Pat Buchanan: “The Revolution Is At Hand”

By Hunter Wallace

¡Jeb! is knifing Rubio. Rubio is taking down Cruz. Under attack from all sides, Cruz is stumbling in Iowa in the Quinnipiac and PPP polls. Pat Buchanan is telling The Washington Post that “the revolution is at hand”:

“FIX: What’s different about today’s political environment from the ones you ran for president in? Are people angrier now?

Buchanan: When I campaigned in North Carolina in 1992, I recall a fellow coming up to me at the airport, saying, “What are you doing in North Carolina, Pat? This is the State of Satisfaction.” Undeniably, there was a true depression in New Hampshire in 1992, and a real sense on the part of conservatives that President Bush had abandoned us and the Reagan legacy and Reagan agenda to cut deals with Congress to raise taxes, spend more on “kinder, gentler” programs, impose quotas, and declare America’s goal to become the creator of a “New World Order.”

What’s different today is that the returns are in, the results are known. Everyone sees clearly now the de-industrialization of America, the cost in blood and treasure from decade-long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the pervasive presence of illegal immigrants. What I saw at the San Diego border 25 years ago, everyone sees now on cable TV. And not just a few communities but almost every community is experiencing the social impact.

The anger and alienation that were building then have reached critical mass now, when you see Bernie Sanders running neck and neck with Hillary Clinton in Iowa and New Hampshire and Trump and Ted Cruz with a majority of Republican voters. Not to put too fine a point on it, the revolution is at hand.”

Meanwhile, Trump says he is “evolving” into an economic nationalist and Jared Taylor is doing robocalls in Iowa for a White Nationalist SuperPAC. Who would have thought this is where we would be at today a year ago?

For my entire adult life, the Republican establishment has seemed to be invincible. Now all of a sudden it appears poised to finally keel over and give up the ghost. Maybe it was a culmination of things – Obamatrade, the Planned Parenthood videos, the Supreme Court on Obamacare and gay marriage, the huge influx of illegals last summer, Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, SJW overreach – that crystallized the public mood.

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  1. Hunter,

    Do you know if these Jared Taylor robocalls in Iowa are legit? they feel false to me – come Cass Sustein, Van Jones smear that open RACIST are campaigning for Donald Trump. I think Jared Taylor is too smart for that.

  2. PJB speaks of his 1992 campaign. Sam Francis wrote that before that campaign, in the fall of 1991, he was part of a wall to wall gathering at PJB’s northern Virginia house to do strategy and ragchewing over the upcoming campaign; Sam at the time, (keep in mind, this was 24 years ago), advised Pat to quit calling himself a conservative and to give up on the conservative label.

  3. In other good news, pandering Libertarian loon true believer Rand Paul was cut from the MainStage at the Iowa GOP debate.–election.html

    We at OD, Amren, Alternative Right can take credit for taking down this idiot, traitor Rand Paul (Amren 2013 Traitor of the Year). Let’s make book on when the Rand Paul for President campaign formally ends? My view is that the Constitutionalist/Libertarian cult will insist to FIGHT TO THE END, SPEAK……. THE TRUTH and insist on a prime time Rand Paul speech at the GOP Presidential convention which would probably have lower TV ratings than re runs of Giliguns Island.

  4. I’m loving this. I love watching the cuck GOPe fall apart. Many of us have dreamed of this for years – the fall of the GOPe. It is happening right now.

    Their words mean nothing and people are not listening to them any longer. Trump has evaded all the labels – Nazi, racist, isn’t a conservative, etc. – no one gives a shit because these people screaming these slurs have ruined the country. These are the people who have been sitting at the levers of power for decades.

    They write articles trying to reassure each other that the people will come around and choose them (the “experts” and “true conservatives”) over Trump while everyone laughs st them and calls them cucks and losers.

    Pat Buchanan is right. The fruits of our enemies are now out in the open. The results are in and the results are a total disaster. They have no credibility any longer after decades of total failure.

  5. I love Pat, but he’s not an insider anymore. After they betrayed Nixon and threw him to the wolves, Pat and his Buchanan Brigades have been outsiders fighting to get past the Old Boys and now the neocons. Trust me, Pat’s support is only going to firm up the donors, neocons and what’s left of the old boys against Trump. The people don’t matter to these fuckers. Its the money.

