Rush Limbaugh: Nationalism and Populism Have “Overtaken” Conservatism

It was a big day, maybe even a historic turning point, in American politics: Rush Limbaugh acknowledged that nationalism and populism are ascendant over conservatism, and even discussed Sam Francis on his radio show:

“It’s something really simple … They’re fed up with the modern day Democratic Party… The Republican Party establishment does not understand this. They do not know who their conservative voters are. They’ve over-estimated their conservatism… They’re not liberals. They’re not Democrat. Many of them do not want to be thought of as conservatives for a host of reasons. So somebody who comes along and is able to convey that he or she understands why they’re angry and furthermore, is going to do everything to fix it, is going to own them. What’s happening here is that ‘nationalism’ — dirty word, ooh people hate it — and ‘populism’ — even dirtier word. Nationalism and populism have overtaken conservatism in terms of appeal.”

Did you ever think you would see the day when Sam Francis would be posthumously vindicated by El Rushbo? Yeah, me neither … but today was that day:

“RUSH: I want to read something to you. I want you to really listen to this. This was written back in 1996, written by a man named Samuel Francis, who later in life suffered the — acquired the — reputation of being a white supremacist. Undeservedly so, but there have been efforts undertaken to destroy his credibility and so forth. He was an advisor to Pat Buchanan.

But don’t let any of that cloud what I’m gonna read to you yet. I want to read to you from an essay he wrote called “From Household to Nation.” It was published in Chronicles magazine back in 1996. “[S]ooner or later, as the globalist elites seek to drag the country into conflicts and global commitments, preside over the economic pastoralization of the United States, manage the delegitimization of our own culture, and the dispossession of our people, and disregard or diminish our national interests and national sovereignty, a nationalist reaction is almost inevitable and will probably assume populist form when it arrives.”

It’s not official yet, but the Republican establishment is dead. Everybody knows it. They’ve lost containment. The crackup of the old order has begun.

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  1. Rush Limbaugh is the Bill Maher of the right, and at times I’ve regarded him with almost equal contempt. Gotta give credit where credit is due, though– he knows which way the wind is blowing, and unlike some of his “establishment” colleagues he seems willing to take a seat on the bus and go along for the ride. Fine with me.

    • It’s clear that El Rushbo only cares about El Rushbo and would jump the sinking ship of “conservatism” and reinvent himself as a populist if it was financially in his self-interest to do so.

      • I respect your view of this, Sir, but, I see it from a different perspective – he is an entertainer who uses politicks as the basis for his wit; and, as to his values : he is as he always has been – a conservative federalist, who is not a social conservative; and who, in this unusual environment, is finding a new way to promote his views.

        • Sorry, Sir – I am not trying to be deceptive here, but, with your shifting from Gravatar to Discus, I am returning to ‘Nikolai Leskov’ – my nome de plume from SNN days.

      • Let’s make him understand that his wealth comes FROM White people, and all the pretty things in his pretty world GO AWAY, when White people go away.

          • There’s nothing “liberal” about these so-called progressives except their ‘morals.’ Resist their Marxist/liberal/leftwing agenda and you’ll see quick just how “liberal” and “tolerant” they truly are.

          • “Straight face and dead serious.”

            Yeah, just like those “progressive and proud” Jewish Bolsheviks (and useful idiots that bought into their utopian b.s.) who tortured, executed, starved and worked to death over sixty-million Russians, Ukrainians and other peoples in that “workers paradise” in the Soviet Union.

      • Hello proud progressive man. I am a gay jewish muslim negro. May I enrich you with my diversity?

      • progressive and proud

        and ANTI-WHITE said:

        “Bill Maher doesn’t spread the hatred and treason that are rushies bread and butter”

        Shove your worn-out anti-White smear labels back where they came from (your ass). To “hate” what is bad, evil, corrupt–and especially, ANTI-WHITE, TRADITIONAL AMERICAN, is VERY GOOD.

