Cuckservatives: The Turning Point

We’ve finally reached the point in the 2016 Republican presidential race where – barring an unlikely Trump collapse in the final debate before voting begins – the cuckservatives have entered the bargaining and acceptance stage of their impending defeat:

1.) Bush donors are waiting for the green light to abandon ship.

2.) A lone frustrated RNC member pleads with Reince & Co. to take down Trump before it is too late.

3.) In “The Anti-Trump Calvary Never Came,” Liz Mair admits: “The Republican Party’s strategy with regard to dealing with Trump is basically prayer — and that’s it.”

4.) Matt Lewis, a cuckservative bellweather:

5.) Rich Lowry, editor of National Review:

6.) Now up on National Review, “Why I Would Vote For Trump If He Were The Nominee” by cuckservative Ian Tuttle who bashed White Nationalists supporting Trump during the #NRORevolt in September.

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  1. They have chosen to bank on a Clinton victory, whom they are very comfortable with, rather than risk an entropic party battle.

    Both front runners have astonishing negatives, and will find it hard to reintroduce themselves to the electorate. The right at least has a candidate that speaks for them, the same cannot be said of the Democrats. That may make the difference in motivation.

  2. These are the people who for months and months just operated under the assumption that Trump wasn’t for real, that he’d implode, or that voters would “come to their senses” once they hit the voting booth.

    Now I really worry about eliminationism.

  3. Countenance – don’t worry. The Old Cuck GOP is going down in flames. His crowds are too big and too skeery. The only being eliminated is the GOP. Via self-immolation.

  4. actually, Cucks are falling in behind GoldmanSachs frontman Cruz. Other Cucks will stay in the nomination contest as long as possible, in an effort to hold the Donald below 50% in the delegate count. If that works, Cruz will be the Republiscam nominee. If it doesn’t, they’ll quietly support Mrs. Clinton…or, if she’s wearing orange by then and the redJew Sanders is the Demoncrat nominee, sit out the election altogether. Basically, the political center is collapsing. All good for us

  5. I’m not so sure the men behind the curtains have accepted Trump. I bet they are cooking up something to stop him, and I wouldn’t rule out assassination.

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