¡Jeb! Claims Trump Is a “Dangerous Isolationist”

Here’s the latest act of unprecedented lameness from the ¡Jeb! campaign that famously flew that pathetic little plane over the stadium in Mobile:

You know, it is hard not to laugh. I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger disaster of a presidential campaign. It is so bad, so ineptly managed that ¡Jeb!’s defense of the “mainstream” Republican triad – amnesty, free-trade, and imperialism – is taking it down with him:

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  1. “Dangerous isolationist” is an oxymoron. There are only dangerous internationalist. The ‘invade the world, invite the world’ types (like Jeb) are the most dangerous people in all of humanity.

  2. Meanwhile, in Iowa …

    (“In Iowa, Donald Trump Jr. Pulls the Trigger for His Dad”)

    (“Donald Trump, Jr. in Iowa all week — to hunt deer”)

    The former piece shows Trump, Jr., with his own son, blond Tristan, at an archery range. You read that right: Tristan.

    Go Trump.

  3. The Jews want Crimea to be a second Israel and Jeb wants you, your infant son and your Aunt Tilly to fight die to make that happen.

  4. If anything, I think Trump could afford to be a little more isolationist than he is. But even taking him at face value, he’s miles and miles ahead of and better than the typical invade-the-world neocon.

  5. Even if he turned out to be as belligerent as his predecessors I get the feeling he’d do it for his own country’s benefit instead of YKW.

    But he won’t. All you have to see is his comments on Russia/Putin.

  6. These folks are completely tone death. Your average person is very little to zero interest in the US getting involved in another war.

  7. This is all being set up for Cruz edging out Trump in Iowa and JEB coming from “behind” to win in SC as some “restoration of sanity candidate”.

    Trump should literally defenestrate this Cuckold.

  8. Nobody who lives his life in Manhatten, in such a publick view, could even remotely be ‘an isolationist’.

    Does Mr. Bush not think before he talks?

  9. “The Jews want Crimea to be a second Israel and Jeb wants you, your infant son and your Aunt Tilly to fight die to make that happen.”

    Jews ran a white slave trade out of Crimea for 1000 years until the Russians conquered it. The Crimean Tartar / Khazar tribes would take slaves from Ukraine and Poland and sell them to the Jews in coastal towns like Odessa who then sold them on to the Turks and Arabs.

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