The Southern Race Creed

Here’s an excerpt from C. Vann Woodward’s Origins of the New South:

“Over the years there evolved along with the caste system a generally accepted credo of race among white Southerners. In 1913 Thomas Pearce Bailey, a Southern educator, set down this “racial creed of the Southern people” with such candor and accuracy that it may serve as the best available summary:

1.) “Blood will tell.”

2.) The white race must dominate.

3.) The Teutonic peoples stand for race purity.

4.) The Negro is inferior and will remain so.

5.) “This is a white man’s country.”

6.) No social equality.

7.) No political equality.

8.) In matters of civil rights and legal adjustments give the white man, as opposed to the colored man, the benefit of the doubt; and under no circumstances interfere with the prestige of the white race.

9.) In educational policy let the Negro have the crumbs that fall from the white man’s table.

10.) Let there be such industrial education of the Negro as will best fit him to serve the white man.

11.) Only Southerners understand the Negro question.

12.) Let the South settle the Negro question.

13.) The status of peasantry is all the Negro may hope for, if the races are to live together in peace.

14.) Let the lowest white man count for more than the highest Negro.

15.) The above sentiments indicate the leadings of Providence.”

Strong stuff.

This is what our ancestors believed a hundred years ago. Definitely too strong for our modern day Cuckfederates.

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  1. “The negro, forced from his normal condition, and into unnatural relation to the white man, must relapse into his African habits, just as fast as the white element disappears; as the latter is relatively feeble, the time must soon come, unless we take possession and restore the natural order, when civilization itself will utterly perish, and the great heart of the continent be surrendered to African savagism!” – John H. Van Evrie;view=1up;seq=38 “White supremacy and Negro subordination”, page 30

  2. Yes, it is strong stuff, Mr. W., and that’s why, as you know, I think blacks should not be living among whites—or, really, among any non-blacks. So different are blacks from nearly all other human types that the condition of blacks among non-blacks must be one of chronic, of unrelieved humiliation–or, at least, the threat thereof. We should be displeased, I think, to know that that is being suffered by any being, no matter how distant our relationship to him or her.

    If white civilization requires a peasantry, let it be a white peasantry, accorded its dignity.

  3. Self-correction: The suffering I imagine blacks experience when they live among whites is only one reason I think blacks should not live among whites. Even if it were to be proved to me that, say, blacks thoroughly enjoy life among whites, I would not want them among whites, because their presence among whites is not good for whites.

  4. I’ve found a PDF file of the Carroll book, but my quick look at a bit of it gives me the impression it’s largely concerned with Biblical questions about the relationship of blacks and whites. From its title page and one or two things I’ve read about it online, I also get the impression it tries to make a religious argument that blacks were created to be servants of whites. That that was Carroll’s sincere view, I can believe, but I personally find no meaning in religious arguments.

    Since I really haven’t the time to read religious remarks, such as Carroll’s, I’ll simply ask you, Mr. W., whether Carroll makes some point that bears on what I said above. What I said is pretty simple, I think, and probably nothing I haven’t said here, at Occidental Dissent, many times: I don’t want negroes subjugated by whites or involved with whites in any way whatsoever. Does Carroll say something that, in your view, might make me change my mind about that?

  5. @Mr. Griffin…

    First : let me say that this is another excellent post by you – educational in many regards, but, not the least of which is the perspective it gives on the progress or digress of society.

  6. I’ve done a lot of thinking about these exact matters in recent years, and I have come to believe that segregation was a better system.


    Because it allows for an acknowledgment the disparity betwixt the races, whilst providing negroes with the maximum opportunities to run their own affairs, tend to their own kind, and develop themselves, and their communities, as they see fit.

    Unfortunately, the civil rights policies feel right to the heart of most of us, but, work to the contrary.

    Though black entertainers and athletes have reapt tremendous benefits of the end of segregation, most of the negro community has had a different experience, if not the entire opposite.

  7. I do not believe that negroes are fundamentally inferior.

    What I see is that, collectively, they are rather different than us – to such an extent that, trying to function in the white man’s world – the world we created – they are at a significant disadvantage – not every individual, but collectively.

    I believe that Jim Crow, though it was evolved for many reasons, had more merit because it does address this issue.

