Birth of a Nation (2016)

Here’s another reminder of where we are at in 2016:

“UPDATE: The Birth of a Nation set a new sales record Tuesday at Sundance Film Festival, netting a $17.5 million distribution deal from Fox Searchlight, according to Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. An overnight bidding war included escalating offers from The Weinstein Co., Netflix and Paramount.

PARK CITY, Utah — The Birth of a Nation got a standing ovation, and it hadn’t even started yet.

Monday afternoon, the crowd rose to salute director/star/writer Nate Parker before it had seen a frame of his slavery drama, which centers its powerful story around a slave rebellion led by Nat Turner in 1831. …”

Do you think Hollywood would ever remake D.W. Griffith’s original Birth of a Nation? No, but celebrating the rape and massacre of White people by the noble negro – a la Django Unchained – is politically correct. These people need to be sent a message.

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  1. Turner and his confederates killed quite indiscriminately, including poor whites who didn’t own slaves and women and children. Under Lockean rules they were certainly morally justified in killing their masters (although not by any other moral rules, not Christian, not Buddhist, not Islamic, not Hindu) but under none conceivable could they be justified in killing those not involved. The Northern response seems to have been- “Well, it’s too bad, but it’s not like they didn’t have it coming.” There is an Atlantic article on the revolt published not at the time, but I think shortly before the Civil War, that takes this view pretty much.

    The response to Harper’s Ferry was along the same lines, I think- black terrorism should be at least regarded as consequential and quite possibly moral. And the moral culpability of poor, non-slave-owning whites was already established, although it took Lincoln in the Second Inaugural Address to take the breathtaking step of extending it to poor whites in the North.

    You can’t really deal with people who regard you as the legitimate target of terrorism, but of course this decades-long poisoning of the discourse by abolitionists never seems to come up in the history of pre-Civil War politics.

  2. Cuckservatives, Democucks and Cucktians will flock to theatres in droves to see this movie. It will win dozens of Oscars next year. Glen Beck will be weeping with joy.

  3. Sir,
    A little trivia :

    I live in the town that provided the militia to put down the Nat Turner rebellion – the house of it’s commander, Solon Borland, just a couple of blocks away from mine.

  4. I predict the people who will want to watch this are the same people who wanted to see Selma. The usual left wing lunatics, not most of the movie going public.

  5. Sorry to say a LDS Church I have attended, leaders want absolutely zero to do with opposing the worst Hollywood sadistic, anti Christ, anti White, Anti American films.

    The church featured the Black American national athem last week “Lift every voice and sing” something. Dreadful.

    I can’t stand cowardly, PC White Christians.

    • Does anybody really know what Mormons truly believe? That God was once a man on some other planet and through Mormon temples ceremonies he became a God upon his death with the power to create his own universe and Spirit children? Or that God is married? And that there is no Trinity as Christ is a created being and there was a time he did not exist….

      • I actually like a lot of LDS Mormon theology. One component is that there were wars in heaven, in our pre mortal existence where a large group followed Lucifer instead of Jesus – Lucifer was then a good guy, but an authoritarian leader like Putin who wanted to take away people’s free agency and make people do the right way and Lucifer would get the glory – Lucifer is sort of a Vladimir Putin type leader – my kind of guy.

        • I Believe in premortal existence and a war in Heaven. Neither concepts were invented by Mormons. I do not believe the world was created in six 24 hours days but I do believe in a divine creator.Nor do I believe all races are descended from Adam or conversely from the sons of Noah.I do believe in the virgin birth, resurrection, and the divinity of Christ. I do not believe in a scared Zionist connection or that Israel is some divinely ordained state. I do believe in the afterlife and the immortality of the soul but do not believe there is salvation outside of Christ. I suppose I could be considered a traditional Christian but certainly not a Judeo-Christain or Christian Zionist.I just wanted to be perfectly honest about what I believed.

  6. These same people are going to keep pushing their anti-white agenda against us as long as they can get away with it. Need to start making more ACW/WBTS movies where the South is protrayed as the good guys to offset all this anti-white trash and just ignore the criticism about exalting slavery. Just tell them if you don’t like it then don’t go see it.

