San Bernardino & Colorado Springs Mass Shootings

By Hunter Wallace

San Bernardino

It looks like 20 people have been shot this time. There are so many of these meltdowns that I missed the latest one in Colorado.

Colorado Springs

Rod Dreher, who blamed the Confederate flag for Dylann Roof, is unwilling to blame the pro-life movement for the Colorado Springs shooter. You will be amazed at fast this cuckservative is able to spin in a dime when one of his own is implicated in a mass shooting.

Here’s what I said at the time about the violent fringe of the pro-life movement:

“I also find it rich that Rod Dreher wants to play this game. In light of all his blog posts decrying gay marriage and the radicalism of the LGBT movement, would Dreher be willing to claim ownership of the anti-abortion bomber, Eric Rudolph? How about Michael Frederick Griffin who murdered the abortionist David Gunn in Pensacola? Maybe we should all cry “Down With The Bible” next time an anti-abortion fanatic goes on a shooting spree or a bombing campaign? Doesn’t the “tainted” Bible in Leviticus 20:13 explicitly prescribe the death penalty for homosexuality?”

I’m not seriously going to say “Down With The Bible” now, but Dreher and his fellow cuckservatives deserve everything they get.


Obviously, Jesus Christ is to blame, right?

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  1. I must say the shooter in Colorada is a complete dumbass.

    Abortion is a marginal positive for whites. It’s scrubbed out so many Indians and Chinese that it gives us a chance and as long as blacks have easy access, who fucking cares?

    Many of the white skanks getting them are probably getting rid of halfcastes.

  2. why do you deny this could be false flags/ psyop Hunter.? And not to mention its only occurred since O’vomiit took office.

  3. With apologies, permit me to take a page out of the WeeNie training manual. To whit:

    SAM. Get your faggot ass out of here. You are too much of a scared little queer to even answer a few harmless questions, but you think you belong here? I think not, Queenie Boy. As far as I can tell you are a twink deserving sodomy via the most “capable” brother here in metro Atlanta. Not, definitely not, a man able to set out an opinion anyone should read. I suggest you grab your poppers and supply of Anal-Eze (is my spelling on that right Sammy?) and take your fairy a** out of here. No one respects you bottom-boy, not even the WeeNies. A queer with your extensive, uh, shortcomings, needs to move right into neo Nazism.

    How does it feel to be “Black”, Sam? Not so great I bet. The thing is, I think I should call out you and the others who refuse to answer questions every time you try and post anything. You’re no Southerner, and I think it would be a great learning experience for you to be treated in the manner you deserve.

  4. Don: I’ve been remiss in not thanking you for the story on Covington. Fascinating article & pretty scary stuff.

  5. One Aaron Cohen, Israeli, is on the O’Reilly TalmudVision “show” opining about What to Do. He’s an “expert” on “anti-terrosrism”.

    Uh huh.

    We need to learn about everything Israel does. Israelis are Gods on Earth.

    • “Denise”. Several weeks ago I checked with the Bureau (and made a FOIA request) just to be absolutely sure of what are considered acceptable parameters in your program. I am confident your last comment exceeded those provocateur parameters.

      While I know there are several persons playing the role, fair warning. You guys need to get on the same page. The Bureau feels free to dig up my IP address & contact me? Ok, then. I am keeping count. This is one. Reach three and I will lay things out so clearly even the never had a date, hard up crowd here will get the proverbial light bulb over their heads. Then you will have to move off this cushy part of your shift.

      Don’t believe me, Denny? Try me and find out. Monitoring is important and I applaud you doing your job. But there is a fine line present in encouraging rather than exposing problems such as potentially serious extreme antisemitism. If you cannot identify that line you need more training.

  6. The American Empire has no care for God. These mass shootings will continue in a land with no Biblical foundation. The future of our people should be in a Free South under God’s laws. Deo Vindice !

  7. Hunter, you will get a kick out of this article hot off the presses written by shmuck Tobias Salinger. Oh, yeah! Check out the photos. Always!

    ‘San Bernardino struggled with hate groups, homicides and gangs before brutal mass shooting’

    The city rocked by a mass shooting that killed 14 people Wednesday has long been a hotbed of hate and violence.

    San Bernardino, Calif., struggled with a rash of hate groups and homicides amid a city bankruptcy in the years before gunmen opened fire at a county employee party at San Bernardino’s Inland Regional Center.

    Nothing was immediately known about any of the suspects and officials have noted recent drops in violent crimes after a two-year spike. But skinheads and neo-Nazis have shown pronounced influence in the area east of Los Angeles known as the Inland Empire.

    The Anti-Defamation League has cited examples in both San Bernardino County and neighboring Riverside County of the Comrades of Our Race’s Struggle, the Inland Empire Skinheads, the Nazi Low Riders and a splinter group called Public Enemy Number One.

