Trump, White Nationalists, The Media

By Hunter Wallace

The knives are coming out for Donald Trump for two reasons:

1.) First, there was the Monmouth poll in Iowa which showed Cruz surging ahead of Trump. This is what prompted Trump to float the idea of temporarily banning Muslims from the US.

2.) Second, the latest New York Times/CBS poll shows Trump rising to 35 percent, which is his most commanding lead yet. Meanwhile, ¡Jeb! has squandered $50 million dollars to sink to 3 percent in the polls.

So, consider the state of the presidential race:

1.) With less than two months to go until Iowa, Murika is about to tune out of politics to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s.

2.) Trump needs to incite another controversy to fend off Ted Cruz while pushing down Ben Carson. After Paris and San Bernardino, the Muslim issue is the perfect way to do that.

3.) The media is genuinely incensed by Trump’s mild authoritarianism and the fact that their views on immigration, trade, political correctness and other issues are out of step the mainstream.

4.) The Republican establishment, the cucks, and the rival campaigns are desperate to stop Trump’s momentum as they run out of time.

Suddenly, White Nationalists are getting calls from the media about Donald Trump – again. It has happened several times during this election cycle. The editors must have sent out the marching orders to reporters – again – to “prove Trump is a racist.”

This is all part of the silliness of Murikan politics. Trump wants to run against the media as a bold truth teller. The media wants to run against Trump … and cash in on the clickbait and ratings.

We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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  1. The “Racist/Hitler” demonization of Trump, and White Advocates…well…it’s just not working this time.

    The Average White Schmoo is seeing the Jewish reaction to Trump though….and…and…..

  2. It’s been said that every time a candidate is compared to Hitler, or accused of being another one, he gets even more votes and his popularity soars. In some cases, he won the election by an even wider margin over the Leftist/SJW candidate. Race baiting/Hitler baiting always backfires with the Left.

  3. And part of the simple-minded circus is that people are honed in on the unworkable, silly ban on all Muslim immigration, but ignore the other more deadly serious utterances of Trump: he wants to send 10,000 troops to “fight” “ISIS”. He argues correctly that Saudi Arabia and other unnamed countries are funding ISIS (Turkey? Israel? the US?) but somehow feels that the correct response to this is to send 10,000 troops and “keep the oil”.

    For contrast, if we banned Muslim immigration today, no innocent children would get killed or maimed; at worst it would be an inconvenience to some. But sending 10,000 troops? What are they going to accomplish except sit there with a target on their backs? Trump brags that “no one is more militaristic” than him. Am I supposed to like that? I dislike it, a lot.

    As someone who has had to kill and dodge bullets overseas (unlike Trump), I will tell you that neither the killing nor the bullet dodging are good. 10,000 troops is half a division. Two brigades. A drop in the bucket of what would be needed.

    But we could stop ISIS by ratcheting up the pain on its backers (as Putin has done), by declaring support for Assad (as Putin has done), and by moving towards a multi-polar order where the US et al butt out of the affairs of others and allow self determination to take hold (as Putin has done). There are more than enough troops in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Kurdistan to swiftly dispatch ISIS; and we can channel the savings into oil purchases – currently under 37$ a barrel, rather than stealing it.

    You see, not even Bush Jr was stupid enough to reverse US doctrine of waging war against “terrorism” and if you like Islamic extremism, rather than Islam as a whole. Recall Operation Infinite Justice? (I’m guessing not…) Bush dropped the Crusade rhetoric and apologized.

    Not even Bush stated that he would steal the oil (because it would have lead to a strong backlash in the Middle East and the world).

    Trump is not even as good as Bush!!!

    Bush was able to make it through an entire campaign on “a humbler foreign policy” and “no nation building”. Trump, who started off by pointing out that he opposed the war in Iraq because it would lead to a mess and Iranian advantage in the region (both true), made it to December before wanting to embark on a similarly foolish (and evil) campaign to “keep the oil”.

