Super Villain, Bad Guy, Immigration Team Up

I collected 60s, 70s Marvel Comics when I was a teenager. Jack King Kirby was the best – Captain America, Thor, Spiderman – Fantastic Four, these were my favorites. But, I never went in for the superhero team comics like the Avengers – they seemed very contrived; their opponents – super villain teams of bad guys like the Red Skull teaming up with Dr. Doom and the Submariner being a swing man, sometimes good guy team, other times bad guy team – well the whole thing came off as WWF World Wrestling Federation fake wrestling show. I was about 3 years old when I understood that WWF wrestling was fake.

Now we have a very similar contrived bad guy team of bad nations, bad political leaders and bad media all teaming up to support the mass Muslim migration/invasion to the West/USA. How in God’s name can the 100% Islamic nations of Saudi Arabia & Pakistan and Israel be on the same team demanding Europe/USA MUST accept unlimited numbers of Syrian/ Muslim refugees? How can idiot RINOs like lisping Lindsey Graham, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the Lugenpresse in New York City and Telaviv (New York Daily News, Haaretz) and the new Catholic in Name only Liberation Theology Pope Francis all support the 3rd world Muslim invasion, conquest of the West?!

Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lugenpresse on Supervillain Immigration Team
Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lugenpresse on Supervillain Immigration Team

Is it some huge, super secret conspiracy where the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Israel, the Pope, the Washington Lesbian Bishop of the Episcopal Church all meet in secret with Hollywood, New York Haaretz media moguls and plan the corruption, mass Muslim invasions and the destruction of our people, our Western civilization?

No, it’s not like that – don’t go that route.

Instead use Jack Ryan’s, Ryan’s rules:

1) These people are idiots

2) They hate us

3) These positions help them personally

It’s just reality that in a bi polar world, different groups line up on different team/sides. Here in the USA, our winner take all Presidential elections has both parties scrambling to sign up/bribe all the groups of people inside our borders to vote for their team. Democrats have pretty much written off White, non government workers in the former Confederate South – though thanks to massive 3rd world immigration, Florida and soon Texas will come in to play. How can wildly pro Israel Jewish American Dems like Democrat National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz be on the same political side as invading Muslim fundamentalists from Pakistan, Syria and Yemen? It’s just political reality that Muslims and Jews both vote 80% plus Lib Democrat in the USA. The few Jewish Americans who vote GOP and think patriotic on immigration like Nicholas Thalasinos (murdered by Islamic terrorists in San Bernardino CA) – they are abused by the anti White, anti Southern Lugenpresse (lying press) in similar ways as decent Black Americans are smeared as “Oreo cookies” (Black on the outside White on the inside). In the always divided and hateful Middle East, it is just current reality that Israel and Sunni Islamic Saudi Arabia are lining up on the same bad guy team to oppose Shiite Islamic Iran, and secular Assad’s Syria backed by Vladimir Putin’s Russia (only sane White Westerner power in the area). Sunni Islamic Saudi Arabia and Jewish Ethno State Israel have the identical policies on the mass Islamic refuges/migrants from Syria:

Neither nation is taking ANY (Muslim) Syrian refugees/migrants?

Both Saudi Arabia and Israel are demanding that Western Europe/Germany and the United States must accept virtually unlimited numbers of Muslim migrants from the entire Islamic world from Afghanistan to Somalia, Saudi Arabia is offering to build 200 + mega Mosques in Germany!

Here, read this vicious editorial the leading Israel newspaper Haaratz comparing Donald Trump to Hitler for daring to speak out against the mass Muslim migration invasions to the USA and Europe/England.

I have written many articles for Occidental Dissent documenting the treasonous, seemingly insane immigration comments by leading American Libertarian/economic conservatives such as Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and (Robert Bartley) at the Wall Street Journal. This immigration treason has spread to idiot/traitors like Grover Norquist who insist, all evidence to the contrary that Islamic immigrants are “natural Conservative GOP voters”.

Why do these Muslims, Jews and White traitors say and do these insane comments about mass Muslim immigration invasions? Again, it’s not some weird conspiracy – they’re just idiots and or they hate us and, this is the most important factor:

It helps them.

Rand Paul, Paul Ryan and lisping Lindsey Graham have all tanked in the Presidential polls. Most OD readers would consider these immigration traitors as complete losers – but the reality in their personal lives – the cuckservatives are big….