  8. Do you think that that Sayeed Farouk his brother and the bint who committed the Jihad were celebrating 9/11?

    Don? Don? Where are you Don?

    • Captain, I partially agree with you on Muslims. It’s foolish to ignore reality, though we also need to learn from history. Putting Japanese-Americans into “internment camps” during WWII will forever be a black mark on America. I can put myself in the place of those in 1941/42 America, but I also know the facts. Not a single act of treason by a Japanese-American per US concerns. One of the most courageous & highly decorated units ever to serve in the US military (442nd RCT). Did you know the 442nd had less than zero incidents of AWOL? Less than zero because two soldiers on medical leave refused to stay in the hospital & hitchhiked back to their units.

      I agree it is a mistake to wholly rely on the past, but making the same mistakes twice is pretty stupid. And while I can see the US Muslim community as a whole does not act in the manner I feel is appropriate to the present circumstances, I have (real) personal experiences that belie broad brush thinking.

    • Denise, I have heard you guys get a kick out of WeeNie groups referencing Ann Coulter due to her appearance/talk at the Bureau. I heard she ripped these guys and pointed out the lunacy of expending more than very limited resources on looney-toons when there are real Muslim terrorists in the US. Guess she was right.

      Also heard about her comment on WN blogs & women. Guess she was again right. The female involved in San Bernadino equals the total female membership of WN leadership. Ms. Coulter is indeed a smart & funny woman.

      Think it bothers HW or Jack that Coulter went to an Ivy League school? Why someone who graduated Vandy would have a problem with Cornell is beyond me.

  9. Now watch the Administration turn this into Disgruntled-Worker…

    And watch for Warspite arguing on behalf of these Mystery Meats.

    • Captain, though twisted you have a brain in your head. Could you guide me to some podcasts by WN groups? Are there any of decent quality? I have not yet checked on iTunes but if 100 such podcasts come up maybe you could point me to the better ones.

      I know of & listen to the occasional conspiracy oriented podcast, but I don’t find them WN in nature. Even when dealing with nutty Judeo-Illuminati-Freemason, etc., stuff, I never get the sense of total WN “values”.

  10. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 8h8 hours ago
    Former FBI asst dir. Ron Hosko on CNN predicting San Bernadino shooter will be “anti-government” “militia” types.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 4h4 hours ago
    On MSNBC, Jim Cavanaugh saying ISIS & al Qaida way off the table. Could be revenge or domestic terrorism.

    Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter 1h1 hour ago
    First San Bernardino shooter named: Syed Farook. If this trend persists, expect mass suicides at HuffPo.

  11. Its okay folks, it’s just what happens when formerly White countries turn brown. Don’t forget to thank the Warspews of this world for their anti-White activism.

  12. @Sam
    They were drooling at the thought of what they would do to Pro Whites, if the killer was a “HuWhite Supreeemacist”. Now watch them try to push it all down the memory hole.

  13. “Think it bothers HW or Jack that Coulter went to an Ivy League school? Why someone who graduated Vandy would have a problem with Cornell is beyond me.”

    I respond

    I generally like her books and her politics. She is definitely a good writer and excellent live on TV.

    She has very good mentors -Peter Brimelow. Also thinks she s sane and solid on Jewish issues. Doesn’t t obsesses about Jews but does note on occasion cuckservative a are pandering to Jews and Israel as when she tweeted in a GOP debate “how many Jews do these guys think are in the USA?”

    My main beef with Ann Coukter was that she was extremely rude and frankly a bitch to me in person. I don t think she has, had a decent personal relationship with a White man.she spends most of her time insulting and putting down lib, leftist men but it seems to translate that she just puts down men, she sure did to me.

    • Jack:

      I can definitely understand how a bad personal experience influences everything. But did it really surprise you to learn she’s a snotty a** b**ch? I really hate to use curse words, but that made no sense. Did it really surprise you to learn she is a “snotty ass bitch?”.

      I have zero problems with the comment she tweeted about the Jewish vote. It is a bit surprising to me she failed to recognize the statements she commented upon went far beyond the Jewish vote. If one is an educated Southerner or from several other parts of the country, one must realize the “issue” of Israel has enormous resonance & importance amongst a large number of Christian voters. Like many NE & West Coast elitists she doesn’t get this. In fact, these elitists of both parties are quite derisive of religious Christians.

  14. Ann Coulter ?@AnnCoulter Nov 30

    Ann Coulter Retweeted badar 1

    And 20% of the Democrats (plus me).

    Ann Coulter added,
    badar 1 @Badar1
    @AnnCoulter If they kick @realtrump2016 out he will start a new party and take 30% of republicans with him, plus Ann Coulter .
    133 retweets 265 likes

    If Trump exercised the nuclear option on the GOP, it would convert me.

  15. You just like him because his first speech was in favor of taking away jewish political disabilities in Parliamentary Elections.

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