    Again, advantage Bush, one of the worst presidents, if not the worst. How will Trump fare on the world stage as chief diplomat? Not even Nigel Farage wants anything to do with his antics, nor does Netanyahu. Will he be showing up in Riyadh any time soon? He is a pariah – for good reason.

    Trump also made overtures to “getting with Bill gates and closing the internet.” Um, no. The internet is more central to my freedom than the guns in my gun safe. Much like the banning of the Confederate Flag after Roof, and the repetitious calls for gun control by the left, Trump believes that time honored pillars of civilization should be tossed aside because of the latest lunatic self destruction.

    What he did was the GOP equivalent of Hilary announcing that she is going to confiscate all firearms upon taking office. Unconstitutional, politically foolish, and absolutely unworkable: just like Trump!

    Trump has demonstrated that he does not have the temperament to hold a position of high trust; perhaps the highest in the world. He has not shown that he understands that if he makes an egregious blunder that he should “walk it back”. He could have said that there are other proposals that will accomplish the same ends without challenging basic principles such as equality before the law (and do it more effectively – realize that his plan relies on self-report, all immigrants have to affirm that they aren’t communist. Do you think no communist has ever lied and immigrated?)

    Trump is adhering to the Pickup Artist school of politics, forgetting that the hall mark of the human species is the alliance of betas against the alpha. He has made Hilary Clinton into a palatable alternative for the first time; he has energized her base like never before. She is not all that impressive, but she has enough skill and experience to run a defensive, centrist, machine campaign and will win.

    So no matter his policies, including some that I love such as the Wall and deporting all illegal immigrants, the man must content himself to proposing them as a private citizen rather than an officer of the government.

    Finally, we need to have a Come-to-Jesus moment in the “alt right”. The more I see of fascism, the less I like it. I don’t like Hitler; I wouldn’t want to live under his dictatorship – or anything similar. And the funny thing is, most whites agree with me. How can a movement hope to galvanize a sizable portion of the white race (near 80%) with maniacal rhetoric approaching the genocidal? It is sad to see folks losing sight of the big picture (though I do commend some – including HW for striking tones of reason in this whole dust up – at least according to the interviews).

    If you want a safe-space for whites, you cannot achieve it within the frame work of modern America. That bridge was crossed in the 60s, to say nothing of today. We can’t take back America intact, but we can Partition it in a peaceful logical way, and there is NO WAY we can do that unless we paint an attractive hopeful vision of that future – full of freedom, and free of the jack boot.

  4. Personally I don’t think Trump is racial at all and that – combined with not being controlled by the donor class who currently rule politics – means he is completely free to pick a program that will maximize votes.

    That program will contain anti-immigration policies because mass immigration is very bad for the economy and therefore very bad for everyone except the donor class and fanatical anti-whites.

    The anti-white media are screeching not because Trump is racial but because Trump’s program isn’t explicitly anti-white enough for them.

  5. Trump wants to keep the US Empire, but he wants our “allies” to pull more of their weight. This is not Pat Buchanan’s position.

    Buchanan wanted to …

    1.) Dismantle the US Empire.

    2.) Withdraw from the WTO and reject new free-trade agreements.

    3.) Seriously close the border and deport illegal aliens without inviting all the terrific ones to come back.

    4.) Gut the federal courts by limiting their jurisdiction.

    5.) Fight the culture war. He was a strong social conservative.

    And so on.

    Trump’s rhetoric sounds like Buchanan’s old platform, but under close examination he isn’t serious about it. At the same time, there is no one else running who isn’t far worse than Trump or who has the fortune to maintain their independence from donors.

    I’m not as supportive of Trump as I was in August, but I am not opposed to him either. I’m kinda hoping he wins the primary and provokes a fatal split that topples the GOP.

  6. Hunter

    “This is not Pat Buchanan’s position.”


    Buchanan’s posiiton was all thought out. I think Trump’s is pure instinct.

