The Strange Death of Libertarianism

This moment could very well be the death rattle of the ill-conceived Rand Paul presidential campaign:

“Rand Paul says he’s going to spend “every waking hour” trying to stop Donald Trump from getting the Republican nomination, saying Trump as the nominee would guarantee a Republican loss in the general election.

“Think if we, the Republican Party, becomes the party of angry people, that insinuate that most immigrants are drug dealers or rapists, that’s a terrible direction for our party,” the Kentucky senator and presidential candidate told the Alan Colmes Show on Thursday. “We are never going to grow as a party, we are never going to increase our vote among the Hispanic population, the black population, among women, all of those things we need to expand our party, Donald Trump takes us in the wrong direction.

“He would be a disaster,” he added. “We’ll be, we’ll be slaughtered, in a landslide. That’s why my every waking hour is to try to stop Donald Trump from being our nominee.”

It is not often that get the chance to watch a major political movement commit suicide on the national stage, but there is no other way to describe what has happened over the past few years to Rand Paul and his followers in the “Liberty Movement.”

Looking backward, I remember the excitement that Ron Paul’s insurgent campaign generated in 2008 at Takimag. I think of all the people I know who supported Ron Paul again in the 2012 election virtually all of whom are on board the Trump Train in 2016. In fact, I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 Republican primary and supported his candidacy again on this website well into the 2012 Republican primaries.

Here are a series of posts from the OD archives and elsewhere which illustrate how the wheels began to come off the Ron Paul/Rand Paul campaigns:

The Alternative Right: A White Nationalist Perspective – In November 2009, I noted that “the only reason Ron Paul succeeded to the extent that he did is because he was “the candidate of a broader populist coalition that swelled his support beyond his traditional libertarian base” and “the Alternative Right would be foolish to swallow Ron Paul’s libertarian kool aid. It was a disaster in 2008. Paul significantly underperformed winning issues – bringing the troops home, ending abortion, enforcing immigration laws, abolishing affirmative action. He talked endlessly about libertarian abstractions – and lost. In contrast, winners like Huckabee and Obama appealed to the identities of their voters.”

House of Paul – In August 2010, I made a distinction between “natural libertarians” and “ideological libertarians” when Ron Paul published an editorial attacking opponents of the Ground Zero Mosque as sunshine patriots and demagogues. I was impressed that Rand Paul took the opposite position in that dispute.

Ron Paul’s Latest Gaffes – In December 2010, Ron Paul had been in the news for silly stuff like supporting the Ground Zero Mosque, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal, and opposing the censure of Charlie Rangel.

“Worse than A Crime—A Blunder”: Ron Paul`s Tragic Turnaround On Immigration – In hindsight, the folly of Ron Paul’s embrace of the left-libertarian position on immigration in the 2012 presidential campaign was telegraphed in his book Liberty Defined which was negatively reviewed by VDARE in April 2011.

Ron Paul – Border Fence Not The Answer – In the October 2011 Republican debates, Ron Paul claimed the criminal justice system suffers from instututional racism against blacks and opposed building a border fence.

New York Times Attacks Ron Paul – In December 2011, I was ready to support Ron Paul in the 2012 election over his opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Ron Paul Wins Younger Voters in Iowa – In January 2012, Rick Santorum won the Iowa caucus by 34 votes, and Ron Paul carried 21 percent of the vote. I used the exit polls to breakdown the demographics of the voters who had supported Ron Paul.

Ron Paul Wins Younger Voters in New Hampshire – A few days later, Ron Paul came in second in the New Hampshire primary with 22.9 percent of the vote. Once again, I broke down the demographics of Paul’s supporters.

Ron Paul Wins Younger Voters in South Carolina – A few weeks after New Hampshire, Ron Paul came in fourth in the South Carolina primary with 13 percent of the vote. As in Iowa and New Hampshire, I used the exit polls to break down the demographics of Ron Paul’s supporters.

