The Cost of Free Trade

Take a look at this:

“A FEW days ago, I visited the shiny headquarters of the Peterson Institute for International Economics on “think tank row” in Washington — basically, the locker room of the Team Globalization and Free Trade cheering squad.

I was there to take part in a discussion of an old friend’s outstanding book on the subject, Steven R. Weisman’s “The Great Tradeoff: Confronting Moral Conflicts in the Era of Globalization.” …”

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  1. Sir,
    In your honour, I am coining a new term : ‘Yankservatives’

    Who are they?

    Northern politicians and their Southron imitators, who believe in pragmatism over principle, temporary social constructs over tradition, executive orders over The Constitution, globalism over national sovereignty, central control over freedom, and who see compromise as the highest good.

    Their names I leave you to ascertain…

  2. Capitalism is globalist in its very nature. Divorced from any loyalty to one’s own you end up where we are now.

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