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  1. When one if facing complete genocide – the GROUP is what matters. Radical individualism is a fraud perpetrated by Jewry, to convince the Goyim that group identity doesn’t matter. The Jew Alisia Rosenbaum is the primary literary subversive.

  2. @Denise:

    *Cly – White is White. Your last line on your “rebuttal” to Fr. John reminds me of the middle-aged/elderly grand-parents, caring for their trangressing child’s little mulatto spawn.*

    Part of race realism must be not living in some fantasy Whitopia that has yet to be established and dealing with a lot of certain accomplished facts already established on the ground.

    I am not unsympathetic to your views. In fact, I respect them a lot. In the future, we will need hardcore martinets like yourself to uphold the standards, especially if we ever achieve our goal of a such a Whitopia. In the meantime, like it or not, we have to play the hand we’ve been dealt.

    My aunt and uncle married and produced children before I was born in a milieu that was even more naive about the differences between Jews and Gentiles than even now and it’s still pretty bad. My uncle was always a very good man to me and my family. Like most people, I relate to people based on how they treat me.

    Many Whites like myself are sympathetic to your POV, but like me, they feel conflicted by family ties with those of mixed ethnicity. If we go as openly hardcore as you, we risk alienating them from racial purity to even more miscegenation as some sort of knee-jerk emotional solidarity to those family ties.

    But if we set up the situation where they aren’t forced to openly disown their mischlings while simultaneously allowing them the flexibility so that they can subtly maneuver their own habits to prevent even more damage by choosing their own partners more carefully and drilling their own children to do the same, we stop the bleeding and we desperately need to do that right now.

    First and foremost, we must increase our demographics and making sure they are composed of racially conscious Whites who are proud of their heritage and want to make sure there is a posterity to continue it. Putting them in a position where they might have to dramatically disown relatives takes away the necessary focus they need to pick the right partner and have lots of children.

    Moreover, dramatic disownment just isn’t necessary. Real life has a tendency to get in the way of things. The fluctuations of local economies have forced many of us to relocate to areas where we can find employment and feed our families. People lose touch all the time. Contact dwindles down to occasional letters, phone calls, and birthday and Christmas cards.

    Now as far as the casualties we have already taken, i.e. relatives whose direct ancestors mixed with Jews, Asians, or Mestizos, we still want them to feel a strong allegiance to White culture, to uphold it as the best standard. Dramatic disownment will alienate them to the point where we create even more Anti-White enemies who are also our own flesh and blood.

    In many cases, these people will be choosing White partners (though from the more deracinated families who will still heave a sigh of secret relief that their child isn’t bringing home a full-blooded African) to make sure their children look even whiter. Their own version of “mejorando la raza,” if you will.

    I can understand that this may not please you, but I would prefer, dealing with the already accomplished facts on the ground, that we have a large, growing demographic of pure Whites who are surrounded by light skinned “mischlings,” if you will with a strong allegiance to that demographic than, God forbid, a South African situation with a rapidly shrinking, dangerously marginalized pure White demographic surrounded on all sides by hostile racial groups that look or feel nothing like them.

    No one gives thanks to God more than I do that I don’t have the mulatto grandchild nightmare to deal with. But I think such a situation is the natural results of deracinated Whites who have no sense of history or heritage. I also think this phenomenon stems from White hedonism where the parents have been so caught up in their own dramas that they have been content to let their children be indoctrinated by Cultural Marxists and the Boob Tube rather than taking a more interest in their own kids.

    As Malcolm X said, “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” Yeah, he was a blacktivist, but his words ring just as true for Whites as they do for Blacks. But the point is, we are NOT in control of the curriculum and many of us cannot afford to have a full time parent in the house to home school our children.

    I settled on an “Asian approach,” if you will. I can’t monitor the teaching curriculum as closely as I would like, but I always make a point to give the children in my family “supplementary Pro-White information.” Where I can, I find any and all material rebutting any Anti-White crap they have to study. I watch television with them and point out the Anti-White bias in commercials to the point where one of my nephews teased me that he couldn’t watch a movie without hearing one of my diatribes in his head. I have bent over backwards to impress on them to take pride in their European heritage.

    I have made sure that each have family albums with copies of pictures of their ancestors and I make a big to do about pointing out how much they resemble great aunt or uncle so and so. I think of it as a subliminal way to impress on them that they want children who look like them just as they look like their ancestors.

    Last my own position about “looks White, acts White, fights for White interests” was inspired by none other than David “The Fourteen Words” Lane who frankly admitted that his own pedigree might not bear up under close scrutiny, because his biological father was known to pimp his biological mother!

