New Orleans City Council Votes To Remove Confederate Statues

By Hunter Wallace

In a move that shocked no one who followed what happened in Memphis, Selma, and Birmingham, the majority black New Orleans City Council has voted to declare the Confederate monuments in Lee Circle a “public nuisance” and have them removed:

“The New Orleans City Council voted 6 to 1 to remove four Confederate monuments after a heated monthslong debate, declaring the Civil War-era statues and an obelisk to be “public nuisances.”

Mayor Mitch Landrieu called for the monuments’ removal this summer.

“We, the people of New Orleans, have the power and we have the right to correct these historical wrongs,” Mr. Landrieu said before the council vote. He suggested the monuments be placed in a museum or Civil War park. …”

The city is expected to emerge from this controversy slightly more blighted and polarized than it was before.

New Orleans, Birmingham and Memphis have the honor of being three of the most violent cities in the United States. The government of all three cities is controlled by black majorities that prefers to tolerate the murder of young black children in drive-by shootings and gang warfare which is an everyday occurrence there.

Just last month, 17 people including teenagers and young children were shot on a playground during a block party in New Orleans. These mass shootings are now so common in New Orleans that it is no longer considered newsworthy in the rest of the country.

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  1. I bet there are lots of people in NOLA who think that Confederate statues are the cause of all that black crime, they are like evil totems that cast nasty spells on black people in the city.

  2. M’kay, cool. Now, what are they gonna do about lifting the nation’s perception of the place from the current “N*****town”?

  3. I was rereading the web article “The most racist places in America, according to Google” featuring Seth Stephens Davidowitz and Christopher Ingraham. I wonder if the two would be so good as to write the same kind of thing concerning Israel and Japan?

  4. I’m surprised this did not happen decades ago.

    New Orleans is a place, to put it as nicely as one can, completely dedicated to the pursuit of ‘pleasure’…

  5. The Confederate flags are coming down not to fight racism, but to promote it (theirs). African-American communities have no intention of integrating. Note the rise of Afrocentric Schools. Also, as suggested in Kevin B. MacDonald’s book, The Culture of Critique, follow the writing of Molefi Asante and Martin Bernal (Black Athena).

    As far as African youth being killed in the streets, they are just collateral damage to the “powers that be” in the African American-community.

  6. Why don’t these Black Lives Matter bunch of Communists admit it. It’s about the Genocide of the White Race! That’s what’s it’s all about. It’s about removing everything Southern and replacing it with the Ghetto! This is what happens when your motivated by “Heritage Not Hate” instead of Southern Nationalism. We need a Free South for our survival! Deo Vindice !

  7. Trump is not Southern of course, but he is taking a stand for whites. He is getting the same treatment.

    Lawmakers: Remove Donald Trump’s Name from NY State Park

    ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — Two Democratic New York lawmakers say an undeveloped state park named after Donald Trump should be rechristened because of what they say are discriminatory proposals from the Republican presidential candidate.

    State Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblyman Charles Lavine say they’ll push legislation to rename Donald J. Trump State Park. They also want signs at the site in Westchester and Putnam counties removed.

    The move comes after Trump proposed banning Muslim immigrants from the U.S.

    Squadron and Lavine say Trump is unworthy of having a state park named for him.

    Trump donated the land to the state in 2006 after plans to build a golf course fell through. The park was closed in 2010.

  8. ““We, the people of New Orleans, have the power and we have the right to correct these historical wrongs,” Mr. Landrieu said before the council vote”…

    Who says they’re WRONG?

    Donald Trump, 2016 Make America Great/White Again.

  9. The Guinea grunts
    The Coons jig
    In the trash forest
    Made by the Jewish General and his judge
    The Sons of Shame – they look away, look away, their
    Schwarz legions are no where.

  10. Sir…

    It may soon be time for you to change your marquis, again…

    Back to the lovely old dusk planatation picture?

  11. The loss of any confederate monument is bad, but the loss of Lee Circle is tragic. It’s an iconic location locally. Some folks may not realize it’s a statue of Lee on a 30 foot Doric column that dominates the skyline in a nicer part of the city. Of course all this was pushed by outsiders and from the top down. Some actual Soros-funded agitators did the local shit-stirring and rabble-rousing that gave Landrieu the pretext he needed to pull down the statues. This is cultural genocide looks.

  12. Hunter if you look at it this way, Whites lost these cities demographically in the 1960s so is it surprising the Negroes want to take away the memorials of our achievements? Of course not. The question remains what can be done about it? I have my views about what should be done, I won’t state here because it would offend the sensibilites of others and would have the FBI on my a- but I think you know what I mean,

  13. Fascinating.. It would seem that the people who would MOST benefit from America NEVER forgetting the past are the ones MOST dedicated towards burying that past..

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