Neocohens: Erick Erickson Is Even Crazier Than We Thought

Everyone around here knows and despises Erick Erickson, the founder of Red State, who runs the new cuckservative website, The Resurgent.

But who is this Steve Berman?

“The only reason Donald Trump won’t repudiate the disgusting racists who argue his cause–who are indeed as bad or worse than the Left’s race-baiting white-haters–is because he needs them.

Besides a pathological inability to refuse any kind of compliment, regardless of from whom it originated, Trump needs his coterie of ugly sub-basement dwellers because they force those who rely on rational, free thought to deal with irrational arguments and relieve him of responding to real criticism. …

Rocker is a Macon, Georgia native–which is where Erick Erickson happens to live. He is an alum of First Presbyterian Day School, a place with which Erick (and I, as a resident of central Georgia) is very familiar.

Rocker is also a boorish, ugly racist. …

You betcha. Until Trump repudiates his own ugly sub-basement dwellers, he’s no better than CAIR, who won’t denounce Islamic terror, or President Obama, who won’t denounce militant anti-cop Black Lives Matters activists.

But Trump will never denounce them, because in fact he needs them.”

Steve Berman (@lifeofgrace224 on Twitter) is a Jewish carpetbagger who has taken up residence in Warner Robins, GA.

Check out all this insane shit that Berman has been posting on his blog for years. How is this for rational, free thought?

“Politically, culturally, and theologically, American Christians should support Israel, as a Jewish state, as a free nation, and as the Holy Land set aside for God’s purposes. Believing otherwise is counter to scripture, Christian faith, and American interests. …

As for America, we have a very prominent place in God’s plan to gather Israel in the Holy Land. God used America and Americans, our wealth, our power, and our belief, to form, recognize, and equip Israel. …

The conclusion has to be that God is using Jews to be a light to the nations: a very bright light that attracts a lot of attention. …

Supporting Israel is nothing less than standing with God in bringing forth life from the dead. Isn’t that what Israel is about? …

As Christians, we have a calling to support Israel because it’s God’s desire. As Americans, we have an obligation to support Israel because they represent a free society in a part of the world dominated by oppressive dictatorships. Most importantly, we must support Israel because doing so is walking in the light. We must walk in the light because we are in Christ.”

The very first post on Steve Berman’s blog is about how America exists to serve Jews. I’m not even joking. Go check it out for yourself.

“Not taking a side is impossible for a Jew. Being a Jew forces you onto a side, not by who you support, but by who is against you.

As a Jew, and as a decent human being, I have to take sides. There is only one side to take: Israel stands for civilization, life, and peace. Hamas stands for death, conquest, and oppression. Don’t support Israel because you are a Jew. Support Israel because Israel supports you, and Israel is all that stands between you and the monster of Jew-hatred.

Don’t be naive. Don’t think that because you are a modern, assimilated Jew who doesn’t agree with Israel that you are immune from the monster. Don’t think that because you married a goy and attend church instead of synagogue that you are safe. Don’t think that because you support liberal causes that somehow the monster won’t come for you.

Genocide knows no excuses; there are no hall passes. When Jew-hatred comes to your city, and there are marches with slogans “death to the Jews”, don’t expect that you can walk up to the demonstrators and tell them how enlightened you are, and that you aren’t like the Jews in Israel who they hate. Hate sees no distinctions. When the monster comes for you, it won’t care what you believe. It will only care that you are a Jew, or a half-Jew, or a quarter-Jew. The monster doesn’t pause to consider exceptions.

This dude claims to be a Christian … but sees the world in terms of Jews and Goyim. It’s like a cartoon out of an anti-Semitic comic book.

Steve Berman flies the Israeli flag on his front porch:


“But I believe that Israel’s enemies have misjudged America. They’ve misjudged us badly.

Whatever we believe about our president, when faced with unambiguous and overwhelming citizen and legislative pressure, he will act. Israel needs a friend right now, and not just words, or calls for “calm” and “de-escalation”. I realize that we have our own problems in America right now, but we are not faced with a well-armed enemy bent on our complete destruction. Israel is.

We must call for a real “red line” in which we will send boots on the ground to Israel. Not just 300 advisors. Israel doesn’t ever ask for American military help, in fact, they’ve rejected it. But this time, I believe they’d welcome our troops. I believe the presence of American troops, or even the believable threat of that, coupled with visible American support of Israel, will cause her enemies to pause and think before they escalate this beyond the tipping point into Hell. …”

Steve Berman believes that America has a duty to fight Israel’s wars. Oh, and he is 100% on board the #CruzCrew.

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  1. Sons of bitches are everywhere. In positions of power on the left, right, even the alt. right. What the hell, they’re like a cancer. A cancer always and forever focused on Jewish interest. I really don’t think we can beat them.

  2. Hunter, how does this Converso sort of, not really, Not Jewish guy Berman feel about immigration? That’s always the divide for me.

    I can understand ethnic jews, sort of ethnic Jews supporting Israel as a Jewish state, and that includes a Jewish only immigration policy for Israel, occupied territories.

    But, if they turn around and ALSO insist that the USA, Europe, Australia what remains of the White West MUST accept unlimited numbers of 3rd world people of color including unlimited numbers of Muslim males of military, raping age and slander those of us who say “No” – slander us as the worst evil RACIST NAZIS who would, will support the genocide of 6 million Jews and also Algerian Arab Muslims in France who are just the same as Jewish victims because the Algerian Arabs are in France,,, well that’s the divide for me.

    And I have a good closing argument with this kind.

    Support Israel the Homeland of the Jews…

    So go home.

    Why are you here? Pretending to be a Christian American?Pretending to be a Red State White American?

    Go home.

