Cuckservatives: Trump and Cruz Must Lose

Here’s the latest from cuckservative Michael Gerson:

“But here is the problem. Donors, analysts and media are naturally drawn to the horse-race aspect of politics: establishment vs. anti-establishment, insider vs. outsider. But Trump is proposing a massive ideological and moral revision of the Republican Party. Re-created in his image, it would be the anti-immigrant party; the party that blows up the global trading order; the party that undermines the principle of religious liberty; the party that encourages an ethnic basis for American identity and gives strength and momentum to prejudice.

We are already seeing the disturbing normalization of policies and arguments that recently seemed unacceptable, even unsayable. Trump proposes the forced expulsion of 11 million people, or a ban on Muslim immigration, and there are a few days of outrage from responsible Republican leaders. But the proposals still lie on the table, eventually seeming regular and acceptable.

But they are not acceptable. They are not normal. They are extreme, and obscene and immoral. The Republican nominee — for the sake of his party and his conscience — must draw these boundaries clearly….”

Right on! Right on! I’ll take that!

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  1. What is extreme and immoral is making the Posterity of the Founding Fathers into a diminishing, disparaged, dispossessed, and doomed minority. And Gerson sounds very Jewish.

  2. That squealing you hear out of the mouths of cucks and libshits? That’s the Overton window being drug back to a somewhat reasonable position.

  3. Anti-Whites labor under the Marxist delusion of the inexorable nature of history going their way. Unfortunately, too many pro-Whites buy into this gloomy prospect too.

  4. “GOP establishment: Trump’s values are extreme, obscene and immoral”
    No, YOUR views are obscene and immoral! Move over, or be plowed under.

    The Trump Train is here to restore AMERICA. You are nothing but a traitor… oh, and a cuck for the Kikes.

  5. Yeah. let me translate this gibberish to English for you. Nativism is bad for Whites because they’re too smart for our master Satan. Hi Daddy Satan, see you soon.

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