Official: Gingrich Wins South Carolina Primary – At the time, I was bewildered that Ron Paul didn’t run in South Carolina on his support for the Confederate flag.

Over the next two weeks, Ron Paul lost the Florida primary and the Nevada caucuses, which is the exact moment when I lost interest in Ron Paul. Such was my disillusionment with Ron Paul’s refusal to run a campaign on winning issues – for the second time – that I spent the rest of February writing about black history.

On February 1, three days before the Nevada caucuses, Ron Paul was in Las Vegas where he compared the US Border Patrol to the Gestapo in cucking for the Hispanic vote:

“LAS VEGAS — Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul outlined his views on immigration Wednesday, saying he favors a compassionate policy that doesn’t rely on “barbed-wire fences and guns on our border.”

Paul spoke to several dozen people organized by Hispanics in Politics, Nevada’s oldest Hispanic community group. The Texas congressman has scheduled several days of campaigning in Nevada before the state’s caucuses Saturday.

Paul went into much greater detail on immigration policy than he has at most of his campaign stops. He typically steers clear of discussing rights for specific groups of people, insisting that his libertarian-leaning views apply to everyone as individuals.

But in Nevada, which is 26 percent Hispanic, Paul outlined an immigration policy far outside the Republican mainstream.

Paul blasted politicians who blame immigrants for causing the country’s economic problems. He compared the situation to Nazi Germany’s targeting of Jews in the 1930s.

“When things go badly, individuals look for scapegoats,” Paul said. “Hispanics, the immigrants who have come in, are being used as scapegoats.”

Paul said he doesn’t support illegal immigration and said people who break the law should be punished. But he said he opposes any effort to round people up and ship them away.

“If an individual is found to be breaking the law, serious consideration should be given for them to return. But I would think 99 percent of people who come here come because they believe in the American dream,” Paul said to applause.

Paul decried a punitive border policy, which said offended his belief in individual liberty.

“The one thing I have resisted and condemned: I do not believe that barbed-wire fences and guns on our border will solve any of our problems,” he said.

Paul also said he was against laws that require immigrants to carry proof of legal status. He says he doesn’t want to live in a country where people are required to carry identity papers.

“You say, ‘Well, this is only for illegals.’ That’s a bunch of baloney,” Paul said. “How do you sort out illegals from legals? Unless you put papers and identification on everybody.”

Hispanics in Nevada have favored Democrats over Republicans in recent election years — a full 74 percent of Hispanics supported President Barack Obama in 2008 over GOP rival John McCain.

But Fernando Cortes, Paul’s director of Hispanic outreach in Nevada, said many Hispanic voters had shown interest in Paul’s message.

“They’re always pandered to by the left and ignored by the right,” Cortes said of Hispanic voters. “They’re very motivated by the wanting of freedom back and a sound economy.”

In hindsight, that campaign stop in Las Vegas was a definitive turning point for many of the populist and nationalist voters who had hitherto supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012. The CNN entrance polls show that 90 percent of the voters who participated in the 2012 Republican Nevada caucuses were White and only 5 percent were Latino. Mitt Romney, who was running as an immigration hawk on a self-deportation platform, beat Ron Paul with 50 percent to 18.73 percent of the vote.

On March 13, 2012, I voted for Mitt Romney in the Alabama Republican Primary. By that point, I felt that Ron Paul had thoroughly discredited his campaign and that it was more important to stop Gingrich and Santorum. I had also lost interest in the race and reported on it only because so many commentators continued to support Romney. Within days of Romney losing to Obama, Rand Paul was all over television talking about how the Republican Party needed to win the Hispanic vote and reassure Hispanics that no one was going to deport millions of illegal aliens.

Clearly, the Rand 2016 electoral strategy had been formulated before Romney’s defeat and was ready to go. It was a colossal failure that relied on the conventional wisdom to explain Romney’s loss, not Ron Paul’s failure in the primaries in 2008 and 2012. It not only failed to expand Ron Paul’s base, but absolutely destroyed it. Everything that followed had already been conceived by November 2012.