    Barring some kind of miracle, I don’t see where a Whitopia with strict racial screening is possible in the near future. I know the Israelis do it, but unlike us, they have had not only centuries but millennia to program the majority of their people to their own ideology.

    For now, we have to settle on finding creative ways to foster a growing community of implicit Whiteness. Like it or not, most Whites prefer the easier path over resistance. Well, we need to smooth out OUR path to our goals as much as possible for these Whites to travel on it.

  3. @Richard Bird…

    ‘I’d be ashamed to count myself a member of either group.

    I don’t see myself as being in the same group as those with White anti-White genetics. They may look like me, but they ain’t loyal to me. In a hundred years or less they will not be White, they will be part of another race.’

    Sir, after thinking about this, maybe you have the way to think about it :

    That, as to my Jewish half, I did not inherit the ruthless & corrupt genes, and, as to my English genes : I did not inherit the sheep-like and sell-out one’s own kind genes…

    It’s a positive way to think. I’ll work on it!

  4. So, is Jewish blood and Jewish blood alone responsible for all the evil and suffering in the world? Call it Original Sin if you like.

  5. I never like to kick a man when he is down.However,Warspite is obnoxious and arrogant.He cannot debate without insulting.I thought it was just me but apparently he appears to have insulted everybody on this site.

  6. So, is Jewish blood and Jewish blood alone responsible for all the evil and suffering in the world?

    That’s really a loaded question. What one group sees as evil, another group might see as righteous, logical, and even a necessary evil.

    Regardless, of course Jews are not responsible for all of the evil and suffering in the world. Whites have a lot of morons and imbeciles, liars, violent criminals, perverts, and various other self-centered cretins who shouldn’t be breathing. But there are A LOT more non-Jewish White people in the world than there are Jews.

    What you need to be asking are questions of proportion. Proportionally, as a group, organized Jewry is by far the biggest contributor and architect—even if it’s indirectly—of most of the rot and filth and animosity we see in society today. No other group really comes close. Blacks are certainly more violent and incompetent, but they are not generally spearheading finely-tuned mechanisms that target and attack the White Western world. If you find a black group or any other non-White group that seems to be actively targeting Whites(and not targeting Jews as well), keep poking around, you’ll find a few Jewish donors or “intellectual” contributors.

    Find an active and aggressive anti-White entity, and chances are really good that you will find a disproportionate number of Jews in positions of power. Look at those entities and identify which ones appear to be the more vitriolic, over-the-top, and consumed with what seems to be an incessant agenda to attack Whites. Those will be the Jews 9 times out of 10.

    Find a serious and sane pro-White entity that doesn’t bind itself with political correctness, and chances are even better that you will find no Jews actively working with the same passion and zeal to support pro-White views that you would with the zeal found with the anti-White Jews.

    I don’t hate Jews. I just hate people who live, breath, and make a living off attacking Whites and vilifying the idea that White people should be able to promote, preserve and take pride in their own race just as much as other races. Nope, I don’t hate Jews just because they are Jews. But it’s a simple fact that Jews are much more likely to be aggressively attacking me for being pro-White than anyone else. So it’s just a logical conclusion that since I hate people who incessantly attack pro-Whites, I’m going to hate a lot of Jews.

    Warspite’s pervasive and mania-driven persona here was a testament to what I’ve written. He claimed to be Jewish; he claimed to be White; he claimed he was just as much White as he was Jewish; but it wasn’t his “Whiteness” that was offended and threatened by the anti-White media and governments around the world. It was his Jewishness that was offended by this little website. It was his Jewishness that he felt was the one thing worth the time and energy to attack others and try to defend. We have an entire world afflicted with political correctness and attacking the White Western world 24/7. Anti-White rhetoric inundates us in the news media, Hollywood, books, schools and universities, local governments, and it’s even coming from the White House now. Warspite bypassed that gigantic mountain of anti-Whiteness just so he could try and stomp on this little molehill of pro-Whiteness. Agendas become crystal clear when you stop and think about it all.

  7. Interesting, Celestial.

    Your criticisms of Jewish culture stand well, because you offer criticisms in a 360 circumference.

    Very thoughtful and fair-minded.

  8. @Clytemnestra…

    Although you addresst it to Denise, I did your your grandly complex, and dimensionally reasoned argument.

    Although one could discuss many things, what comes up is this…

    Thoough I am Orthodox, my wife and daughter are not; and, needing a church nearby, The Lord took us in such a way as to attend a Freewill Baptist assembly.

    The church is functioning as it did a century back – same rituals, same traditions, same bloodlines, with a strong, very strong rural Southern consciousness, and all white – (I understand many at this site would see me as an exception to that, but none in this church do) …

    Anyway, recently, there were a few who have rallied to ‘integrate’ the church.