  7. Rubio is basically a younger, hispanic version of Lindsay Graham.

    Jeb! is basically a younger, hispanic version of Barbara Bush.

    The younger, hispanic version of McCain is currently being stitched together in a lab somewhere.

  8. I really wish those of you who are Southrons and members of the Whiteosphere would stop referring to the mediots as “mainstream”. Nothing could be further from the Truth. Even on the left coast and other coast where this scum dominate the culture, they are isolated in small gated enclaves and only win elections with massive fraud and bipedal pollutants in the inner shitty.
    Flyover country is the real America, and we see them not as gods but chickenshit scum that avoid us their betters. We’re not some dumb ignorant black savages who see airplanes as magic chariots of the gods, and these scum are egotistical retards who are misinformed and backward.

  9. anon
    ‘Rubio is basically a younger, hispanic version of Lindsay Graham.
    Jeb! is basically a younger, hispanic version of Barbara Bush.
    The younger, hispanic version of McCain is currently being stitched together in a lab somewhere’


  10. The far right has always had the best plan, the problem is that they have been unable to actually take that to a winning platform and defeat the GOP insiders who have had a stranglehold on “conservative” politics for a very long time due to having the money.

    There is a real potential here to actually strike the killing blow to the GOP in which they will never be able to recover. Trump is doing that to them right now. Seriously, why is Jeb! at 3%? You think that would be the case if Trump had never got into the race? The fact that Trump did a total take down of the Bush family and their legacy is an amazing feat in itself.

    Jeb! was and is their boy and Trump easily destroyed him. That is the value of Trump.

  11. Perot and pat Buchanan had far more support than you realize. This game is rigged. In the past the media would keep anyone who supported positions they don’t like away from cameras, and get the traitors together to put together a false consensus making it appear like you were a minority. This game is now over, because the net goes right past their gatekeepers and people see how many of them they are and how few the “mainstream” traitors have on their tiny reservation of false opposition.

  12. “Captain John Charity Spring MA // December 10, 2015 at 4:48 am //

    He is the Mega-Troll.
    At some point he will walk off and laugh. Probably into the sunset.”

    The above comment crystallized it for me. Trump is trolling with purpose. He does not want to lead the Republicans, he wants them to ban him, so he can take sizable portion of their base, join it with a portion of the Democrats and form a competitive 3rd party.

  13. Who is Trump’s opposition for the GOP nomination, two Cubans, one of whom was born in Canada, and a colored doctor. Please…LOL.

  14. Today, as Mr. Trump continued to be compared to Adolf Hitler, I found myself in a grocery store line with some cottage cheese for my wife, when my eyes grazed the following headline :


    AP. At a press conference on Tuesday, the former Nazi mastermind, looking a shadow of his former self, underwent a battery of exams by history teachers who, in the end, had no choice to conclude that this was, verily, the former Linzer.

    When askt about why he was willing to risk the likelhood of being kidnappt by the Mossad and being taken to Israel, the former Fuhrer said that the reflective life of a South American monastick was just fine, but, he could no longer take the comparisions to Donald Trump.

  15. Trump is similar in a way to our now knifed in the back PM. Abbott was still a cuck, the MSM,ABC, Prog news vilified him constantly, from the day he became opposition leader, till he was disposed as PM. Even Murdoch’s propaganda arm vilified him to an extent.

    His purpose was to stop the boats of 3rd worlders coming, he did it magnificently. TPTB were hoping this would nullify the public back to sleep, as it did with Howard. This didn’t happen, instead an Aussie coalition of the far right started to protest against Islam…

    Being the ex PM is rather Zio he’s happy to point out Islams deficiencies for the utopia project, this alone is causing Liberals(small’L’libertarians) which our new Goldman Sanch PM apparently belongs to is splitting the more conservative Liberals to the conservative Nationals. Yeah they’re a coalition party. There’s also the threat of a young popular MP starting a new conservative party. This is a similar split or schism that will occur in the GOP to a certain extent.

