Cuckservatives: Nimrata Randhawa Haley’s Official Republican Response To The State of the Union Address

In case you need to be reminded, there are plenty of Republicans who are coming up for reelection this November WHO DO NOT DESERVE TO BE REELECTED on Trump’s coattails should he win the nomination:

Note: Whatever you do, look before you leap. Don’t let your enthusiasm for Trump translate into voting straight ticket for Republican for the likes of Nimrata Haley or Paul Ryan.

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  1. @Mr. Griffin…

    Sir, Governor Haley is not ‘The Face of the New South’, but, the exported face of Northern tyranny over us.

    That she holds office is evidence of a 65 year long media war to purge Southerners of any sense of self – unless you are not white; – in which case you are lovingly invited to celebrate your ‘unique ethnick heritage’, in the ever so tolerant Yankee Empire…

  2. “You all do have a combat rifle and sidearm, and competence in using both? You don’t?”

    That’s right, I don’t, Haxo. I’m just a descendant of the Sicilian and Irish shit your useless Brit forebears let into North America, after they’d filled it with negroes and written a jackoff Constitution that does nothing to protect property or race. You Teutonic warriors please go fight your way to liberation, now: Your historical record is peerless.”

    Whoa. Angry Helicopter….. wop, wop, wop.

    Thomas the Train says, Be Nice, John. Have a bloodletting, and get some of that hemochromatosis out of your system! Whew.

  3. Trump knows we are stuck with the blacks. There is jack-shit we can do to rid ourselves of them.

    Really? So what the fuck is the point of all of this pro-White stuff if you’re relegating White America to a position that always puts the delicate sensibilities of a “diverse” identity over a loud, proud and strong White identity?

    We’re not stuck! There are a lot of things we can do. We can first take every lie and distortion they use as leverage and strip it down and expose it and them for what they truly are. You then start treating them like the low-IQ, incompetent, violent and community-destroying animals that they are.

    Please don’t ever try to get a job as a motivational speaker or propagandist. What the pro-White sphere desperately needs to be infused with are more discerning risk-takers, organizers and guys/gals who aren’t content with what we’ve all been conditioned to believe is unchangeable.

  4. So why did she leave India? Were her people not offering her parents something “better”? So they leave their own people, to sponge off the civilization created by whites, then attacks the same whites that were responsible for creating it?

    People willing to work hard, abide by our laws, and love our traditions? LMFAO! Taking down a flag is not loving traditions. “Happy Holidays” isn’t loving OUR traditions. Welfare colonialists neither work hard nor obey the law! Go to Israel if you want to make deals that they celebrate. Oh wait, the kikes won’t let you in! LMFAO! Indian colludes with Jews to destroy white America!

  5. She was picked by the GOP establishment in rebellion against the conservative / tea party candidates running for President. It’s typical of the GOP not caring about it’s base especially in the South. Should be another good reason for Southern Nationalism…a future for our People. Deo Vindice !

  6. “Have a bloodletting, and get some of that hemochromatosis out of your system!”

    I hear ya, Fr. John, but one thing by which my anger is invariably triggered–as it was in this thread–is a tough-talking white. Rarely does one hear tough talk from a Jew. The Jews don’t have to talk tough—because they ARE tough, where it counts: in the mind.

  7. This damn woman would have to go up a notch or two, to be a carpetbagger, she’s a crummy foreigner who should not be governor. I wish the south would stop voting for these people just because they’re a republican and claim to be conservative. The old guys would be ashamed of this.

  8. It’s the one problem I’ve had with Trump so far.

    Rhetorically he’s quite negrophile.

    Just pointing it it out.

  9. ‘The Jews don’t have to talk tough—because they ARE tough, where it counts: in the mind.’

    There’s some truth to that. Millenia as the visiting team can sharpen the wit…

  10. ‘she’s a crummy foreigner who should not be governor.’

    That she is a foreigner is not nearly so bad as the abuse of the trust she was given, and the ideas she has unveiled within her, after she took office.

    I wonder if she will be given the boot?

  11. You can’t pin this one on the north. The strong preference that most white Southerners now have for supporting anti-white GOP politicians over “low taxes” “pro-military” policies is purely a Southern phenomenon. Northerners, of all political persuasions, do not understand it and did not create it.

  12. “A new group is taking to the skies to show their disapproval of Gov. Nikki Haley’s signature on a bill that removed the Confederate battle flag from Statehouse grounds.

    Save Southern Heritage deployed a plane carrying the flag to fly over Charleston and North Charleston with the message: “No votes for turncoats.” Spokesman Charles Lunsford said he wanted candidates from tonight’s GOP debate to see the flag and ask the American people to leave their group alone…”

    Go Rebs!….C-S-A!….C-S-A!….C-S-A!….C-S-A!….

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