    At that moment a pregnant silence passt by, during which time it seemed that no one would speak, this being that Tarheels tend to be at their most tactful in church.

    So, I stood up, and said what needed to be said.

    That, apparently, was cathartick, for many, right then, and later on, came to me and expresst their support for my support.

    Fortunately, after after visited Mr. Griffin’s & Mr. Cushman’s sites, for some time now, I was ready on all levels to deal with this thorny issue, in a cogent, compassionate, and convincing manner.

  9. Clytemnestra – nope. I’m not buying what you’re selling, no matter how beautifully written your arguments are.

    White is White and Jews are Jews.

    There would be no conflict or divided loyalties in racially homogenous social orders.

    Had Whites all along taken my approach, would be facing racial extermination, and the End of the White Race?

    The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth,
    But not the soul behind.

    The men of my own stock,
    They may do ill or well,
    But they tell the lies I am wanted to,
    They are used to the lies I tell;
    And we do not need interpreters
    When we go to buy or sell.

    The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.

    The men of my own stock,
    Bitter bad they may be,
    But, at least, they hear the things I hear,
    And see the things I see;
    And whatever I think of them and their likes
    They think of the likes of me.

    This was my father’s belief
    And this is also mine:
    Let the corn be all one sheaf–
    And the grapes be all one vine,
    Ere our children’s teeth are set on edge
    By bitter bread and wine.

    Rudyard Kipling

  10. These are some very, very astute observations and comments, some of the best I have read in any comment section. It is gladdening to find this thought process is still extant among a certain percentage of the people.

    Bravo to those “slogging through E Michael Jones’ 1000-page ‘The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit.’” A most insightful book well worth its purchase price.

    Never stop questioning.

  11. @Miss Denise…

    ‘The Stranger within my gate,
    He may be true or kind,
    But he does not talk my talk–
    I cannot feel his mind.
    I see the face and the eyes and the mouth, but not the soul behind.’

    A beautiful poem and quotation of it, M’am. For me, after having lived in 13 states, and in Germany, and after having had lovers and dear friends from many other countries, I have come to believe the truth in this poem, which is why I cannot ever live away from The South again.

    Still, I have known some, from other races and places, such as New York, whose souls were not strangers to mine – and whose truths could understand mine; yet, they were the exception … NOT the rule.

  12. @Miss Denise…

    ‘There would be no conflict or divided loyalties in racially homogenous social orders.’

    M’am there has always been conflict in every society I have ever studied, for conflict is the companion of the human mind.

    But, okay, let us accept your point as a paradigm – a homogenous racial society has not been ‘America’ since, at least, the late 17th century, and, indeed, was only that for a short time; as, before the Western man came, The Indians were of one blood, yet, seeing each other as profoundly different, fought endless wars of conquest and annihilation, much as did our ancestors in Europe.

    The whole ‘American’ concept is, more than any other country I know of (Mr. Griffin will be sure to bring up Brazil:)
    has been, for better or worse, a mini globe of diversity.

    Even in the unlikely event of secession, and a reconfederation of the union, it is hard to imagine a white ethno state coming to be anywhere.

    More likely, M’am, if such is to occur, that it would be out in in unsettled northern lands, such as Canada, or, failing that, out in space.

  13. @Miss Denise…

    ‘Had Whites all along taken my approach, would be facing racial extermination, and the End of the White Race?’

    It’s a good question, M’am : one for which no one has a sure answer.

    Yet, in the interest of pondering your premise, let’s examine other racially homogenous societies – with either very few Jews or none at all.

    One which would confirm your point would be Japan – which, still today, as I’m sure you know, preserves itself along racial lines.

    On the other hand, M’am, China, in the middle of the previous century, did, indeed, suffer the same virus we now have – introducet and propagated by no Jews, and really no significant numbers of any strangers.

    So, let me conclude by saying racial harmony does not guarantee safety, though, we can say it guarantees homogeneity and less peril.

    The question would be, if we put it to all white America : if you could erase, without committing a single crime or sin, not only the presence of all those with blood that is not Western European, even those with one drop, would you do so?

    That means no rock-n-roll, no gospel or blues of any kind, no Jazz or ragtime; it would mean southern cuisine would not exist, but, would still be bland English fare, It would mean no pizza, lasagna, chow mein or egg rolls, or tacos or chili con carne or hot sauce, no vodka, pina colada, or kahlua, no satay or hoisin sauce, and who knows what else?

    The list is just a light grazing off the top, it could go on.

    Many of the things that most Americans enjoy frequently, and consider to be ‘quintessentially American’ would not be here.

    If they could choose this alternate homgeneity, would they?