  6. “Revolution” being bantied about too easily by Pat, yeah if this were the white nation it once was some delicate re arranging of the voting blocs might be worthy of being called a “revolution.”

    But not now, real revolution will come when each individual right winger/conservative/libertarian or whatever actually steps up to a real live living breathing leftoid puts a finger in their chest and tells them it is their fault and they will pay.

    • I agree that “revolution” is a bit overblown, but the media has launched over a dozen moral panics now about White Nationalists who are supporting Trump, and so far none of them have gained traction. That’s significant and wouldn’t have happened in the 2012 election cycle.

  7. Re: Whites RAAAYYYYCISSS supporting Trump – no one gives a flying Hebe KIKE OUT anymore.

    The matches have been lit, for the ovens……….

  8. Here is some libertarian retardation at its finest

    I hoped we’d have a Republican president who would help change the party and the country by striking a more tolerant tone that included all Americans.

    We have broken immigration and legal systems that regularly oppress the poorest among us in ways that betray American values. It’s not being politically correct to acknowledge that poor minorities aren’t the enemy—big government is.

    As many here know, I’m not the biggest fan of the government. But just mindlessly spouting off that “big government is the problem” is just plain moronic. And according to Jack, not letting people into our country is now considered to be oppression.

    The Ninth Circle of hell awaits Jack Hunter.

  9. A unique election year, to be sure.

    We’ll see if a unique term of governance follows it.

    I am wary.

  10. A bit tongue in cheek, but David Bowie predicted the rise of the Rightwing leader that is the god-Emperor Trump. Lol.

  11. for the sake of all you future Trump voters, I hope he doesn’t win. If he does, Trump’s sudden attack of amnesia re illegals and borders and your cognitive dissonance is going to be awful. It’ll be like a sports announcer interviewing Jack Nicklaus, right after he 3-putted the 18th green:

    interv: “Jack, what about that 3-putt?”

    Nicklaus: “I have never 3-putted in my life”

  12. “If he does [win], Trump’s sudden attack of amnesia re illegals and borders and your cognitive dissonance is going to be awful [for all you future Trump voters].”

    Haxo–you keep making that point. If it will help you relax, be assured that I personally don’t expect Trump to accomplish anything at all; I fully expect him to suffer the amnesia you predict. I’m simply enjoying his present racism. It’s refreshing.

    And PS: I don’t vote. I think even less of democracy than you do.

  13. @Haxo Angmark
    Trump is signalling to Pro Whites like crazy, because he knows he needs our help to get elected. He also knows if he double crosses Whites, the same Pro Whites will tear him down.

    That tells me our influence is much larger than we imagine.

  14. You can’t argue or debate a “virtue signaler”, mocking them might work to defeat them but first I would counsel you tell the virtue signaler to say it louder and in a tone of voice that speaks down to people. Then they are primed for a fall or if we are lucky a real revolution.

  15. You could say Conservative political activists have been FED UP with the GOP establishment for many years. People like Pat Buchanan have been the “Real Voice” of the People. However the GOP establishment has been well funded and keep getting elected because of the Big Government crowd that votes on election day. Many of these vote Democrat or moderate / liberal Republican over things like Social Security or the Welfare State even if they agree with us on Moral Values. Seems the conservative base is finally getting some traction in this election. Hopefully it’ll be a symbol of the future. That GOP candidates will become more Paleoconservative including on 10th Amendment issue and embrace the Southern People. However from history that’s never happened and that’s why Southern Nationalism remains the answer. Deo Vindice !

  16. Hunter wrote:

    “Maybe it was a culmination of things – Obamatrade, the Planned Parenthood videos, the Supreme Court on Obamacare and gay marriage, the huge influx of illegals last summer, Caitlyn Jenner and Rachel Dolezal, SJW overreach – that crystallized the public mood.”

    Don’t forget Ferguson and Baltimore and the democrat supported, BLM war on police. I think traditional white people (GOP/Conservative/whatever you want to call them) are fundamentally for law and order. The false themes (hands up don’t shoot) and the anarchy that followed that was actively encouraged by Obama and virtually every Democrat has to add greatly to this public mood.

  17. It doesn’t matter. The narrative has crumbled, and the jews have removed their masks to show their Anti-White hate. When they dump Trump, there isn’t going to be an election. They’re running out of time. The cities are already bankrupt, some States are near bankruptcy, and the FEDGOV is running out of easy money too. Its all going to come down Real Soon.

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