  7. Ive given up. I am all for red states secession. There will be no remedy found within the constraints of the present system, not now, not ever! We are not in Mayberry anymore!

    • yeah, OK, maybe. But, we at OD highly recommend you chuck most of this Ayn Rand Objectivist, Libertarian, “individualist” thinking and living “Who is John Galt”?

      We have to stop thinking and acting as “me” and start thinking and acting as “We”.

      It’s “Us against Them”. It’s always been that way. Individualist White/Western men will never last anywhere where “They” are thinking and acting for their collective team, working against us.

      Whites in Santo Domingo Haiti, Rhodesia, Detroit, Selma, Memphis might have had these same delusions, obsessions about Individualism, Constitutions, free market, classic Laissez Faire capitalism. The envious non White mobs never went for it and they never will.

      Try teaching THE TRUTH about objectivism, individual rights to mobs of drunk North Africans who’ve organized mass sexual attacks, rapes of German girls in cologne.

      High IQ Whites can be given some, maybe even a lot of freedom to do what they want – what do they want to do? Maybe read Ayn Rand Libertarian novels that are 800 pages long and everyone in the book good and bad is White. In there real world, there groups like the Black undertow – let these people do whatever they want to do and they will do things like have 10 illegitimate children, use and sell hard drugs, blast loud rap music shouting “Kill the Police, rape white girls, Nigga this and that”.

      Ok, so understand OD is not an Ayn Rand objectivist, Libertarian blog.

      We’re brutal here and we work to destroy the political careers and the private lives of traitorous White Southerners, Westerners like Rand Paul, Jack Hunter who’s treasons are dressed up in Libertarian arguments.

      Know anybody that’s gone hook, line and sinker for the Libertarian cult? We suggest sending them to Iraq, North Africa or some North African brown sewer slum outside of Paris on Londonstan. Let them try to spread the one truth of “Free Markets”, “the virtue of selfishness” – when we see underground torture videos of Jihad Johnnys beheading these Libertarian missionaries we will think it’s a bid sad but not surprising.

      • Destroying cucks’ political careers? Great. But private lives? What are we, SJWs? We are better than that.

      • I find nothing to disagree with. I have read Atlas Shrugged but I am over my fixation, although I did like the movie, especially the cool jet airplane Galt had. Why can we not have out own little White Haven like they had Galt’s Gulch?. Connor, of course, is for John Connor of Terminator fame.

  8. Obituary

    In 1887 Alexander
    Tyler, a Scottish history professor at

    University of
    Edinburgh , had this to say about the fall of

    Athenian Republic some
    2,000 years prior: “A democracy is
    always Temporary in nature;
    it simply cannot exist as a
    permanent Form of government. A
    democracy will continue to exist up

    The time that voters
    discover that they can vote themselves
    generous Gifts from the public
    treasury. From that moment on, the
    majority always votes for the
    candidates who promise the most benefits
    from the public treasury,
    with the result that every democracy will

    Collapse over loose
    fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by
    a dictatorship.”

    “The average age of
    the world’s greatest civilizations from

    beginning of history,
    has been about 200 years. During those
    200 years, these nations
    always progressed through the following

    From bondage to
    spiritual faith;

    From spiritual faith
    to great courage;

    From courage to

    From liberty to

    From abundance to

    From complacency to

    From apathy to

    From dependence back
    into bondage.”

    The Obituary

    ” United
    States of America “, Born 1776,
    Died 2016

    The last Presidential

    Number of States won
    Romney: 29

    Square miles of land
    won by: Obama:

    Population of counties
    won by: Obama: 127 million
    Romney: 143

    Murder rate per
    100,000 residents in counties won

    Romney: 2.1

    In aggregate, the map of the
    territory Romney won was mostly
    the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the

    Obama territory mostly
    encompassed those citizens living in
    low income tenements and
    living off various forms of
    government Welfare…”

    United States is now somewhere between

    “complacency and
    apathy” phase of Professor Tyler’s definition
    of democracy, with some
    forty percent of the nation’s
    population already having reached
    the “governmental dependency”

  9. The largest slave revolt in U.S. History ,took place in NYC. I wonder why they didn’t make a film about that one. I guess in this supposed “Union” of “equals”, some are more equal than others.