Rand Paul comically branded himself a “Detroit Republican,” condemned the cops in Ferguson, cucked for comprehensive immigration reform, and most famously allowed the media to publicly geld his underling Jack Hunter. Along the way, the mainstream media threw out little doggie treats of praise whenever Rand Paul adopted a new liberal position – Time called Rand Paul “the most interesting man in politics” – while he became more and more repulsive to his Ron Paul’s former supporters.

It was inevitable that the populist, pro-White Alt Right that supported Ron Paul in 2008 and 2012 and who hated PC and who saw the Jack Hunter fiasco unfold would defect en masse to Trump. Osama bin Laden was right when he observed, “when people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.”

Rand Paul and Jack Hunter killed the Ron Paul brand. They watered it down. They consistently projected an aura of weakness – whether it was on cops and thugs, cultural decadence, foreign policy, political correctness, or border security. In the process, Rand Paul literally fell off the presidential stage and was reduced to tilting at windmills in Twitter town halls. He won’t get a fraction of the Ron Paul vote in 2008 and 2012.

What comes next after Rand Paul’s disastrous presidential campaign? Will libertarianism go back to the Rothbard playbook? Will it continue to circle the electoral drain with Rand Paul and Nick Gillespie supporting another Gary Johnson candidacy?

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  1. Instead of appearing at the kiddie table, he appeared on a TV show which claims they got 11 million viewers. So now he’s all excited on Twitter, telling his supporters to send moneyz!

    Stand with Rand. Send your rent check.

  2. libertarianism was never more than evolutionary Marxism. It’s Holy Trinity: Rand, Rothbard, v. Mises…all Jews. With the usual Universalist, open borders/free trade, race-doesn’t-matter, end the “Time of Nations” Tikkun Olam. W/in record short time of getting into the Senate, Rand Paul was off to the Wailing Wall…and there pledged allegiance to the Jews and their destructive machinations

  3. Yep it is magic thinking the kind that appeals to the feeble minded that are either immature or natural leftists, not the alt-right the only ascendant movement at this time.

    The rest of the political spectrum being comprised of childish brats, angry Orcs and the cucks who are paid to sell all that as inevitable.

  4. “I think of all the people I know who supported Ron Paul again in the 2012 election virtually all of whom are on board the Trump Train in 2016. In fact, I voted for Ron Paul in 2008 Republican primary and supported his candidacy again on this website well into the 2012 Republican primaries.”

    Mea Culpa. I was there.

    What I finally realized about Paul was the fallacy of Libertarianism. Ron Paul (and Rand, with multicultural lenses on the glasses inherited from his old man) actually BELIEVES IN THE INNATE GOODNESS OF HUMANITY.

    Instead, I am more and more clearly a believer in Total Depravity- the reality that men are not as bad as they COULD be, but they ARE as bad as they ARE…. and, in a Judaized country such as the USA, they can ONLY GET WORSE, before we reach destruction.

    In other words, Rand Paul is an IDIOT. Men HAVE to fight and die for what is right, or they will perish. Moslem hordes in Europe, Meximidgets in every state of the Union, and godless, irredeemable Somali bastard niggers in the whitest states of the Union, MEANS WE HAVE BEEN JUDAIZED as a nation.

    ‘We’ve been Jewed’ as my dad used to say, when he found he was on the short stick of a deal that had gone bad….

    American Whites, as an ALTRUISTIC RACE, are UTTERLY NAIVE when it comes to the DEMONIACS in our midst- the Left, the Liberals, the Liars, and the Loons all TAKE ADVANTAGE of our ‘blue-eyed’ naivete, as John de Nugent pointed out to me, years ago, on his site.