  3. Steve Berman. This nut job has appeared on AltRight radar screens before, but I don’t recall when.

  4. This is an example of the Jewish Supremacism that David Duke wrote about. Of course cucked out “Christians” and cucks in general swallow this stuff hook, line and sinker. It’s kind of funny except that the results have been so devastating to us.

  5. 1—Slam the door shut on all immigration.
    2—Watch as Israel is over run by her enemies, (i.e. the entire world) and do not lift a finger to help.
    3–Ignore the desperate pleas and torturous tear filled cries of the Jew refugees.
    4— Remind them of all the hatred they have shown for white Christians.

  6. “ugly sub-basement dwellers”

    This coming from this guy is hilarious – look at him

    You’re right – this guy is a parody like something out of SS propaganda.

      • No. It started no later than 1909 with the publication of The Scofield Reference Bible, which is the greatest assault on Christianity since 1830, when this heresy became fully formed.

        Hagee, like Falwell, LaHaye, Jenkins, Lindsey, and plenty of other Pentecostal types, have perfected the art of becoming quite wealthy via the promotion of this system known as Dispensationalism.

        • I haven’t had any formal instruction on Christianity, just church and my own study of the Bible. But I remember many years ago seeing Hagee preach about the “dual covenant” option for the j*ws and being able to see as a young “untrained” Christian that his message was biblically wrong. New Testament is clear that j*ws don’t get a free pass for being j*ws.

          • Correct. There is one covenant. The covenant of Christ. For all of Dispensationalism’s posing as the greatest friends of Jews, it is in its essence, their enemy, as it effectively confirms them in their unbelief.

  7. ‘The very first post on Steve Berman’s blog is about how America exists to serve Jews.’

    Exactly the same position held by most cucktians and cuckservatives.


    • If you have a strong stomach, you can find a YT video of Glen Beck giving a speech to large group of like-minded fools where he claims that America was put on this earth for the benefit of Israel.

  8. Because I am American, there is only one side I can take: America’s, and against those like Steve Berman who have ‘passionate foreign attachments.’. As for Christianity, Israel’s efforts to undermine Iraq and Syria has been disastrous for Christians. Theologically, John 8:44-49 clearly states who the evil ones are. Down with kosher faux conservative infiltrators. Expel the Parasite !!

    • Because I am WHITE I can only and will ONLY take the White side. All parasites and destroyed MUST be expelled from our White midsts.

  9. ROTFL. This is hilarious!!

    Steve Berman:

    “The only reason Donald Trump won’t repudiate the disgusting racists who argue his cause–who are indeed as bad or worse than the Left’s race-baiting white-haters–is because he needs them. Besides a pathological inability to refuse any kind of compliment, regardless of from whom it originated, Trump needs his coterie of ugly sub-basement dwellers because they force those who rely on rational, free thought to deal with irrational arguments and relieve him of responding to real criticism.”

    So, let me see. Jews can’t stand whites who think and act like Jews.

    Jews are all for identity, Jewish nationalism, Jewish unity, Jewish associations, Jewish history, and Jewish interests. That is all very good.

    But when whites want to be ‘Jewishy’ about their own identity, race, and history, OH NO!!! That is so ugly and disgusting.

    The Jewish Paradox. Jews cannot stand whites acting ‘Jewish’ and cannot stand Jews acting ‘white’.

    Jews must act ‘Jewish’: “our identity, our culture, our history”.

    Whites must act ‘white’: “we reject our identity, our culture, our history.”

    A Jew who acts ‘white’ is a ‘self-loathing Jew’, and a white who acts ‘Jewish’ is a ‘racist’.

    GOP should pander to arch-Jewish nationalists but never ever to white nationalists.


    • Notice how Democrat or liberal candidates are never demanded to repudiate “the Left’s race-baiting white-haters” who support them.

  10. Shabby Goyim like Erickson always, ALWAYS have a Hebe Handler. Always. and EVERY word I’ve written about Jews is true.. EVERY word. They are literally a Race of devils. They are BIOLOGICAL entities. They can NOT “convert” – a Jew is gonna Jew due to their Jew DNA.

  11. “The only reason Donald Trump won’t repudiate the disgusting racists who argue his cause” – Perhaps he understands that barking on command is not the mark of a leader.

  12. These jews really believe this crazy shit. They actually believe they have magic powers from Satan and that they are like gods on Earth. Why else would they bring Muslims who have no higher wish than to annihilate them to our country and Europe? This is not what the sane would do is it?

  13. Erick cuckboy Erickson’s latest meltdown

    Donald Trump had a competing event from the Fox News debate. He held it two miles down the road at Drake University in a much smaller venue forcing an overflow crowd.

    At the event, with a sign on the podium that read “TRUMP” and “Make America Great Again,” Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum entered to play second fiddle to Trump’s well tuned music. They met their Zod and kneeled.

    Doing so, to both men, may be no big deal or may be more media exposure. But it actually declares the ends of their campaigns days before the Iowa caucuses. They were subservient to Donald Trump, not equals. Their names did not appear on the podium, only Trump’s. The crowd was not there to see these men. The crowd was there to see Trump.

    Like conquered kings paraded in a Triumph through the streets of Rome, Santorum and Huckabee were paraded through Drake University, now the vassals of Donald Trump.

    What a pathetic end to the last two men to win Iowa.

  14. I dunno. Maybe because I’m a pro-white atheist, but how does this clown differ from every Protestant preacher (esp evangelical) ever?

    • There’s scholarly, critical, traditional, redpilled, uncucked Christianity and then there’s pc filtered, pop, whatever brings in the offerings, feminized, Dr Phil styled, low T, cuck-Christianity.

      I’ll let you guess which version the crusaders, inquisitors and New World conquerers and slaveholers were.

      Neither cuck-Christianity nor secularism is going to save the West.

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