        What are enemies define as “hate” is great!

        More “hate” is GOOD! Got that, you ‘progressive” worm?

        • Having deciphered your word salad, I find it interesting that you assume I am anti-white and anti American.

          How long has your family lived in this country? Mine arrived prior to the Revolution and we’ve fought in every war this country has ever fought. So don’t even try the anti-American insult.

          You’re the one who hates the country. If you didn’t, you would respect the Constitution (assuming you’ve even read it) and want what’s best for the country; and more hate isn’t what’s best.

      • Do you check under your bed and in your closet every night to make sure that the Hateyman isn’t hiding there? BTW could you describe the treason Rush has commited or advocated for?

  2. When Rush admits conservatism is dead – it is dead.

    It seems the only ones left defending the conservative record are the neocohens.

    • Notice, by the way, that Cillizza is unwilling to read properly the woman’s expression. Seeking to diminish Trump and her simultaneously, he says “the sheer joy apparent on her face” owes to her “being close to a celebrity like Trump.” No. That’s the look of a woman who beholds her savior: “Thank you, Lord Jesus,” as the upraised sign behind her says.

  3. I haven’t understood what “Conservatism Inc.” has actually been trying to conserve, for a long long time. What were they thinking? It’s been apporx 20 since Bill Clinton announced that Whites were destined to be a minority, in a once almost all White country. Most Whites, alas, are NOT “racist”, but more than willing to accept newcomers, as long as new comers “assimilated”. We know that non-Whites can not “assimilate” to White genetic mores, but most folks have has to see this biological reality for themselves. Sooner or later self -reservation instincts activate, in ANY healthy organism, when under threat. How long did the Machers think we were going to go along with our actual extermination, once White began to collectively know, on a limbic level, that the Other is not coming to “assimilate”, but to obliterate. US.
    I want more. I want White Identity/Nationalism/SUPREMACISM to be CELEBRATED. Honored, lauded, and jealously PROMOTED.

    • You make a good point, M’am; but, most of your genetick kin will not even consider the terms upon which you make your argument.

      • Somewhere over time they have changed the meaning of conservative to exclude the interest of our own people as a distinct people. Abolition was no doubt a liberal vs conservative issue (whether they used that language at the time or not) as was school integration and legalized miscegenation, and Reagan’s amnesty. Somewhere along the way (and probably for money) the “speakers for conservatism” decided to redefine their beliefs to join the libtards on the issue of race, and now it is their fatal flaw.

  4. This post was CENSORED & DELETED from AMREN.

    Everyone else of every other Race (except the White Race)
    VOTES THEIR OWN RACE FIRST (Blacks vote for Blacks, Asians vote for Asians, Hispanics vote for Hispanics). Women always vote GENDER FIRST, always.

    They then vote for POLITICAL PARTY.

    Then they VOTE FOR SINGLE ISSUES OF GREED (women want abortions and more government money for women-exclusive issues & more welfare money, blacks want more welfare & less policing & more black-race-exclusive money, Hispanics want more welfare & less policing & more unlimited immigration & more Hispanic-race-exclusive money, Asians vote for better school money & restaurant subsidies & more immigration).


    That is how it always has been. Whites should switch to exclusively voting for their own race first and foremost. Then to vote exclusively to ensure that all RACE-EXCLUSIVE issues are funded EXCLUSIVELY BY THAT RACE (Hispanics can only get Hispanic-Tax-Money spent on their issues, no other race has to pay even one cent for Hispanic-Only Government Tax spending) (INSERT RACE HERE only gets the Racially-Specific benefits paid for Exclusively by their Own Race) and so on to verify that one race is not exploiting all other races for their exclusive racial benefit. This would eliminate the money siphon from the White Race by vast amounts and defund many Racial Agitation Groups completely. And such a process should be true for GENDER-SPECIFIC FUNDING (breast cancer, ovarian exams, female-exclusive funded programs) so that men do not exclusively bear the burden of funding the perpetually-greedy “Women’s Grievance Groups” which make money for thieving from hardworking men. In that, most of Liberalism would be defunded entirely.