  14. @Miss Denise…

    And even if America had been totally homogenous, racially, there still would be the fact that the Northern man and the Southern man will rarely see eye to eye.

    In all sincerity, why not contemplate a move to Estonia? – where you can be a a society that very nearly fits your desired profile – This noble Viking descended Baltic people, and their Russian minority, almost entirely negro & Jew free?

    Not that we want to lose you here, M’am, but, would such a place not bring you better joy?

  15. Arch – then this comment section is indicative of What Happens when the Malicious Tribe of Nation Wreckers are prevented from poisoning every well. Take note.

  16. Junius – you really can’t help yourself, can you? Most Humans, throughout time, have never travelled more than 7 miles from the spot they were born. There is always conflict in any Human society, because of the nature of Humans. People of “one blood” fight each other, because that’s who’s THERE.

    Now, thanks to the technological innovations of mostly WHITE MEN – people off all backgrounds can travel round the world. Huge migrations are occurring to formerly White countries, because Whites create the best standard of loving. And as these White lands Brown Down – the Orcs are recreating the dumps they left. Because we ARE our genes.

    White Christians created America, and America was NOT Brazil until very recently, thanks to those of YOUR blood. The USA is less cohesive and stable and far more chaotic than Brazil. You are very subtley promoting the White Annihilating Multi Culti Cult of your blood Tribe.

    Re-rad that poem. I want a WHITE HOMELAND. I want a White Nation. And I will have it. It’s coming. I’m not going anywhere. Perhaps you would be more comfortable in Southern Israel.

  17. Dear Miss Denise,

    I am very sorry for the delay. Things have been just plain hectic, here.

    I must very respectfully call into question your notion that America is what it is, (massively multicultural) because of those with Jewish blood.

    The credit belongs to many, M’am, though, in first place, to my mind, is the Yankee government – it always having preferred, even today, to either subcontract out slave-labour, or bring in hordes of migrants (slaves) to do that and, in order to buttress it’s own political power, elevate them to a parity with whites.

    As to your achieving a white homeland, make no mistake : I want it for you, and those who think like you.

    It won’t be in New York, however – the beating heart of the modern Western multicultural empire, which is the reason I recommended an Estonia to you, because it has a long history of racial homogeniety, and will much more likely be your ideal.

    M’am, I believe in sovereignty and the rights of countries; or, in the case of this nation, states; and if those entities did not want one blood of non-white, even driving through on a UPS truck, I would respect that.

    My home is North Carolina, and it is NOT my business to tell New Yorkers how to be.

    As to the technological innovations of Western European society, I have the utmost respect and gratitude for it.

    I want to see that survive and thrive, yet, I note that the leaders of the very nations, excepting President Obama, that have northwestern and northern European blood, continually try to denigrate and or destroy it. (Please see President Hollande, Prime Minister Cameron or Frau Merkel, to name a few) …

    ‘The Stranger within my gates,
    He may be evil or good,
    But I cannot tell what powers control–
    What reasons sway his mood;
    Nor when the Gods of his far-off land
    Shall repossess his blood.’

    Which, Dear Miss Denise, brings me to why I could never vote for Mr. Trump. This because, though I respect and like him, he is a Yankee, and, just like Speaker Ryan just demonstrated : when Northerners speak conservative values, it does not mean what it does to the Southern ear.

    M’am : every drop of Jewish blood could disappear from the earth tomorrow, and you still would be surrounded by Boehners, Bushes, Clintons, and Ryans, they in their tens of millions, who, whilst sharing your blood, have only an iota’s much respect for your ideas of nationhood as I do.

    Apparently, M’am, the overwhelming majority of those with the blood I share with you ‘just cannot help themselves’ …

    My wish for you M’am, is for much lake-effect snow, so y’all, and y’all’s’ snowblowers, can have truly jolly Yuletide!

  18. Ms. Clyt….

    Actually, I am (and have stated) Orthodox. As such, I consider the CI paradigm to have historical, and genetic merit- but only as it conforms/submits to Historic, Conciliar, non-filioquist Orthodoxy; unlike the heretical and apostate RC universalism, in the wake of Nostra Aetate, and Vatican Ewww.

    So, again, you are wrong. And your continued regurgitation of your errors on this one post alone, even after a fellow female such as Denise tried to steer you right, is indicative of your not using your head to think, but your ovaries. As a woman, you are NOT my equal. As a heretic, you are worse than the woman at the well, speaking to Christ, because at least SHE was willing to listen.

    You are merely ‘sound and fury’ signifying nothing.
    “And Adam was not seduced; but the woman being seduced, was in the transgression. “- I Tim. 2:14 D-R trans.

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