Marxists, Muslims and Morons II

I hope everyone is having a great 2016 new year….

I’m doing OK, comme ci comme ca.

I made a strategic decision to stop playing winter tennis with middle aged, old guys and instead learn/do salsa partner dancing with enthusiastic young women…

It’s been a great change.

Well back to the real world of national and international politics. The most important international current event is the mass Muslim male migration/invasion of Europe, the West, and organized mass Muslim sexual attacks/rapes of German and European women in Cologne Germany, Hamburg even… Finland..

Donald Trump has been principled, firm and fair about resisting the mass Muslim male migration invasions. Others… no. – Morons like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan say restricting mass Muslim migrations is racist:

Rep. Paul Ryan rules out any cuts in Muslim immigration.

The usual suspects in the Lib Dem elite (DNC Chairman Jewess Debbie Wasserman) and Left Coast, Hollywood moron Leftists are coming out of the closet to tell us, we’re all racists, they’re not RACIST, they’re not Islamapobic

Dem National Committee Chairwoman Jewess Loon Debbie Wasserman
Dem National Committee Chairwoman Jewess Loon Debbie Wasserman

They say that’s not…

“Who we are”.

No Michael Moore, Quentin Tarantino, Weinstein Brothers, European Green Party, UK Labor Party, UK Guardian Newspaper loons, MSNBC, CNN, New York Daily News lugenpresse this is who you are…

You’re *$(#*@ morons!

Get real #*&$#*@ jobs.

If you want to pander to Islamic terrorists, 8th century Islamic slavers, North African Muslim sexual harassing, sexual grooming, raping gangs – well consider volunteering for Doctors Without Borders and go off to ISIS controlled areas of Iraq or Syria and volunteer yourself as a hostage who respects and wants to take the side of your 8th century throat cutting, child raping/slave auctioning captors. I for one won’t lose a lot of sleep if I see propaganda photos of ex Brit “Jihad Johnny” holding the severed head of Hollywood morons like Michael Moore.

8th century Islamic Jihadist/mass Muslim migrant rapists are who they are.

We know who we are.

And various assorted groups of Morons, Marxists, Cuckservatives, RINOS, Libertarian/Liberal loons are… who they are.

Anybody confused about who’s on which team?


  1. How big of an ideologically thrown in open borders whackjob is Paul Ryan?

    After the stadium massacre in Paris late last year, but just before San Bernardino, a lot of Republicans demanded something like a temporary pause in Syrian refugee resettlement into the United States. Now, that made me suspicious, because many of the Republicans making that call are either open borders fanatics themselves or squishes on the issue. Why they didn’t want Syrian refugees but would want everyone else, I’ll leave that open to interpretation. Anyway, Paul Ryan rejected that idea. Meaning that he’s so dyed in the wool on no borders and zero immigration enforcement that he couldn’t bring himself to participate in whatever political scam that Republicans were running, if it meant him broadcasting the pretense that he wanted even as many as just one fewer immigrant than otherwise would have been accepted.

  2. I guess those middle-aged/old guys were too hard on you?

    Marxists, Muslims, and Morons…we’re surrounded, brah.

  3. I’d like to see mr. Moore try this stunt in… Saudi Arabia maybe. He is such a loon, he might forget to get off the street during prayer call and wind up in jail. What a wanker: a millionaire who hates the golden goose with such passion. Why doesn’t he give his millions to treasury and prove his socialist mettle?

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