreck as the basis for a post? Or don’t the rules apply to fascistic blowhards?

  7. Donsky- define “conspiracy”.

    FYI – tell me what advantage you think your Tribe will gain, once you are successful in your long-range goal of successfully exterminating White People. I am sincere in my query. Play along. Thanks.

  8. Sorry, Denise. I don’t play fetch, especially with such loaded questioning. If you’d like to partake of the sack of s@&$ that Jack is offering, juste mange.

    I, for one, don’t buy any of it but it is interesting to watch racists snork through Jack’s trough.

  9. Don writes:

    “Let’s see, Jack. You now postulate that an individual writer is a part of a vast conspiracy of Jews and Muslims to oppress white people as a group. ”

    I respond.

    I said no such thing. I noted one Jewish Chicago Sun Times writer Neil Steinberg was writing seemingly insane policy recommendations that Illinois and other US States must accept unlimited numbers of Syrian Muslim ‘refugees”/immigrants/invaders whatever you want to call them and I argue that he and others who take this insane position on mass Muslim immigration to the West do so for 3 reasons

    1) They’re morons/idiots
    2) They hate us (WASPs, White Western people)
    3) It helps them personally – as they are promoting themselves as being on/leading the anti WASP, anti White team

    And yes, crazy as it sounds – Muslim immigrants, Jews, gays, feminists, Hollywood Leftists, Doonesbury cartoonist Gary Trudeau, that new Ted Kennedy type prime minister of Canada also named Trudeau – they all see themselves as being on the same Liberal Left, anti White, anti Southerners, anti traditional Christian team. It’s really only on the issue of Israel/Palestine that Jews and Muslims in the USA, Europe, UK are on different sides, in other areas, they are on the same anti White side.

    Please re-read OD classic article on 15th Century Spain. Jews were basically given the boot by victorious White Spanish Catholic for…. taking the Arab Muslim Moor side against Whites.

    It most certainly IS NOT some weird conspiracy. Jews and Muslims in the USA did in fact vote the same way in the last Presidential election over 80% plus for Obama.

    Those individuals like Grover Norquist who are argue that Muslim immigrants are natural GOP Conservatives are either

    1) Lying
    2) They’re idiots.

    Or combination of both.

  10. Weasel about as you might, Jack, you proffered a faceless theory concerning a Jewish journalist conspiring with Muslims to achieve a goal. You promoted conspiracist nonsense, nothing more.

  11. Facts about the African Muslim invasion of Spain, aided and funded BY Jews, is “conspiracy nonsense”? Well documented facts are conspiracy nonsense?

    Tell me about Jack The Jew Straw, and “Lord” The Jew Fag Mandelson, of the JewK, bragging about how they imported Thirdies into England is “nonsense”. Tell me about The Zionist Jew David the Jew Cameron, PM of England – this:

  12. No Don – stop averting direct questions. The Jew subversion and treachery has gotten very very very old. The time for Jews to account for their evil is just beginning.

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