Cuckservatives: Glenn Beck Endorses Ted Cruz As “Our First Hispanic President”

In the midst of a manic episode, Glenn Beck administered the oath of office to Ted Cruz in Iowa and called him “the next George Washington,” albeit one of Hispanic ancestry:

Note: In other news, Breitbart is sharing Generation Identitaire videos and Trump is retweeting White Nationalists and Neo-Confederates.

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  1. Glenn Beck ?@glennbeck
    ‘I have prayed for the next George Washington – I believe I have found him’

    Beck is a dolt! Getting goofier by the day.

  2. Beck likes to hear himself talk. I think he really thinks what he thinks matters.And He wants to matter, sooo much…. Its like the Church Lady on SNL in drag. Kinda sad….

  3. Mr. Savage is always interesting. Mr. Cruz is finisht?

    Wow! That was quick – his whole constituency gone in a flash.

  4. Beck also compared Cruz to Lincoln, in a favorable light. I wonder who the new General Sherman will be. Thanks Beck, you cuck.

  5. I have prayed for the next George Washington – I believe I have found him

    I wonder if George Washington would have cucked for Israel or any other country.

  6. You’d think with him not being on Fox News that he would be more independent and endorse another candidate. However the establishment always wins the day in making sure the ducks (Cucks) are in a row. Bad choice of candidates. Typical. Deo Vindice !

  7. Glen Beck, May you be deprived of your “Eternal Priesthood” and may the veil over your face never be lifted, in the General Resurrection. May Joseph Smith spit on you.

    (indulging in a little Mormon theological cursing) – “There may be so-called gods both in heaven and on earth, and some people actually worship many gods and many lords.” – I Cor. 8:5, Prov. 26:5 “Answer a fool according to his folly, or he will be wise in his own eyes.”


  8. This stupid cucker jumped the shark when he started giving blankets and toys to Nacho gangbangers invading America. He had a sweet deal with Mole Newz to fish red herrings out of history to put out pockets of White Rage against the Hebe Jebe Ghettozation of Western Civilization, but he accidentally named to many jews in a row and got a boot for his cuckold ball-less behind.
    He’s still trying to get his audience back with these crazy stunts like MLK day for YT. Mole Newz ain’t gonna call this loser anytime soon. They have a new old woman in Megyn Fagin and she’s all mad about sexzism or patriarchy or hierarchy, or whatever they call White interests in the Future nowadays at the Mole Newz who seez no jewz today.

  9. I realize it is fun to bash Mormons. Every religion has its wackos. I could easily list them, and major problems with all religions.
    As a Mormon, and a southerner, I would like everyone to know that Beck is a piss poor excuse for a Mormon, as is Harry Reid. I am not the only Mormon who feels this way. Both Beck and Reid are an embarrassment for the majority of LDS members. Both Beck and Reid joined the LDS religion. Most Mormons wish Beck and Reid would disappear.

    Compared to other conservative sites, the comments on this site have not been snarky towards the Mormon religion, and I thank everyone for that. I have read worse. I assure you that many, many Mormons stay quiet about race and other politically correct issues but personally believe what people on this site believe.

    As a whole Mormons are very conservative, but more and more some members are turning liberal, unfortunately.

    I enjoy reading this site. Thanks to everyone.

    • I know that Beck and Reid are not your typical Mormon. They are embarrassments. We all have them. It’s the “crazy uncle” syndrome.

  10. Sorry for another comment.

    Cruz and Beck are helping one another monetarily. The Conservative Treehouse site explains the relationship, the ties, but why the two hooked up to begin with has not been uncovered as of yet. Probably money……the root of all evil.

  11. Glenn Beck is the biggest #cuckservative of them all. Every single time I hear him talking he brings up Saint Martin Da Raper of White Women aka MLC

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