    Donald Trump (as one of US) grew up fighting and dealing in JEW YORK CITY. He knows the Jew. He clearly wants American to be white… errr, Great Again.

    And that is why EVERYONE of the LIARS (Christie, Cruz, Fiorina, Hhhheb, etc.) are H8’in on Trump.

    THEY ARE THE GODLESS CUCKS who have sold their souls to the Jews (So, Cruz, how about Goldman Sachs, or Weill’s “Citibank’? OY!) for the ‘love of money’ or power. Trump already has that, and can afford to care about the ‘little guy.’

    Rand Paul, who can ONLY, EVER be a ‘little guy’ is most to be pitied, in that he ‘coulda beena contendah’- but now is merely detritus of a failed philosophy.

    With growing international distrust of the Jew on every front, maybe we may once again have a ‘unified field vision’ of the ‘Jews and their lies’ – and return to the Calvinist distrust of humanity that forged the American nation out of 13 Christian colonies…

  5. Hunter,


    One man worked tirelessly to expose the lies, the cowardice, the fraud that is and always was Ron Paul/Rand Paul race denying Libertarianism, Constitutionalism.

    I’m that guy.

    And even now, even as virtually the entire race realist, immigration control activists, Southern nationalist community has completely denounced Rand Paul and simply put Ron Paul down the memory hole – too many of these people hate me and will not admit that they wasted years in the Ron Paul, Libertarian, Constitutionalist cult. And it is a cult. The cult leaders at the top get (some) wealth, fame, access to mainstream media or academia, those in the lower rungs of the cult must serve the top and most of all they must…


    Only the cult program is a lie, it always was a lie.

  6. More on the Jewish influence on Ron Paul: he claims Jewish authored novel Dr Zhivago as the catalyst of his political awakening.

    But isn’t it a case of no other races wanting to join us in libertarianism? I find the overall philosophy quite sensible and adroitly focused on the human capacity for perfidy – multiplied a million fold by a strong central government?

  7. Looking backward, I remember the excitement that Ron Paul’s insurgent campaign generated in 2008 at Takimag. I think of all the people I know who supported Ron Paul again in the 2012 election virtually all of whom are on board the Trump Train in 2016.

    Proving that the main reason anyone ever supported Ron Paul was because they thought he was some sort of nationalist. When they figured out that not only was he not one, also that his son was even less of one, and when an apparently better and stronger option came along, (Trump), bye bye Ron and Rand.

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    • I MUCH prefer Disqus over the WordPress commenting system. Take it from someone who has done websites and UX designing for years, Disqus is a much more engaging system that has a lot more potential to bring you new commenters and, more importantly, recurring commenters and viewers.

      • Me too.

        Basically, the problem yesterday was that there are so many WordPress comments now that it is choking down the speed of the blog, and apparently the server it is being hosted on. I’m going to try to import the WordPress comments to Disqus and see if all the comments can be hosted there in the future.

  9. You are right, the Jack Hunter incident was the final blow to the populist support for Rand Paul. That was such an embarrassment, who would want to be part of a weak movement like that?

    The Paul’s are done on the national scene in my opinion. Rand Paul would have been wiser to support Trump, get on the train and hope for bigger things down the road. Instead, he comes out swinging against Trump for the final death blow to the Paul legacy. Idiot.

    • The Jack Hunter fiasco showcased just how badly Rand Paul’s strategists misjudged the 2016 election cycle. The last thing ordinary people want now is more political correctness.

  10. I initially believed in Rand Paul because I wanted to. Clutching at straws, and all. I don’t recall witnessing a political figure self-immolate, to the degree in which Rand Paul has. I mean – Yeb! has always been and UberCuck. But Rand…he’s so resentful, snarky, and childish. How did he get in office in the first place?

    • DenisetheCelt – you have the best Icon ever of anyone make a comment on OD.

      Want to give the rest of us some tips?