  10. “These people need to be sent a message”

    I agree. Boycott Hollywood. Cancel your cable subscription, stop going to the movie, stop renting movies. Stop giving money to your worst enemies.

  11. Anti-Whites have to keep justifying White Genocide and keep blacks stirred up against us at the same time.

  12. This really triggered me when I saw it on drudge. Looks like (((Hollywood))) is stamping out D.W. Griffith’s legacy because he didn’t help build it or anything. Interestingly, Thomas F. Dixon, Jr., who is a very interesting figure of history from Shelby, NC, author of The Clansman, was not an anti-semite.

      • Jews are semites. All the DNA studies done so far on Jewish populations show Arabs and Jews are genetically similar. That is, they’re semitic. The Khazar theory, which I myself once believed in, is nonsense. Even David Duke no longer holds to the Khazar theory as valid. Read his article refuting the Khazar origin theory here.

        • David Duke is a shill for whoever pays him the most. Dr. Elhaik’s research shows that you are incorrect, as well as myopic. Jews themselves (including Arthur Koestler, the Jewish Encyclopedia, etc.) all held to a Khazarian hypothesis, UNTIL they realized that it might disprove their ‘chosen status.’

          To say that the Ay-rabs and teh Jews are genetically similar, doesn’t mean diddly. We’re talking about a dispersion and EVACUATION of the Holy Land at the time of the Roman destruction of Jerusalem, in AD 70, as the LAST TIME REAL ‘JEWS’ lived in the area. Their own admission of this is also documented, and the miscegenation of the Jews (even if you discount the ‘Khazar theory’ they STILL converted that Neanderthalic tribe to talmudism) is also legendary. They are no more a pure race than any other whoring scum on the planet.

          • Your call this a reply? Assassinating Duke’s character as a “shill” destroys your intellectual credibility right away. You’re not trying to deal with the facts that Duke is presenting, but rather, you’re reacting according to deep set emotional prejudices. Duke presents in his article, twelve excerpts from twelve different studies involving genetic testing from various groups that show today’s Jews have a common Middle Eastern ancestry. Dr. Elhaik’s study was shown to be inaccurate in several ways. The biggest way it is inaccurate is that he has no Khazar DNA to draw upon for comparison. If there was Khazar DNA to test, it wouldn’t show a Middle Eastern origin, but an Asiatic one. So, it does mean “diddly” that Arab and Jews are genetically similar John Boy.
            Yes, the Jews were dispersed from the Holy Land and there was some admixture with other ethnic groups over the years, but that still wouldn’t prove your thesis. The preponderance of genetic evidence shows the admixture is very small, compared to the overwhelming known Jewish DNA they have found.

          • Actually, no. I have read and known of Duke before he skipped town, to get his PhD in Ukraine. Have you NEVER wondered where he gets his money? Do you even effing care? I will quote Duke, but his ‘devotion’ to the cause is far less than others I have read, and even John de Nugent has noted this.

            So, postjudice, rather than prejudice. You are just H8’in on me, cuz you don’t like ME, not my ‘replies.’

          • Again, you launch an ad homimem attack on Duke, instead of dealing with the facts he brought up. The information you brought up has nothing to do with what I was trying to discuss with you. It’s just a cheap ploy to avoid admitting that you don’t have a logical argument against Duke’s facts. And John de Nugent, a known flake, who’s lack of logic was mocked by Hunter a few years back, is your collaboration that Duke isn’t devoted to cause far less that others? Golly, I’m impressed!
            “H8’in on you cuz I don’t like you?” If I H8 on you, it’s because of your actions, not who you are. You lash out at people who disagree with you, and to top it off, your posing as an Eastern Orthodox priest smacks of sacrilege to me. I’m not EO, (I’m Catholic) but I find it blasphemous that you hide behind a clergyman’s garb to hurl insults, curses, and general spite at people who disagree with you. And, btw, I did a check of Orthodox clergy in the area your from, and I didn’t see you listed there. So, like Rudel said many months ago, you’re probably a “priest” in some invented sect with a short history. Golly, I’m impressed!

