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  1. I still do not understand why Cruz did not correct Trump at the debate and explain that his statement about New York Values had nothing to do with 9/11.

    It has everything to do with a cultural and social agenda that has been driven by the Northeast and left coast and enforced through the courts and outright threats of force to anyone who doesn’t bend over and obey. This has gone on for decades with a little help from cuckservative inc. It is funny because this is also why Trump is doing so well. The anger due to this constant agitation through the courts and the Republicans doing nothing to stop it is why Trump has such massive support in the South.

    Cruz is usually very quick in the mind but this time he fumbled badly and let the media take the high ground and make it about 9/11. This probably has to do with the fact that Cruz himself is full of shit and of course supports Wall street and has no problem compromising himself in order to get NY money.

  2. Perhaps that explains the ambiguous attack on “New York Values.” It is a coded attack on Jewish liberal values, but Cruz can’t go there without offending the Jew-worshipping Judeo-Christian evangelicals.

  3. So here we have NY/Vegas (Sheldon Adelson) disproportionately Jewish lugenpresse/donors starting the smear that Donald Trump can’t be the GOP Presidential nominee because he’s a “New Yorker”, associates with (Jewish) New Yorkers and supposedly isn’t like the rock solid Red State Conservative (White) Christians, Southerners, Texans….. Like LBJ was a rock solid Texan! Also George W Bush was also a rock solid Texan not some effete East Coast Liberal Yalie Republican like George Prescott Bush and Grandfather Prescott Bush.

  4. Cruz (foreign Spic National) dares to criticize one of the original 13 Colonies?

    Because, if he isn’t talking about THAT NY, then he’s talking (as everyone else so clearly noted) of the FOREIGN CORRUPTION a TALMUDDIED culture makes- and, bread-head, can’t go there. Or won’t.

    Meaning, he’s a CUCK.

    Trump, 2016
    They all have to go.

  5. Doesn’t Cruz’s wife works for ((((Goldman Sachs)))). Doesn’t most of the ((((Republican Donor Class)))) that Cruz shills for have ties to NYC? Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

  6. About the Trump-Cruz birther contretemps:

    Cruz won the debate from a legalistic standpoint (no surprise there), but I think Trump is going to win it from a political standpoint in the long run. That’s because the audience was voters, not judges. Trump is engaging in something called FUD — Fear Uncertainly and Doubt. It’s a tactic that Microsoft worked to an artform against its actual and perceived competitors before the anti-trust lawsuit made them knock it off. Trump knows that birther lawsuits will go nowhere and that the issue is really a non-entity, and furthermore, him playing birther politics against Obama back in 2011 killed his nascent 2012 Presidential campaign. (Imagine Trump vs Obama in 2012). But, it doesn’t matter — All Trump is doing is dog whistling the matter, and the more people think it’s going to be a hassle, the more this marginally bleeds support for Ted Cruz away from him. Cruz absolutely needs Iowa, Trump doesn’t. And if Trump wins Iowa, I think it’s all over.

  7. Yeah it confuses me when the goy taking shekels accuses the Nazi that he’s some kinda Noo-Yawker.

  8. “Yeah it confuses me when the goy taking shekels accuses the Nazi that he’s some kinda Noo-Yawker.”

    Perfect, Cap’n.

  9. Jew York, Jew York, a hell of a town. Yuckville USA.

    There’s Now a Masturbation Booth in NYC Made for Men to Relieve Stress During the Workday


    Old New York was lit for pervs once upon a time. Times Square—or as the locals called it, 40-Deuce—used to be their Disneyland littered with 25 cent peep shows, sex shops, adult theaters, and prostitutes. London-based sex toy company Hot Octopuss is trying to restore that feeling. The makers of the revolutionary “Guybrator” have put a male stress relief booth in Manhattan.

  10. the Donald is what it is. A lifelong left-lib NY Demoncrat who saw a Populist (borders, trade) button and pushed it effectively. And so enlarged the Overton Window and accelerated both the collapse of the Republiscam party and the entire political center. Sanders is doing the same from the Left. Kudos to them both. Because that’s all we’ll need. That, and guns

  11. Cruz isn’t eligible. It isn’t just liberal constitutional scholars saying it, but guys like Professor Rob Natelson, a guy who the Supreme Court turns to for his professional opinion. The very simple fact is that the founding fathers, no matter what “rule” you accuse them of holding to when it comes to defining natural born citizen, would not have seen Cruz as natural born. Natural born status is transferred from the father. Congress only ever had the power to make laws pertaining to naturalization– the exact opposite of “natural born.”

    People who think Trump was just “dog whistling” or throwing random crap don’t realize that this has significant legs.

  12. The South is dropping the ball. We should be preparing to secede like the South was just before the 1860 election. We have the perfect morally justified reason — federal courts forcing same-sex marriage on us that we rejected by popular vote.

    When we secede we won’t have to put with NY values any longer and we can build a wall not only on the Mexican border but along the Mason-Dixon line as well.

  13. Cruz and his Goldman Sachs wife can suck it. He’s Canadian. Anything worse than a Damn Yankee, it must be a Canadian.

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