  8. Sir, I keep returning, in my mind’s eye, to my childhood in Raleigh.

    In those days, everything was very segregated – yet, one could walk through the the negro neighbourhoods, and they through ours, without incident, without fear.

    In fact, though those neighbourhoods still were markedly ‘negro’, they were, also, markedly more secure and wholesome for their residents, than the Yankee redesign of these neighbourhoods – the ubiquitous housing projects.

    In those days, in Raleigh, whole streets, right in the center of town, such as Hargett and Martin, were wall to wall thriving negro establishments – retail stores of every stripe, pawn & barber shoppes, lawyers, doctors, bar, bondsmen, shoemakers, tailors and on and on.

    My wife and I returned to Raleigh recently, after decades away, and it was shocking – all those places are gone, now all white, except for a couple of barbershoppes.

    All of downtown, now, is white.

    Clearly the Yankee policies, designed to enfranchise the Negro, have subjugated the community – destroying their businesses (please note Tavis Smiley on the Drudge Report, today)

    If 60% of negroes are on welfare, at any given time, a high percentage of the male population in prison and unable to vote, when they are released, I struggle to see how that is ‘enfranchisement’ ‘civil rights’.

    How is it possible to come to any other conclusion that negroes were far better off on the Southerner man’ plantation than they were on the Northern man’s?

  9. As a Christian and a Southerners, I believe we owe our negro brothers something – because they are here, and have done the work to rightfully be so – even if that work was done by generations of their forefathers.

    And I believe what we owe them, is that circumstance that would allow them the opportunity to thrive, as far as their industry would provide, on as much their own terms, as the law could provide.

    At the center of that is the dignity of work – and, until we return to that notion, I’m afraid justice for the community of black men will be a fantasy.

  10. Sir, I keep coming back to the community of Lewiston-Woodville – not far from where we live.

    90% negro, they all work at the chicken processing plant, maintain their segregated churches, and have a nice community.

    When you drive through, you see children playing at real homes, with a parental figure around; you hear no gunshots, and you feel a good circumstance.

    The crime of that town is amazingly low, and, I think, no accident.

    It’s their community, they run it, they work it, and the result is clear – no housing projects, no desolation, no assault rifles or dealers passing by at all hours of the night.

    We need to change the culture and laws so that Lewiston-Woodvilles can come back into existence, all over the place.

    That would be the beginning of ‘justice’, which, though it might be hateful to the SPLC, would be the opposite to all those as of yet darkey babies, soon to come into this world.

  11. The Southern race creed is astonishingly similar to that in the Vedas. In both cases the racial hierarchy broke down leading to white genocide.

    For those wanting the scientific explanation of why blacks are the way they are:

  12. Interesting, Afterthought.

    Thank you for that.

    Pursuant to Dr. Hammer’s dissertation, I think of the scriptural assertion that that citizens of Sodom & Gommorrah, and other such sinful localities, ‘fornicated with strange flesh’…

  13. Jews flooded in during the Hideous Wave, from Russia. The Federal Reserve Jew fiat debt scam was foisted off on the American Nation in 1913. Negroes are the symptoms. Jews – THE disease.

  14. Jews are Jews, and they defend their Black kin NO MATTER WHAT, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

    Jews are NOT White.

    Jews can NOT “convert”. Their Nature is JEW.

    Whites must segregate from ALL Non-Whites. ALL of them.

  15. @Denise: “Jews flooded in during the Hideous Wave …” Jews and their puppets are drowning us and we need to uncuck ourselves into a Whites-only ark above the flood. We need a White church in which Denise can be one of the saints. You’re a cuck if… – Angelo John Gage

  16. The USA has had well over half a century of “equality” and what has been the outcome? The increasing dispossession of white people, the destruction by blacks of quite a few cities they dominate, and a general wave of dysfunction. Let’s not forget the fatwa against Confederate heritage.

    Looks like everything that Bailey as well as Bilbo, Tilman, Stoddard, Faubus and quite a few other White leaders said way back when would happen.

  17. To all the above posts, let’s not forget the Jew media/Hollywood impact on culture. Glorifying ghetto culture and portraying whites as the enemy also plays a major part in the current state of the black community and their values.

  18. I find none of the above to be incorrect. Nothing above is debatable. Like my forebears, I’m proudly no Cuckfederate!

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