Rand Paul is a protected United States Senator! Paul Ryan is the Speaker of the House of Representatives – arguably the second most powerful political position in the USA. Paul Ryan couldn’t even carry his own state of Wisconsin as the GOP vice presidential candidate and the “powers that be” (including the vicious anti Southern, anti White Lugenpresse) REWARDED Paul Ryan by making him Speaker of the House of Representatives. Go down the list of Instauration Magazine/American Renaissance Magazine White traitors of the year – all these loathsome cuckservatives, Black Ruled America enablers, Neo Con whores from Newt Gingrich, George Will, Jack Kemp, Ted Turner, John McCain, the Bush and Clinton families – they lived, are living fabulously wealthy, easy lives. Taking the anti Southern, anti White 30 pieces of silver has PERSONALLY profited them. They were not/are not social pariahs – (unlike us evil WASSSISSTS).

What we must do.

It’s not complicated. It’s not some weird super secret conspiracy theory related, revolutionary fantasy involving guns or bombs. No.

We simply must “out”, “dox” and personally punish open traitors to the South, open traitors to White Western people, Western civilization. We need to do what the homosexual extremists, hard core Leftist, cultural marxists did to Conservatives who funded the California traditional marriage ballot initiative – out them, publicly shame them – make our traitors and also open enemies like the Lugenpresse, $ billionaires like George Sorors and Mark Zuckerberg, the Weinstein Brothers, Quentin Tarantino – make them social pariahs who have to hide in secret or flee our communities or even flee OUR COUNTRIES. The enemies of Mother Russia restored under Putin the Great have mostly fled Russia, setting up shop in England and the USA. We must see to it that our enemies and traitors do the same – leave our country which must be an independent White South. Let’s learn from Putin and we will soon have American versions of the Cossacks whipping and running off the likes of Pussy Riot and the Lugenpresse.


  1. Rand Paul has been looking good on immigration lately.

    As time goes by, the immigration patriots are tending to become foreign policy non-interventionists (Jimmy Duncan, Walter Jones, Trump, Cruz), and foreign policy non-interventionists are becoming immigration patriots (Rand Paul, Justin Amash). The Trump candidacy is speeding up this process.

    Paul and Cruz are both very effective at attacking Jew owned Marco Rubio, shameless shill for invade-the-world/invite-the-world.

    More than once, knowledgeable and eloquent Rand Paul has come to Trump’s rescue in the debates – beginning in the very first debate, when Paul defended the constitutionality of Trump’s anchor baby stance.

  2. “The enemies of Mother Russia restored under Putin the Great have mostly fled Russia, setting up shop in England and the USA….Let’s learn from Putin and we will soon have American versions of the Cossacks whipping and running off the likes of Pussy Riot and the Lugenpresse.”

    You see the problem, but are too close to it, to grasp the magnitude of the solution, Jack.

    You say that the Current Pontiff is a Catholic In Name Only. Sadly, you are incorrect. HE IS THE EMBODIMENT OF WHAT THE PAPAL HERESY IS ALL ABOUT. The philosophical ramifications of the Hermetic/Masonic/Filioquist theology are merely ‘self-actualizing’ at the ‘end of the age.’ As an RC, you are screaming for ANY OTHER SOLUTION than that your own Church is the Whore of Babylon, and is ideologically in bed (thus, WHORE?) with a Judaized, Antichrist Western Pagan Roman Empire, redevivus.
    Truly sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but therein lies your ‘final solution’ as it were, to the problems besetting the West, and ‘why they all hate us.’ The liberals, loons, Liars and Latke-eaters are all arrayed against Adamic Man, because this is, and ALWAYS HAS BEEN, not a political, but a RELIGIOUS BATTLE.

    A war of ‘opposing peoples’ as it were, that was first iterated in Genesis 3:15, confirmed by Jesus in John 8:44, and remembered every December 25th.

    I have said on this and many other fora, that the filioque is at the center (if not, THE center) of the malaise affecting the West. That a heresy takes a thousand years to find fulfillment, doesn’t make it any less of a heresy. I’ve mentioned (perhaps) Dr. Farrell’s book, ‘God, History, and Dialectic’ before. While it is primarily theological, the title of his magnum opus should at least inspire some investigation- but it’s over 1000 pages, and costs about $80. But there is another, shorter, equally dense, but perhaps less abstruse book that proves much the same point- and it’s cheaper. It’s James L. Kelley’s ‘Anatymyzing Divinity -Studies in Science, Esotericism, and Political Theology.’

    So, if you want to have some serious discussion, get that book for Christmas.