    What the spastic progs don’t get, these subjects don’t just come up in the pub, every public space, from Dr surgeries to garbage collectors. This is no longer a meme, it’s the birthing of a unifying global trend.

  16. @Dr. Doom: “This game is rigged.” Jews and sociopaths have disabled the survival instincts of the tribes of European descent.
    “European values have become a suicide pact. Its politicians deliver speeches explaining why European values require mass Muslim migration that makes as little sense as a lunatic’s suicide note.”

  17. Trump is not the next Hitler, far from it. No matter how much hysterical Jews try to push that meme. His favorite daughter, Ivanka, is a Jewish convert, married to a Jew, raising Jewish grandbabies for The Donald to dote on. Is Grandpa going to send Baby Girl, her hubby and her brood off to the gas chambers? No way!

    I think the problem with OJ is that Trump is actually what I call the anti-Hitler. The one thing that stands out to me is how “Jewy” Trump is. The way he walks, the way he talks, his brashness, his combativeness, not only his refusal to back down, but preference to double down on his controversial positions even if discrepancies are found through the vigilance of his detractors.

    Compare that to the requisite grovel/apology tour that conservatives who screw up and blurt out an inconvenient truth go through. Let’s face it, Donald Trump personifies chutzpah. He has no problems, whatsoever, getting in the face of any of his critics and he makes no distinction over what race or religion they may be. Very unusual behavior for anyone raised in WASP culture.

    The vast majority of Whites are victims of a certain mystification with Jews; either they’re the Spawn o’Satan and this malevolent intelligence that is nearly impossible to beat or you have this John Hagee element that practically worship them because they’re the “chosen people.” Either way, there is this mystification involved.

    Hitler was also a victim of this mystification process to a certain extent. Oh, he called Jews out on a lot of their anti-German antics, but he had no coherent new way of dealing with them other than the traditional pogrom/expulsion themes.

    But Donald Trump was raised in “Jew York” City. He was brought up in a class that regularly rubbed shoulders with rich, influential Jews. He grew up with Jews, he went to schools with Jews, he competed on sports teams both with and against Jews, he probably dated Jews, and he brokered lots of business deals with Jews. He absorbed a lot of their tactics. Unlike Hitler, he is very comfortable with Jews. I believe him when he says he likes a lot of them.

    Unlike most Whites, Donald Trump sees Jews very objectively. This has enabled him to appropriate for himself what works for them and pretty much ignore any harmful advice they direct at him from an anti-White agenda. But it’s nothing personal. The Donald is only interested in what is good for The Donald.

    Trump doesn’t see them as either the “chosen people” or the “devil incarnate.” He just seems them as fellow adversaries with whom he has no problems competing. He has no problem promoting his own interests even if they conflict with theirs. Nothing personal, it’s just business. He’ll be happy to host a blowout for them with great food, booze, cigars and entertainment to celebrate his victory.

    The fact that it looks like Donald Trump considers the best interests of Whites as what is good for The Donald is what makes him appealing to me as a presidential candidate. I believe that, if we can put Trump into the White House, he will push the interests of White America without making it personal like Hitler did.

    That’s why I think he scares the snot out of Jews. Another Hitler they could deal with, so the last thing we need is another Hitler. Nope. We need the Anti-Hitler. We need Trump.

  18. You are all misunderstanding the terror the system feels from Trump. Trump is no Hitler, and that’s why he’s so dangerous. He is a popular medai star they created that has learned to play the media and has enough Fuck you money to not need jew support. The fact that what he says is not extreme or racist in the way they want, is scaring the shit out of them. With Pat Buchanan they just had to say racist and the cucks from the Rat Patrol would say he’s not a Dead Elephant or RINO like they are, and scare Whites from voting for their interests. It don’t work against Trump. They can’t say he’s racist and none of what he says is extreme. What Trump has done is have them play their Hitler card against someone reasonable and moderate. They won’t be able to use it again. The system and the jews are now toast if someone Far Right comes along, cause like the race card, nobody cares about Hitler anymore.