    Finally, Government funding for SPECIFIC RELIGIOUS BENEFITS should not tax other religions to fund the well-being & campaigning of other religions.

    Atheists should not be forced to fund government donations to Christians, Buddhists, Catholics, Jews, or Muslims. Nor should any other religion be getting benefits from taxpayers that do not support or approve of those religions. The only government funding for religions should come from the members SPECIFICALLY OF THOSE RELIGIONS EXCLUSIVELY.

    Doing this would defund all Muslim groups into non-existence.

    If you don’t like AMREN’s censorship campaign.
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  5. When Limbaugh excoriated the budget deal these Republicans began denouncing him as an extreme right-winger. Here’s a guy that saved (unfortunately) the Republican party, a guy who has done more for the party than any other individual, but they had no qualms about throwing him under the bus. They’ll betray everybody but billionaires, the Jews, and the Liberal establishment.

  6. Anyone who believes race to be a minor issue is living a dangerous Fantasy. The drastic collapse of Detroit from the Highest Standards of living on Earth to African levels of poverty and dysfunction should amply demonstrate how race is the biggest issue you should focus on. Immigration is just a code word for race. Immigrants from Europe would not be causing the massive collapse of the economic fortunes of America, and even dreaded Eastern Europeans do not drain as much welfare as these Third Worlders dumped here to relieve the societal pressures of Dictators South of the Border. The declining fortunes of cities, States, and America can be traced almost exactly along racial lines. Even the Left uses code words like “bad schools” and “crime” as racial warnings.

    • “No man will treat with indifference the principle of race. It is the key of history, and why history is often so confused is that it has been written by men who were ignorant of this principle and all the knowledge it involves.” “Language and religion do not make a race — there is only one thing which makes a race, and that is blood.”

      Now who said that, Adolf Hitler? George Lincoln Rockwell? Dr. William Luther Pierce? NO. Benjamin Disraeli (Jewish), Great Britain’s first Prime Minister back in the mid-1800s.

  7. yes indeed. As soon as Limbaugh mentioned Sam Francis I sat up straight. The collapse of the political Center just accelerated another mph. And the hardLeft (the Jew Sanders) is helping too

  8. Rush is no fool. He’s positioning himself (IMO Ann Coulter is dong the same) for the day coming soon when openly pro-White is mainstream and, of course, profitable.

    • I don’t know about Rush, but I’d say Ann has been a key figure in moving the O-window. I’ve read Adios America and I’d say it may just be one of those books to change the world as we know it. She has written it so that it withstands the toughest academic scrutiny yet remains readable and relatable with anectdotal horrors to appeal to the emotional level as well. It has passages that appeal to environmentalists, pro2A, women’s welfare, children’s welfare, etc. She has written a *popular* book that noone can shout down.

  9. I’ve got Rush’s books. I used to listen to him. But I figured that if he were really what he claims to be, he wouldn’t last two minutes on the radio. I gave up on him when I went back Southern Nationalism.

  10. ‘On his Thursday radio program, Glenn Beck offered his thoughts on remarks made by Rush Limbaugh two days earlier declaring nationalism and populism had overtook conservatism, in particular regarding Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump’s ascendency in the 2016 presidential race.

    According to Beck, if Limbaugh’s analysis is accurate it spells doom for the “republic.”

    “I want you to listen carefully to what he is saying,” Beck said. “I hope he is wrong on this because this is the biggest warning about the end of the republic I think I have ever heard coming from Rush Limbaugh.”

    Beck argued that those components of nationalism and populism were “the makings of Adolf Hitler,” which he called “a dangerous combination.”

    • That guy is such a stupid hysterical clown that I really can’t fathom anyone taking him seriously anymore.

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