  3. In the end talk is cheap. Traitors who get their geld for being gelded care not for shaming, for they have no shame. There is only one solution to this problem and you all know what it is. Join the Mobile Infantry, get citizenship.

  4. “I’ll buy rules 2 and 3 but number 1 is wrong. These people aren’t idiots.

    They’re traitors.”

    I respond:

    Yes, often that is the case, but it so many other places/people – they’re also idiots. The Hollywood Left denying, taking the side of Islamic extremist terrorists – Michael Moore does this, so does Doonesbury’s Gary Trudeau or the new Prime Minister of Canada also named Trudeau. They like to take the stage with Muslim migrants, immigrants and get their photos taken as inclusive, Liberals. The social justice warriors like Mass US Senator Elizabeth Warren – she’s an idiot. Old women Left Liberals in the Unitarian Church, Quakers – they have huge flags saying “Many Paths – One World” somehow these old inclusive SJW are going to unite all Blacks, Hispanics, Hindus, Muslims Homosexuals, Athiests and Vegans under a Unity, Unitarian banner and all the sectarian slaughters of the Islamic Middle East and Muslim ghettos in France and England – these terrible hatreds and violence will all go aways as soon as…

    We implement Canadian style hate speech, throughout crime laws and ban White people from saying or thinking mean things about Muslims and homosexual extremists.

    Yeah, lots of idiots. And sweet reason doesn’t have any effect on idiots.

  5. Three items of note regarding the villains, bad guys and the immigration team:
    1. Professor MacDonald’s book, “Culture of Critique”, Chapter 7 in particular.
    2. Google “Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi”. He should be dug up, shot a few times for good measure, then tossed in a landfill.
    3. – “Chess in the age of ISIS”; a “must read” article that slices and dices the geopolitics being played right now. Dig a foxhole or go better.

  6. Whitesunite writes:

    “and Paul has been looking good on immigration lately.”

    I respond.

    I noticed the same thing – he/his handlers have decided that his former Reason Magazine open borders Libertarian Loon immigration pandering was making Rand Paul hated by GOP voters and seriously jeopardized his seemingly US Senator for life seat in Kentucky. So, RP has his finger to the wind so to speak. Our hard work, blowing gale force anti bad immigration gusts his way have had their effect.

    Paul Ryan seems to have replaced Rand Paul as the chief immigration traitor posing as a new pro growth, inclusive compassionate immigration conservatives.

    I note that I have not been able to get through to Paul Ryans Washington or Wisconsin offices and speak to a live human in close to 2 weeks. That’s a key sign a cuckservative traitor is simply hunkering down and doesn’t want to hear from regular constituents.

    Paul Ryan might be the leading contender for Amren’s 2015 White traitor of the year contest which is coming up. I’m contacting Amren and pushing for Paul Ryan as the worst cuckservative White traitor of the year.

  7. Hunter get tweeting on Trump.

    OD could have a serious impact on the twitter verse.

    You do a decent Bon Mot and or quip. Gt on it!

  8. jack ryan
    ‘I note that I have not been able to get through to Paul Ryans Washington or Wisconsin offices and speak to a live human in close to 2 weeks.’

    I called his Washington office and was able to speak to a staffer.

    I unloaded on the muzzie threat in this country, so-called refugees and a couple of other concerns. I was very passionate, did not resort to name calling. As if it mattered. Congress just voted to pass Ryan’s BS Omnibus fiasco and fund the importation of jihadists.

    They do not care what we think. They are bought and paid for by the donor class. No down side whatsoever to throwing us under the bus.

    In my next call to Ryan the rat I will take a radically different approach.

    The GOP quickly caved again without bothering to put up a fight. Holiday vacations were more important.

  9. Hey Hunter,

    Let’s consider some OD year end awards Best of , worst of 2015 like Amren/Instauration Magazine did/do.

    Worst White pol traitor (Paul Ryan is my pick)
    Best American White pol (Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions)

    Best international White pol leader (Vladimir Putin)

    Best international White sports figure (Brit HW boxing champion Tyson Fury (

    Best female sports figure (?)

    Worst Hollywood anti Southern, anti White Leftist whore.

    Lugenpresse awards.

    What do OD readers want to celebrate, denigrate.

  10. Don’t sweat cuckolds like Lyin Ryan or Rand Bland. They’re dead already. Thirty pieces of silver or was it a whore in a motel? Cheap whores lay together.
    This problem has only one solution. Theft of our country isn’t legal. I don’t give a rat’s ass about no Indians, dot or feather. This land is my land, not yours. GET OUT.

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