  19. Trump is just saying things that many ordinary Americans have been saying and thinking for a long time, but the Republicans don’t want to hear it.

    Sometimes I think you need a degree in abnormal psychology to understand the mainstream Democrats and the Republican liberals. Apparently it’s okay to invade and occupy two countries, torture people, allow leaders to be hanged like common criminals, have the power shut off in 120 degree heat, have national museums looted. That’s okay, just don’t tell somebody they can’t come here. It’s okay to kill with drones though. The Republicans started these wars and the Democrats enables it every step of the way. Both parties fingerprints are all over the war crimes.

    One of Buchanan’s magazines used to call this ‘invade the world, invite the world.’

  20. @Copperhead

    I think the total lack of logic is part of the evidence that proves almost all the media and political class are bought by the big donors.

    Donor A says open borders
    Donor B says bomb the middle east

    so you get them saying completely illogical things like stopping Arabs immigrating is worse than dropping bombs on them.

  21. ‘Kill Trump’ chorus takes sinister new twist

    A board member of the American Civil Liberties Union’s chapter in Colorado said on his Facebook page all Donald Trump supporters ought to be shot before they can cast their ballots for the front-runner candidate.

    Loring Wirbel, who also serves as co-chair of the ACLU’s Colorado Springs chapter, first compared Trump to Joseph Goebbels, the German politico who served as the minister of propaganda – and as one of Adolf Hitler’s key henchmen – during the Nazi reign. He then called for the killing or injuring by gunfire of Trump supporters.

    “The thing is,” he wrote on Facebook, as reported by the Daily Caller, “we have to really reach out to those who might consider voting for Trump and say, ‘This is Goebbels. This is the final solution. If you are voting for him I will have to shoot you before election day.'”

    Goebbels was a chief creator of the Nazi Party’s “Final Solution,” the plan of extermination of the Jewish people.

    Wirbel went on: “They’re not going to listen to reason, so when justice is gone, there’s always force, as Laurie would say.”

    Wirbel’s call comes on the heels of a left-leaning campaign that emerged on Twitter for the assassination of Trump. As reported by WND, posters in recent days have been writing vicious responses to Trump’s comments about the need to halt Muslim foreigners from entering U.S. borders until intelligence officials can sort out who is tied to terrorism, and who is not. (snip)

    One social media poster wrote: “Someone needs to murder Trump ASAP.”

    Another: “ISIS needs to kill Trump.”

  22. Clytemnestra —

    Extremely interesting comment. In watching Trump’s addresses to the crowds at his campaign rallies, I myself had been struck by his Jewish way of speaking, but I certainly hadn’t been moved along the line of thought you’ve expressed. Now that I think about it, I’m struck that Trump unconsciously goes into that “New Yawk” style, the way Obama sometimes goes into Negro preacher drawl. In each case, the way of speaking is like a concrete channel, into which the man’s thoughts are directed.

  23. Oh this is a wonderful new development. I thought they would come after guns, but if these retards want to shoot Trump or start attacking his supporters, this War is gonna start early. I can tell you now they will lose. The have little or no military support and the police are pissed because the niggers who were supposed to shoot White cops and drive them out are shooting anyone with badges. They might have to fight with nothing but drones and stupid blue helmets. If they start earlier, they will lose bad.

  24. I believe the following comments are on the pulse of the nation, in the matter of Jew vs. Donald Trump:

    “The fact that it looks like Donald Trump considers the best interests of Whites as what is good for The Donald is what makes him appealing to me as a presidential candidate. I believe that, if we can put Trump into the White House, he will push the interests of White America without making it personal like Hitler did. That’s why I think he scares the snot out of Jews. Another Hitler they could deal with, so the last thing we need is another Hitler. Nope. We need the Anti-Hitler. We need Trump.”

    “What Trump has done is have them play their Hitler card against someone reasonable and moderate. They won’t be able to use it again. The system and the jews are now toast if someone Far Right comes along, cause like the race card, nobody cares about Hitler anymore.”

