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  1. Good commercials. Of course we know where Jeb stands. Screw the White Man. Enrich the rich. Diversify the nation.

  2. You may think this is pointless but its not. The Rove and Neocons are planning to push Ricky Ricardo Rubio into the nomination, and if Little Jebbie can knock him out, he won’t be in Lucy’s show. Oh, Lucifer, you stupid bitch. Just watch, Motel Six Boosh is gonna find a way to be pushed across the finish line like Milquetoast Romney. They don’t call Lincoln’s Party the Stupid Party for nothing.

  3. The only thing I’m wondering about is exactly how JEB is revived as a candidate. You know it’s him and Trump at the end.

  4. These shills are paid for shilling
    Paid by the rat jew
    Marco, Ted and Jeb don’t give a flying f-ck about you!

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