  11. Paul significantly underperformed winning issues – bringing the troops home, ending abortion, enforcing immigration laws, abolishing affirmative action. He talked endlessly about libertarian abstractions – and lost. In contrast, winners like Huckabee and Obama appealed to the identities of their voters.”

    Hunter, I don’t know if you paid attention during to 2008 and 2012 elections but Ron Paul didn’t speak so much on libertarian abstractions than he did on two specific policy proposals; ending foreign entanglements/wars and ending the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul’s unpopularity with some Republicans was due to his foreign policy and any libertarianism. Most conservatives stated that they didn’t have a problem with his domestic policy. They said that his foreign policy made him a “nutter.”

    • Jeff, how about Ron Paul doing the St. Peter and denying he wrote or even read his own politically incorrect comments about Black criminality, Black riots, MLK Jr. and USA mass foreign aide to Israel?

      What kind of person doesn’t read his own newsletter? And what kind of “leader” backs down and cries just because Marty Peretz the homosexual Jewish Zionist, Lib Dem publisher of the New Republic called him a “Racist”?

      That’s the great appeal of Donald Trump. He has courage and mostly speaks up for the legitimate rights of our people. He isn’t like Ron Paul, a pathetic coward and backs down and cries and whines that “he isn’t at all racist that he worships MLK Jr., and wants to accept every single Black, Brown person on planet earth to move to the United States provided we scale back the Welfare state.

      How could you or anyone else look to RP as some type of leader/savior?

        • Speaking of Rockwell, he’s starting to inch back to our way of thinking. However, he keeps coming and going to one thing then another then another, that bee just buzzes around to too many flowers to me ever really to trust him.

          • As everyone here knows, I am not a libertarian but supported Ron Paul in 2008 and much of 2012 because …

            1.) Foreign policy

            2.) The national debt

            3.) States rights

            In 2012, I ultimately voted for Romney though because of Ron Paul’s indefensible position on immigration, the border fence, and cops. By the Alabama primary, he was cucking to impress the media and pandering to win the black and Hispanic vote.

      • JR, this is why, even though I did not have strong feelings either way about the Jared Taylor pro-Trump robocalls, I feared that Trump wouldn’t take kindly to JT or anyone trying to get some shine off his coattails, then denounce JT and AR so mightily that it would chase all our kind of people away from voting for him. I do think JT was playing with fire. Luckily, Trump didn’t respond that way; his official response was sorta Reagan’s response when asked about the JBS endorsing him: “They’re buying into my ideas, I’m not buying into theirs.”

        • QT

          I think Jared Taylor was way out of line trying to horne in on the Trump movement. It’s reeks of jealously like Jean Marie Le Pen getting jealous of his daughters more mainstream success and insisting he has to be on TV talking about World War II stuff.

          Getting on TV is addictive.

          Please communicate to Alt Right, Race Realists not to try to play the Lugenpresse – Lying Press game have them do taped interviews with them/us and work to frame Trump supporters as evil Racist Nazis stockpiling guns, HATERS – etc.

          So many of “our people” just live to be on TV and will gladly read from a Weinstein Brothers, SPLC, Jew York Times script as deranged racist HATERS who want to go in to churches in South Carolina and slaughter Blacks, bring back slavery or gas innocent Muslim war refugees the same as we supposedly gassed 6 Million Jews.

          Please communicate to Jared Taylor to step back from the Trump Campaign. I’m getting vibes JT wants to go a Tom Metzger and react with Trump Jealousy the same as TM reacted to David Duke’s success.

          • Oh please. What are they going to do? Get the SPLC to denounce Jared Taylor? Jared isn’t a “nazi”, he’s the least offensive and soft spoken activist in the movement. I’d love for those fuckers at the SPLC to go after the Donald. After that Chick-fil-a shooting where the clown had SPLC material, these assholes are just sitting ducks for the Donald to blow them up. That cheap little shyster and the fatgirl better stay away from the Donald. He’s a big boy that can slap around Mole News and Megyn Whatever. If they put Jared Taylor on TV, they’re gonna look stupider than they do now. This guy is a Japanophile with an Asian wife. He’s no Lincoln Rockwell.