    “Trump is just saying things that many ordinary Americans have been saying and thinking for a long time, but the Republicans don’t want to hear it.”
    Now, that’s the Americans speaking.
    Let’s hear from the Jews.

    “A board member of the American Civil Liberties Union’s chapter in Colorado said on his Facebook page all Donald Trump supporters ought to be shot before they can cast their ballots for the front-runner candidate.”

    Hate Crime Anyone? DOJ, stat! What- oh, hating on a Whitey is OK? Alright, then.
    Just like the half a million people over in a FOREIGN COUNTRY (Britanistan) have voted against Trump (like, who cares? YOU ARE NOT US- U.S.) this is now gone FAR BEYOND merely politics.

    It’s like what I said in a comment over at DS, that bears repeating:

    “This is not politics. This is not philosophy. This is not even economics (witness Donald’s comment about the 300 MILLION US $ invested in the UK, who are criticizing him).

    THIS IS A RELIGION. As such, it needs to be delineated/seen/called out, as a RELIGION. And what are all these blasphemers worshiping? THE NON-WHITE as SAVIOR. A false (anti) Christ- think of that idiot man suing the museum for pictures of Jesus as a White man) THIS IS THE RELIGION OF ANTICHRIST!!!

    The ENTIRETY of the West is WORSHIPING AN IDOL of Political Correctness. As E. Michael Jones has noted (with brilliant analysis) in his 1000-plus page book, “The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit:

    “The Antichrist will first gather the scattered Jewish pople into Jerusalem, (1948) where they will reconstruct the temple. The Antichrist… thus will be the culmination of messianic politics… (Think of the almost god-like adulation by American Blacks and Liberals towards Obama, the illegal aliens to Merkel, and all the rest of the judaized West) The Jews would be punished in the aftermath of each intermediary antichrist.’

    [This is what a Trump presidency signifies- don’t kid yourself! THE HATRED OF THE WORLD IS ON TRUMP, but it’s actual locus of HATE is on CHRISTIAN/WHITE RACE PEOPLE- i.e., US (whether pagan or not, you are a part of the White Race!!!]

    In fact, ‘in the age to come the Jews will be horror-stricken at the punishment they are to receive.’ ” p.70

    “The Jews brought their messianic politics to the Rhine Valley. Being a revolutionary was for many part of what it meant to be a Jew…The Diaspora meant the dispersion of revolutionary politics; the disparity between an unbelievably happy future and a wretched present led the Jews to believe ‘out of an immense cosmic catastrophe, there will arise… the fantasy of a temporal heaven on earth, coming about in and through history…. captured the minds of… anyone in contact with the Jews WHO ALSO CONSIDERED THEMSELVES OPPRESSED.’

    …. the revolutionary chiliasm Marxists (Merkel is a MARXIST, don’t forget) and anti-Marxist Neoconservatives (mostly secular Jews. remember) would champion emerged in the Rhine Valley during the first crusade, (@1100AD) and it caused problems there for FOUR CENTURIES… Since revolutionary chiliasm was a Jewish idea, the necessary condition for its outbreak in the Rhine Valley seems to have been contact with Jews. Subsequent events bore this out.” p.90-91

    THIS is what is going on, DS (and OD) readers. The MINIONS OF SATAN are UTTERLY APOPLECTIC that the White, Christian Race of Europe will once again ACT AS GOD’S AGENTS FOR RULE AND REIGN… and Donald Trump is merely the man God has raised up at this point in time.”

    Well, my two cents. Oh, and I think Afterthought’s comments are being channeled by Warspittle, just sayin’…..

    May he be victorious. And may all their mouths be stopped, preferably by bashing in their teeth. “Break the teeth in their mouths, O God; LORD, tear out the fangs of those lions!” Ps. 58:6″

  25. Trump, as others have noted, does talk like a Jew. His personal persona I don’t like at all. I’ve spent time around Yankees that act like this. Not all do. This type of talk has a history in the US. Like Paul Bunyan and John Henry but it wears on you after a while.