          • Seriously who has done a more through examination of the Jewish influence on society that David Duke? His book My Awakening is masterful. Should be required reading by the Alt Right!

  13. I said a few years ago that Hollywood would go from merely replacing Whites in film to depicting and celebrating their eradication on screen. It’s happening.

  14. What? They came out with a remake of CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES?

    Well, see the bright side.

    This film is all about insurrection, right?
    It’s about a slave revolt against the oppressor.

    In other words, it is on the side of pogroms(or brogroms or negroms) by black slaves against white masters.

    OKAY then. Then, we should rewrite history. We should regard every instance of anti-Jewish pogrom as a justified serf rebellion against nasty Jews who exploited the goyim.

    And every time Palestinians attack Jews, who should laud it as a slave revolt against Jewish oppression.

    And since blacks are now the oppressors with their crime and thuggery, they have no right to complain when whites unite and stand up like men against black violence and evil. STAND UP TO BLACK EVIL. We need white Nat Turners!!!


    Because it’s going to be FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE.


    If black pogroms against whites were justified, then so were white pogroms against Jewish slavers, tax collectors, and parasites.

  15. I;m sure these urbanites will thank Cuckster Murduck by burning down some theaters and helping tank Mole Newz to the No White Eyes Ghetto. He can get his cheap whores with all the moola from payday loansharks and malt liquor distributors that are looking for the ghetto demographic for the hundreds of dollars they spend on advertising.

  16. The Nat Turner mass killings added to the justification for the rise of the KKK after the WBTS. After the war, as Union forces demobilized, many USCT (black) regiments remained in service. By the fall of 1865, black regiments made up as much as one-third of the Union forces occupying the South.

    Just today a legislator in GA was put in the spotlight for defending the Confederacy and saying something positive about the KKK:

    State Rep. Tommy Benton’s comments, reported on Thursday, came in exclusive interviews with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in which he railed against threats to Southern heritage he described as “cultural terrorism.” Benton said calls to remove Confederate flags and monuments are made by people who misunderstand Southern history, including the role of the Ku Klux Klan, which was reborn as a national organization in 1915 in a ceremony atop Stone Mountain.

    The Klan “was not so much a racist thing but a vigilante thing to keep law and order,” he said.

    “It made a lot of people straighten up,” he said. “I’m not saying what they did was right. It’s just the way things were.”

    Benton also called state Sen. Vincent Fort, D-Atlanta, a “fanatic” for sponsoring legislation that would prohibit the state from formally observing holidays “celebrating the Confederate States of America.”

    “That’s no better than what ISIS is doing, destroying museums and monuments,” he said. “I feel very strongly about this. I think it has gone far enough. There is some idea out there that certain parts of history out there don’t matter anymore and that’s a bunch of bunk.”

  17. You know the sloping foreheads are losing when they start celebrating and being openly stupid. Its the feature of the nose goblin that it sees everything backwards. when times are good and everything is OK, they are paranoid as shit that the noose is coming tomorrow, but when they start losing they break out the champagne and party like its their LAST DAY, which I see coming rather soon for Monsieur Sewer Rat.

  18. These chickenshits never fight. They always get someone else to do it. They have nowhere to run this time. When they lose they plan to go to underground bunkers to wait it out. 16 tons of cement and concrete and they’ll never be seen again. Maybe in the future archaeologists will find these tombs they built and wonder what kind of creature this dwarfish sloping forehead misshapen goblin was when it was alive? Was it some King of a race of weaklings who lived mostly underground? Why did they bury them with so many baubles and strange slips of paper with incomprehensible writing and strange human faces they will ask?

  19. “Liberalism, in all its many guises, is from the devil. The Europeans’ failure to come to terms with that fact is the reason why the European people are facing extinction. I have recently seen many European protesters marching against the Moslem invasion of Europe. I love those protesters, because they still have a love for their kith and kin. But do the protesters really understand the enemy they are facing? I don’t think they do, and that is a tragedy, because unless the European people fully understand the evil that is liberalism they will never prevail against the Moslems and the colored barbarians.”

    Ps. 139:22.

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