Trump’s 19th Century Foreign Policy

It sounds too good to be true:

“He has three key arguments that he returns to time and again over the past 30 years. He is deeply unhappy with America’s military alliances and feels the United States is overcommitted around the world. He feels that America is disadvantaged by the global economy. And he is sympathetic to authoritarian strongmen. Trump seeks nothing less than ending the U.S.-led liberal order and freeing America from its international commitments.

Trump has been airing such views on U.S. foreign policy for some time. He even spent $100,000 on a full-page ad in the New York Times in 1987 that had a message remarkably similar to what he is saying today …

Trump’s starting point and defining emotion on foreign policy is anger—not at America’s enemies, but at its friends. In a lengthy interview with Playboy magazine in 1990, Trump was asked what would a President Trump’s foreign policy be like. He answered: “He would believe very strongly in extreme military strength. He wouldn’t trust anyone. He wouldn’t trust the Russians; he wouldn’t trust our allies; he’d have a huge military arsenal, perfect it, understand it. Part of the problem is that we’re defending some of the wealthiest countries in the world for nothing. … We’re being laughed at around the world, defending Japan.”

He then elaborated on his skepticism of allies. “We Americans are laughed at around the world for losing a hundred and fifty billion dollars year after year, for defending wealthy nations for nothing, nations that would be wiped off the face of the earth in about 15 minutes if it weren’t for us. Our ‘allies’ are making billions screwing us.” …

It was a revealing exchange that did not end there. In the weeks that followed, Trump would openly say that he thought he would get along “just fine” with Russia. Putin could be a strong ally in the war against ISIL. For Putin, Trump would be a dream come true: an American president who possesses views commensurate with Putin’s own antiquated notion of great-power politics. Putin would no longer have to deal with a president committed to wide-open global trade, NATO and democracy close to his borders—the formula that won the Cold War. Trump and Putin also have a similar interpretation of recent history. In 1990, Trump believed Gorbachev had ruined Russia and destroyed its economy, which is exactly what Putin meant when he referred to the collapse of the Soviet Union as a tragedy. It’s not hard to imagine these two men sitting down to cut a deal, perhaps something like Putin offering to help Trump on ISIL and Iran in exchange for giving Putin a freer hand in Europe.”

If this is true, Trump would be free to cut loose our so-called “democratic” allies in Europe and the ripple effects of a Trump victory would seriously undermine the various PC leftist tyrannies in places like the UK, France and Germany.

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  1. Basically it would be the end of the New World Order. You know a huge fight is coming….

    This is going to be a very interesting decade coming up.

  2. It is obvious when you listen to Trump speech’s that he has deep resentment of our relationships with foreign nations. I even heard Eric Trump say that his father has been railing on about this since he was a small boy.

  3. An interesting post, Sir. One of the things I like about Mr. Trump is that he is savvy – and willing to reexamine structures that have been eating at the country.

    The ultimate in the process would be the reconfederation of this country, something for which I am in favour; though, in lieu of that, reeavaluating alliances would certainly be a wise idea.

    I’m sick of a government that seems to support every man’s interest but the citizen’s.

  4. Perhaps some shades of George Kennan like realism in Trump’s foreign policy views:

    Isolationist unless very clearly in America’s best interests. Viet Nam and Iraq were not. Anti-immigration from non-European countries. Trump has largely directed criticism at non-white countries: Mexico, China and Japan come to mind. He’s been fairly respectful of Putin and Russia.

  5. Pat Buchanan said that if he got into office, the New World Order comes crashing down. Donald Trump has picked up Pat’s cause in this and other ways.

  6. Watch the idiot Religious Right, Christian Zionists go #*&$*# over this.

    We haven’t heard from Mike the Huckster Huckabee or Ralph Reed or those Beverley Le What the Haye “Left Behind” “Raputure” send us all your money before the Rapture loons in a while.

    They’ll come out of the closet very soon.

    • As a cleric with a Doctorate, and one who (at one time in my naive youth) actually believed the Dispensational HERESY, I can only say: a) This is a sectarian ERROR, that is denied by EVERY single orthodox confession, Roman, Orthodox, Lutheran, Calvinist. b) They are the enemies, both of the Gospel, as well as the continued existence of U.S., because they are the ‘shabbas goyim’ of the antichrists who ‘crucified the Lord of Glory.’

      • Well that’s good.

        But, I just understand it to be one of the worst forced on us Judeo Not Christian scams in history.

        Just get the whole deal – supposedly the end times are coming very, very soon and all the good people are going to get “raptured” out of here and there’s nothing to be done about it, so in the brief time that remains before this Rapture, all the good (white) Christians are supposed to worship all things Jewish, Israel, send their money to tax exempt Christian Zionist con men in Colorado Springs Colorado and then these regular White people aren’t supposed to worry or do anything about Black gangs raping people, BLM riots, mass 3rd world immigration, mass Muslim migrations, German women getting raped or idiot NATO Generals threatening to restart the Reagan Cold War against the Russians.

        Wow, is that all bad.

  7. Sorry, HW. Didn’t know you had linked to the same article, until I posted a response, quoting DS on the same.

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