    However he’s the only one supporting some issues I’ve been bitching about for over thirty years. Mass immigration and outsourcing of manufacturing. Other issues of his I’m not so happy about but I don’t see anyone much better. In Presidential campaigns we only get the worst and he’s the best of the worst.

  26. That’s pretty good Friar John, but its not the whole story. The real strategy of Satan will actually surprise you. I’ve been following this clown for a LONG TIME and what he’s doing now is what he always does. Satan is not just HATED for being EVIL, he’s an Evil that kills his minions. No matter what he offers you, you end up DEAD. The ONLY THING that this clown SATAN ever did in his whole life that anyone really cares about, is when he fooled the Ancient Israelites to turn away from God and follow him to their DOOM. They ended up abandoned by GOD and being conquered by Babylon. The Heresy of babylon with their promiscuous way and hedonism with sodomy, paedophilia and rape caused GOD to destroy everyone but one Righteous man you call Noah. Lets hope more people keep the Faith this time.
    Satan is not trying to take over the world, that’s too much work for him. He wants the “jews” or Synagogue of Satan to be destroyed. It will be re-living his greatest swindle.

  27. Dr. D.

    I don’t deny what you have said. I fully concur that Satan is Abaddon- the ‘destroyer’. He can only exist to destroy. But working with human means, ultimate destruction is denied him- remember the Apocalypse and the Parousia? But chaos is close to destruction, and that seems to be his favorite ‘means to achieve his ends.’ (quoting Satan’s disciple, Karl Marx)

    What Jones’ book deals with (as I slog through it) is the HISTORICAL stamp of Jewish Revolutionary Activity in the hsitory of men. Thus my quotes, and the focus of my post.

  28. I’m not really versed in politics nor do I have much interest in it, but I would register and vote for Trump simply because I agree somewhat with his foreign policy. As an American I see opportunity of living the great American dream slip away with all of the immigration taking place. We are also housing more refugees which takes away housing from citizens born and raised in this country.

    Can’t find a great job or career because someone overseas is more qualified. Can’t find housing because we need to house refugees and people from overseas. No job leads to no home and creates a domino effect.

    I am an honest law abiding citizen that wishes to live in crime free, nice neighborhoods and connect with my neighbors. I want to work and be productive, but can’t seem to get where I need to be because every time I try to climb out of the gutter I get pushed back because the resources are being sucked dry by immigrants.

    Our current system is set up to make people fail and to become trapped in a vicious cycle of unemployment and homelessness. I’m not saying all immigrants are bad, but having too many come to America because resources and services are better for them here than where they came from. It is truly tearing the country down and I am so sick of it.

    I have seriously considered moving overseas to Europe somewhere in hopes of building a better life. Now if I could just break the poverty loop long enough to make enough to get out. Any ideas Trump? I sure can use the help right now.

  29. Kay – where in Europe are you planning to move? England or Germany, where if you protest about the Muslim invasion the Jewish Governments will persecute YOU, and you will be fined heavily/jailed? France, where some “judge” just ruled that White French don’t exist?

    Try for Russia, Slovakia, or Poland. Or STAY HERE and FIGHT your own extermination.

  30. Denise,

    I’m a dyed-in-wool-gray son of the South who married a German gal. We have been teaching our son German since the day he was born with the intention of giving him an alternative place to prosper should the U.S. go the way of the third world. It has always been our hope that Western Europe would come to its senses long before the U.S. but this no longer appears to be the case.

    I thoroughly agree with your recommendation of Eastern Europe. The West is cooked. Nothing short of armed revolution can retake it now.

    It’s sad because Kay Mason’s story is one all of us can relate to. The time for running is over.

  31. @Mr. Griffin…

    Sir, at this point I’m confused. Is Mr. Trump Hitler, or a Grand Cyclops, out of space and time?

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