          • They know better than to take on heavyweights like Donald or Jared. They calculate their battles to only go after soft targets. They’ll never pick on anyone their own size.

          • The Lugenpresse – lying press, SPLC have many tricks and huge resources to push their “big lie”. Read AH on the Big Lie.

            With Jared Taylor the Lugenpresse/SPLC can just say

            “Jared Taylor a leading White racialist, White Supremacist is openly campaigning for Donald Trump. Though Mr. Taylor is a very highly polished, University degreed racialist who tries to put an intelligent veneer on racism, his supporters are the real deal.”

            Then they’ll show some stock footage of Southern segregationists sicking dogs on Black civil rights demonstrators, Klansmen in Klan suits around lynched Blacks and photos of NAZIs marching, starving concentration camp survivors and believe me, they can always get some fool to agree to go on TV and say:

            “I hate Blacks, Jews, Homos, Mexicans and yeah Muslims – I even hate most all women, here are my racist flags and lots land lots of guns”.

            Then they’ll introduce Jared Taylor of American Renaissance and probably Taylor will do OK, not bad.

            The whole dog and pony show still scares of regular Whites, little old White church ladies in Iowa that don’t want to associate with anything hateful.

            NO, it’s just foolish and counterproductive to play this game.

            I’ve worked on lots of successful campaigns – everything up to US Congress and have won all my races in the last 10 years. I’m sure I made the difference in at least one key race.

            Yes, one can be an effective participant in US campaigns as a race realist, but it’s not butt showing, getting on TV, trying to ride coat tails of some current movement and then present THE TRUTH of White race realism to folks on TV.

            That doesn’t work.

  12. I guess they wanted to be on the “right” side of History. They now stand shoulder to shoulder with retarded cannibals right behind Satan. Sayanora suckers. The Right Side is the side away from “diversity”. Diversity is what they call maladaptive now.

  13. “Ron Paul’s Latest Gaffes – In December 2010, Ron Paul had been in the news for silly stuff like supporting the Ground Zero Mosque, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Repeal, and opposing the censure of Charlie Rangel.”

    I respond:

    Ron Paul has had many other gaffes like during the New York City GOP Presidential debate on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11/01 terrorist slaughter, Ron Paul doubled down on his (not so popular) view that America deserved the mass slaughter because of our foreign policy that was unfair to the Palestinians and because USA stationed military troops close to Saudi Arabian Islamic holy sites (Giuliani and the crowd wanted to kill RP, they should have just beaten his arse.

    Another huge gaffe, was Ron Paul and Rand Paul insisting that high level Al Qaeda terrorist leader in Yemen (killed by US military drone attack) was a full US citizen based on the technicality of birth right citizenship. And Ron Paul and Rand Paul made a big show about opposing the supposed mass use of drones to kill patriotic American citizens like us.

    Check out the mug on this “America”:

  14. 1. That so many 2008/2012 Ron Paul people are with Trump now proves that most of Ron Paul’s voters wanted nationalism, and defected from R&R Paul when they found a better more politically accurate stronger more politically credible alternative.

    2. It isn’t just libertarianism that’s suffering a “strange death” this year. The Trump candidacy is borking libertarianism first, he’s about to throw neo-conservatism into the dustbin of history, and next up is lamestream conservatism, aka Reagan conservatism. By the time Trump is done, win or lose, and whether he can do that much for us even if he wins, we know that the end result will be that the greater American right wing will be a populist and nationalist entity rather than an abstract ideological driven one.

    • The Ron Paul vote in 2008 and 2012 was a protest vote.

      Libertarians misread the electorate and convinced themselves they were the wave of the future. In reality, Ron Paul was just a magnet for disaffected voters, many of whom were populists and nationalists who agreed with Ron Paul on a few key issues and were otherwise homeless in the two-part system.

    • It’s my hope to see the entire rotten edifice of Conservatism, Inc. collapse. They failed to conserve a single damned thing they half-assed fought for. They provided a sterling example of how not to fight. They sold us out to the judeoqueer plutocrats for thirty pieces of silver. Paid to lose, like the Washington Colonels that the Harlem Globetrotters used to play. The Jack Hunters, Rick Wilsons, and Liz Mairs of the world should just go openly join up with their Cultural Marxist paymasters.

      • Modern conservatism should have rode into the sunset after the Soviet Union went out of business, because that was when the last of the major big existential problems it was established to solve was solved. But it hung on and tried to make itself relevant in a world where it really wasn’t, it hit against the wall of diminishing marginal returns. To the extent that modern conservatism did anything for us after 1991, it was only because it coincidentally crossed over with nationalism, and tried to pursue those common cause agenda items.

    • That would be nice… but

      Libertarianism, Neo Conservatism, Reagan era Religious Right/Christian Zionism – they’re the walking “undead” – they don’t really die.

      Their still around. Rand Paul is still a KY US Senator, he has a huge, huge staff that like the Washington DC Beltway world. My hunch is that if for somehow lisping Lyndsey Graham ever loses his SC US Senate Seat he can use his connections to get appointed as the first flaming queer Secretary of Defense, supreme commander of NATO to resume the Reagan war against the evil Russians.

      Donald Trump is 1 guy – sure this one guy is great. But, look at the entrenched, corrupt institutions, deep state forces he/we are up against.

      • Libertarianism is quickly becoming a punchline, neocons will never be trusted with serious power ever again after Bush 43, the religious right is more with Trump than Cruz nationally, Rand Paul might have said a lot of outrageously stupid things while in the Senate about immigration and other things, but at least his voting record is decent, and hopefully Palmetto Twinkletoes will soon die of AIDS, and his John McCain-lite Presidential candidate never rose above 2%.

        I know we’re both of the same most cynical generation in world history, but there are a lot of good bright signs on the horizon.

        • But the Cuckservative traitors still get rewarded with big $s, jobs, social acceptance where alt right, race realists can’t work.

          Go down the list of American Renaissance, Instauration Magazine White traitors of the year – except for the ones who died jack Kemp, all our doing fine. Newt Gingrich and George Will have Conservative spokesmen MSM jobs, Will lives in a $900,000 house in Chevy Chase Maryland.

          Little old ladies in Iowa and other places still get their news, their social signs of what to do by TV, Fox being supposedly the only exception.

          The bought, corrupt Religious Right, Christian Zionists will soon make there destructive play. I already see that the Pro Life purists are coming out of the closet to savage Donald Trump and supposed VP first choice for being pro choice.

          Where’s Ralph Reed? I haven’t seen that pussy in a long time – these types always come out of the closet in US Presidential races.

  15. This cucker is worse than his Rastafarian Father. He wants to join Al notSharpton and Obama in freeing black prisoners for “non-violent” drug offenses. This is a red herring. Those niggers don’t testify, so cops and DAs use drug offenses to send gangbangers to prison. Most of these guys have killed several people already, they just can’t get witnesses to testify.
    All this Pauline MLK Love is imperiling you and your way of life. The NIMBY 500 where all the cuckers from the Stupid Party go to Sybil Rights Organizations and beg for votes is sickening enough without the Perils of Pauline wanting to release feral blacks to kill and rape again. These clowns say they aren’t collectivists so why are they trying to get elected? Go home and face DINDU DAWN on the day the EBT Card stops working by yourself! You followers of Alisa Rosenbaum may me sick!

  16. My my, look at all the Presidential Candidates with Big Jew Eyebags.
    (Genetic Collagen Failure). Wouldn’t it be nice to have a President that wasn’t automatically eligible for citizenship in Israel?

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